5 Ways To Prank Your Family

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FaZe Jarvis

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5 Ways To Prank Your Family with @FamilyGum @Lexi C @FaZe Kay @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Adapt

🕺 TikTok: @jarvis
📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

dark 724adrimal
dark 724adrimal Prije 10 mjeseci
Yoo jarvis lowkey your the best youtuber
Samah alzadan
Samah alzadan Prije 14 dana
You ArE RiGhT
Justin Lu
Justin Lu Prije mjesec
royalty Prije mjesec
SC Alpha
SC Alpha Prije 2 mjeseci
He click baits sometimes but he really is a good youtuber though
keyari neptune
keyari neptune Prije 2 mjeseci
Yes sir
Dennis Ly
Dennis Ly Prije 5 dana
Adam Arteaga
Adam Arteaga Prije 11 dana
Kay:woah woah woah woah bro bro bro bro Jarvis:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
lmao Prije mjesec
*Hittedted* lmao¹
Kid Ace
Kid Ace Prije mjesec
I feel sorry for meghan😂😂
LisaFromKas Prije mjesec
Lexi is just every other blond 🤦‍♂️
Phillipq623 Prije 2 mjeseci
Frazier a simp
Pearick 07
Pearick 07 Prije 3 mjeseci
bruh adapt isn't afraid of banks, how tf would u think he's afraid of a paintball gun then
Rufia Begum
Rufia Begum Prije 3 mjeseci
Jarvis: misses shot with eggs Us: where is ur aimbot???
Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams Prije 3 mjeseci
I need you to play fortnite please
Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams Prije 3 mjeseci
armaan khan
armaan khan Prije 3 mjeseci
4:41 lol i just lughed so hard
R1tual_XR Prije 3 mjeseci
I love how when Jarvis was pranking Frazier Frazier took the gun and he’s like ahh what you doing bro what you doing bro and then he’s like IM TRIPPING RIGHT NOW BRO
im lucid lai
im lucid lai Prije 3 mjeseci
I'm ligit not evan laughing about jarvis with the kebord im laughing at his hair
soa_legitbro Jhett Adkins
soa_legitbro Jhett Adkins Prije 3 mjeseci
YO JARVIS I wish u where still allowed to play fortnite, we all want yo back so u can make us way more happyer ,and i am not saying your are a bad youtuber your not the coolest your the best, YOUR THE BEST!!!!!! Keep up the good content
slinkywtf Prije 3 mjeseci
the way he treated meghan
Tenzin Ngoedup 1#fan of all minecraft players on yt
Tenzin Ngoedup 1#fan of all minecraft players on yt Prije 3 mjeseci
hannah is cald victoria
hampster101 Prije 3 mjeseci
Pixal On Ig
Pixal On Ig Prije 3 mjeseci
why you did that too megan i dont like it
uroprop Prije 4 mjeseci
kay was macking on the staff and you ruined it
uroprop Prije 4 mjeseci
rice got hood tactic..RUN..he blasian
Tami Olakojo
Tami Olakojo Prije 4 mjeseci
Lexi Is Cringe
Pooja S
Pooja S Prije 4 mjeseci
Jarvis pigtails hair style awhhh loll
Haley Nicole
Haley Nicole Prije 4 mjeseci
I love Jarvis
Haley Nicole
Haley Nicole Prije 4 mjeseci
Faze Kay said ‘ you actually Hititid right there bro’
WrangWrang is me
WrangWrang is me Prije 4 mjeseci
Mate I love ya vids
Colin Vidal
Colin Vidal Prije 4 mjeseci
You are the best HRpost lokewy any ways no cap
Harley Moreland
Harley Moreland Prije 5 mjeseci
The end it says sub to Jarvis even do it’s faze jarvis
Liam Streeter
Liam Streeter Prije 5 mjeseci
Frazier is so nice and funny
Liam Streeter
Liam Streeter Prije 5 mjeseci
Your hair
Renegade team Leader
Renegade team Leader Prije 5 mjeseci
The thumbnail 🤣😂😳
Subzero Prije 5 mjeseci
I feel sorry for his assistant
yu shaaa
yu shaaa Prije 5 mjeseci
I have never seen her wear full pant not in a single video of kay or jarvis .. hahah
yu shaaa
yu shaaa Prije 5 mjeseci
Jarvis lucky yo make the mess and order assistant to clean the shit up ..i can only imagine this life on my dreams
Johnathan Cena
Johnathan Cena Prije 6 mjeseci
The towering tanker formerly correct because tendency beautifully milk besides a insidious note. teeny-tiny, rural astronomy
sylas Prije 6 mjeseci
I think megan quit after this one
Cole Speight
Cole Speight Prije 6 mjeseci
Gaming with Eddie
Gaming with Eddie Prije 6 mjeseci
Jarvis were u playing or are u actually that rude
Grinds Woah
Grinds Woah Prije 6 mjeseci
how many people like this shows how rich i am 🤔
abby x
abby x Prije 6 mjeseci
Yo rice gum then yo yo yo
VFXbrendxn Prije 6 mjeseci
The end was mad sus LOL
taukirangi Prije 6 mjeseci
Aaaallll dadddy
Alexander Sugemallen
Alexander Sugemallen Prije 6 mjeseci
2:31 safe but kay frek out 🤣
kombat legend
kombat legend Prije 6 mjeseci
I like Jarvis New hair
team solo official
team solo official Prije 6 mjeseci
I loved adapt
Jason Ajao
Jason Ajao Prije 6 mjeseci
family dont leave each other @FaZeKay cough cough
stephanie lara
stephanie lara Prije 6 mjeseci
he did 2 vids in 1
CRAZYLEAVE Prije 6 mjeseci
lowkey Jarvis u are better looking adapt is the busted one
Ayden Bulluck
Ayden Bulluck Prije 6 mjeseci
beat master
beat master Prije 6 mjeseci
No joke lexy and Jarvis or Jarvis and hannah
Oscar Marzec
Oscar Marzec Prije 6 mjeseci
Czersk edycji je a wnętrze WTTf wg występnego biblijnej GG mggggggggg WTt
Arakkal abu
Arakkal abu Prije 6 mjeseci
Frazier gay testing Result 100% positive
Jayden Infanzon
Jayden Infanzon Prije 6 mjeseci
Mr steal you’re brother s ting
Lazare Bregvadze
Lazare Bregvadze Prije 6 mjeseci
In the wireless keyboard prank he is filming the letting famous youtuber control my life
Armani Maldonado
Armani Maldonado Prije 6 mjeseci
bruh got aced
Noahψ Bobidibob
Noahψ Bobidibob Prije 6 mjeseci
I love Fraizer's "what you doing bro"
cammander badger gaming
cammander badger gaming Prije 3 mjeseci
Denis Prije 6 mjeseci
6:50 rq, then pause. that face doe
Coupe D1EGO
Coupe D1EGO Prije 6 mjeseci
5:19 is after another video whaaaat?
Plasma Prije 6 mjeseci
i feel bad for magan:(
Trace WRLD
Trace WRLD Prije 7 mjeseci
0:42 hittedted 0:44 boilded egg lmao
footy- pro1o8
footy- pro1o8 Prije 7 mjeseci
Roham_lol Prije 7 mjeseci
When Frazier sed what the f**k is she doing I was laphinngg
Rocco Schulman
Rocco Schulman Prije 7 mjeseci
On the outside fridge I feel so awkward but in the inside he’s like hell yeah
Juahz Prije 7 mjeseci
7:18 jarvis be looking like boo from monsters inc 😂
BroodierLily310 Prije 7 mjeseci
Is everyone more scared of painball guns than actual guns?
Aaron Conn
Aaron Conn Prije 7 mjeseci
I added you on xbox jarvis Aaronconn35
Cyrus Ahmed
Cyrus Ahmed Prije 7 mjeseci
Is no one gonna talk about adapts setup
Darshan B
Darshan B Prije 7 mjeseci
He should've saved the aimbot for when he was throwing those eggs
Imran Osman
Imran Osman Prije 7 mjeseci
Faiq Farhad
Faiq Farhad Prije 7 mjeseci
DAMIEN GARCIA Prije 7 mjeseci
6:14 Jarvis looks like boo the little girl from monsters inc 😂😂
Raphy Datoc
Raphy Datoc Prije 7 mjeseci
LOL!!!!! So true man😂
DAMIEN GARCIA Prije 7 mjeseci
Poor Megan 😂😂
Golden Sejad
Golden Sejad Prije 8 mjeseci
Make a blind date for kay !!
musa musa
musa musa Prije 8 mjeseci
Jarvis was kinda mean to the cleaner
YFOx Drippy
YFOx Drippy Prije 8 mjeseci
Jarvis showing us how eggs work No one : ........
Nixlekk Prije 8 mjeseci
Ghost Gaming
Ghost Gaming Prije 8 mjeseci
I loved how alex didn't get scared when jarvis wanted to prank him with the paintball
Ylli Hajdini
Ylli Hajdini Prije 8 mjeseci
Wtf are those hairs
Jaime Quijano
Jaime Quijano Prije 8 mjeseci
Nikan sounded lik someone from the underworld
A Lonley Person
A Lonley Person Prije 8 mjeseci
Lol doesn't do intro just gets straight to the point
Affan19z Prije 8 mjeseci
Kay: let me hit you in the head bro Kay: let me hit you in the head bro Kay:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
jose villanueva jr
jose villanueva jr Prije 8 mjeseci
Your in faze
1k subs in 3 weeks challenge Y
1k subs in 3 weeks challenge Y Prije 8 mjeseci
The FaZe house:FAMILY!!!!!!IM FAMILY
CH PRANKIE Prije 8 mjeseci
6:50 why he built like that
Gaming Strike
Gaming Strike Prije 8 mjeseci
@FaZe Adapt he my dude :l
od_mafia Prije 8 mjeseci
lexi is the type of b!tch that wont eat anything thats under $300
Amule FN
Amule FN Prije 8 mjeseci
Alt f4 to close the game
Amule FN
Amule FN Prije 8 mjeseci
Yo javis u can close his game with alt and fr
spiin 3x
spiin 3x Prije 8 mjeseci
Is Frazier gay
MellmayoYT Prije 8 mjeseci
I thought jarvis was going to "plug in" the USB into adapt's head lol
MellmayoYT Prije 8 mjeseci
To "control" adapt
Miguel Guerrero
Miguel Guerrero Prije 8 mjeseci
Jarvis hair had me crying of laughter
Pix Snyper!
Pix Snyper! Prije 8 mjeseci
kay : WTF Lexi: LITTLE SPOON Jarvis : Oh hell yeah ! 9:05
SkyRikzZ Prije 8 mjeseci
I’ love harvis
Ideal.Spencer YT
Ideal.Spencer YT Prije 8 mjeseci
Lexi finna catch a case lmaoo.
CowGirlSalllyPlayz e
CowGirlSalllyPlayz e Prije 8 mjeseci
Aj Kear
Aj Kear Prije 8 mjeseci
y u gota do megan like dat
Clutchu Prije 8 mjeseci
Who Ships Jarvis And Megan Together?
King Mx21 Xd
King Mx21 Xd Prije 8 mjeseci
You should gave your assistant a rase
ranger good
ranger good Prije 8 mjeseci
ranger good
ranger good Prije 8 mjeseci
U see his hair man
NoLife Waxz
NoLife Waxz Prije 8 mjeseci
Jarvis is rude
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