Food Theory: How Long Could You SURVIVE Locked In A Grocery Store?

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I've seen the videos Creators posted about trying to live for 24 hours in a grocery store or places like Target. That got me thinking. How long COULD you survive in a grocery store? Whether you were locked in or it was your home base in a zombie apocalypse, how long would you be able to SURVIVE with that as your only source of sustenance? Today, I'm going to settle in and find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Josh Langman, Koen Verhagen, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Xen Prije 16 minuta
Is there enough vitamin c to stave off scurvy for 63 years?
Devin Winchester
Devin Winchester Prije 19 minuta
I’d drink myself to death like the guy from the movie bird box
zgmfBuzzard 105
zgmfBuzzard 105 Prije 19 minuta
i can tell you right now beer does not last that long.
Zach Brown
Zach Brown Prije 37 minuta
You would die from the bacteria in the air caused by spoiled meat and dairy way before you would die from starvation.
William Paul Singh Harika
William Paul Singh Harika Prije 48 minuta
When you get answers to questions you did not even knew you had ^^
Matthew Christensen
Matthew Christensen Prije 54 minuta
I'm surprised that you didn't bring up something else -- batteries and various electronics carried by most grocery stores could potentially be used to restore power to at least some appliances, such as freezers, allowing you to extend shelf life even further. If you were fortunate enough to be inside a larger one, such as a Walmart, you may even be able to get some solar power or the like.
Ian B. Lacy
Ian B. Lacy Prije sat
Matt I think you forgot the caveat that to survive on mushrooms he’d have to eat 20 pounds of them a day
C3ns0rB4r Prije sat
Dang, Evan knows a lot about food
Rodes Vilobo
Rodes Vilobo Prije sat
what about the water? rain wouldn't do the trick all year round in most places and bottled would run out eventually
Haider Ahmed
Haider Ahmed Prije sat
You can use your poop as a fertilizer i dunno why but someone said it
Radio 39.7FM
Radio 39.7FM Prije sat
Imagine scp 3008 but it's an infinite grocery store and not an IKEA store
OMEGA the pig
OMEGA the pig Prije sat
To be honest I want to see this as a movie
Nick Peluso
Nick Peluso Prije sat
But what if the post apocalyptic rain was acid rain tho???
Joe Galloway
Joe Galloway Prije sat
He didn't mention Ramen
littlepoki81501 Prije 2 sati
Now imagine a Costco or Sam’s club
BRALOY Prije 2 sati
3:49 goddamn if it isn't a Brazilian supermarket
Sara Mathey
Sara Mathey Prije 2 sati
Okay what about how old is Barbie? (The tv show one)
Cooper Wolf
Cooper Wolf Prije 2 sati
Food theory idea: is cereal a soup
Lunar Dancer
Lunar Dancer Prije 2 sati
Probably for the rest of your life. The malnutrition probably gets you before starvation.
Ruiluth Prije 2 sati
My only criticism of MatPat is that he treats French as if it's a respectable language. It isn't.
Isaiah Tolbert
Isaiah Tolbert Prije 2 sati
Would be interesting to see how Evans health is effected by surviving of vodka and wine...
Ratchetpower2 Prije 2 sati
"Evan could live out the rest of his natural life all thanks to farming," to be fair 63.3 years is a massive chunk of one's life already. I know this was all about how long a store could sustain one person but if we're adding a story to it most likely Evan would already be dead before the store stopped supporting him. Let's say Evan was 18 years old when he started this survival adventure. By the time he could no longer just live off the store he would be 81-82 years old. Even if he was some incredible boy genius 5-year-old he would be 68-69 by the time the store's supplies ran out. 63.3 years (considering the power is out) is definitely nothing to sneeze at, a lot of people would die of other causes or just old age by the time they would die from the lack of supplies. A farm is still a great idea though.
RamadaArtist Prije 2 sati
"Not every item in a grocery store is edible," *shows picture of cilantro* This man speaks the truth!
Michael Wagner
Michael Wagner Prije 2 sati
Must of never had a expire beer they only last about 150days depends on the beer 🍺
Michael Wagner
Michael Wagner Prije 2 sati
Wait wine spoils bro use a shovel break some tiles in the store and bury the bottles so the wine stays cool and dark wine hates sun light and heat your welcome well last a preserve better then stay how grocery stores store them
David OMalley
David OMalley Prije 2 sati
I'd rather die than eat poop mushrooms
Cody Blackford
Cody Blackford Prije 2 sati
In reality any kind of store before and after is going to be ransacked and have nothing left better to be prepared before hand not to mention people will be killing each other over a bag of lays potato chips but fun ideal though well though out with the math
Leonard G
Leonard G Prije 2 sati
Wait... Did I missed the part about the water? I mean, it's recommended to drink two liters a day, which would be 46.000 liters within 63 years. Does a grocery store hold that much?
Mac Berg
Mac Berg Prije 2 sati
I’d rather die than eat mushrooms for the rest of my life
MegSong24 Prije 2 sati
Now, do we assume we have power? Freeze as many persihables, the walk in with it. Cook off what you can't immediately freeze/use etc. Freeze those. Start with anything else perishable. Work through frozen stuff/dry goods. by myself? 6 months to a year. But I work in a grocery store. lol Without it? Maybe two weeks. factoring in campfire/curing six months. off the top. Grill//stove are gas based not electric least in my store.
MegSong24 Prije 2 sati
My guess was before watching, this is much longer than I thought!
Danny Wallis
Danny Wallis Prije 2 sati
opens window for rain water instead of going out it and escaping lol
Kasson Beck
Kasson Beck Prije 3 sati
Same thing but What about a mall
Erick Fruin
Erick Fruin Prije 3 sati
Can you live off pharmacy section foods/vitamins?
Victor Uzunow
Victor Uzunow Prije 3 sati
Wow crazy in depth video! Now do it on a Costco!
Leah Widmaier
Leah Widmaier Prije 3 sati
I genuinely ponder this question every time I'm in a grocery store. So happy I stumbled across this video!
Janelle Spatz
Janelle Spatz Prije 3 sati
How long could he survive if there was power
Agresticality Prije 3 sati
Is this taking into account stock out the back? Haha.
Hypnotic Creation
Hypnotic Creation Prije 3 sati
best video iv seen on this channel so far
Dog Getting Haircut
Dog Getting Haircut Prije 3 sati
This video seems oddly familiar...
Lateknight 47
Lateknight 47 Prije 4 sati
well done evan instead of making lemonade with the lemon tht life gave u made dehydrated lemons
zalmangaming619 Prije 4 sati
If it were cosco you could survive 400 years
Raharu Krichevskoy
Raharu Krichevskoy Prije 4 sati
Food Theory: If you eat an average person(yes cannibalism)what parts can you eat safely and how much nutrition could you get from that? Uh.. Asking for a friend.
John Joseph Lyoko
John Joseph Lyoko Prije 4 sati
So how much longer can he survive with the power on?
Aron pacalso
Aron pacalso Prije 4 sati
Food Theory: How long would you survive in Mars like the movie “The Martian”
Василий Калинкин
Василий Калинкин Prije 4 sati
does zombie aliens meat count?
Gonzo Rodriguez
Gonzo Rodriguez Prije 5 sati
I haven’t watched this yet but I imagine a few years at last. It all depends on the rules you impose
Aeroworks540 Prije 5 sati
Don't forget that he could compost and then use the seeds to farm inside the store for fresh fruits and vegetables! Dang just watched the ending!
Antony Wadsworth
Antony Wadsworth Prije 5 sati
Too bad theorista's womb dried up 30 years ago...
Mike Foreman
Mike Foreman Prije 5 sati
question is: if there's NO water and power, how is he going to the bathroom and how is he washing himself. also, wouldn't he have run out of toilet paper after a yr or so?
Aesthetically Melody
Aesthetically Melody Prije 5 sati
Assault Pioneer
Assault Pioneer Prije 5 sati
Thanks, man. My kid watches the h3ll out of game theory and all the rest, and now I’m watching all your stuff too. Bravo Zulu, keep it up.
Nick VanRegenmorer
Nick VanRegenmorer Prije 5 sati
Uh where'd he get all of his water??
Verna Roz
Verna Roz Prije 6 sati
ArchSixx Prije 6 sati
Provided they sell pans then a long as time
Not Marty Robbins
Not Marty Robbins Prije 6 sati
Well nicotine is able to suppress your appetite so I mean if he starts smoking a lot he could be able to make the food last longer. But that’s just a theory
Narcyz Prije 6 sati
You forgot that you can pickle all vegetables at the start
SeijuroRen Prije 7 sati
The cardboard packaging for all the goods in the grocery store would be good for composting.
Josh Loshaw
Josh Loshaw Prije 7 sati
This would make a great survival movie!
Doso777 Prije 7 sati
Sorry. No clean water, doomsday scenario and all.
Nicholas Prato
Nicholas Prato Prije 7 sati
Yo I’m pretty sure that’s the Safeway in my town
RUFFNTUFF3 POOP Prije 7 sati
how many days could you be locked mcdonalds
Phoen1x Prije 8 sati
You forgot about storage, a warehouse that should be in every store, and in which about 20% of the inventory is stored.
AstroJackZ Prije 8 sati
I feel special now since my name is also Evan
Phoen1x Prije 8 sati
So, this guy would be one of a few lucky people, who tasted real aged soy sauce, cause, you know, it can be aged for 10 years, then it's gonna be dangerous
Completely Sober
Completely Sober Prije 8 sati
But do you really think you could eat 20 pounds of mushrooms a day before offing yourself?
Al BaTZ Prije 8 sati
So no accounting for the rats that would inevitably come ..technically he could have never left the store
Mads Mathis
Mads Mathis Prije 8 sati
Sounds like a Tom Hanks movie
Pirate Treasure 101
Pirate Treasure 101 Prije 8 sati
Should be able to find packets of seeds or seeds in vegetables so he can start at his own little garden in the store
Vish God
Vish God Prije 8 sati
What about a Costco? I work at Costco and there are many different things that can happen
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis Prije 8 sati
Few issues that make this totally silly 1. Food in the store room 2. There is tones and tones of soil under the 4 inches of concrete. 3. Most groceries sell seeds 4. Rats and other rodents.
Olvirki Prije 8 sati
I am not very knowledgeable on mushroom farming, but the farming section might have errors in it. Because mushrooms don't photosynthesize they, unlike plants, can't produce calories. Instead they "eat" food just like us, use a part of the calories for their own use and store the remainder in their bodies. 13:32 A growing area doesn't produce any amount of mushrooms unless you add new compost to it and you can't reuse it indefinetly. Maybe the amount of calories spoiled throughout the process is enough for the mushrooms to sustain Evin until his natural death (and that seems quite likely given the amount of calories lost to spoilage) but mushroom farming isn't sustainable in this context. However, given how long Evin is staying inside this supermarket and how long he can survive without resorting to farming, surely the compost has turned to soil, and then he can eventually just eat potatoes forever (assuming he has enough windows).
Siisi Adentwi
Siisi Adentwi Prije 8 sati
Hi 😊 I'm fiifi I live in Ghana and I'm using my brother's email address And you are my number one favorite HRpostr
Kyle Tang
Kyle Tang Prije 8 sati
Judged anime lover
Judged anime lover Prije 9 sati
Nico nieto
Nico nieto Prije 9 sati
00ICU812 Prije 9 sati
Is there still power? Definitely want to freeze as much meat cheese and milk as possible. Also maybe bread.
Jonathan Dickens
Jonathan Dickens Prije 10 sati
Not even going to consider that most large grocery stores also have seeds in their product offerings?
Jonathan Dickens
Jonathan Dickens Prije 10 sati
Omfg literally immediately after I posted this comment you cut to theorists’s tear watering a plant🤣😢
Lemur Forever
Lemur Forever Prije 10 sati
This could literally be a TV show that I would watch.
Erik Žiak
Erik Žiak Prije 10 sati
Now without the possibility to collect water, assuming it is contaminated and undrinkable, toxic.
Drew Hall
Drew Hall Prije 10 sati
Plot twist Evan has my brain and goes through the cereal within a couple days and is too picky to eat anything else than dies
conlang know
conlang know Prije 11 sati
replaced “lo” with “fu” haha
Gra Inc
Gra Inc Prije 11 sati
Outstanding. I did think of trying to grow veggies using seeds from the fresh items, but there's not gonna be much light in a grocery store with no power. I did NOT think of mushrooms. One thing they didn't go into is whether you're allowed to go onto the roof of the store (do grocery stores have roof access from inside the building?) If so, you could gather lots of rainwater, and grow veggies up there.
Jason Prije 12 sati
but... water?
Daddy Nitro
Daddy Nitro Prije 12 sati
DO NOT SMOKE YOUR MEAT WITH ANYTHING BUT HARDWOOD! Duraflame logs are more than just wood, and will likely make you very ill if used to smoke foods.
j s
j s Prije 12 sati
i had to pause the theory because the sad spongebob coupled with the Instagram thud sound effect had my dying of laughter for some reason. my sense of humor has degraded
jabal886 Prije 12 sati
Evan sounds awesome
Reaper Prije 12 sati
Every grocery store has a freezer. Put all the food in there and you will survive for a for years
Brian Frazier
Brian Frazier Prije 12 sati
I own Bitcoins, it is a store if value, a distrusted ledger, it is a great place to put assets, government currency does not hold value, this is a theory that a lot of investors has failed to understand.
Kelvin Mark
Kelvin Mark Prije 12 sati
You need a good broker, someone that will make trades and profits for you and also teach you how to trade and follow the market strategies.
Kelvin Mark
Kelvin Mark Prije 12 sati
Self trade is too risky if you don't have the knowledge and strategies on how to trade and read margins
ejeta martins
ejeta martins Prije 12 sati
Trading has not been going well with me, I have invested a lot of time and failed, I trade on my own but each time i keep losing money.
Rodden Virginia
Rodden Virginia Prije 12 sati
Bitcoin is fast rising and if you are lucky to have a good broker, then i believe you have absolutely nothing to worry about because you are in for a financial upliftment.
BruhAnt Prije 12 sati
23 likes, no more, no less
Linuxdirk Prije 12 sati
9+ years on hard alcohol alone? Doubt.
Brian Hale
Brian Hale Prije 12 sati
Better question: How many people survived their stay on planet Earth?
Captain Hawking Republic Forge
Captain Hawking Republic Forge Prije 12 sati
Me: Matpat?
ronan demiautte
ronan demiautte Prije 12 sati
I'm pretty sure you DON'T "need" 2000kcal to survive really... Unless you do sport and work but that's not what he will do... 1000-1500kcal should be fine (that's what I get and I work and walk a freaking lot and no I don't look like a skeleton xD" )
GigaByte Prije 13 sati
Nice video but what about nutrition? A person can't survive out of calories, carbs or fats. He might survive long but not forever at least.
Kian Prije 13 sati
He could use the compost pile to create soil and plant new produce from the seeds
Josan The President
Josan The President Prije 14 sati
Food theory: What is the most healthiest way to eat for your whole life?
Justin Lutz
Justin Lutz Prije 14 sati
But what about the stores who have generators? This may add a few days of meat storage.
Kacey P
Kacey P Prije 14 sati
But with the mushrooms he'll need water or something to clean them, because if there's feces in the compost they're growing in it could become contaminated with bad E.Coli.
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