5 Ways To Prank Your Family

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FaZe Jarvis

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5 Ways To Prank Your Family with @FamilyGum @Lexi C @FaZe Kay @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Adapt
🕺 TikTok: @jarvis
📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

dark 724adrimal
dark 724adrimal Prije 4 mjeseci
Yoo jarvis lowkey your the best youtuber
dark 724adrimal
dark 724adrimal Prije 2 sati
I know
TheDarkNinja Prije 3 sati
Lmfao you really only said this to get this to get pinned. 😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
SCOOTシ Prije 15 dana
Jarvis should do a Robbery prank in the faze House
Dinnums Bread
Dinnums Bread Prije 18 dana
Is Frazier more scared of paintball guns than actual guns?
Caesar Sacchetti
Caesar Sacchetti Prije mjesec
Ayden Bulluck
Ayden Bulluck Prije dan
beat master
beat master Prije 2 dana
No joke lexy and Jarvis or Jarvis and hannah
Oscar Marzec
Oscar Marzec Prije 4 dana
Czersk edycji je a wnętrze WTTf wg występnego biblijnej GG mggggggggg WTt
ARK plays
ARK plays Prije 4 dana
Frazier gay testing Result 100% positive
Jayden Infanzon
Jayden Infanzon Prije 4 dana
Mr steal you’re brother s ting
Lazare Bregvadze
Lazare Bregvadze Prije 4 dana
In the wireless keyboard prank he is filming the letting famous youtuber control my life
Armani Maldonado
Armani Maldonado Prije 8 dana
bruh got aced
Noahψ Prije 8 dana
I love Fraizer's "what you doing bro"
Denis Prije 9 dana
6:50 rq, then pause. that face doe
The Shadow
The Shadow Prije 10 dana
5:19 is after another video whaaaat?
Plasma Prije 11 dana
i feel bad for magan:(
Trace WRLD
Trace WRLD Prije 13 dana
0:42 hittedted 0:44 boilded egg lmao
footy- pro1o8
footy- pro1o8 Prije 14 dana
Roham 1021
Roham 1021 Prije 16 dana
When Frazier sed what the f**k is she doing I was laphinngg
Rocco Schulman
Rocco Schulman Prije 16 dana
On the outside fridge I feel so awkward but in the inside he’s like hell yeah
Symbiczz Prije 17 dana
7:18 jarvis be looking like boo from monsters inc 😂
Dinnums Bread
Dinnums Bread Prije 18 dana
Is everyone more scared of painball guns than actual guns?
Aaron Conn
Aaron Conn Prije 19 dana
I added you on xbox jarvis Aaronconn35
Cyrus Ahmed
Cyrus Ahmed Prije 29 dana
Is no one gonna talk about adapts setup
Darshan B
Darshan B Prije mjesec
He should've saved the aimbot for when he was throwing those eggs
Kayleigh Moir
Kayleigh Moir Prije mjesec
5:25 look at jarvises pony tales
Imran Osman
Imran Osman Prije mjesec
Faiq Farhad
Faiq Farhad Prije mjesec
DAMIEN GARCIA Prije mjesec
6:14 Jarvis looks like boo the little girl from monsters inc 😂😂
Raphy Datoc
Raphy Datoc Prije 14 dana
LOL!!!!! So true man😂
DAMIEN GARCIA Prije mjesec
Poor Megan 😂😂
Golden Sejad
Golden Sejad Prije mjesec
Make a blind date for kay !!
musa musa
musa musa Prije mjesec
Jarvis was kinda mean to the cleaner
YFOx Drip
YFOx Drip Prije mjesec
Jarvis showing us how eggs work No one : ........
Infinit_Fuzio Prije mjesec
Ghost Gaming
Ghost Gaming Prije mjesec
I loved how alex didn't get scared when jarvis wanted to prank him with the paintball
Ylli Hajdini
Ylli Hajdini Prije mjesec
Wtf are those hairs
Jaime Quijano
Jaime Quijano Prije mjesec
Nikan sounded lik someone from the underworld
Adaptxr Prije mjesec
Lol doesn't do intro just gets straight to the point
Affan19z Prije mjesec
Kay: let me hit you in the head bro Kay: let me hit you in the head bro Kay:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
jose villanueva jr
jose villanueva jr Prije mjesec
Your in faze
1k subs in 3 weeks challenge Y
1k subs in 3 weeks challenge Y Prije mjesec
The FaZe house:FAMILY!!!!!!IM FAMILY
CH PRANKIE Prije mjesec
6:50 why he built like that
Gaming Strike
Gaming Strike Prije mjesec
@FaZe Adapt he my dude :l
it is malvin
it is malvin Prije mjesec
lexi is the type of b!tch that wont eat anything thats under $300
Husture Prije mjesec
Alt f4 to close the game
Husture Prije mjesec
Yo javis u can close his game with alt and fr
LG Wally
LG Wally Prije mjesec
Is Frazier gay
MellmayoYT Prije mjesec
I thought jarvis was going to "plug in" the USB into adapt's head lol
MellmayoYT Prije mjesec
To "control" adapt
Miguel Guerrero
Miguel Guerrero Prije mjesec
Jarvis hair had me crying of laughter
Mc Blizzy YT official
Mc Blizzy YT official Prije mjesec
kay : WTF Lexi: LITTLE SPOON Jarvis : Oh hell yeah ! 9:05
SkyRikzz Prije 2 mjeseci
I’ love harvis
Ideal.Spencer YT
Ideal.Spencer YT Prije 2 mjeseci
Lexi finna catch a case lmaoo.
JJ_waike Prije 2 mjeseci
Aj Kear
Aj Kear Prije 2 mjeseci
y u gota do megan like dat
Ziax Prije 2 mjeseci
Who Ships Jarvis And Megan Together?
King Mx21 Xd
King Mx21 Xd Prije 2 mjeseci
You should gave your assistant a rase
ranger good
ranger good Prije 2 mjeseci
ranger good
ranger good Prije 2 mjeseci
U see his hair man
NoLife Waxz
NoLife Waxz Prije 2 mjeseci
Jarvis is rude
xdMark Prije 2 mjeseci
Mr taco/tiko has the same headphobes as me
FDSmax 2594
FDSmax 2594 Prije 2 mjeseci
Tho s twinkling on that hair
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz Prije 2 mjeseci
Where is LEXI?
YEET BOSS Gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
SuperGhost Kid
SuperGhost Kid Prije 2 mjeseci
Little did he know that you can’t eat eggs in Minecraft
Harley Hamilton
Harley Hamilton Prije 2 mjeseci
For prank 5 how could you be awkward I'd smash that shit not in like s e x was but yeah but that's me
Dominik Dominguez
Dominik Dominguez Prije 2 mjeseci
Are Lexi now
JJ3451 Prije 2 mjeseci
“Ok fine I’ll just go for your younger brother” SHE BELON TO DA STREETS
Lord Fishy
Lord Fishy Prije 2 mjeseci
0:50 this man tho
Horizon Prije 2 mjeseci
Yooooo Jarvis got dat 💧💧💧
Reagan Cutler
Reagan Cutler Prije 2 mjeseci
Jarvis looks like the little girl from monsters Inc. movie with the 2 pig tails 😂😂😂
Alex Pena
Alex Pena Prije 2 mjeseci
I Like how adapt isnt even scared at all
Roy Llanaj
Roy Llanaj Prije 2 mjeseci
Did you see the title 5 ways to prank my family he considers them as family thats tru love
QT Prije 2 mjeseci
Lexi 100% the pass around. Everyone has hit that guaranteed. Run.
Liban Sheikh
Liban Sheikh Prije 2 mjeseci
Teawap is the real goat tbh.
Liban Sheikh
Liban Sheikh Prije 2 mjeseci
Why dont they just jump in the pool
mr. LORD
mr. LORD Prije 2 mjeseci
So your telling me that your sister is Faze cleaner?
NRGsnerxz Prije 2 mjeseci
Jarvis is insane trust
Kaidan Callear
Kaidan Callear Prije 2 mjeseci
Help me get 1k before 2020
Help me get 1k before 2020 Prije 2 mjeseci
Real Faze Jarivs Fans (read my name btw)
Mariano Viera-Davis
Mariano Viera-Davis Prije 2 mjeseci
First thing I saw on the wireless keyboard prank bro I saw that hair XD
Lyu TAPUOSI Prije 2 mjeseci
The way fresher laughed 🤣😂😭💯
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Prije 3 mjeseci
rice looks like that one kid in the neighborhood that no one likes
The Murphy Family
The Murphy Family Prije 3 mjeseci
Nice episode. I just love this video
Renz Night
Renz Night Prije 3 mjeseci
Wtf was that Minecraft animation. Lol
Michael Ortega
Michael Ortega Prije 3 mjeseci
5:23 dont worry about this me be like " ok dora"
Qtshxbd Prije 3 mjeseci
Whoever is reading this, remember God always has a plan, so enjoy every second of your life ❤️❤️
Joseph Smatlan
Joseph Smatlan Prije 3 mjeseci
Jarvis deserves to be unbanned
Joseph Smatlan
Joseph Smatlan Prije 3 mjeseci
free Jarvis
Mathias Prije 3 mjeseci
Yes kay, i smell the egg through the screen.
Αxra Prije 3 mjeseci
TryHard Klix
TryHard Klix Prije 3 mjeseci
Lowkey jarvis needs to get unbanned
Moral Ultra
Moral Ultra Prije 3 mjeseci
Whats up with you and throwing eggs
CALLmeDNICE Prije 3 mjeseci
Kellan Sidhu
Kellan Sidhu Prije 3 mjeseci
Lowkey I thought that was Charlotte at first glimpse but then I realised it was lexi!
Jasnoor Godara
Jasnoor Godara Prije 3 mjeseci
Actually your content is better without fortnite.
MadsInnit Prije 3 mjeseci
Alex is calm
Dustin Smith
Dustin Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
AARRGH, ME BOOTY * 100 years ago
AARRGH, ME BOOTY * 100 years ago Prije 3 mjeseci
Wap- aight tell him Jarvis- we didnt do sh** Fraser- omg dude
noe that one kid
noe that one kid Prije 3 mjeseci
Who lives in faze kays house
Barbie Pentikis
Barbie Pentikis Prije 3 mjeseci
Yo Jarvis you should press alt F4
uroprop Prije 3 mjeseci
faZe Teequarantine
jack caton
jack caton Prije 3 mjeseci
Christian_onYTシ Christian
Christian_onYTシ Christian Prije 3 mjeseci
One L Wil
One L Wil Prije 3 mjeseci
Have a fantastic day everyone and may God bless you!❤️💕💕
Emerxxld Prije 3 mjeseci
I like how when jarvis aims a paintball gun at frazier, the word "safe" is on his wall
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