BORAT 2 Official Trailer (2020) Sacha Baron Cohen, Comedy Movie HD

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BORAT 2 Official Trailer (2020) Sacha Baron Cohen, Comedy Movie HD
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T.E.D Prije 4 minuta
the hero is the corona spoiler
Ibra X
Ibra X Prije 11 minuta
I don't understand how could this be funny. If any one feels the same, please share your thoughts. Not trying to trash the work they did, it's just an honest opinion.
Lucifer D. Satan
Lucifer D. Satan Prije 34 minuta
I start bustin up and LMAO as soon as I hear: "14 YEAR AGO I..."
nixrate Prije 35 minuta
damn he''s looking old those wrinkles.
Call or Duty
Call or Duty Prije 42 minuta
14 years later...the sequel, I MEAN...subsequent moviefilm.
Uhk_ 69
Uhk_ 69 Prije 50 minuta
If sacha can make borat 2 he has to make Ali G indahouse 2
Navenator Prije 51 minute
I used to find this funny, now I find it mean. And I am a prick...
Holger Czubka
Holger Czubka Prije 58 minuta
0:46 The letter A is mistaken with an D 0:50 There also and additionally N is a I and H is N. 2:15 Я does not mean R - it sounds Ya.
Emerson Roy Shaw Jr
Emerson Roy Shaw Jr Prije sat
The pastor answer the question no but Shook has head yes OMG
April Gabriella
April Gabriella Prije sat
I just finished watching this and I CANNOT BELIEVE what I just witnessed.
zoran popovic
zoran popovic Prije sat
Stupid, miserable and desperate. This movie made every attempt to be funny, while being witty, and it was neither. It was painful to watch. Sacha Baron Cohen takes every possible liberal talking point and tries to make fun of conservative views.
Michael Yemane
Michael Yemane Prije sat
1:50 I hope quarantine never end
AzakhA Prije sat
3rviL Music
3rviL Music Prije sat
thats not how you write in cyrillic script
Семён Котляр
Семён Котляр Prije sat
Eric Andre Show in Kazahstan
Chad Koeplinger
Chad Koeplinger Prije sat
mark rober
JP Later
JP Later Prije sat
A brilliant mix of satire makes you laugh about Borat’s adventures. But then you realise the amount of ignorance, conspiracy theorists, bigotry, divisive racism, aggression and fascists are still out the real word.
V P Prije 2 sati
He is a genius
J See
J See Prije 2 sati
How I watch this movie?
Hop Suisse
Hop Suisse Prije sat
Amazon prime
J. Garcia
J. Garcia Prije 2 sati
This movie was shit compared to the first one
Fadel ツ
Fadel ツ Prije 2 sati
Who is here after David dobrik's video.
Marko Janković
Marko Janković Prije 2 sati
Stupid movie
eugene brooks
eugene brooks Prije 2 sati
He couldn't do Ali g or Bruno..... ....but he done it again...... I try not too be either side politically.... But watch this and you will see what a dirty lil basterd....Rudy is....., Yakshamesh...
Dr. Debajyoti Bose
Dr. Debajyoti Bose Prije 2 sati
Beata Pfizer
Beata Pfizer Prije 2 sati
Why have commercials, for a video of a trailer?! Makes. No. Sense. Just greedy
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin Prije 2 sati
Lol 😂America 🤣🤣😂🖕🏼
Player1 TV
Player1 TV Prije 3 sati
All his politically correct TV appearances were to make people think he had quit.
maxmax3311 Prije 3 sati
The actual phrase in Russian for "This film is unsuitable for children under the age of 3" is literally translated as "Don't look at children, it will hurt your brain".
katie Prije 3 sati
The hero we needed
Colin Powell
Colin Powell Prije 3 sati
Borat has gone woke.
A 22
A 22 Prije 3 sati
Yes i would like to see borat support feminism, jews and republicans and completley change his character *You ruined it sacha, you ruined it*
N Mo
N Mo Prije 3 sati
AC Voss
AC Voss Prije 4 sati
This film doesn’t seem to be half as good as the original.
BFA 94
BFA 94 Prije sat
@AC Voss I just watched the interview...its not to bad actually. Its not great but some things were funny.
BFA 94
BFA 94 Prije sat
@AC Voss Its realy a shame because otherwise i like the work of SBC.
AC Voss
AC Voss Prije 3 sati
@BFA 94 watched Borat interview on Jimmy kimmel and that was even worse. Banging the virus with pots and pans and using a machine. I was not amused and fail to see any humour in that. Maybe 4 or 5 year old could find that mildly amusing..
BFA 94
BFA 94 Prije 3 sati
Don't watch it ! I saw it yesterday and it's a failure.
July 24 Pictures
July 24 Pictures Prije 4 sati
I’m a Trump supporter and I liked the movie
jamie zebra23
jamie zebra23 Prije 4 sati
Pences face hahahaaa
Gilvira Satbaeva
Gilvira Satbaeva Prije 4 sati
🤮🤮🤮 Borat you are a terrible person.
Steve Prije 4 sati
The movie wasn’t funny
Yup Itsmee
Yup Itsmee Prije 4 sati
filthy j
SLG Enterprises
SLG Enterprises Prije 4 sati
The losers have found their hero. Make sure you pay your rent chumps, that’s all I got to say.
Wayno _
Wayno _ Prije 3 sati
@David Saylor lol stfu
David Saylor
David Saylor Prije 3 sati
@Wayno _ see what he said "losers". That's you buddy
Wayno _
Wayno _ Prije 4 sati
Lol stfu
MSROCKADA Prije 4 sati
its good to see that it has kinda a realistic aftermath for borat where everyone in kazakhstan hates him bc thats kinda true lmao
Alex M
Alex M Prije 5 sati
This is what we need right now to take the piss out of the current climate of the world
c'est la vie
c'est la vie Prije 5 sati
Even though the first movie was wildly popular I'm surprised a second one was made in this current political climate. I for sure thought this type of humor in movies died around 2015. Maybe this is Hollywood's way of testing the waters.
David Saylor
David Saylor Prije 3 sati
No it's Hollywood's way of using another movie as a political tool. Nothing more
ZBS Prije 5 sati
Its not as good cuz everyone knows who he is now.
GallicGarlic Prije 5 sati
What a crap film 💩 Poor attempt at being funny
FRosty npg
FRosty npg Prije 5 sati
This film is literally an ADL propaganda hit piece.
ruinsane100 Prije 5 sati
Why are many of the hilarious moments in this trailer missing from the actual movie? “Where is his khrum?” “0nly men and bears are allowed inside car.” “You fist me or I fist you?” None of these are in the movie.
Ultimate Universal Truth
Ultimate Universal Truth Prije 5 sati
budda born in Nepal or India Non of them is the shocking Truth !!!!!!!
Travelers Paradise
Travelers Paradise Prije 5 sati
Good thing I know Hebrew, helps me understand more of the movie🇮🇱
Gologo7 Prije 5 sati
What crud Libs eat up.
Ross Delano
Ross Delano Prije 5 sati
v7MDv Prije 5 sati
Yeaaaaas i like
Sherry W.
Sherry W. Prije 6 sati
You know what the trailer actually seems funny I am looking forward to watch it
David Saylor
David Saylor Prije 3 sati
Don't I saw the trailer it looked funny but it's shit. Movie is missing scenes from the tailer and it's just political propaganda.
Seann Black
Seann Black Prije 6 sati
He just chooses easy targets & his jokes are obvious. He should do a piss take movie about Israel - filmed entirely in Israel.
Jacklyn Prije 5 sati
He can only be in so many places at one time. NEXT sequel.
clf abc1234
clf abc1234 Prije 6 sati
He smells his underwear? Those are not washed?
James Dav
James Dav Prije 6 sati
Aint no body watch this!
Ray Stevens
Ray Stevens Prije 6 sati
Sure hope he doesn't wear that mankini in this one.
I have been there!
I have been there! Prije 6 sati
Best part is the daughter of BORAT speaks perfect BULGARIAN!!! Why?! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
zforce06 Prije 6 sati
16k angry Trump supporters disliked this video
charrua59 Prije 6 sati
Saw 20 minuts and hade to turn it off. Crap movie. Borat one was good.
Guru Meditation
Guru Meditation Prije 6 sati
You know DemocRats are desperate when they need expired Sacha B Cohen to do a cheap propaganda bit for them 2 weeks before the election :)
David Saylor
David Saylor Prije 3 sati
I know it's adorable they will try everything
TheBroknPezDispenser Prije 6 sati
It’s fake newuhszzeh.
Shinobi Engineer
Shinobi Engineer Prije 6 sati
I've just watched it... IT'S AMAZING! THANK YOU, SACHA! 👏😂 (Comedy is my favorite weapon.)
davidferrer__ Prije 7 sati
*BEST MOVIE OF 2020 🎥 🍿* thank you v much sacha baron cohen
alwaysasn Prije 7 sati
Honestly the film should have been a bit longer. Clearly there were scenes that didn't fit into the narrative he set. But honestly I just would have liked to see more real shit rather than the scripted segments
Televirgin Prije 7 sati
I think I'm on some sort of watchlist after watching this
Lonnie Longino
Lonnie Longino Prije 7 sati
A lot of scenes were shot in my hometown of Greenville SC. The Halloween Highway store is less than 2 miles from my house. They shot here and didn't inform anyone they were coming and he stayed in character the whole time they were here.
Vladan Mirkovic
Vladan Mirkovic Prije 7 sati
The first part is beter in this part borat is under the mask and is not so exseiting if peple in movie dont now thath is borat the movie is not so god
steve plays
steve plays Prije 7 sati
It’s a political stunt
Stephanie Watkins
Stephanie Watkins Prije 7 sati
Idk I feel like this seems really tone deaf in 2020.
Katelijn Hovestad
Katelijn Hovestad Prije 7 sati
_"What's more dangerous, this virus or the democrats?"_ LMAO
Ricardo W
Ricardo W Prije 7 sati
Anyone else agree he has jumped the shark?
Freedom Pop
Freedom Pop Prije 7 sati
Absolute trash
Vegan Between Meals
Vegan Between Meals Prije 7 sati
It had a few funny moments. I liked how Borat 1 was more about general stupidity and ignorance. This one was too political. Had "controversy" not been reported in the media, I wouldn't have seen the moment where it was claimed. Makes me suspect of the motivation. Possible media collaboration to shame, discredit and cancel Guliani before he releases those hunter biden emails..
Jacklyn Prije 7 sati
In other words general stupidity=good?
Le Fish
Le Fish Prije 8 sati
Shobhit Pradhan
Shobhit Pradhan Prije 8 sati
Only men and bears are allowed inside the car
Martine Fortin
Martine Fortin Prije 8 sati
This guy should be cloned!
Mehmet Saleh
Mehmet Saleh Prije 8 sati
What happened to Azamat?💔
Goliath 05
Goliath 05 Prije 8 sati
This and the Attack on Titan season 4 trailer are probably the most viewed trailers on You Tube xd
George Alvarez
George Alvarez Prije 8 sati
:O i have prime i'm watching this now!
MakeYouSweat XD
MakeYouSweat XD Prije 8 sati
2020 is actually the perfect year to release this 😂
Rookie Travel Diaries
Rookie Travel Diaries Prije 8 sati
Borat 2 looks great! Can't wait for Borat 2 2. 😇😇
Harlan Banayos
Harlan Banayos Prije 8 sati
Is it just me or is the part where he gets pulled over and the girl is strapped on the top of the car not in this movie?
Joel Weber
Joel Weber Prije 8 sati
134K viewers here have the intellect of 12 year olds - apparently. This is about as useless as Dumb & Dumber
LifeisA Dream
LifeisA Dream Prije 9 sati
Hilarious movie of course. But I do need to call out the vaccine pushing propaganda! Listen to real INDEPENDENT censored doctors and scientists! Not these made for TV Pharma owned liars! pla/\/de/\/\icvideo*co/\/\
Goodfella214 92
Goodfella214 92 Prije 9 sati
Why did they have to politicize everything
Jay Bee
Jay Bee Prije 9 sati
Very nice, how much?
PastelGuts Prije 9 sati
3. 1415926535
3. 1415926535 Prije 9 sati
I can't believe I'm finally going to see Borat again, I've been literally waiting for a sequel since the first movie, even though I had no hope for it to ever happen. I AM VERY EXCITED! HIGH FIVE!
T S Prije 9 sati
Maria Bakalova new star
Evaldas Senavaitis
Evaldas Senavaitis Prije 9 sati
Few funny parts in whole 1h 30min movie. Including such heavy politics in a movie is not a good sign. Virus and Feminists bs are all good jokes, but some a taken too far, I know its Borat kind of extremists agenda. But stay away from politics when its so close to the election. looks very planned beforehand.
Last Rationalist
Last Rationalist Prije 29 minuta
@Evaldas Senavaitis Also, I previously tried to say you are very much much an r-word (one that Borat often says) as a comedic retort to your comment. However, HRpost's censorship does not allow me. Still, it doesn't change the fact that it's true. Just sayin!
Last Rationalist
Last Rationalist Prije 34 minuta
@Evaldas Senavaitis If your only complaint is that it targets Trump and his cohorts (despite Sacha doing it in his usual comedic way instead of forcing it down your throat) then you really are just trying to find reasons to hate the film. Last time I checked, having no reason does not automatically give you a good reason.
Evaldas Senavaitis
Evaldas Senavaitis Prije 3 sati
@Last Rationalist yea, when Sacha is more keen to lean left as all thing were targeting trump campaign months before election. Just saying, First movie was much much better
Last Rationalist
Last Rationalist Prije 6 sati
Except none of this was "planned", as many of the events went along without Sacha knowing if it'll turn out the way he wanted. It just goes to show the power of Sacha no matter what topic he tackles, politics very much included.
Rangga Sakti Budi Putra
Rangga Sakti Budi Putra Prije 9 sati
The fact this movie released at 2020 lmao
Jo Johnson
Jo Johnson Prije 9 sati
It's racist and Politically Incorrect how can anybody possibly watch this? Why isn't the left pulling their hair out over this film?
Will Milam
Will Milam Prije 9 sati
Finally, a wholesome Christian movie to watch with my strict parents during quarantine.
William King
William King Prije 10 sati
I'm a big borat and sacha fan but I can say hands down this is the worst thing he has done to date. It wasn't even funny for the majority of the film and you could tell most of the people in it knew he was taking the piss and it just didn't work. A few good bits but so dissapointing from one of my favourite characters and comedians.
Last Rationalist
Last Rationalist Prije 6 sati
Clearly, you're nowhere near a Borat fan as you claim if you can't find it in you to laugh at yourself here. Which, as someone who has watched both Borat films and the Ali G show, I can say he very much retains his old magic despite him being much restricted this time around due to his fame.
Randy H
Randy H Prije 10 sati
The Trump bit looks hilarious. 😂
T G Prije 10 sati
I just saw it on Amazon Prime. It was the stupidest movie ever. I saw the 1st one in 2006 while I was on leave from Afghanistan and I loved it. It was so anti conservative and anti Trump. Sasha should have stayed out of politics kept like the 1st one which was hilarious.
Last Rationalist
Last Rationalist Prije 6 sati
What are you talking about? If anything, 2020 has provided Sacha a plethora of materials to work with which made the film even funnier in many scenes. Let's face it, the only reason you don't like it is that it made fun of your political beliefs. I'm sure if that weren't the case, you would find the movie at least as hysterical as the first film. Face it man, you need to learn to loosen up and laugh at yourself. Otherwise, you'll just be another angry Trump supporter (or at least a sympathizer) who's too caught up in themselves to enjoy anything that's willing to take risks.
SouthFlaDiver Prije 10 sati
Im Donald Trump and I approve this movie
HTFC fan
HTFC fan Prije 10 sati
Women these days will definitely not be able to handle this film 😂😂😂😂😂
Lavalambtron Prije 10 sati
It's a funny movie, but full of cliches and traps for Trump supporters so it may be a final attempt to create scandal and influence the elections, also shows that most conservative Americans believe that China created the virus and spread it throughout the world, especially the west to gain geo-political advantage, so I presume if Trump wins China will pay for it possibly with a big war. Final personal score: 7.5/10 I watched it till the end which is rare nowadays for movies, most I get bored very fast because they are so annoying and predictable.
kavac Prije 9 sati
how do you criticize it like that and call it a blatant attempt at influencing voters, then give it a 7.5 lmao idk what system you're running dude but this movie is a 2 at best
Steve Huntley
Steve Huntley Prije 10 sati
That Cohan guy must REALLY hate Jews...
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