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Welcome to my Spellbreak guide! In this spellbreak guide I focus on how to win as toxicologist! This video focuses on toxic with ice and fire! This is a spellbreak beginner guide but also includes some advanced tips during the fight breakdown where you can see me use the toxicologist class! I post spellbreak gameplay, spellbreak highlights, and spellbreak guides so be sure to subscribe for more spellbreak content. One release date Spellbreak will be free on PS4, Xbox, Switch, and PC! Thanks for watching my Spell break guide!

yeva nasvetya
yeva nasvetya Prije mjesec
I just installed spellbreak and took a liking to toxicity. Is this guude still apply today? Or lots of it already patched out
Emil Moon rich
Emil Moon rich Prije 2 mjeseci
Just subscribe thinking about unsubscribing because of all the ad! 4 fucking ads in 30 min video! Really, so u need money that bad bro?
Jacob Mighty
Jacob Mighty Prije 2 mjeseci
While I was in a match my first match I popped on your video got one kill and one won :)
Adrián González
Adrián González Prije 2 mjeseci
Thank you very much for this guide, it was very helpful! I recently started playing this game and fell in love with toxicologist.
Brandthe Manlee
Brandthe Manlee Prije 3 mjeseci
MARCUS what are your lobbies?? Im always running into bots or decent players lmaoo
Minerobloxer1Gaming Prije 3 mjeseci
I personally think shadowstep is great for toxic
Andrew Moorehead
Andrew Moorehead Prije 3 mjeseci
When you get this video as a suggestion on a video where this person exiles the person in the other video.
overall Prije 4 mjeseci
What's the worst gauntlets to have together
IoNZZ_ Qizmo
IoNZZ_ Qizmo Prije 5 mjeseci
How do you have Runic, Fervor and, Recovery, they add up to 7 and we only get 6 points
Vault Prije 5 mjeseci
but this guide still helps a lot just the build is outdated
Vault Prije 5 mjeseci
this is outdated, and they changed the amount of points fervor takes up from 2 to 3
@peytonnacs Prije 5 mjeseci
as a pyromancer main I LOVE YOU
Htwe Mya Soe
Htwe Mya Soe Prije 5 mjeseci
He plays so chill and win, But When i play i Tryhard but Still Lose.
PrimePixel Prije 6 mjeseci
Yo your videos helped me in SpellBreak. nice vid would like to see more guides.
Mahdi Memento
Mahdi Memento Prije 6 mjeseci
xavier piscopo
xavier piscopo Prije 6 mjeseci
Game is fire
Broskee Prije 6 mjeseci
I won my first game as toxicologist while listening to this
A Regular Banana
A Regular Banana Prije 6 mjeseci
Thanks so much for this!
Franky Savill
Franky Savill Prije 6 mjeseci
I need a guide on how to change portal on controller I press a to change (on Xbox controller playing on pc) and it DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
Omar Elgenedy
Omar Elgenedy Prije 6 mjeseci
I have gotten better with toxic because of this guide:)
kotinor gaming
kotinor gaming Prije 6 mjeseci
"sometimes the best movement is no movement" Me who stays the whole match in a hiding spot and moving with invisibility rune:i see you are a man of culture too.
Murat Emre Vuran
Murat Emre Vuran Prije 6 mjeseci
Your videos are so demotivating you talk like your dead
Gamer GodCMJ
Gamer GodCMJ Prije 6 mjeseci
runic fluency, Fervor and recovery is 7 points tho. did this change?
snoozlebird14 Prije 5 mjeseci
im guessing it did :c
Jäger 64
Jäger 64 Prije 6 mjeseci
I doubt that it’s been released at the time the vid was released however shadow step is the best rune on toxic due to the invisibility damage buff at lvl 3
Michael Moriarty
Michael Moriarty Prije 6 mjeseci
Dude the guy that killed you for the win was the dude that was greedy chasing you that you killed XD!
HENRY HALL Prije 6 mjeseci
Damn I wish u had good internet you'd be even better
Fearless Hyped
Fearless Hyped Prije 6 mjeseci
Wouldn’t having the talents make it 7/6?
Tony Lee
Tony Lee Prije 6 mjeseci
Personally I use tox with wind gauntlet, with shadow step ruin. For the last circles I try not to rely on the mist for invisibility too much since its very easy to get caught in some kind of element combinations. I also try to hit fire players with toxic mist from invisibility, so if they try to shoot back they will blow themselves up immediately.
Bunny Boy
Bunny Boy Prije 6 mjeseci
To complicated for me
Arley Prije 6 mjeseci
Notes: -Only use toxic gauntlet in close range -Dash/Springstep is good because of its ability to close the gap - Runic Fluency, Recovery, are great -Utilize Outbreak as much as possible when available, use as a rushing tactic -
Bob Jack
Bob Jack Prije 7 mjeseci
How do you get so much great loot without plasma vaults
Mikael Jalamo
Mikael Jalamo Prije 7 mjeseci
How to win as anything: Be the last one to survive.
Mike Elmes
Mike Elmes Prije 7 mjeseci
With the changes to the talent costs and strengths. What talent build are you using now for toxic?
JBV Plays
JBV Plays Prije 7 mjeseci
Why most of my games in spellbreak always bots
Vladislav Bulat
Vladislav Bulat Prije 8 mjeseci
dude you are so good at this game
Ethan Harris
Ethan Harris Prije 8 mjeseci
I play wind but why not play shadow step ut seems better then dash
No0b Rowan
No0b Rowan Prije 8 mjeseci
I abuse the fact the toxic leaves puddles i got a 1v3 endgame clutch after 2 minutes because of 1 fireball
Gh0sticEmblem Prije 9 mjeseci
Can anyone explain how he is using talents that add up to 7 and not 6 or under, I'm kind of new to the game Runic fluency is 2 Fervor is 3 and recovery is 2 that equals 7 not 6
Fabio Maiorani
Fabio Maiorani Prije 9 mjeseci
Ok ok Why have u got the gauntlet to the right arm instead of left like me?
Ian Morningstar
Ian Morningstar Prije 9 mjeseci
how do you put those three talents together tho it is more than 6 points
Robin Solem
Robin Solem Prije 9 mjeseci
Played my first 2 games ever and won both of them, toxic is op
Viksplosion Prije 8 mjeseci
Does anyone want to tell him?...
draQlah Prije 9 mjeseci
TheMrCheese 22
TheMrCheese 22 Prije 2 mjeseci
Runic fluency gives you a double rune charge
Moonlight Equilibrium
Moonlight Equilibrium Prije 9 mjeseci
Tempest/Stoneshaper combination is brutal. Invisibility rune, creep up and cast that tornado out, pulls them in and a couple ground pounds and they are toast. Got double exiles a few times doing that method.
Viksplosion Prije 8 mjeseci
Another thing is to throw a boulder, then spam wind shears.
A Tay
A Tay Prije 9 mjeseci
I switched from ice to tox and fire sometimes electric with tox I’d love to play with anyone I’m trying to get better I’d like to play with some good people ! I’m on pc gimme ya gammer tags
jv canary
jv canary Prije 9 mjeseci
Love you baby
J B Prije 9 mjeseci
yeah so correct me if im wrong but like being invis its almost impossible to see you at all, especially if you are hiding in a room under some bridge with only one way in and out. Yeah while invis with 4 seconds left guy walks in I was getting ready to shoot him he looks at me 2 still seconds invis left and just shoots me point blank and I didn't even move. Ive a feeling people are using bots or hacks on these servers. Cause watching you and others play this game its almost impossible to even see your own teammate much less an enemy squad. And no I had not been shot before this i had been going invis with legendary invis 2 times after my toxic cloud and watched him as I snuck into the room. Also no wolf howl either to expose me. Can anyone explain how he saw me?
Christian Estrella
Christian Estrella Prije 9 mjeseci
this video mad me download add blocker
Cozmomic Prije 9 mjeseci
His forehead is very big
Alexander Elashkar
Alexander Elashkar Prije 9 mjeseci
Bruv I play tox with electric as secondary and use dash, it's crazy tuff when you get the mists
senpie son
senpie son Prije 9 mjeseci
Do you go for crates
Luke Prije 9 mjeseci
Wow, awesome guide. I am still not very good at this game, but I am now able to get into top 5-10 solo mode (I have won a few, but never against skilled opponents). I would never have thought this was a "shotgun" class, but once I learned to close distance with it, actually use the invisibility, and force people into my strengths, it was very enjoyable. Also, I absolutely have wrecked people by ducking around a corner only to pop out and nuke them. So I can say these are great tips. Good to hear your thoughts the entire time, really helps generally too, like knowing what territory fits which class etc. Also, those talents are more important than I realized.
Ivelios Xilosient
Ivelios Xilosient Prije 9 mjeseci
You should play megalovania in your combat videos ;)
Hanimekage Prije 9 mjeseci
14:39 and 20:13 the same guy
Jhules Lagman
Jhules Lagman Prije 9 mjeseci
I find dragon fire is the most practical for almost any given situation and its one of the most fun to play
PrimalX60 Prije 10 mjeseci
I just got this game on my switch, I love it so far but do I need nintendo online to play with and against real players, cause I think I'm playing against bots...or the people I go up against are bad
Part Wargraymon
Part Wargraymon Prije 10 mjeseci
How to play toxicologist: 1. Level it to 3 equip the new perk 2. Swap to fire
jerry reighard
jerry reighard Prije 10 mjeseci
Dude thank you sooo much I watched your beta videos and watch other excessively soo I can be a toxic god thank you I did bunch practice match so I get the no movement is the key lol anyway I won my first match solo OMG I was sooo flabbergasted that won first match on my first try again thank you.
Red Caster
Red Caster Prije 10 mjeseci
How does one okay the invisible build
H1GH ALPHA Prije 10 mjeseci
Got my first win oh yea
justMummie Prije 10 mjeseci
I search. How to counter toxic and bullshit comes up why the fuck does toxic do so much damage it’s completely broken And needs a buff
IC Ccc
IC Ccc Prije 10 mjeseci
Love you❤️
Fire Fox
Fire Fox Prije 10 mjeseci
I watched your videos before i even played the game to know what to do, me and my friend won our second match
Beidou Prije 10 mjeseci
14:46 20:12 not this time Antony
Marcos Prije 10 mjeseci
nice video bro, waiting for the tempest one :D
4Sight Prije 10 mjeseci
Is there a reason he skips over the 3rd fervor scroll?
Dark Master
Dark Master Prije 10 mjeseci
This game is complicated.
LORDBELLUM Prije 10 mjeseci
Yo how do you check your inventory on ps4??
noahDnewport Prije 10 mjeseci
This guide helped me so much. Just won with 9 exiles. 👌🏻
yama4ever Prije 10 mjeseci
So when running toxic and fire, do you ever use the dragonfire bomb combo? I see you primarily using the toxic cloud for the distance closing and invis.
Daniel Edwards
Daniel Edwards Prije 10 mjeseci
Max Prije 10 mjeseci
Is it worth using the invis rune to proc the increased damage from your spell?
zack willoughby
zack willoughby Prije 10 mjeseci
How is the player count? It looks like it's still in a spot where you have to work to find engagements? I think I will pick it up regardless but do you think the game will catch on or fold?
Joshua Prije 10 mjeseci
Sorry to say this but the game is full of hackers and is no fun to play at the moment. Hacks are too easy to get for it and I have played fair few matches and every other match has hackers in. It's a great game but is spoiled by these people.
Joshua Prije 10 mjeseci
I will admit there are very skilled players. but you can tell based on movement and accuracy if someone can hit you while strafing,flying and dodging via various skills /runes 100% of the time. Then they are most likely aim bot. however i recently found out that the aim assist for controller is also quite broken so it may just be that instead of hacks. but as i said in the original comment its is very easy to get hacks for that game, there are even recent youtube vids of cheaters saying they will sell after patch so yeah the possibility is quite high as well. But i cant be 100% sure people are hacking its more like a 60-40 sure - unsure.
Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran Prije 10 mjeseci
How are you sure it’s hacks?
d0zerd0g00d1 _
d0zerd0g00d1 _ Prije 10 mjeseci
If I set my friend earth line thingy on fire does that count as a direct hit for the fire so they get caught on fire?
Havenn Prije 10 mjeseci
I feel like everyone wins except me lol I try so hard
Jessica Prije 9 mjeseci
Same lol
Chris Cross
Chris Cross Prije 10 mjeseci
Here is a talent idea for an aggressive toxic boi, this is the talents I use But you can tell me what you use for Toxicologist. Focused Mana for Mind Fervor or Fortitude for body Recklessness for spirit
VeryNinjaLike Prije 10 mjeseci
idk if it just me but i've played 5 games and won all of them. feels like im fighting bots
Nathan Prije 10 mjeseci
You are at first
Ben K
Ben K Prije 10 mjeseci
The frames kept dropping... this just me?
Roy bgp
Roy bgp Prije 5 mjeseci
Kyle McWilliams that's unfortunate. Maybe he has money problems? A couple more gigs of ram couldn't be that much more.
Kyle McWilliams
Kyle McWilliams Prije 9 mjeseci
No he just seems to be gaming, streaming and capturing video and he for sure doesn't have enough RAM for it.
Jefferson Brown Gaming
Jefferson Brown Gaming Prije 10 mjeseci
i thought im the only one getting framedrops when there are players clashing nearby turns out other people experience it as well.
conad vb
conad vb Prije 10 mjeseci
What talents does he use?
Trauma 0077
Trauma 0077 Prije 10 mjeseci
Looks like a fun game but its another game where the storm does laughable damage. MW Warzone is one of the few games to have good storm damage. You shouldnt be able to just walk in it for minutes on end. Oh well, hard pass on a game that looks cool but follows too much on the lines of fortnite with no real consequence for bad placement and positioning
Blockchain Baller
Blockchain Baller Prije 10 mjeseci
Congratulations. Goodbye.
JohnYuhDigg Prije 10 mjeseci
Do you even understand the pace of the game? (Probably not, since you mentioned God awful Fortnite)...it's a very good game. The tick damage is minimal, because it also plays as a way to reposition if necessary. It also closes faster, an sorry you can't live your glory days of forknight bro bro
Gelo Plays
Gelo Plays Prije 10 mjeseci
I won my first solo yesterday after watching this video. Thanks Marcus!
Kenjiツ Prije 10 mjeseci
“I actually don’t know which skin is him” *Fireball to the face* “Got him” 🦠☣️🔥☄️
Officer Souls
Officer Souls Prije 10 mjeseci
Toxic is easily the worst :/ 7 dmg per pellet, hardly anyone will hug you in a fight so good luck shotgunning someone a mile in the air.
BushWookie27 Prije 10 mjeseci
Dude, stop looking so depressed, be happy and have more emotion
Dylan Westcott
Dylan Westcott Prije 10 mjeseci
JustWooky He doesn't
Pumpkin Prije 10 mjeseci
- Kishin
- Kishin Prije 10 mjeseci
next please do How to Aim Properly
Matthew Castillo
Matthew Castillo Prije 10 mjeseci
Hey I’m kinda new to this game and idk what u mean by staggering ur toxic clouds, what does that mean??
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez Prije 9 mjeseci
Matthew Castillo spreading out the toxic clouds as much as possible
Richard Káňa
Richard Káňa Prije 10 mjeseci
I dont know this game but toxicologist sounds cool
vincent sarte
vincent sarte Prije 10 mjeseci
may i ask what polling rate do you use for your mouse?
MoldyToast TV
MoldyToast TV Prije 10 mjeseci
I love toxicologist. But my aim with the frost gauntlet is bad, could I use a shock gauntlet in my off hand and still be just as effective?
Stian Madsen
Stian Madsen Prije 10 mjeseci
How do u Get abilities for second gauntlet ?
IcarusFlys Prije 10 mjeseci
Can you get extra damage through the skill outbreak with the invis ruin?
DocWarlock Prije 10 mjeseci
Outbreak applies to any invisibility, not just the invis from your Vanishing Mists
bastion main
bastion main Prije 10 mjeseci
I love how u said about dragon fire and barely used it lol, just found that funny
Codeman43 Prije 10 mjeseci
Have you had a problem with hackers recently ? Seems like every game I play now I have a guy toggle onto me and just hit everything , had a speed hacker with aimbot the other day and he either got banned mid game or his game crashed but I can’t even really play anymore because it’s just hackers
Pao Prije 10 mjeseci
Also played against a speed hacker with aimbot.
Deven Reeder
Deven Reeder Prije 10 mjeseci
One of the guys he killed in the second game was the guy he lost to the first game lol
Manning Kent
Manning Kent Prije 10 mjeseci
This is definitely not my style of game, but it is so fun! Thanks for doing all the class focused vids!
alessandro campos
alessandro campos Prije 10 mjeseci
can you put some gameplays losing a game XD
Gaston Romero
Gaston Romero Prije 10 mjeseci
4:05 wtf
red- throes506
red- throes506 Prije 10 mjeseci
I love his content One question can you split screen in spell breaker?
TheGolfCart Prije 10 mjeseci
No u cant
honeymilk1974 Prije 10 mjeseci
Still GG's great video 🤙🏻
Turbosexaphonic Prije 10 mjeseci
I'm really struggling to play this game on a controller. I'm a long time PC user but sold my PC a few years ago. Decided to give this game a try on PS4 and just can't seem to be accurate enough on this dang controllers. I tried using a wireless keyboard and mouse I had laying around on my PS4 but it didn't seem to work in the game. Anyone know if I can play this game keyboard and mouse with a particular keyboard?
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