Customizing a JUMBO Nesting Doll Set

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Moriah Elizabeth

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Hey guys! Today I am going to be painting on and customizing a set of Russian nesting dolls (or matryoshka dolls). Ever since I painted on my firt set of dolls, you guys have been requesting that I do it again, so I was really excited to finally decorate these and add my own style to them. It's a different type of doll customization haha. This was a really fun art project to do, I highly recommend it if you are looking for creative activities to do. There is so much potential to do all kinds of different characters with these and create a completely original set.
These are really awesome collectibles and make for such cool home decor. I could definitely see myself building a collection of them. They're also really fun to take apart and put back together lol
Here are the nesting dolls I have (affiliate links):
The one I painted last time:​
The one I painted this time:​
*make sure to tag me on instagram if you paint your own!!!
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Madi Yes
Madi Yes Prije sat
Blands? (Blob hands)
Hazelnut Cocoa
Hazelnut Cocoa Prije sat
For some reason the slime one reminded me of a Roblox noob
Kelly Rogers
Kelly Rogers Prije sat
Let's start a comment explosion Can you please paint an entire card set?
Ashton Galer
Ashton Galer Prije 2 sati
Ashton Galer
Ashton Galer Prije 46 minuta
Sarah Woodhouse
Sarah Woodhouse Prije 2 sati
Paint your window
Kyla R
Kyla R Prije 2 sati
This is late and random, but what type of pencil crayons do you use? Thank you. Love you videos. You make my day with your comedy
pastelllie Prije 3 sati
The royale high Guy
The royale high Guy Prije 4 sati
11:51 huh when the imposter is sus dun dun dun dun dun dun dun
Mythology Greek
Mythology Greek Prije 4 sati
Candy CRUSH Aunt
Mia Lekić
Mia Lekić Prije 6 sati
15:54 😳
Mia Lekić
Mia Lekić Prije 6 sati
11:55 sus.
miss oof
miss oof Prije 7 sati
You're "ruining" tradition with your beautiful art
Amazing Science
Amazing Science Prije 13 sati
Ww, now I have a massive obsession of blobs. Cool job Moriah
Moriah elizabeth fan
Moriah elizabeth fan Prije 13 sati
*Moriah's intro plays* Me: dance
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Prije 6 sati
All of them be like: I’m a blob in a costume Another: Whoops!I forgot my clothes And the tiny one be like: Imma strawberry
brunette life
brunette life Prije 14 sati
The strawberry is the costume for the naked blob he was just to shy or insecure to put it one because he thought his costume was to plain -2 am brain
Moriah should do a squishy video
Seasun theriault
Seasun theriault Prije 16 sati
i love the way they turned out! so CUTE!! :)
Alize Martinez
Alize Martinez Prije 16 sati
Sprinkles on the candy one
Ky Prije 16 sati
You could turn the last purple blob into a tiny grape
Joshua Weldon
Joshua Weldon Prije 17 sati
Fluttershy Prije 17 sati
4:46 LOL
GamerGirl Miller
GamerGirl Miller Prije 18 sati
I hate how people are like "how dare u ruin tradition and how dare u do something different" im just like bruh chill. XD also when it comes to galaxy art it think its very pretty with the blues and purples but recently the studies show from scientists after they studdied the stars that the galaxy is in fact a beigh color
darkfox_ games
darkfox_ games Prije 18 sati
(not my comment) here's an idea how about you paint on paint bottles copy and paste to make it happen
〰 Tha Kawaii Queen 〰
〰 Tha Kawaii Queen 〰 Prije 19 sati
I’m not mad that she “disgraced tradition” with her art, I’m not mad that she wouldn’t stop complaining while painting these, I’m not mad that she put milk before cereal, *im mad because she put the colors in the neapolitan ice cream costume in the wrong order*
Eva Bulatovic
Eva Bulatovic Prije 20 sati
When you said galaxy I thought you would say penguin 🐧 lol
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Prije 22 sati
wanna force her! :) Original comment made by 2doubledidgets4
Talha Bismillah
Talha Bismillah Prije 23 sati
Moriah:they don't make your sice Makes a smoker costume
Amelia Cobb
Amelia Cobb Prije 23 sati
All of them be like: I’m a blob in a costume Another: Whoops!I forgot my clothes And the tiny one be like: Imma strawberry
Sam Watson
Sam Watson Prije 23 sati
I love your videos❤️❤️
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Prije 22 sati
Nesting doll 10: #smol
GhostPancake Prije 23 sati
The syictific name for your "blob's" "hands" would be soodopods
Bella Hardin
Bella Hardin Prije dan
honestly those blobs kinda look like among us characters
Moqui Prije dan
Ever since I painted on my FIRT set of dolls, you guys have been requesting that I do it again, so I was really excited to finally decorate these and add my own style to them.
XxCrazy_ VibesxX
XxCrazy_ VibesxX Prije dan
MORIAH: DEsseRt thEmEd CoStUmE! me: y am i not surprised... i mean love dessert sooo I cAnt ComPlAiN
XxCrazy_ VibesxX
XxCrazy_ VibesxX Prije dan
moriah: BlObS In CoStuMeS!! EhEhHhH
Lisa Waters
Lisa Waters Prije dan
i think blobs are made of slime
Lisa Waters
Lisa Waters Prije dan
pluz dont do people!
sidi bensidi
sidi bensidi Prije dan
I have sea shells and i gonna buy paint and im gonna paint GoRgEe
Sidney Bridges
Sidney Bridges Prije dan
It’s currently 3:51AM and I’m watching this to fall asleep and it’s working!
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Prije dan
wanna force her! :) 🌈
Karyll Catalayban
Karyll Catalayban Prije dan
If Moriah made the second doll themed to sushi she missed a perfect opportunity to do it and the custumes of the blobs should be food😅 im doing this my self🎉🎉
Moth-04 Prije dan
they look so much like those weird bean toys from like 2008 or something I don't remember exactly when,,, if these were mass-produced back then they'd sell like wild fire. I'd die for the cow one
Jacara Hupp
Jacara Hupp Prije dan
I want you to do 2 more of these of the same size so when they are all together the 3 big ones can stand together
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Prije dan
Love it 😊
Daily Dose of randomness
Daily Dose of randomness Prije dan
The second one was laurenzblob
Puffball Studios
Puffball Studios Prije dan
Nesting doll 10: #smol
Justin Hutto
Justin Hutto Prije dan
You call them blobfish
Sara Edmunds
Sara Edmunds Prije dan
Hey hey Moriah Elizabeth I can make my own wielicki like yours okay
Joanna Arciniegas
Joanna Arciniegas Prije dan
Blands 🙃
Sara Henderson
Sara Henderson Prije dan
btw I picture the blobs to be made of a. jello substance
Lucy McNary
Lucy McNary Prije dan
Ok not gonna lie, I usually get as much paint on my hands as she did when painting the tiny ones, even when I’m just painting on freaking paper. 😛
Jasminne Hernandez Puga
Jasminne Hernandez Puga Prije dan
I love it 😻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nightmare Prije dan
Next time when you blur change the colors
Sister, Sister Fidgets
Sister, Sister Fidgets Prije dan
Moriah: What do you call blob hands?! Me: BURLBS!!😜😌
Simon Anton Ehie
Simon Anton Ehie Prije dan
It almost seems like the tiny blob wants to be holding something for the family photo, but the strawberry they brought I'd just too big
Kali Hughes
Kali Hughes Prije dan
My favorite ones was the slime and the cow blob there so cute☺️
Strawberry squad
Strawberry squad Prije dan
I love you’re videos so much ❤️
Jasmine! Prije dan
Ruthann Bermingham
Ruthann Bermingham Prije dan
Love it 😊
Mïnã Kûn
Mïnã Kûn Prije dan
When I said strawberry in my head you made one-
Mily Bei
Mily Bei Prije 2 dana
Love the cute pink and blue jacket/sweatshirt
The AlphaGal Kitchen
The AlphaGal Kitchen Prije 2 dana
was anyone else thinking they look like among us characters
Haedynce Sumo
Haedynce Sumo Prije 2 dana
Happy mother's day 👩💝💐
Haedynce Sumo
Haedynce Sumo Prije 2 dana
The last opening one is a grape
B Dog
B Dog Prije 2 dana
She should paint her nails as her characters
Ellie M
Ellie M Prije 2 dana
You could do cousin Derp in a hamburger costume
David Ryder
David Ryder Prije 2 dana
I love your Art you are so creativ
Oreo Okami
Oreo Okami Prije 2 dana
So called "Art" C'mon let's be real guys, moriah probably has more talent and creativity then we'll ever have
namjoon's 34th airpods
namjoon's 34th airpods Prije 2 dana
Krystianna Sierra
Krystianna Sierra Prije 2 dana
Anyone else continue to think the second ones mouth is a nose? No? Just me.....ok
sokin jon
sokin jon Prije 2 dana
3:22 Moriah: I’m going to try not to think about the fact that there’s 10 of them splits the screen Into 9
juan castillo
juan castillo Prije 2 dana
Tiny crew mates lol ones the imposter hahw
Cherie West
Cherie West Prije 2 dana
Some last little details I NEED to add
ItsjustJordanCy a
ItsjustJordanCy a Prije 2 dana
I’m watching this while I’m eating cereal🥲
iblueberri Prije 2 dana
I love you moriah and i am sponsoring a app called design keyboard u can get your keyboard to look like rainbows and u can get a pic from your album too! For 🆓 and i have that app and my keyboard is 100 times better!
sokin jon
sokin jon Prije 2 dana
11:45 Amogus
Logging In
Logging In Prije 2 dana
11:55 AMOGUS
Cloudy Skys
Cloudy Skys Prije 2 dana
U have some skills dude
thelma thorn
thelma thorn Prije 2 dana
monke Prije 2 dana
Anyone else wants to see her paint an entire card set? It could be like a series and eventually, she’ll have a whole deck!! Copy so Moriah can see but try to be careful we don’t wanna force her! :) 🌈
Lalitha Viswanathan
Lalitha Viswanathan Prije 2 dana
I agree with Bella - I love ur memes Mariah!!! I’ve been thinkin of creating my own HRpost channel, and now I think I’m really gonna start one!! - Also, If you don’t mind, can I use some of ur ideas??
Raina Eshal
Raina Eshal Prije 2 dana
Since the little blob didn't get a costume instead it got a little strawberry snack dont u agree
Midnight-Storm Prije 2 dana
What are blobs made of? Strawberries, they are made of strawberries
The tiny one is like ._. ' '
estersondern Prije 2 dana
Anyone else want to see her paint an entire card set? It could be like a series and eventually, she'll have a whole deck!! Copy so Moriah can see but try to be careful we don't wanna force her! :) Original comment made by 2doubledidgets4
Slime Girls
Slime Girls Prije 2 dana
Tie-dye a squish mellow
Andra Christensen
Andra Christensen Prije 2 dana
If Moriah was my art teacher I would be the luckiest person to man kind
Diego Soledad
Diego Soledad Prije 2 dana
The shell painting for summerrrr🧑‍🎨 🐚
qwerty qwerty
qwerty qwerty Prije 2 dana
not me thinking that the potato was a dino egg
Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma Prije 2 dana
11:45 *Amogus*
Scotty Buff
Scotty Buff Prije 2 dana
Omg the blobs are so cute! Also pls like my comment this is my first time commenting on a video
G Casey
G Casey Prije 2 dana
You sould make a sloth family
Kendall’s Amazing world !!
Kendall’s Amazing world !! Prije 3 dana
Moriah always know that you are so beautiful!!!
Sandy Rye
Sandy Rye Prije 3 dana
Random people:Moriah you disgrace tradition with your so called “Art” Me:I disgrace Moriah with my so called “circle”
K-Khloe Prije 3 dana
When you want a Rubix cube.....but your late....😩
Olivia Boni
Olivia Boni Prije 3 dana
You should paint on fake teeth 😂
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Prije 3 dana
Only the og will remember when she was obsessed with the track fingers down my spine
Sydney Kuehl
Sydney Kuehl Prije 3 dana
CKES1013 Prije 3 dana
"I kinda just want to FLiCk It!"
dufay fuller
dufay fuller Prije 3 dana
Ur so Good at art
Jemima O'KANE
Jemima O'KANE Prije 3 dana
I love your ‘so called “ART” ‘
Kate Paints
Kate Paints Prije 3 dana
My first ever Halloween costume was a cow so I guess I am twins with the third doll!
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Prije 3 dana
So cute! 😁
Hadley Hope
Hadley Hope Prije 3 dana
Uh no thx bruh....and they r not Russian they r Ukrainian so ye pls stop. Also wdym THUMNAIL u literally cat fished us 😃
Rats :D
Rats :D Prije 2 dana
No she was painting on the nesting doll and she won’t just put a wood thing on it cause no one will click
BoomerAang_ Gaang
BoomerAang_ Gaang Prije 3 dana
She’s such a scam. Idk why tf everyone is obsessing over her. She’s just some 25 year old painting tacky childish rainbows behind a camera
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