Ballon Draw | John McGinn V Fredrick Guilbert

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Aston Villa FC

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Mr Prije 5 mjeseci
Not unlike watching a Scotland qualification group.
George Dolman
George Dolman Prije 5 mjeseci
Guilbert has been so underrated by fans this year. If you look at his stats hes up there with the best in the league with interceptions.
Ram Kamboz
Ram Kamboz Prije 5 mjeseci
His positioning lets him down at times but I agree with you
Slim Reaper
Slim Reaper Prije 5 mjeseci
Great to see Ginnie back and getting a half hour or so against the baggies last night/yesterday.. Come on John lad. Freddie is a top man too BTW
Reiss Knibbs
Reiss Knibbs Prije 5 mjeseci
Anyone else not have a clue what’s happening
Savannah._.avfc. Prije 5 mjeseci
Nah, what is Guilbert ( how do you spell such a name) saying anyway?
Villa GAMER 1982
Villa GAMER 1982 Prije 5 mjeseci
Guys can we just please see highlights of the friendly we played on Saturday vs West brom coz we wanna see the lads play a proper match again #UTV⚽🍺👍🤘
Savannah._.avfc. Prije 5 mjeseci
Appy sayz
Savannah._.avfc. Prije 5 mjeseci
We really do
Tashaurn Levy-grant
Tashaurn Levy-grant Prije 5 mjeseci
now you know why they play football lol
f g
f g Prije 5 mjeseci
It's a good content video.
William Barratt
William Barratt Prije 5 mjeseci
It’s crazy how childish they draw when they are late 20’s
cheef Prije 5 mjeseci
Do you know what, AVFC media people? I get frustrated with this Villa TV lark, the way you only post half videos on here and then tell people to head to Villa TV to watch the whole thing. So guess what, I receive the HRpost subscription notice that this video has been released and this time, I instantly think "Okay, I'll go straight to Villa TV" so I'm not faffing between sites. And lo and behold... this video isn't on Villa TV at all anyway. Can you sort this out, please? Just use one or the other, it's not difficult.
i might be wrong
i might be wrong Prije 5 mjeseci
Villa app or stick it on here please. Villa TV is great for long format material like the game replays. For short format the videos need to be very quickly accessible (HRpost or app) and not via a browser. Or a lot of views will be lost.
William Barratt
William Barratt Prije 5 mjeseci
Harvey Dean
Harvey Dean Prije 5 mjeseci
Guilbert and McGinn toghether is so good 😂
JackGrealish69 Prije 5 mjeseci
We ♥️ you mr Gilbert
Hazzer H
Hazzer H Prije 5 mjeseci
Tom Eden
Tom Eden Prije 5 mjeseci
Tom Eden
Tom Eden Prije 5 mjeseci
Ollie Young
Ollie Young Prije 5 mjeseci
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