I owe AMD an apology...

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I’ve been pretty hard on AMD GPUs in the past... which is why I owe them a major apology today!
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Spiritual Braces
Spiritual Braces Prije sat
its funny that you can get a full gaming desktop on newegg for $1800 CAD right now with RTX 3070, where the same card on its own is $1300 on the same site... wtf is going on lol?
Watch my Videos, You'll like it
Watch my Videos, You'll like it Prije 6 sati
Graphic card maybe cheap Scalpers : * who decided that*
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Prije 7 sati
I love how jay encourages nvidia to release huge amount of fps for their next series card, this is actually the moral of this video, whos with me?
gypsygib Prije dan
I'd love for AMD to release upgrades annually like with the CPUs.
gypsygib Prije dan
But for just a bit more you get a 6800XT...Why put that on the CPU when a 5600 gets you so close to higher end CPUs.
Qban Ghost
Qban Ghost Prije dan
What is the price difference between these cards
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Prije 7 sati
As an Xbox player moving to pc, that 40fps at 1440p is the best I have ever seen
Rock girl
Rock girl Prije dan
everyone wondering where all the rtx cards are, just look in the background LUL
Charley Weinhardt
Charley Weinhardt Prije dan
Rt debris is the lightest setting , I use it with a 1080 ti, NO problem...
sentry1012 Prije dan
Me showing up late to the video with my regular 1060... and upgrading to the 2070s. Ah, i might be a bit late.
Thomas V.
Thomas V. Prije dan
Something i will never understand is that VR is never part a GPU benchmark. But maybe my knowledge about benchmarking is lacking
Rock girl
Rock girl Prije dan
So here are your options: 1) You can’t afford it 2) It’s out of stock
WC3fanatic997 Prije dan
You know, _yet another_ very close-by GPU release would certainly be welcome, because then maybe I can have a chance at buying a god damn 3070 sometime within this decade when all those stupid Crypto-Miners inevitably flock to it
motorhead45102 Prije dan
At the 18:53 part of the video I am experiencing the same issue, but with cod warzone. The gpu will be at 99% but the gpu clocks stay stuck low like in the video. Though If I alt-tab out of the game and back into it, it will usually ramp the clocks back up properly and work fine.
Cuddlecakes3190 Prije dan
I was an Overwatch player when the 5700 XT released. It took months to get a driver we could update to. Awful support by both AMD and Blizzard.
eli H
eli H Prije 2 dana
AMD should apologize to everyone.
WX2 Prije 2 dana
Is this a joke; it is like matching an RX580 to both a GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 ... 6800 vs 3070 and 3080 vs 6900 .. or pockets would let you make it a fair fight; pathetic.
Chaos Gaming
Chaos Gaming Prije 2 dana
And is so close... but 3080!!!! Please!
Shane Smith
Shane Smith Prije 2 dana
Hears Jay saying you can get a 5900X, dies laughing. I didn't know you could be so funny.
Darren Munsell
Darren Munsell Prije 2 dana
Interesting - the RTX still wins .. can't justify the cost since I have a 2080ti
Dunno Prije 2 dana
Me, who has an amd radeon vii: I cannot agree more. The worst part about my card is the driver software and most of the driver versions they offer. Not the performance of the card itself.
iMann iFail
iMann iFail Prije 2 dana
Well.. did anyone laugh when Jay mention their Individual price tag?.. you’re damn lucky if you get one of them GPUs let alone their RRP.
SpacedOut Prije 2 dana
As an Xbox player moving to pc, that 40fps at 1440p is the best I have ever seen
adad rer
adad rer Prije 2 dana
Nvidia & Intel: puts out new gpus & cpus AMD: & I took that personally
khaskhoussi Hamsa
khaskhoussi Hamsa Prije 3 dana
why is nobody testing the video encoder on these cards?
Fredrik Wessmén
Fredrik Wessmén Prije 3 dana
I need to know the music that starts at 5:50 please
joey gonzales
joey gonzales Prije 3 dana
So here are your options: 1) You can’t afford it 2) It’s out of stock
Leonardo SA
Leonardo SA Prije 3 dana
I really want AMD to compete with Nvidea, or else prices don't go down, i really wish there was a third option but there isn't any company that makes it, i wonder if Intel gave up
The Cancer Man doe's tech
The Cancer Man doe's tech Prije 3 dana
yo jay look at hardware unboxed scalping the 6800 xt he got for free here is the link pay attention to the computer and back round in the picture www.ebay.com/itm/AMD-Radeon-RX-6800-XT-Graphics-card/224247584997?hash=item34363298e5:g:pGwAAOSwutVfut4M
krayZz94 Prije 3 dana
Why are so many HRpost adds in your video, its really shit
Icebear Prije 3 dana
6800s proceed to cost like 750 now lmao
MATT2P Prije 3 dana
Just picked up a 6800. Pumped to see it work
Shadre Sanford
Shadre Sanford Prije 3 dana
AMD RX680 and 690 maybe??? That'll be same middle grade comp...
John Marshall
John Marshall Prije 3 dana
DLSS makes such a huge difference It makes RTX ON playable
Jay Time
Jay Time Prije 4 dana
wonder how many dipsht with 1080p 60hz monitors will buy these cards
FuzzyBrunty Prije 4 dana
And look how the 5700XT is performing after all the driver updates.. catching up to the RTX 2080. This rx 6000 series is gonna be an absolute beast.
FuzzyBrunty Prije 2 dana
@iMurk903 I managed to get an RX 6800, fuck i am impressed
iMurk903 Prije 2 dana
Exactly. Im running a red devil/3700x and I get more fps in 1440p than the 3070 does
John Franko
John Franko Prije 4 dana
can someone tell me the moue thats used in this video?would like to get one.
Demmrir Prije 4 dana
"This is native 4K, as you can see." On screen: Render Resolution: 2560x1440.
MrKyoujin Prije 4 dana
Seeing this i start mising the OMEGA radeon drivers we used to play counter strike 1.5 ATI / AMD never had good drivers
mleise Prije 4 dana
I've seen stuff like that in Control in Black Mesa which is running on Source Engine. It is so undemanding that the GPU seems to regularly turn off the 3D cores with VSync on resulting in stuttering and low FPS in some scenes where the load is too high for low power states and too low to enter and remain in high P-States.
doogie howser
doogie howser Prije 4 dana
Why do all reviewers omit the one thing that may be a deal breaker? .... BOOT/POST TIMES from button press to signon or Windows desktop. I guess cause it WOULD be a deal breaker? Just sayin. Thanks for the Review.
Rachel Guido
Rachel Guido Prije 4 dana
"And I want you guys to stay awake for everything I am about to say" Shots fired.
Danny sweeting
Danny sweeting Prije 4 dana
my partner spent >£100 on a vega 64 last year and it's great, everything she wants to play hits a minimum of 60fps at usually high-ultra settings
Anthony R
Anthony R Prije 4 dana
Can you please do amd vs invidia for cod modern warfare on ultra setting and check fps..
SaimonSSL Prije 4 dana
For some reason I feel like he is a RTX 2080 TI owners.
rddr41 Prije 4 dana
The prices in Sweden are so high that its going to kill AMD RX6800= 900$ ?? and the RX 6800 XT costs even more!, that is in stores, so I think Nvidia cards have a biger chans to succed with ther sales. :( Wold be nice if other GPU makers did do something about this, old school ( powervr redition matrox and others came back to deliver some new GPUS)
mael Prije 4 dana
im AMD when it comes to cpu but still waiting to see about amd 6900 if it beats 3080 ez then im full amd for my next build
Kaede Kurosawa
Kaede Kurosawa Prije 4 dana
Soo..... Here's the rest of the world with no GPU's anywhere in sight for the next 2 years, and then there's these fuckhead HRpostrs with FUCKING 6 OF THEM SITTING IN FRONT OF HIM. These fucking cards are gonna go on a shelf and sit for the next 20 years while there are people out there who still have to use the damn GTX 980 because they can't get their hands on a damn card.
Alex Law
Alex Law Prije 4 dana
Newegg and or AMD scammed everyone. They posted the 6800s as SOLD OUT. Probably scalped them or did the friends and family thing. I thought AMD had some integrity but they don't. Doing the whole false scarcity BS. Ammo manufactures are doing the same thing. Why make twice as much of something when you can make a third of it and sell it for twice as much. If Jay had any integrity he would be calling out AMD for this shit instead of sucking them off for his free 6800s. " They are great cards but AMD wtf. You're cheating people." That's all he had to say. P.S AMD fan boys don't bother trolling I am an AMD "fan boy" I understand Intel and Nvidia (latin for Envy) are a million times more scummy and disgusting than AMD, decades long track record of conning customers. AMD will be just as bad now that they have dominated Intel and are competing with Nvidia. If we don't call this shit out that is.
Hicham Gouchida
Hicham Gouchida Prije 5 dana
Hello give me the Old GTX1660Super please ☻
d Prije 5 dana
all these greedy fucking ads
Jeff Harwood
Jeff Harwood Prije 5 dana
Two decades in Cyber Security. So what put AMD out of the graphics market? Shader exploitation.
Corah Nihlost
Corah Nihlost Prije 5 dana
People are upset with all these scalpers/bots buying up all the cards, but what about all the tech reviewers who stockpile and let the dust collect on cards for a backdrop to their video? Video cards are now just to be reviewed and scalped to bitcoin miners, they aren't for gamers anymore.
EricTheDesigner Prije 5 dana
vega 64 crossfire beats 2080ti by quite a bit..
Maester Anon
Maester Anon Prije 5 dana
"as long as amd doesn't go in there and screw it up" AMD always screw it up software wise.
Duncan Prije 5 dana
Squirrelnuts808 Prije 5 dana
I hope all your gpu catches on fire
Avopeac Prije 5 dana
that monitor is so dumb with current hardware
CaseAgainstFaith1 Prije 5 dana
I’ll wait for the 6700. Or the 3060. Depending on price or availability. I don’t need a top-dollar card. Maybe even just wait for the 6600 or the 3050. I’m still rocking a 1060 and I’m okay with it for now.
Tim Haun Fishing
Tim Haun Fishing Prije 5 dana
"These two trade places depending on title." I'm not sure what benchmarks he's looking at but at 1440 & 4k Nvidea had went 12-2 and tied one. That's not trading blows....
Liviu Bita
Liviu Bita Prije 5 dana
Anyone who doesn't have a Phil should buy one.
Musti505 Prije 5 dana
I wish I could just jump FPS up
Mimikz Jocson
Mimikz Jocson Prije 5 dana
I kinda wanted to see his Loadout Build and what his DPS on Div 2
Mephisto Prije 5 dana
and here I am sitting with my broke ass thinking about building a Vega 64 crossfire pc...
skybuck2000 Prije 5 dana
What is this about in short ?
cory brearley
cory brearley Prije 5 dana
12:11 Glancing over at my Vega64 like *You have failed me my son*
chad stinson
chad stinson Prije 5 dana
I've had 12 desktops and laptops from 2003 to now and I've only had one Intel I have been an AMD fan for a long time I love the path they are on.
Hayden Roberts
Hayden Roberts Prije 5 dana
Jay or Phil: PLEASE put chapters in your videos. After you get used to using them, it blows not having them. Been with you for 8 years Jay, at least, since Intel Q6600 and AMD FX.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Prije 5 dana
I appreciate this so much! Lol ❤️
Hayden Roberts
Hayden Roberts Prije 5 dana
As an owner of a 3090: “that’s nice, let the peasants squabble”
AC Milan 1899
AC Milan 1899 Prije 5 dana
Yeah keep covering stuff that you can't buy. Well done Jay and all the other tech channels. You fckin trolling us.
Ryan Mah
Ryan Mah Prije 5 dana
Hey Jay, how come you guys haven't made the jump to a higher resolution than 1080P for videos? It just seems unusual for a tech channel to be behind the times on this type of thing?
Daniel Sheby
Daniel Sheby Prije 5 dana
I just won't buy if they can't make it easy to get. F U AMD & ATI
D Prije 5 dana
aye mann can you just send me one for free😭😭
Bryant Hartwig
Bryant Hartwig Prije 5 dana
what is this song? the benchmark overplay music is always awesome in these videos, idk why people don't ever ask and upvote the comment so others can see. I would really like to know
King of Dreams
King of Dreams Prije 5 dana
AMD: 💵 Jayz: i owe amd an apology
joakim edholm
joakim edholm Prije 5 dana
you can still hear his love for nvidia when he rants and stumbles on his words.
Robert R
Robert R Prije 5 dana
Jay: "the 5900X being the best gaming CPU that you can get right now at this juncture in time" except that you cannot get it right now because it's sold out everywhere
Robb Stone
Robb Stone Prije 6 dana
So I have a question on the GeForce GPUs. Does the FE actually denote anything?
Snack See
Snack See Prije 6 dana
If RX 6900 XT faster than RTX 3090, we owe AMD an apology again...
Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack Prije 6 dana
Why is everyone's benchmarks of these cards so dramatically different???
Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack Prije 5 dana
@odisy64 except his benchmark is backwards co.pared to someone like bitwit. Example the fancy benchmark was waaaaay higher in Farcry 5 fir and and here is higher for Nvidia.
odisy64 Prije 5 dana
Usually ram speed and CPU combination have massive effects.
Symph Prije 6 dana
Vega gets 1080 preformance if you are willing to tinker a bit. Most people wont though and that's not what you're testing
Symph Prije 6 dana
CL Systems
CL Systems Prije 6 dana
AMD software support is terrible
S0nikU4ik Blis
S0nikU4ik Blis Prije 6 dana
I miss Microcenter..
Paul Lasky
Paul Lasky Prije 6 dana
Did jay choose games that favoured Nvidia? These benchmarks do not agree with hardware unboxed 18 game average.
GhostWolfViking Prije 6 dana
18:28 Ray tracing enabled! 😂
WanderBread Prije 6 dana
They all laughed at me for saying Nvidia would release a SUPER or a Ti. Whos laughing now? lol
HOSTOBI HD Prije 6 dana
3070 is honestly the best bang for buck gpu for like all time
Tmo T
Tmo T Prije 6 dana
with many defects and cheap hardware lol
SleeZy Prije 6 dana
This is one of the better videos you've relased in a long while. 0 bias here, just plain showing performance and your thoughts. Now as for the gap you where talking about, i'm guessing is where 3080ti will fit in. considering it's better than 3070, but less good than 3080 yet still have same memory n stuff. Well Nvidia is doing some wierd stuff right now. I'm guessing they're panicking in the HQ. That said i was rooting strongly for AMD this time around, and they've done wonders. But their pricing strategy i'm not a fan of. They did the very same nvidia did. Probably because they know they're in the "game" right now. Here in sweden, amd did some realy shitty practises within their release almost like nvidia did. Vendors where allowed say 100 cards, they recieved 20. (every diffrent vendor that is) Even though the stock where there. Our vendors have been questioning this alot. And kind of became a thing around here for discussion. In sweden they intentially made availablility scarse, what's worse is that they will only sell for MRSP until january 2021. After that you can't get mrsp "founder" cards anymore. Hence they rely on AIB. Which in sweden is outrageus in terms of pricing, same goes for nvidia. If MRSP is 600$ it'll be 900$ at best here. So it's so disapointing to see. Already the 3090 is 1800-2000$ just as an example. 3070 somehow is 800$ for cheapest brand, while also cheapest 3080 is around 900$, i mean i'd rather pay another 100$ for 3080 than 3070. So where i'm i going with this, yes, AMD is placing themselfs in the same price brackets. Which makes them not such a good choise in terms of price performance. Never mind the fact that you can't evnen buy amd here, they sold out within 2 minutes literally. Every site was out of stock at launch. But we now also know why, due the vendors only got about 20 pieces of cards each, while they were promised 100+. Sweclockers (our main site for hardware news and what not) tried to question AMD about the whole situation but kept deflecting. Anyway this became a much longer rant than i thought it would be. I enjoyed the video very much and looking forward to more like this, good comparisions. Ps Sorry for my english.
MD. ZARIF RAHMAN Prije 6 dana
I loved that monitor! Woowee
Bokaj01 Prije 6 dana
They cards look like they were made in the 1980's and run on diesel.
Piotr Dudała
Piotr Dudała Prije 6 dana
Anyway, seems like Apple had stolen the show this year anyway....
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Prije 6 dana
great vid babe
Hrushikesh Bhamre
Hrushikesh Bhamre Prije 6 dana
Music : Faded by ooyy
Donovan Golfetto
Donovan Golfetto Prije 6 dana
You should show Assasin creed with ray tracing on amd....
AltredBeats Prije 6 dana
HAHAHA.. did he just throw shots at "GAMERS NEXUS"!? HAHAHA.. SHOTS FIRED @04:10 HAHAHAHA
Kshatriya Dharma
Kshatriya Dharma Prije 6 dana
nice to see them back on top
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Prije 6 dana
7 FPS. PC Peasant.
FLCRM Prije 6 dana
"if you still using Vega"... I'm actually still using RX470 :-D
Pdragy Prije 6 dana
real question, is the thing where ppl told me that staring at such a large screen up close would strain your eyes not a concern any more? Jay's not the only one, but Linus as well seems to have a 40"+ daily driver and regularly promotes using 55" TVs as your monitor! My parents would have a hernia if they saw me using a 55" 3 ft (or less) away every day!
John Franko
John Franko Prije 6 dana
Whats that rgb mouse your using?I like that one.
Tech DIYer
Tech DIYer Prije 6 dana
27:20 "HeHe He This would be a very expensive game of dominoes if they all fell over. (Phil laughs and cries in the backround....) Jay He He HA!"
Tech DIYer
Tech DIYer Prije 6 dana
26:50 " You have to acknowledge that not only is 6000 series on your RADAR, ...... It's up ur ass........" Favorite Jay quote keep up the great work guys!
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