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FightHype.com was on hand at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida where Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather and HRpost sensation Logan Paul came face to face for the first time to host the kick-off press conference for their upcoming June 6 Super Exhibition. You don’t want to miss what went down. Check it out!

Avery Prije 17 dana
FULL FIGHT POSTED HERE: hrpost.info/history/hJaKYriSlcmBa34/video
Retro Dealer 64#
Retro Dealer 64# Prije mjesec
😆 got your hat💥👊💥👊😵⬅ Jake Paul.
Oli Me
Oli Me Prije mjesec
Mayweather & some Bodyguards hit Jake Paul for a publicity stunt. Mayweather should keep his word to fight both of them at one night. Lets see if Mayweather will once & for all keep his promise not run from his word of fighting both of them at the same event. I just want to see Jake Paul knock out Mayweather`s Pride in the ring. Jake Paul needs to go to a hell of training to have a chance to defeat Mayweather. But Mayweather will put ring rules which will restrict or limit Jake Pauls chance of success maybee by putting a weight limit or other rules which will favour Floyd just like in almost all his matches.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Prije mjesec
1.2 million views already for this clip. These guys bout to make a nice pay day for themselves and good for all involved
minij hooi
minij hooi Prije mjesec
So we just gonna ignore how many time Mayweather said "one thing we do do "
Emily An
Emily An Prije mjesec
when he said when was the last time you knocked a guy out, mayweather should of been like when was the last time you won
Fake people
America is zo fake
minij hooi
minij hooi Prije mjesec
Floyd has destroyed boxing.. Its no longer about the passion..
Orlando Ramirez
Orlando Ramirez Prije mjesec
Anyone wondering how in the hell Logan Paul who’s never won a boxing fight is fighting the legendary Floyd mayweather? What in the fuck 😑
bear121982 Prije mjesec
anyone who actually buys this is a moron.
Emily An
Emily An Prije mjesec
Set up lol. that's how they took America from the Indigenous people .
Ram Gar
Ram Gar Prije mjesec
Fought the bum Berto over his mandatory Thurman just to tie Rocky Marciano’s 49-0. And Fought Mcgregor just to break the record. 😂 Now Logan Paul 🤣 Floyd 50-0 record is a Manufactured record. His record will always be a LIE. 🤣
JOE THURSTON Prije mjesec
Someone please shut these brothers up please..
Hario akagawa
Hario akagawa Prije mjesec
What a BUM this Logan Paul and his Hole Family are
anthony chin
anthony chin Prije mjesec
What he needs to do is fight someone in his WEIGHT CLASS AND HIS AGE. INSTEAD OF FIGHTING SOMONE THAT IS WAYYYYY OLDER. YEAH FM. IS A CHAMP BUT HE ISNT WHAT He USED TO BE AND THATS OK IT COMES WITH AGE. Why don’t he call out ISREAL ADESANYA. OR JON JONES. Bc he knows he won’t last and will lose.
mombojom3 Prije mjesec
Was the 3rd guy Ocho Cinquo?
kim jensen
kim jensen Prije mjesec
Logan paul stop acting tough it doesent suit you
cha Co
cha Co Prije mjesec
Fucking pafetic
Gokul P
Gokul P Prije mjesec
Is maywather supporting India??with Indian flag on his dress?😍😍
lmLash11 Prije mjesec
the best vs the worst alright lol so stupid
Steve sun
Steve sun Prije mjesec
the media are all over paul and connor . the cure for cancer is ignore !
Slide Onda Beat
Slide Onda Beat Prije mjesec
hrpost.info/history/n8R3rN64esWoiIY/video a must watch!!!
Yasfeer Mahomed
Yasfeer Mahomed Prije mjesec
Floyd has destroyed boxing.. Its no longer about the passion..
David Richmond
David Richmond Prije mjesec
Absolutely pathetic nobody's! There's 100% disrespect, then there's these 2 wannabe clowns. Knobheads, pure and simple.
Gary Watson Jr.
Gary Watson Jr. Prije mjesec
Mayweather has a much greater chance of getting his HAT BACK from Jake Paul, than he does of knocking out Jake Paul😉!
MIGHTY EAGLE Prije mjesec
That last part looks very funny as how floyd looks like the little kid that those 2 big guys bring to play on the playground
Boxing Fan
Boxing Fan Prije mjesec
Why anyone in their right mind would pay to watch this clowns fight is beyond me....
andy p
andy p Prije mjesec
Logans immediate reaction was to transform into a black guy? crazy.
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj Prije mjesec
Why this non event have so much attention ?
Shivneel Rup
Shivneel Rup Prije mjesec
Logan should be embarrassed by Jake's stupidity
Mike Brown
Mike Brown Prije mjesec
Floyd. Please knock that bumb out! He doesn’t even deserve to be in the ring with you.
Andrew mckinnon
Andrew mckinnon Prije mjesec
Floyd looks like the drunk uncle. Shorts n shirt match up is classic.
Jason Vaillancourt
Jason Vaillancourt Prije mjesec
A.K.A.Pretty Boy Floyd 🤑 Money Making MayWeather is going to Win. He's a heck of a boxer. Age isn't shiz... Instead of 1 round maybe 2 rounds. Lol Paul is definitely has the reach. But lacks experience.
cnote Luciano
cnote Luciano Prije mjesec
Your brothers untied
jermaine mcdaniel
jermaine mcdaniel Prije mjesec
These fool Paul boys think its a game but they will see once they step.in that squared circle
EL B2 Prije mjesec
WWF!! lol
Foreigns 2
Foreigns 2 Prije mjesec
Mayweather will definitely knock him out now if he doesn’t constantly hug him the entire fight!!!
Clyde Mchugh
Clyde Mchugh Prije mjesec
Mayweather is too old for boxing 🥊 hes gonna get knocked out round 3 Ft Bragg boxer knows this stuff
Lin Marie
Lin Marie Prije mjesec
LOL! Well, you won't have to tell him not to do it twice!
James Stephens
James Stephens Prije mjesec
So a nobody gets a shot at the undefeated champion? I've fucking seen everything now.
Philippe Vermeire
Philippe Vermeire Prije mjesec
Why this non event have so much attention ?
ryan richardson
ryan richardson Prije mjesec
My god Jake Paul is going to get his ass kicked in 20 seconds...and make a bunch of cash.
Stuart Law
Stuart Law Prije mjesec
All for the views floyd just wants the money Jake got pistol whipped not punched
Lyndon Castro
Lyndon Castro Prije mjesec
Welcome to the NEW America!! Hate, murderers, punks, violence, gangsters, sports garbage, Kardash, sick social media, weirdos, freaks, and voice to the tip of the stinky tail wagging the dogs of society.
Snoop D go double g
Snoop D go double g Prije mjesec
That’s a pretty big size difference. Imagine if Logan actually wins
David R
David R Prije mjesec
Damn devil somebody answer me seriously if you people are white what color is logans shirt I mean im not bright at all so i need someone from the high iq race of people to set me straight on color
Yemme Prije mjesec
honestly how tf did this happen😭😭😭
mrstormentertainment Prije mjesec
This is a GROWN MANS game! All that social media fame don't mean sh*t in the ring! (Idiots)
Kjph Prije mjesec
Ref needs to allow this fight to go on even when he is on the flat of his back
Mark B
Mark B Prije mjesec
This is beneath you Floyd
Philip Lucky
Philip Lucky Prije mjesec
Jake has no respect
The Race Analyst, PHD Proving Hate & Degradation
The Race Analyst, PHD Proving Hate & Degradation Prije mjesec
Not ready for the big time twins...
Mike Prije mjesec
Why are these two even fighting I don't understand
david Prije mjesec
He said it was ten years since Floyd knocked anybody out? Not correct he knocked that Japanese kid out last year.
david Prije mjesec
@beedsj roiue He could have asked who was the last guy you bored to death, they are both boring bastards only difference is Mayweather has something to be boring about.
Weezer Weezer
Weezer Weezer Prije mjesec
What a bunch of idiots. Can't even speak two words in a sentence properly.
Alfonso Rojas
Alfonso Rojas Prije mjesec
This is equivalent too when your little sibling blows out the candle to your birthday cake. 😂
Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers Prije mjesec
When's the last time Logan has won a fight. Don't worry about this legend knocking anyone out , ask him how many wins he has compared to you and your brother combined. Logan, isn't in the same league as Mayweather.
Silent Thought
Silent Thought Prije mjesec
Seems like the Paul brothers play too much!
Ryu Littlefield
Ryu Littlefield Prije mjesec
Logan look like a head 😳 Hope not, Jakes a beast.
liam 11
liam 11 Prije mjesec
Logan thinks hes a bad man. He's clueless floyd with take the piss out of him in the ring.
Willie Franklin
Willie Franklin Prije mjesec
All for the money, as it should be.
Willie Franklin
Willie Franklin Prije mjesec
Can y'all say Publicity😁
NO LIMIT Prije mjesec
you know if i was logan i would be pissed if jake was stealing all the hype from my fight! like I would literally tell jake to fuck off!
Daniel Bell
Daniel Bell Prije mjesec
Mayweather: “I can guarantee you this..... June 6th, NOONE WILL CARE!”
Rolland Morrow
Rolland Morrow Prije mjesec
Mayweather looking like he woke up next to delonte West.
Zero Requiem
Zero Requiem Prije mjesec
I can’t believe I’m saying this but McGregor is straight up on the money, “Pro to Pro that shit was embarrassing”, all y’all need to get up offa Floyd’s dick, the Paul brothers may be annoying as all hell but they made an absolute clown outta Mayweather lmao, holy shit
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Prije mjesec
Logan: "Yeah who's the last guy you knocked out, Floyd?" Floyd: "I could ask you the same question."
Barry Allen
Barry Allen Prije mjesec
Are they fight June 6?
Dru670 Prije mjesec
I want to see Jake and Logan drive a sports car to it's max speed.
i andrew
i andrew Prije mjesec
Team Logan or team Floyd
D Mastery
D Mastery Prije mjesec
Cant lie that shid was comical
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Prije mjesec
Fairdinkum this is what the fight world has got too,pfft
M Palmer
M Palmer Prije mjesec
Who is he? I wanted the fight to go on !!!
Mr Ralph
Mr Ralph Prije mjesec
This shit is like wwe its an embarrassment to boxing
Fred Delpriore
Fred Delpriore Prije mjesec
Um he knocked out that Japanese fighter. In the 1st round.
gerardo flores
gerardo flores Prije mjesec
this is only a show , is so sad for boxing , Mayweather should be in WWE .
Floyd Cremins
Floyd Cremins Prije mjesec
Who the last guys Logan knocked out in his pro career? Oh shit 😂😂😂 0-1
Ketchup303 Prije mjesec
Hope Mayweather rearranges Logan's face because of his brother jake
Mac Mottola
Mac Mottola Prije mjesec
1:40 Logan Paul complains about who he’s fighting when he purely chose his opponent
Stephen Hall
Stephen Hall Prije mjesec
Hope the pauls seen what canelo done to a real boxer they gonna get hurt fereal🤦‍♂️
Neal Carr
Neal Carr Prije mjesec
We all know it's to hype the fight up there both gonna make a killing and they know it
Elliot Edwards
Elliot Edwards Prije mjesec
He took his hat and ran well tried to run
John Martin
John Martin Prije mjesec
What a fucking circus.
Shuj 17
Shuj 17 Prije mjesec
I respect Mayweather in this video, big up my bro, hope he smokes these HRpost guys
Peter Blackadder
Peter Blackadder Prije mjesec
Fairdinkum this is what the fight world has got too,pfft
Bottle Waddle
Bottle Waddle Prije mjesec
why did I read that as Farmer Floyd Mayweather
Lovebassets Prije mjesec
This is silly
Ystiessy herc Windy
Ystiessy herc Windy Prije mjesec
Michael M.
Michael M. Prije mjesec
Why are they giving this clown any publicity just walk away and turn there head from him.
Khari Conception
Khari Conception Prije mjesec
They gone break the bank together as a trio.
Maurice Allen
Maurice Allen Prije mjesec
Poor Logan, I hope the ref is alert! He's in serious danger.
william mcconnell
william mcconnell Prije mjesec
The Paul brothers are heading to The hospital, when you say is the Question, I don't know, but one Thing is for sure it will happen. Professional fighters and youtubers Don't mix .
option masters
option masters Prije mjesec
Come to SWFL and see what’s gonna happen same thing
option masters
option masters Prije mjesec
Your gonna get your ass beat
ylilycam Prije mjesec
And the rich and insignificant get richer
P Cru
P Cru Prije mjesec
It’s amazing. The guy who hasn’t lost a fight versus a guy who’s never won one. 🔥
basem zabaneh
basem zabaneh Prije mjesec
Is this legal for difference in weight and height in the law of boxing?
bilij pdan
bilij pdan Prije mjesec
You know who's else's shoe was untied? Usain Bolt. Obliterated the world record with his shoes untied while pounding his chest.
Zero One *
Zero One * Prije mjesec
logan's face look anorexic, mayweather so scared of possibly getting KO'd in an exhibition match that he made Logan drop all that weight
Henry White
Henry White Prije mjesec
I don't like eather guy but would like ti see paul win lol
Donnie Michaelis
Donnie Michaelis Prije mjesec
Hey I'm just glad we some white boys that are really good fighters... They be challenging the best weather it's about money they still are our great white Hope
Kyle Martinez
Kyle Martinez Prije mjesec
LMAFO WTF ARE YOU SAYING also your saying great white hope but bruh even logan said this has nothing to do with race and what makes you more of a clown is that "great white fighter" is a ally for blm LMAFO
Colin Masek
Colin Masek Prije mjesec
Knock out . Boy he knock out Connor McGreagor. Am I missing something
bilij pdan
bilij pdan Prije mjesec
jake paul was begging please no come up against men you get fucking hurt
c549 m
c549 m Prije mjesec
WTF!!! This fight is going to be Pay-Per-View!!!! No way!!! Come on Floyd!!!! please please don’t pay to watch please!!!!! Are you serious! A amateur fighter could K.O both Paul brothers!!! These fools ain’t shit!!! Just cause they have millions of dumb ass followers! Well I guess those dumb ass followers are going to be making them money! Definitely not paying for this fight!!!
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