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Little sister versus big sister in this slumber party themed game of Fear Pong!
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Sister vs. Sister | Fear Pong | Cut
#fearpong #beerpong #drinking

Jewcey Jewce
Jewcey Jewce Prije 12 sati
If KSI and Deji were girls
Imogen McAuley
Imogen McAuley Prije 19 sati
“yOu nAsTy bOoMbAcLaArTy 🤑”
Okt xv
Okt xv Prije 22 sati
One of the best ones yet!
Ice king Fabi
Ice king Fabi Prije 5 dana
Lol Jamaican no sound so
David Martin
David Martin Prije 6 dana
Best Jamaican ghost sex ever!
Princess Tae
Princess Tae Prije 10 dana
Lashaud Pollard
Lashaud Pollard Prije 11 dana
I am hollering with the freaking a ghost 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hannah Tween
Hannah Tween Prije 11 dana
this is my fav video on the internet rn.
Missy Stanley
Missy Stanley Prije 11 dana
Her sister's face at 3:10🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alanys Perez
Alanys Perez Prije 13 dana
I’m so happy they are back!! I feel in love with them when they did truth or drink🥺💕
Jevon Burrell
Jevon Burrell Prije 13 dana
Bri Bully
Bri Bully Prije 13 dana
I so wanna do this with my sister. We have such a LOVE/ hate/ LOVE relationship and I think this would be SOOO much fun!
Hyacinth Niemann
Hyacinth Niemann Prije 14 dana
Snacks? What are these dares?
blm420jcole Prije 15 dana
when she started talkin in that jamaican accent 🤣🤣
Mehul Verma
Mehul Verma Prije 16 dana
Sydney Yabo
Sydney Yabo Prije 17 dana
She said “for a FROzen one” I’m dying
Tryfold _Mikey
Tryfold _Mikey Prije 19 dana
That Jamaican accent was terrible 😭
Maya Kumar
Maya Kumar Prije 19 dana
we need a part 2!!!! this is hilarious!
A Lopez
A Lopez Prije 20 dana
OH MY GOSH THEYRE BACK! Their other video is my comfort video when I’m sad
Luana Santos
Luana Santos Prije 21 dan
punkpanther86 Prije 26 dana
when that sweater came off 👀
Lee247 Prije 27 dana
Omg they were Jamaican why didnt they tell us that im Jamaican too
tran le nam phuong
tran le nam phuong Prije 28 dana
6:20 instant regret lol.
Sha'Kara Smith
Sha'Kara Smith Prije 29 dana
Omg that’s Utica’s sleeping bag ☺️
Drew Money
Drew Money Prije 29 dana
Siblings are the best.... sometimes lol
sean kale
sean kale Prije mjesec
i say this because there has been sooooo many funny videos from cut, but OMFG was the ghost fucking part beyond funny.
Magical Hxneyy
Magical Hxneyy Prije mjesec
The ghost nine months later: 🤰
Genardwayseyeliner Prije dan
1-800-sparklii Prije 26 dana
Ghost babies
Precious O
Precious O Prije mjesec
Best family on cut
Keke B
Keke B Prije mjesec
I love these sisters!! We’re missing another one because they sat at a table on another cut segment and it was hilarious!!
Arianna Manmadhan
Arianna Manmadhan Prije mjesec
Why did I laugh when she hit her with the ball from the sleeping bad
Kousei Arima
Kousei Arima Prije mjesec
My family is from the west indies. When i tell you i damn near fell out my chair for the ghost sex omfg i laughed so much
Betül Kizmaz
Betül Kizmaz Prije mjesec
Im subbed and just See this. It was uploaded 3 Weeks ago.
All this panic And no disco
All this panic And no disco Prije mjesec
Y'all when she said "So you make sex tapes with you know who" I immediately thought of Lord Voldemort BYE-🕳🚶🏻‍♀️
Louis S
Louis S Prije mjesec
the older sister glowed down
Digitus Medius
Digitus Medius Prije mjesec
i WISH these were my sisters
Gengar OMG
Gengar OMG Prije mjesec
Woow they change a lot since the truth or drink
Adiyah Crenshaw
Adiyah Crenshaw Prije mjesec
I love when they film them😂😂😂
Kaleidoscope Khrys
Kaleidoscope Khrys Prije mjesec
Rotf 😂😂at 4:44 my dumbass really thought she would have to lean forward to put the lipstick on 😂😂
Mrs. Tiffany
Mrs. Tiffany Prije mjesec
MapleSyrupBoy Prije mjesec
They both seem awesome. Great vid.
Jennifer Abah
Jennifer Abah Prije mjesec
When she brought up their Nigerian mother, I cackled
D.M Prije mjesec
They are HILARIOUS lmao
Riley Stoker
Riley Stoker Prije mjesec
this should be a series on netflix or sum
Yamile Mancebo
Yamile Mancebo Prije mjesec
THESE TWO! 😂😂😂😂😂
Koi Prije mjesec
This is my favorite family.
LlamaJammies Prije mjesec
I would have broken the mirror lol
Amani Bryant
Amani Bryant Prije mjesec
Only real ones remember them
Thunda Bish
Thunda Bish Prije mjesec
Best One yet
jenna anshel
jenna anshel Prije mjesec
This needs to be longer I love their energy and vibes
This is legit me and my sisters 😩 Just stupid 😭💝
One time for the cheddar and sour cream ruffles though 😩💪🏾
Punchlion Prije mjesec
One oft the best Episoden :)
Zoe Wright
Zoe Wright Prije mjesec
THEY ARE BACK! I remember watching their Truth or Drink with their other sister!
Mabel Danciguer
Mabel Danciguer Prije mjesec
i have never wanted a sibling so bad in my life :(((((
Maharishi Deka
Maharishi Deka Prije mjesec
Nigerian mother had me🤣🤣
Kay E
Kay E Prije mjesec
The Jamaican accent had me crying🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Iyanka Zam
Iyanka Zam Prije mjesec
At 3:14 she's wearing red lipstick, but the dare was not been done yet
Lily Burger
Lily Burger Prije mjesec
ModdingGotte Prije mjesec
these women were kinda funny ngl
Gaming Blacksmith
Gaming Blacksmith Prije mjesec
This is the blackest video I’ve ever seen I love it
Bailey Rae Ennis
Bailey Rae Ennis Prije mjesec
I can’t lie, this is my favourite one, it just gets better and better
Jake Baber
Jake Baber Prije mjesec
This chicks energy is off the wall amazing. She’s invited to any and all of my parties, family events and dates
L P Prije mjesec
little sister: does Nigerian accent me: *flashbacks to Vietnam.*
HooliganJinsei Prije mjesec
This was MAD fun to make tbh, sorry bout the accent but I just feel like it made sense 😂 Follow my channel! @hooliganjinsei and my insta: Too_turnt_Tami 💕💕💕 MUCH LOVE THANK YOU GUYS FOR FUCKING WITH US LMFAO
Dee Gee
Dee Gee Prije mjesec
No one? Literally no one? Younger sis: BOMBO CLOT!
Lure Music
Lure Music Prije mjesec
I just love the chaotic good vibes they both give off... Their parents did a darn good job at raising them.
r. p
r. p Prije mjesec
Ahahahahahaha i want 1 to 😆 Love these both ♡
Sam Sam
Sam Sam Prije mjesec
can't get enough of them!!!! want them more on the upcoming videos
Melanie 00
Melanie 00 Prije mjesec
I almost dislocated my jaw from laughing i love these two!
La Bro
La Bro Prije mjesec
Gawwd dayum😂
Lot Prije mjesec
such wonderful ladies!!
Joscelyn Prije mjesec
Jasmine Eru
Jasmine Eru Prije mjesec
kyleen vivian
kyleen vivian Prije mjesec
please bring them back fr another episode they are hilarious
The KroolSebbler
The KroolSebbler Prije mjesec
The ghost sex might have been the funniest thing I’ve seen from this show
PATTYY L Prije mjesec
Oh wait these are the sisters in that other video . Theres 3 of them. I love these sisters!
Natalie Anna
Natalie Anna Prije mjesec
Aww my name is Natalie ❤️😍 means born on Christmas Day
Katana Hawk
Katana Hawk Prije mjesec
Love to see black women have fun
Roll Like A Buffalo
Roll Like A Buffalo Prije mjesec
I have missed these sisters. Always bring them back 😂👏👏👏👏
Cringy Spade 0-o
Cringy Spade 0-o Prije mjesec
5:20 The ghost in the corner is just standing there like: 🗿
UNwasted Prije 19 sati
b1njjj95 Prije mjesec
Love their relationship! You can tell that they're super close.
Evelyn Freitas
Evelyn Freitas Prije mjesec
B '
B ' Prije mjesec
I love that she actually listened to her mother lmao YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER ooooooo
Anna Lala
Anna Lala Prije mjesec
We need more of them!!! So much fun to watch thats what CUT is yeeaaahhg!!!
Emmanuel Aigbuza
Emmanuel Aigbuza Prije mjesec
3:55 Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬 🇳🇬 🥳 I knew they sound familiar What part of Nigerian tho? cause i don't know that superstition, must be yoroba
Piiso Phooko
Piiso Phooko Prije mjesec
I love them..
Jaylyn Prije mjesec
I CHOAKED at the ".... stupid bitch" I wanna be friends with theeem
Deja Gallant
Deja Gallant Prije mjesec
Tammy is the life of the party
Alexandria Prije mjesec
Lol I broke one of those cheap rectangular mirrors from Walmart and look at me know 💅🏽
Viva Glam
Viva Glam Prije mjesec
"You're making sax tapes with you know who" just made me die. Just picturing her with Voldemort :'D
1-800-sparklii Prije 26 dana
Cosmin Andrei Matei
Cosmin Andrei Matei Prije mjesec
Jayzu maki
Jayzu maki Prije mjesec
I'm number 4 too🎉
Rudy X
Rudy X Prije mjesec
That ghost is gonna be sore in the morning
1-800-sparklii Prije 26 dana
Megan Diorr .
Megan Diorr . Prije 26 dana
tyraine thompson
tyraine thompson Prije mjesec
A styling ting inno mi nah tell no lie Nuh jamaican nuh talk so
Momo Prije mjesec
I love them!!!!!
Ana Amneris Chimal Macario
Ana Amneris Chimal Macario Prije mjesec
They need to bring them more often
joejoe Socool
joejoe Socool Prije mjesec
As a Jamaican me feel offensive cause ano so we act 😒
st ann gal
st ann gal Prije mjesec
Hajj Prije mjesec
Because it’s beer pong and it’s you....I’m dead💀
DeQuan Rabb_diizy Peeples
DeQuan Rabb_diizy Peeples Prije mjesec
I’m cold as a lion with no hair
Anya Dudley
Anya Dudley Prije mjesec
they're hilarious!!!!
Cheyenne Hammonds
Cheyenne Hammonds Prije mjesec
I wanna hang out with them
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