Re-organizing my 2,000+ Nail Polishes AGAIN

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Simply Nailogical

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Do I have too much time on my hands or do I have too many bottles of nail polish?
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And no, I did not count how many nail polishes I own because that would take me another 3 days. But it's definitely over 2,000🤡
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Anti Social
Anti Social Prije 17 minuta
It seemed like yesterday I was watching her organise her nail polish..oh wait-
Wastewonderland Prije 3 sati
imagine in the future you just see an episode of hoarders and it is about her
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Prije 4 sati
Beyyn: Im not doing this Beyyn 1second later: okay im doing it
Brielle Boreing
Brielle Boreing Prije 6 sati
Jen and Ben low key flirting
makyla waugh
makyla waugh Prije 6 sati
That looks so much better
Lily Guerber
Lily Guerber Prije 8 sati
I wanna know if she has the worlds largest nail polish collection?
Lily Guerber
Lily Guerber Prije 7 sati
she needs to get more then 11,000 to bet the world's largest nail polish collection person
Nicole Prije 9 sati
Hi Simply, why dont u just do that every year lol or month:)
keeperoftheart Prije 9 sati
oh man that tiny bottle of nail polish brought back memories of my friend and I shopping the Claire's sale table like 20 years ago. I was never big into makeup and nail polish but that table was like a siren song
Claire World
Claire World Prije 10 sati
itsmebraver Prije 12 sati
"But we can move the cat off the table!"
Furkan Alarif
Furkan Alarif Prije 12 sati
I live in Germany near Hamburg.
Katy Jammie Studios
Katy Jammie Studios Prije 12 sati
Cristiane just needs to have the whole entire wall cover is cat clocks instead of changing them out
Galaxy1811 Prije 13 sati
Question r u married because you guys are such a cute perfect couple
Lyssie Barnes
Lyssie Barnes Prije 13 sati
“It’s times like this that I need a new boyfriend” I was laughing that hard that my mum told me not to die
XxFoxy_FNAFxX Prije 15 sati
I would honestly want to live with her for like a week it would be so fun like if I got the chance I'd be like OMG HELL YEAH BITCH!!!!!
¡Toxic_.Comet! Prije 15 sati
18:58 - this has to be the best part of the video. Menchie is so badass for a cat, I love her 🤣💗
Dariа Veselinova
Dariа Veselinova Prije 15 sati
her: reorganizing my 2000+ nail polishes me: watching her with only 2 👁👄👁
Via Tello
Via Tello Prije 16 sati
controversial opinion but Cristine should win a grammy for her rendition of all by myself i mean-
Nova Smarts
Nova Smarts Prije 16 sati
Do you sell soap I see your name simply on a brad
It's Brittani B
It's Brittani B Prije 16 sati
Does she ever throw out expired ones?
Co Duss
Co Duss Prije 17 sati
i loooved the rainbow tho 😭
eiskalterEngel86 Prije 18 sati
5:38 Ben randomly shows her secret limited "got cake" birthday polish like it's nothing!!!
Gaming with Riley
Gaming with Riley Prije 19 sati
17:28 wow it actually is 11:42 for me wow
Gaming with Riley
Gaming with Riley Prije 19 sati
ha i leave the house everyday
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Prije 16 sati
that’s a lot of children.
Devanshi Mistry
Devanshi Mistry Prije 20 sati
You should get a Guinness award for having so many nail polishes
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Prije 16 sati
ooo ooo, you should make a tiers list of best & worst brands or holo polish
Jyoti Tondon
Jyoti Tondon Prije 21 sat
She is using the same pumpkin for his cat
Beth Lundquist
Beth Lundquist Prije 21 sat
Never heard of HOLO TACO before..... That was then, this is now going to be an addiction!!!!
Aldc's Angels
Aldc's Angels Prije 21 sat
Ben- “it’s time like these you know to live like this” Cristine- “it’s time like these I need a new boyfriend” Me- 💀💀20:40
Lucia Szocsova
Lucia Szocsova Prije 21 sat
I can barely get myself to re-organize my wardrobe of 30 pieces, I would not for the life of me get to this...
tamsen Prije 21 sat
Remember when Ben was kinda shy now he don't give two shits😂
Grace Rix
Grace Rix Prije 23 sati
From one year ago was doing my nails in reverse so q the British accent Cristine I’m am ashamed of you I’m your peely base and I’m just ashamed You can not put me on top .Well HOLO there trader I’m the cousin of the peely base. Oh my name is glossy taco which you love at least I thought you ashamed me you puted me on first I’m supposed be last! From:the sibling of nail polish palace the peely base and glossy taco.
Rhythmia / Ren Quion
Rhythmia / Ren Quion Prije dan
Omg I would love to do this. Omg that would be so satisfying
Faelen Crepe
Faelen Crepe Prije dan
mommie luz
mommie luz Prije dan
Wow so amazing I wish I have like that but I don't have money to buy😭😭😭 so sad...
Ally Mix
Ally Mix Prije dan
Christine where the HECK is all of the fall/ halloween themed videos, we are eagerly waiting for them and u would get great views on multiple videos were so bored
Caitlyn Alcorn
Caitlyn Alcorn Prije dan
jen do be dumb thicc tho
Vitas Life Of Makeup
Vitas Life Of Makeup Prije dan
Wear did you buy your shelves?
Brooke de St. Germain
Brooke de St. Germain Prije dan
ooo ooo, you should make a tiers list of best & worst brands or holo polish
lori mouradian
lori mouradian Prije dan
that’s a lot of children.
Emma Brill
Emma Brill Prije dan
The attachment issues are real
Hogwarts Express
Hogwarts Express Prije dan
5:31 I love how she’s trying to play with her cat but her cat just ain’t into it
Linda Otterness
Linda Otterness Prije dan
Sorry Cristine, I recycled my holo boxes and keep the bottles naked in their collection box.
Linda Otterness
Linda Otterness Prije dan
I love your attachment issues. Just last night, my niece was saying that she knows I have polishes that are 20 years old and probably gummy. I told her "yes I do", however I have checked the older ones and if they aren't thick, I keep them. You never know when you will need that color.
Jimin Kim
Jimin Kim Prije dan
i love how menchie sits and like stays on their backs or shoulders, my cat would n e v e r he actually h a t e s me
Michelle Bryte
Michelle Bryte Prije dan
It looks so much better!!!!!!
danyell lin
danyell lin Prije dan
oops she did it again
Penny Zalben
Penny Zalben Prije dan
I aspire to be like Christine living in a house with a drink slave 2 cats and I can stay in my pajamas/sock attire all day. The cats are the best part.
Om Patel
Om Patel Prije dan
It’s the several bins of nail polishes on the floor for me
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Prije dan
Cristine has many different personalities. The list gets progressively rarer as it goes. 1: Hair in a bun. 2: Hair in a ponytail. 3: Hair in a braid. 4: Hair down.
Amino acid
Amino acid Prije dan
i wonder if she holds the world record for biggest nailpolish collection
cwid Prije dan
"we can move the cat of the table" -Beeeeeen
Lexi Trost
Lexi Trost Prije dan
Ben rethinking his life discussions
traceymacy Prije dan
heeh love it ,i cant throw anything out!
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Prije dan
Rimmel LoNDoN...the accent 😭😭 rip to the brits
Emily Hagood
Emily Hagood Prije dan
Doesn't nail polish expire
Cyberrr Prije dan
“Do you ever just move your neck and you just hear everything... in it?” I felt that.
Jeweled Prije dan
My first reaction to this when I saw the title was: "Why, why Cristine, why"
Bailey Dulany
Bailey Dulany Prije dan
Well now I want tea one sec ima make some
mr flaws
mr flaws Prije dan
I have worse problems XD
Jesús Prije dan
I have a problem too Cristine.. I want to buy your nail polish HoloTaco birthday's edition for my girlfriend's birthday and it's sold out... Can you help me?
Mary Wetzel
Mary Wetzel Prije dan
Me coming to the comments to see if Karen came for her holo taco 👀
I never heard of a nail polish hoarder...🤔 UNTIL NOW!🤯💅
Emily Norris
Emily Norris Prije dan
"Hire Safiya!" 😂😂😂😂
Petra Davidson
Petra Davidson Prije dan
Cristine just get rid of unusable or empty ones
NeoPhantomYT Prije dan
So are a lot of those hardened up? Because it seems like they would be after to long. I have had to throw a few out lately for hardening up.
Adele F
Adele F Prije dan
Omg I'm so glad she finally changed it back... the moment she changed it to a rainbow set up I hated it
Ellinore Poussart Cantin
Ellinore Poussart Cantin Prije dan
Lol honestly I forgot you did nailpolish things
tia goodman
tia goodman Prije dan
Rimmel LoNDoN...the accent 😭😭 rip to the brits
Loretta V
Loretta V Prije dan
Ben saying that he has Stockholm Syndrome 💀💀
Nancy Diaz805
Nancy Diaz805 Prije dan
Anxiety cause i cause nnnneeeevvverrrr.😅😅 Ps: either way cute booties.☺❤
Clark Wahlberg
Clark Wahlberg Prije dan
THIS looks so much better 😍
ItsMaddiehbu Prije 2 dana
Wh-wh-what are you gonna do once you fill all the shelves
Purple Neko Cat
Purple Neko Cat Prije 2 dana
Jen just trapped herself 😅😂😂
Sam Prije 2 dana
thank God, i hated the rainbow order as well, all the different size bottles stressed me out
Mush JRL
Mush JRL Prije 2 dana
Okay, I don't mean to be dramatic but I would die for Menchie
Katherine Prije 2 dana
"Im a stair maste" Almost falls.. this is fine😂
Nykki72 Prije 2 dana
Honestly, I definitely like the by brand organization. The rainbow version looked a bit messy!! I have all my polishes in clear bins and I have them by type. Metallics, gels, holos, top and base coats etc. If I had shelves like yours, I would have them by brands too!
lily morris
lily morris Prije 2 dana
Something about this reminded of sims lmao
Totoro Chan
Totoro Chan Prije 2 dana
Oh my god I've just realized that watching Cristine and Ben and Jen and Matt is like watching Julie & Julia, Cristine&Jen sisterhood relationship is Julia Child and her sister's, Cristine&Ben are like Julia Child and Paul Child but not married. I couldn't fit Matt into the movie :
Arasyoes Prije 2 dana
11:32 it’s called stalk home syndrome
shae brady
shae brady Prije 2 dana
I counted the bottom left section bc my attention span is horrible but just that section has about 64 polishes, I think I have maybe 20 polishes all together and 5 of them are some type of clear
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Prije 2 dana
"Ben left me" Literally jen: "im not surprised" 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂
Pushpa Rani
Pushpa Rani Prije 2 dana
Whenever I see your videos, I really feel poor!
Katie Navarro
Katie Navarro Prije 2 dana
I saw it say "Day 1" and I knew Ben was gonna have a rough time.
ScottyDog Prije 2 dana
"theres not enough ROOM-" "well we can move the cat off the table!"
Rosana Malowtide
Rosana Malowtide Prije 2 dana
Cristine, Is your hair still extremely long?
Rosana Malowtide
Rosana Malowtide Prije dan
True story
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Prije 2 dana
Okay but let’s be honest... do you ever leave the house at all
Haley Bargeron
Haley Bargeron Prije 2 dana
What happens when she runs out of shelf space.....
Aliya Medina
Aliya Medina Prije 2 dana
I would totally go by brand
Benson Ong
Benson Ong Prije 2 dana
Stranger: How many holo polishes do u have? Christine: YES
tEMMIE Prije 2 dana
Imagine what would happen if there was an earthquake
Talia Michaely
Talia Michaely Prije 2 dana
imagine if she still had her old shelfs
Hannah Wyman
Hannah Wyman Prije 2 dana
this is much more aesthetically pleasing to me
Orla Elric
Orla Elric Prije 2 dana
At this point she should open a nail polish store or salon.
Lucinda Lopez
Lucinda Lopez Prije 2 dana
There’s a point that u reach excessiveness... and Cristine reached that point about 2,000 nail polishes ago. You wanna know how many polishes I own? 18! I have 18 nail polishes n that’s it.
Fallon Jack
Fallon Jack Prije 2 dana
I like how we just basically watched a time lapse of there butts the whole time.😂😂
Angelica Mendez
Angelica Mendez Prije 2 dana
I love how she puts her nail polish in her cat's bed.
Lucy Sushi
Lucy Sushi Prije 2 dana
Omg!! I LOVE NAIL POLISH SO MUCH TOO! I have about 200 bottles of nail polish right now and definitely going to continue to buy it ❤️❤️ collecting nail polish and painting my nails is my favorite hobby ❤️
Bernardo Fronza
Bernardo Fronza Prije 2 dana
"We can move the cat of the table" LOL
Satírida Prije 2 dana
Pups Place
Pups Place Prije 2 dana
Okay but let’s be honest... do you ever leave the house at all
pickle scream
pickle scream Prije 2 dana
I love organizing small colourful things, but whyy
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