Milwaukee Bucks Locker Room Celebration | 2021 NBA Champions

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Ax3M0v0 Prije sat
This team deserves it. They performed nearly perfectly. They came back after a 2 game deficit and won 4 straight. This ring is well deserved. Congrats Giannis
gagi gogo
gagi gogo Prije 5 sati
1:04, damn I can listen to that all day
Coleen Pine
Coleen Pine Prije 8 sati
Giannis a 26years old 🙄what????
Rexson Calajate
Rexson Calajate Prije 14 sati
Kobe bryant
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio Prije 15 sati
I love how Giannis is doing his lil dance living his best life lol 🤣 Congrats Champ & to the city of Milwaukee 🏆👏🙌💪much love from New Orleans ⚜
SIFIS KAKAVEL Prije 18 sati
Mprabo re malaka
onoma eponimo
onoma eponimo Prije 19 sati
Nigirian freak 🇳🇬 💪
Ele Tsaros
Ele Tsaros Prije 19 sati
Congratulations Nigeria for Ante.
steffany elyssa almazan mendoza
steffany elyssa almazan mendoza Prije 23 sati
Look, his teamates did not pour chanpagne on Giannis😁🙁 its because he didnt wore his champion shirt😁😁😁 So he just left the locker room.
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Prije 23 sati
I wanted Chris Paul to get a ring but Gianni's deserved way more
GT RO Prije dan
GT RO Prije dan
Henry Tagle
Henry Tagle Prije dan
From now on he's my favorite after Michael Jordan
Anne K
Anne K Prije dan
George Korkos was cheering in heaven!
Anne K
Anne K Prije 12 sati
@vliduu zeeb ???
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Prije 23 sati
Jrue Holiday is the goat 2 way guard
Anne K
Anne K Prije dan
I was wondering why he had those goggles when he was walking around! Lol! Good planning!
Amina Moses
Amina Moses Prije dan
Yayyyy giannis!!!!!! 💪🏽🖤
Victor Malbarosa
Victor Malbarosa Prije dan
John Piper? 3:06
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Prije dan
@0:44 Female sports analyst: “Put a camera on Giannis for 48 hours, I’d watch every bit of it” awkward silence
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Prije 2 dana
championship. Happy for giannis humble king
Paul Mercado
Paul Mercado Prije 2 dana
As much as I want CP3 to win a chip, but Giannis showed more heart than anyone else in this series.
Sang Nguyen
Sang Nguyen Prije 2 dana
As a lakers fan I'm happy for Giannis and the Bucks. The Greek Freak enjoy it man.
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Prije dan
《ᴍᴜsɪᴄ》 NINJA
《ᴍᴜsɪᴄ》 NINJA Prije 2 dana
"My love, let your heart keep my commandments."(Proverbs 3:1)
Mamang Driver na Vlogger
Mamang Driver na Vlogger Prije 2 dana
Giannis is diserve for MVP finals
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Prije 2 dana
Does giannis not drink or something?? He never touched the champenge
Christian Seals
Christian Seals Prije 2 dana
Live for God repent read your Bible pray and have faith I’m him stand firm in it Isaiah 7.9 in Jesus name amen he’s coming soon🙏🏾‼️
The Program
The Program Prije 2 dana
The bucks need to go out and get two people one of them is Westbrook he fits right in with this team running 💨 up and down the court Westbrook would've torn a new line in the sun's front court they better go pay Westbrook and get him over there
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Prije 2 dana
That woman saying “I’d watch every bit of it” after saying have a camera follow him for 48 hours… 😂😂😂
jj baller
jj baller Prije 2 dana
Jrue Holiday is the goat 2 way guard
Ken Tan Schneider
Ken Tan Schneider Prije 2 dana
Eversince the Suns lost it’s been raining 🌧 for days in my country; hence no sun ☀️. 🏀😉
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Prije 2 dana
Best player in league by far
Oflunra Zeuqram
Oflunra Zeuqram Prije 2 dana
God, Isaiah Thomas is a terrible commentator. How is he still on TV
MartinezStudies Prije 2 dana
"Where's my mom?"
Black Motif
Black Motif Prije 2 dana
Congrats bucks
Him Bike
Him Bike Prije 2 dana
If this was Larry Bird He’d be practicing his free throws later that nite
Chris Claytonr
Chris Claytonr Prije 2 dana
Manslayer361 Prije 2 dana
Jade Zee
Jade Zee Prije 2 dana
what is this half-wit talking about ? a professional athlete hits his absolute physical prime around 28 years of age as stats show...giannis is very close to the best he will ever be....
GrassIsGreener12 Prije 2 dana
Does giannis not drink or something?? He never touched the champenge
Emmanuel Melewe
Emmanuel Melewe Prije 2 dana
Nigerian born🇳🇬❤️💆🏻‍♂️
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Prije 2 dana
This is what a "Superstar" does, take notes Ben Simmons.
Βασίλης Γκλόβανος
Βασίλης Γκλόβανος Prije 2 dana
Είναι κρίμα που δεν είναι κοντά σου ο πατέρας σου, αλλά εκ μέρους όλων των πατεράδων που εχουν παιδιά στην ηλικία σου ,σου λέω οτι μας κάνεις περήφανους κάθε μέρα γιά όλα όσα κάνεις. Να είσαι πάντα καλά Γιάννη.
Anonymous Unknown
Anonymous Unknown Prije 2 dana
It's the finals. No one cares about Covid
DirtyDan Prije 2 dana
8:31 Bruh caught in 4k📸
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Prije 2 dana
She want Giannis 😭😭😂
1804Chozen Music
1804Chozen Music Prije 2 dana
Why they always downplay lebron when someone else wins a chip 🤦🏾‍♂️
myr 0168
myr 0168 Prije 2 dana
Best player in league by far
Dabaydestrian Prije 2 dana
Is that blue line on the uniform, part of the uniform? Or is it police support? (Thin blue line / blue lives matter )
Winningiseverything! Prije 2 dana
Winning is everything
Karine Calo
Karine Calo Prije 3 dana
Oa. Nman nka stamba lang
Trey Knowsworthy
Trey Knowsworthy Prije 3 dana
Why do these NBA victory celebration seem so lame in recent years?
liouy cnny
liouy cnny Prije 3 dana
Fun fact: giannis went from scrawny kid to a finals mvp.
Carter Edison White
Carter Edison White Prije 3 dana
Kaydé Sanchez
Kaydé Sanchez Prije 3 dana
Ben simmons could never 🤪🤪🤪
Marjie Andrada Lagare
Marjie Andrada Lagare Prije 3 dana
seems that there's no covid anymore at US
Joshua Scicluna
Joshua Scicluna Prije 3 dana
Only person to win DPOY, FMVP, MVP, AMVP, MIP
liouy cnny
liouy cnny Prije 3 dana
Congratulations idols♥️
DawgieDawgie Prije 3 dana
The suns crowd should have never counted down each free throw.. You just pissed him off and made him play better HAHAHHA LOL
Dee Jay713
Dee Jay713 Prije 3 dana
And no one gave thanks to God. 🤦‍♂️
Taku Numero
Taku Numero Prije 3 dana
Just wanted it more, way to go, hard work prevails everytime,bucks baby 2021 you know what.
mark ingram
mark ingram Prije 3 dana
She want Giannis 😭😭😂
Lawriz Miguel Dotimas
Lawriz Miguel Dotimas Prije 3 dana
one of the most satisfying championship since dirk in 2011
OnlyGodCanMoveUs Prije 3 dana
7:03 poor guy in the back wanted to drink some champagne too 🤕 should have saved some for him too lol asshole haha
Mariel Lauren Santos
Mariel Lauren Santos Prije 3 dana
wtf?in the first seconds I thought it was 2k
yumeko Prije 3 dana
It seems normal now in USA, I'm so jealous.
Carl Carl
Carl Carl Prije 3 dana
Wtf what kind of camera is that!
jojie Zedlav
jojie Zedlav Prije 3 dana
Tom Seeds
Tom Seeds Prije 3 dana
That mug is places just right😂😂😂
Peter Sullivan
Peter Sullivan Prije 3 dana
So nobody gonna talk about what transpired at 1:03
John Fisherman
John Fisherman Prije 3 dana
Giannis gonna pick up some champagne or what?
Tatay waps
Tatay waps Prije 3 dana
Congratulations idols♥️
Dede Mattera
Dede Mattera Prije 3 dana
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Alex Michel Ange Loukou
Alex Michel Ange Loukou Prije 3 dana
We're all happy for Giannis and Khris. They deserved it. ❤
MrZocor Prije 3 dana
Give Brooklyn credit for getting 2 of their stars hurt at the right time.
Justin Cormier
Justin Cormier Prije 3 dana
Notice everytime somebody other then bring win they say this might b the new best players in the league
Jiren Prije 3 dana
micheal jordan: and I took that personally!
Lerkx_ Prije 3 dana
im happy for gianis
joe klay
joe klay Prije 3 dana
watching Isiah Thomas 🙏🙏 talks is so much refreshing than Stephen A Smith, Chris Broussard and Skip Oh Skip Bayless 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Coffee8 Prije 3 dana
Giannis is one of the most likable nba players. So happy for him!!
ify ifemanima
ify ifemanima Prije 3 dana
Olajuwon and Giannis are both Nigerians. They are Nigerian first.
ify ifemanima
ify ifemanima Prije 3 dana
He is a Nigerian and then Greek!
M D Prije 3 dana's over? I didn't watch one Finals game xD . Guess I just don't care with all the BLM garbage they represent.
Why is it that people in 2021 open their mouths and just blur out anything, especially if one is trying to educate others. Isaiah says that Gianni is Nigerian born that moved to Greece with his family.WROOOOONG. This is National tv my guy, how can you be sitting in such a chair speaking to the world and sharing facts that are not valid. Gianni and 4 of his 5 brothers are born in Greece to Nigerian parents not the way Isaiah said it. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase big tv people stop sharing false facts and fake news cause your making the world dumber than yourselves already are. Ty
Black Zeppellica
Black Zeppellica Prije 3 dana
Here are the present NBA jinx players. Chris Paul, James Harden, Paul George, Blake Griffin, Carmelo Anthony.
King Prije 3 dana
Kobe Bryant hella proud of giannis antetokounmpo 💯💯🔥🔥🔥
---- FR34K ----
Uday Grewal
Uday Grewal Prije 3 dana
I hate the bucks
Rosalee Frater
Rosalee Frater Prije 3 dana
I’m so proud of Giannis I love him so much blessings blessings God is so good keep up the hard work 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉🎉💯💯go Bucks🏀🏀🏀🏀
Edzel Mejia
Edzel Mejia Prije 3 dana
Zeke! It’s called an upgrade.
Driplord Prije 3 dana
I don’t care what people say but giannis is better then lebron at this point
Prodigy Qb
Prodigy Qb Prije 3 dana
This finna be Gannis first and last championship. This is the era of media over hyping over reacting to every single thing that any player does. So this guy has gannis over Duncan, Malone, KD, KG and Barkley. You drop any of those players in any era. They hooping. You drop gannis in a physical era where PF where true PF and had skills for days. Gannis ain’t gonna be Gannis. Let’s just enjoy Gannis win. But don’t overreact to his win with all time bullshit ESPN always be on.
Raul Casas
Raul Casas Prije 3 dana
Giannis deserves all the praise he might be talented but his effort and hunger to win is what got them the W, and that is just something you can’t teach/train
Francis Reyes
Francis Reyes Prije 3 dana
Lebron and kd will not have the same respect as this man have.
shoresh Prije 3 dana
bruh this kid is on his phone cmon get lit u with giannis
Halima jammeh
Halima jammeh Prije 3 dana
we littt
Redbear Prije 3 dana
I have great respect for Bucks coach Mike ,who did right adjustments after each game . He truly deserves the championship .
kerry mackey
kerry mackey Prije 3 dana
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Theprotector9 Prije 3 dana
Nobosy wearing a mask
Chavez Thompson
Chavez Thompson Prije 3 dana
Well deserve to Giannis “atsbdnjdoddkfnfifrkdnndjeje”. 🤣
Kenyatta Cooper
Kenyatta Cooper Prije 3 dana
It’s your time 😃
Mark12358 Prije 3 dana
Pacers fam here.....I am happy for the Bucks and their fans. I hope they can hold keep it up for awhile.....MOST what I like about them is they are homegrown and more organific (as well as the Suns) too and not running off to hook up with another start player(s). I totally did not want to watch the Lakers or Clippers casing the Nets. Congrats to you all. Enjoy it while it lasts and hopefully the Pacers can actually compete in a few yrs
Amanda Mendoza
Amanda Mendoza Prije 3 dana
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P W Prije 3 dana
Giannis just needs a 90% FT rate and he'll be the deadliest player in the league. All his drives will become 3pt plays. Who the hell needs a 3pt game after that. A mid-range is all he needs to add flexibility. I don't even want to see him on the 3pt line. He showed a lot of promise at the mid-range this series.
FreshHouse Edition
FreshHouse Edition Prije 3 dana
Why at 1:05 that lady reporter moans😭😭
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