Among Us But I Frame Crewmates

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A new imposter video! This time I try and frame crew mates and make them turn against each other.

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Rocco r
Rocco r Prije sat
I’m the detective u probably don’t believe me though
Just Aleah-boog
Just Aleah-boog Prije 2 sati
I like how he actually plays the game and isn't the person who is always looking on cams and is throwing the meetings like if you agree
Edward Dilellio
Edward Dilellio Prije 2 sati
This is too funny to be true
Sri Yulianti Sutyaningtyas
Sri Yulianti Sutyaningtyas Prije 3 sati
ZMDE why did you maec game 1 in to 2 and game 2 in to 1?
DāilyWeirdø Prije 3 sati
Lol zmde imposter then turns off lights and people are scanning. Me: I got you on camera I know your secrets. *calls emergency meeting* I love your vids!
Jiaqi Chen
Jiaqi Chen Prije 4 sati
i was saying why is ZMDE giving people weired voices lol
Luluboss BG
Luluboss BG Prije 5 sati
4:47 wh does it say game 1 instead of game 2
xRaki_PlayZ-Now Prije 5 sati
dude I watch him when Im bored -.- Who agrees? like if u agree
Nicolas Rojo Perez
Nicolas Rojo Perez Prije 5 sati
😂😂😂 and the new one and I will see them at American 🇺🇸 he said that he would be happy 😃
Amanda Hannah
Amanda Hannah Prije 7 sati
Black pink???
Pink pinky Winter martin
Pink pinky Winter martin Prije 8 sati
Did the names nvm
Armando Martinez
Armando Martinez Prije 9 sati
Why did dark green said I love ZMDE when he was about to vote him off
Luca Whelan
Luca Whelan Prije 11 sati
Amazing videos! Keep up the good work!
ashley sampson
ashley sampson Prije 11 sati
i like when it said yeah boy
Ahmad Panjshiri
Ahmad Panjshiri Prije 14 sati
Oh now I now you HRpost
Ahmad Panjshiri
Ahmad Panjshiri Prije 14 sati
You have amazing youtud
Nera Prije 17 sati
I love when u vent kil and dou the duble kill
Daya Kishor
Daya Kishor Prije 20 sati
IDK why but I love his thumbnails
Maybele Roa
Maybele Roa Prije 21 sat
zmde is the imposter?
I hope I can play among us with you ZMDE
Hanna Banh
Hanna Banh Prije dan
Lol when it was game two zmde said game one
Cristeta Verbond
Cristeta Verbond Prije dan
Cristeta Verbond
Cristeta Verbond Prije dan
Unkown error. Btw
Unkown error. Btw Prije dan
Me: OMG ZMDE ZMDE: kills me mE: NOOO
Nono Prije dan
cyan dead sound😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zulfikar Ali
Zulfikar Ali Prije dan
Thanks for thes video
Jeremiah Simmons
Jeremiah Simmons Prije dan
I was bying laughing on 1:16
the bluebonnet
the bluebonnet Prije dan
the bluebonnet
the bluebonnet Prije dan
What what in the name
Deadly Killa
Deadly Killa Prije dan
I did
Itz_Emmy_ Playz
Itz_Emmy_ Playz Prije dan
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Prije dan
Before I thought it was zen mode but its actually zin mode
Arandella Kate Perez
Arandella Kate Perez Prije dan
ZMDE 100%
Mr. Cool
Mr. Cool Prije dan
ZMDE: *Fakes task* Crew: memememe
Gaby Pinol
Gaby Pinol Prije dan
Blackpink is a Korean band LOL
Liam and the gang
Liam and the gang Prije dan
Who notice on the second game it said game 1
Shila Kumari
Shila Kumari Prije dan
1:33 if u look closely u will see red was running even if the meeting was called top part of the office
eshantha rajapakse
eshantha rajapakse Prije dan
ZMDE you got wrong in the 2 game . In the 2 game it was 1 game
Em&Ru Emily and ruby
Em&Ru Emily and ruby Prije dan
It says game 1 twice
Shaji John
Shaji John Prije dan
Lol this is so funny😂🤣... And btw I like turtles 2!
Marc Jarred
Marc Jarred Prije dan
When its game 1 i saw my name...
Jeng Kiang Tan
Jeng Kiang Tan Prije dan
I could say that ZMDE is using Ipad
Garcia Jason
Garcia Jason Prije 2 dana
Is that Luigi from super mario
Melissa Kohler
Melissa Kohler Prije 2 dana
That's what Among Us is basically about you have to frame crewmates
Chigozili Odeluga
Chigozili Odeluga Prije 2 dana
ZMDE u should do more minecraft videos
MY LIFE STYLE Prije 2 dana
I am the blackpink wow I was playing with you🥰🥰🥰✌️✌️✌️ I am a girl...
Amirah Ahmed
Amirah Ahmed Prije 2 dana
I wish I was in your videos I wish
DIS M Prije 2 dana
4:47 1 again lets goooooo
Super plush Dudes
Super plush Dudes Prije 2 dana
slap ahhhhhhhh funny 3:22
Jasmine Fang
Jasmine Fang Prije 2 dana
Your Videos Are BEYOND amazing how are you so smart in among us?
Julio Cesar Sousa Haubrich
Julio Cesar Sousa Haubrich Prije 2 dana
Grenn hakr
Aja Wilkinson
Aja Wilkinson Prije 2 dana
Sophia Hallal
Sophia Hallal Prije 2 dana
It said game 1shh then it said game 1 when it was game 2
Ace Sha
Ace Sha Prije 2 dana
Zmdes voice its cute❤🧡💛💚💙💜💖🖤💕💝🥰💓💟
Not Ll4ma
Not Ll4ma Prije 2 dana
Not Ll4ma
Not Ll4ma Prije 2 dana
Not Ll4ma
Not Ll4ma Prije 2 dana
max bonnie foxy
max bonnie foxy Prije 2 dana
Zmde why
Maricel Gomez
Maricel Gomez Prije 2 dana
Some of your videos are funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Elena Aguirre Rey
Elena Aguirre Rey Prije 2 dana
Wait is he afk
BTS are my lifeu
BTS are my lifeu Prije 2 dana
Hey ZMDE we met in amoung us I was like shocked that my favorite youtuber is here and if u dont know I make u remember that the Babygirl name player was me!!!! 😘😃😃😃😃
manuel mabulay
manuel mabulay Prije 2 dana
What this is actally game 2 xd 4:47
Clever Catherine
Clever Catherine Prije 2 dana
I love how he uses different voices for others. And also... it said game 1 instead of game 2.
Storm Jackash
Storm Jackash Prije 2 dana
AMAZING VIDEOS! WHEN WILL U DO A FACE REVAL! btw u did 2 games but both games said "GAME 1" 0:10 4:47
Rehana Ashraf
Rehana Ashraf Prije 3 dana
4:07 WHITE???????
Cedric Ye
Cedric Ye Prije 3 dana
5:10 "Marc Called a meeting" Body: "Am I a joke to you?"
Sonic Exe
Sonic Exe Prije 3 dana
how do I play with you zmde in Among Us
SilentNqghts Prije 3 dana
Lol I love How he voices them it’s super funny
Jonny Johnriginous
Jonny Johnriginous Prije 3 dana
I wonder how ZMDE has such big brain 🧠
Jonny Johnriginous
Jonny Johnriginous Prije 3 dana
If you agree with me then leave a comment or like
Jonny Johnriginous
Jonny Johnriginous Prije 3 dana
It is so good 😊 right
axel 27
axel 27 Prije 3 dana
Zdme:i see u brown Me:lol i see it
Mr.Cheese Logic
Mr.Cheese Logic Prije 3 dana
1:13 Windows XP lol
Paper Fun!
Paper Fun! Prije 3 dana
Shut up
Mrs Limbert
Mrs Limbert Prije 3 dana
I love you so much thanks again 👈❤️😘
Zach pro gamer
Zach pro gamer Prije 3 dana
if there red in Cams someone was there looking
Sara Riffat
Sara Riffat Prije 3 dana
So funny 😂
Tiittus Nyrhinen
Tiittus Nyrhinen Prije 3 dana
you put game 1 in game 2
Candy Picardal
Candy Picardal Prije 3 dana
Why u cgange the epic to crazy cuaze i want tu play wid u z
Prem Kumari Gurung
Prem Kumari Gurung Prije 3 dana
macdowan bolocon
macdowan bolocon Prije 3 dana
0:25, your pirate purple but where's your ship?!
Hannah Cao
Hannah Cao Prije 3 dana
Did Anyone Realize That The 2nd Game Says "Game 1"
Unknown 666
Unknown 666 Prije 4 dana
2:45 maybe dark green is a hacker
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl Prije 4 dana
Lao Yang
Lao Yang Prije 4 dana
The blue voice is funny hahahaha
Amanda Hurt
Amanda Hurt Prije 4 dana
Show good stuff not bad stuff
Fayth McMaster
Fayth McMaster Prije 4 dana
I like when he puts that classical music when he follows ppl
Roblox Player
Roblox Player Prije 4 dana
i love ZMDE
kaelyn butler
kaelyn butler Prije 4 dana
it makes no sense because if u r the the inposter u have to frame crewmats?
Cans super cool videos Aydin
Cans super cool videos Aydin Prije 4 dana
I love u zmde
Cristeta Verbond
Cristeta Verbond Prije 4 dana
Cristeta Verbond
Cristeta Verbond Prije 4 dana
Annoying aden
Annoying aden Prije 4 dana
Stop swearing!! I'm nine🤬
MiMi T
MiMi T Prije 4 dana
4:10, cyan is on the outside??
MiMi T
MiMi T Prije 4 dana
Who else loves Ribena's voice that ZMDE made?
jada deane
jada deane Prije 4 dana
Who randomly found red running on the first emergency meeting?
fun songs
fun songs Prije 4 dana
ZMDE I saw you in among us
Big Ben
Big Ben Prije 4 dana
MARTHA Cooper Prije 4 dana
Mochi Jimin
Mochi Jimin Prije 4 dana
Did anyone notice BLACKPINK a kpop group
Mochi Jimin
Mochi Jimin Prije 4 dana
Did anyone notice BLACKPINK
Kerry Ganly
Kerry Ganly Prije 4 dana
Who else is watching in 2021 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣
RAJVEER LADIA Prije 4 dana
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