Brawl Theory: The PAST, and the FUTURE of Brawl Stars!

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Brawl Theory! The Past & Future of Brawl Stars | KairosTime
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Brawl Stars recently had an update that led to an 8-Bit mini-game filled with Easter eggs that reveal some truths about 8-Bit's past, and the future of Brawl Stars! The mini game covers the past of Brawl Stars and tells a bit of it's history, as well as reveals the shocking truth about who and what 8-Bit is. It also leads to some speculation that Brawl Stars is going to get a new space theme in a future update! But hey, that's just a theory! A Brawl Theory!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Prije 5 mjeseci
Kairos: But hey, that's just a Theory, a BRAAAAAAWL THEORY! MatPat: Face palm... Watch Next: Theme Park Brawl Theory ► Subscribe for MORE news & Speculation ►
no subs
no subs Prije 5 dana
Jeses dad
no subs
no subs Prije 5 dana
I think colt is
Sucker711 Prije 17 dana
ice cream cone is lou
MASTER MK Prije 19 dana
Your videos are not just a theory. These are videos about future updates. 👾👾
Doomerang Gamer
Doomerang Gamer Prije 22 dana
It did not work for me
ELITE Prije 4 sati
Must 8-bit have that skin to play the videogame?
JOEL SMITH Prije 19 sati
the reason slugs are the things he fights is because i think the brawlers used to call him a slug because he is so slow and he was showing he was faster than slugs.
BIT 2007
BIT 2007 Prije 23 sati
Kairos : there is a dog in the space Me : wait a minute is that a new brawler
Spufy NutZ
Spufy NutZ Prije dan
This gives me fnaf lore vibes
Tanmay Patel
Tanmay Patel Prije dan
Hey, kairos !! I came back here after I observed that circular building 6:54 is the same building that was in the investor's video And can you please please explain to me if that investor's video was originally made by brawl stars or they have taken it from the StarrPark ??
ThatGuyPanda Prije dan
2:17 Thats actually Colonel Ruffs 2021 People
Evan VerPlank
Evan VerPlank Prije dan
The ice cream is a hint towards the next brawler, Lou
Proximity Prije dan
The ice cream was a clue of lou
Oscar Winge Slotmann
Oscar Winge Slotmann Prije dan
the ´´icecream ´´ in slugfest is spaghetti on a stick
Spike:Brawl Stars
Spike:Brawl Stars Prije 2 dana
Gaming Cafe
Gaming Cafe Prije 2 dana
Kairos, I'm from the future. As you said, the space theme came. And a new brawler was added. Guess who? That dog in the spaceship his name is colonel Ruffs
ok so what
ok so what Prije 2 dana
2:17 wait it's in season 5 spacetheme
Deyan Kolev
Deyan Kolev Prije 2 dana
Actually that dog guy is now added
Levi Mahony
Levi Mahony Prije 2 dana
Your theiorie is true the Brawl talk said it was a space theme season and that dog was kinda like mr p for this this season
AP FiglioDiAndrea
AP FiglioDiAndrea Prije 2 dana
You were right yay
Shadowz LMND
Shadowz LMND Prije 2 dana
I am the future and these are skins and brawlers
REDWAN Gaming Prije 4 dana
He edited his video on his first one he telling bad things about brawl stars and creepy things now he is edited and make it fun.
Star *
Star * Prije 5 dana
Kairos is literally my mom... he’s always right
Samad malik
Samad malik Prije 6 dana
I'm pretty sure the reason that slugfest had slugs as the enemies were not because of a pun, but a reference to his slowness in brawl stars.
Rockabilly Mortis
Rockabilly Mortis Prije 6 dana
Fun fact: I actually like 8-bit...
Taylor Orellana
Taylor Orellana Prije 7 dana
One of 8-bit phrase is "Game Not Over"😳
Taylor Orellana
Taylor Orellana Prije 7 dana
One of 8-bit phrase is "Game Not Over"😳
ur gamer 2.0
ur gamer 2.0 Prije 9 dana
The ice cream was for the new brawl pass brawler
progemer Brawl Stars
progemer Brawl Stars Prije 9 dana
2:18 there was much theoryes this dog called cernal ruff
Ali Iis
Ali Iis Prije 9 dana
Bruh stupid fake videos
Becky Vega
Becky Vega Prije 10 dana
My Edgar is a 20 rank
kakka coppa
kakka coppa Prije 10 dana
6:10 just realised the luckage has the tag of the secret organization in starr park
Yadiel Matamoros
Yadiel Matamoros Prije 11 dana
Its fake I went to go do this and it didn't work
Zacky Yt12
Zacky Yt12 Prije 12 dana
Hey kairos does it only work on virus 8-bit
that random guy who plays brawl stars
that random guy who plays brawl stars Prije 12 dana
I think that futuristic building was a reference to the Starr park investor animation
Emils Grikmanis
Emils Grikmanis Prije 12 dana
Do you watch game thoery
Milka Letica
Milka Letica Prije 12 dana
8-bit is slow sooooo thats why slugs in ninja part;)
kinsley ho
kinsley ho Prije 13 dana
Kairos : hey ! But that is just a theory Me : it is to good too be a theory
MuffinzRBLX Prije 14 dana
when i saw the ice creams, the first thing that came to mind was LOU, and i remembered STARR PARK
Dominic_blta Prije 15 dana
The “ice cream” from the 2nd mini game is actually the spaghetti and meatball on a stick which one of the youtubers got.
Chin May
Chin May Prije 16 dana
I’m asking my friend if it worked
9.Dheemant Dutta
9.Dheemant Dutta Prije 17 dana
From 6:14 to 6:19 was a hint to season 4
Khoo Jia Kai
Khoo Jia Kai Prije 17 dana
the smile face is the starr park logo
Sucker711 Prije 17 dana
So Kairos if there is a rocket ship there a has to be a space theme at some point right
Dave Hudson
Dave Hudson Prije 17 dana
I hope the dog will be an actual brawler
Anime Bitch
Anime Bitch Prije 18 dana
One thing he stolen the end was almost the same voice as game theory the game theory one was *but hey it’s just a theory a game theory* but kairos version is *but hey its just a theory a brawl theory*
Roger Eussen
Roger Eussen Prije 19 dana
8:54 its a hint from lou
super noob
super noob Prije 19 dana
4:55 , Virus 8-Bit skin once said : CaNt DiViDe By ZeRo
MASTER MK Prije 19 dana
6:16 Lou's ice cream cone
Pokèfan_69 Prije 19 dana
8-bit now is my favorite brawler because of his deep backstory.
Tadas Dragūnas
Tadas Dragūnas Prije 21 dan
Starcade is an location there Brock, Rico and 8-Bit living location.
Jayden Verduyn Lunel
Jayden Verduyn Lunel Prije 21 dan
Bah bahbahabahabahabahabahabahabahabahabahbaabhabahbaahabahabahabahbahabahbahabahbahabahabahbahahhabahahabhabahhbahbahahabhahababhahahhahahanabbahbababahbabaahanahhahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Noob Steve
Noob Steve Prije 22 dana
Wait so I need the old uptate and skin In order to get in?
A Sönmez
A Sönmez Prije 22 dana
Kairos' huge reveal: 8-BIT IS GETTING A BUFF GUYS Ge was right..
tunes hypoxic
tunes hypoxic Prije 23 dana
6:25 in the upper left corner there is an opening door
Ninfa Hernandez
Ninfa Hernandez Prije 23 dana
I don't fiking have. 8bit
Lourdes Medellin
Lourdes Medellin Prije 23 dana
Even more
Lescai Emma
Lescai Emma Prije 23 dana
Him:talking about brawl stars Me:"man he's just like MatPat..."
Loose goose Faust
Loose goose Faust Prije 25 dana
It’s a spaghetti and meatball not ice cream
Abrahan Canas
Abrahan Canas Prije 25 dana
Surg is there where is the first wheel
karolin J
karolin J Prije 25 dana
Wth another HRpost said that season 5 is space update and more HRpostr
Weegeepie Prije 26 dana
Jianqiu Jiang
Jianqiu Jiang Prije 26 dana
Wait Karios what is the game of 8-bit
a helen
a helen Prije 25 dana
start at 8-20-2020, you already can't play in brawlstars,but you can still play in by search Google 'brawlstars/projectlaser'
Ruchirare Rex
Ruchirare Rex Prije 26 dana
Kairos works Starr Park
Joy Prije 27 dana
Wow,so much to digest wish Brawl stars ,had a movie..
InsaneNebula 551
InsaneNebula 551 Prije 27 dana
I tapped on 8 bit 8 times and nothing happened
Зоя Калайджиева
Зоя Калайджиева Prije 27 dana
This was before
Aagaman gaming
Aagaman gaming Prije 28 dana
Intresting very interesting
гелевый ботинок
гелевый ботинок Prije 28 dana
We already told you: this is normal.
Tuba Benderlioğlu
Tuba Benderlioğlu Prije 29 dana
In nulls brawl, a hacked brawl stars dynamike's 3rd sp is shelly's og sp
Tuba Benderlioğlu
Tuba Benderlioğlu Prije 29 dana
You founded Starr park update
P1xility Prije 29 dana
The smile on the planet is Starrparks logo
Steve The Stevuation Stevenson
Steve The Stevuation Stevenson Prije 29 dana
Well now we know that all these things hinted at starr park (the spaghetti on a stick, the fact that 8 bit went into a theme park at the end, etc.) But you have to admit, this was a pretty good theory at the time.
Monika Kasperowicz
Monika Kasperowicz Prije 29 dana
Press him 8 times HIS NAME IS 8 BIT
a helen
a helen Prije 25 dana
Monica Lallawmzuali
Monica Lallawmzuali Prije mjesec
Why cant I do anymore🙁🙁🙁
Anthony Villacis
Anthony Villacis Prije mjesec
6:17 - 6:20 actually that's spaghetti-on-a-stick, for the viewers watching to this day, but we all know by now that the 8-bit mini game was introduced a couple of months before spaghetti-on-a-stick was introduced in the investor video
Kaiyo King
Kaiyo King Prije mjesec
6:18 I don’t think that’s ice cream cause if it was then the cone would have wafer instead of spaghetti and the ice cream would be dripping ice cream not marinara sauce
Lucia Bortolozzo
Lucia Bortolozzo Prije mjesec
future (invest in the future= Starr a Park)?
Srihari Madhav
Srihari Madhav Prije mjesec
Kairos you forgot copywrite matpat
Slimshady Jam
Slimshady Jam Prije mjesec
It’s been four months and there is no space😑
a helen
a helen Prije 25 dana
it will be
TeamBurge Prije mjesec
But why is 8-bit player 2?
a helen
a helen Prije 25 dana
because we are player 1
Morpheinxz Prije mjesec
It is edgar
LEVEL 10 Prije mjesec
That icecream is lou
And1One Customs
And1One Customs Prije mjesec
If you got to the game on 8 bits gun you can see p2 on so I want to know what that means and if the if there is a p1
Arenroni Göl
Arenroni Göl Prije mjesec
11:20 THAT IS ONE OF 8-BITS LINES “Game Not Over welcome boys
Gacha Gan
Gacha Gan Prije mjesec
I know what it is means those references for future uptade! For Starr Park because i was here 21.12.2020
Anđela Radojčić
Anđela Radojčić Prije mjesec
Fabian Mazareanu
Fabian Mazareanu Prije mjesec
CartoonBoxy Prije mjesec
well ice cream = lou and maybe flying robots = peep (nani)
李肇興 Prije mjesec
El primo got the power from space and the gadget is calling meteorite
Marta Marta
Marta Marta Prije mjesec
Like as a space game yee
Marta Marta
Marta Marta Prije mjesec
Sry but I can not find in my mind that that kind if them is fun soooo sryyyyy
per-olov ghillemyn
per-olov ghillemyn Prije mjesec
22 seceons
Finn Renwick
Finn Renwick Prije mjesec
Btw I’m not that far in and I can clearly see that the “ice cream cone” is a meatball with spagetti on fork
Aicha Amara
Aicha Amara Prije mjesec
Do you know game
Aicha Amara
Aicha Amara Prije mjesec
Glitch Ak
Glitch Ak Prije mjesec
i love his videos
Al3xx 03
Al3xx 03 Prije mjesec
It's not spikes socks it's mr.Ps socks
Some random Stranger
Some random Stranger Prije mjesec
game theory in a nut shell
Rexy Games and animates
Rexy Games and animates Prije mjesec
WAIT is 8Bit secretly Lou since there is soo muck ice scream references and Lou kinda looks like 8Bit
Siddon Domingo
Siddon Domingo Prije mjesec
I think this game is not working anymore :/
BLACK SHADOW Prije mjesec
Oh and that wast ice cream in the background it was Spaghetti and meat ball, if you go on the websit Starr park and you go to photo Gallery you can see it
do u know virus 8bit is the darck versoin of himself and the 8bit on the top of the roof is virus 8bit
katia mendoza
katia mendoza Prije mjesec
ok so basiclly i am from the future its dec 15v 2020 and a new brawler came out collette amber lou byron edgar
Omenie Singh
Omenie Singh Prije mjesec
when you said a buff i was soooooooooo MAD all this for a buff
Ike Sc
Ike Sc Prije mjesec
I just realized the giant ice cream in the background is NOT ice cream. It's Spaghetti on a stick
Brawl Theory: Starr Park's DARK past...
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