The TikToker Who Murdered Her Own Mom & Became Famous

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The TikToker Who Murdered Her Own Mom & Became Famous
TikTok has a funny way of bringing up relics from the past and turning them in memes. This is what happened with the case of Isabella Guzman
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Johanne Christiane Tolentino
Johanne Christiane Tolentino Prije 2 sati
It's disgusting that people fall in love to criminals that they didnt know that they kill humans just because theyre hood looking weirdosss
βερα δαρα
βερα δαρα Prije 3 sati
she acts purelly ironic towards cameras not funny.....and that s even worst !!!!!!
bri.9k7 Prije 4 sati
Not me eating McDonald’s while watching this 😭
Hady T.
Hady T. Prije 4 sati
Is it okay if I use your voice saying literally wasted as a sample for a song because it’s honestly sickening
Hilal Karabuber
Hilal Karabuber Prije 6 sati
she looks like a female default skin with the face options set to 92% size
Skye Wiley
Skye Wiley Prije 6 sati
The real tiktok killer is lovely peaches😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
anthony antoin
anthony antoin Prije 9 sati
Sanyu Smiles
Sanyu Smiles Prije 9 sati
😭😭😭😭JEEZ this child, stabbed her mother without thinking twice😳😳😳😳😳😳
Iman Tardiman
Iman Tardiman Prije 11 sati
So Isabella didn't use Tiktok but someone else make video about her on Tiktok?
J Bradley
J Bradley Prije 11 sati
NOT GUILTY?!?? she was Hallucinating her mother tormenting her meaning it can be classified as hear say being there is no physical evidence of abuse so she would still be found guilty for the murder....
Hyacinth Jaca
Hyacinth Jaca Prije 12 sati
i like this!
Savrigul Ashurova
Savrigul Ashurova Prije 13 sati
Жалкаа девучку зачемм иму нада была сламать жизин сваю 😣😣😣😣
reyanime Prije 17 sati
So glad I stay away from stupid apps like Tiktok.
Alpha Dread
Alpha Dread Prije 21 sat
Why is she adding random effects out of no where...
Kailey Kerr
Kailey Kerr Prije 22 sati
Now I’m afraid when I’m older my child might do this...
Me Meme
Me Meme Prije dan
new laws need to be put in place to control the ignorant actions of exploiting people's images on social media or anywhere. period.
Jacqueline Dawkins
Jacqueline Dawkins Prije dan
Ț m.,
just chillin
just chillin Prije dan
I heard her mom was trying to sell her to the mafia or sum?
jk benjix
jk benjix Prije dan
She damn near 18 so why tf didnt she leave Ungrateful ass
User yeet
User yeet Prije dan
Yay She's Not in Jail Yay
Don W
Don W Prije dan
She is a splitting image of her mum, she is mixed race yet turned out completely like her mother. Surely that haunts her when she looks in the mirror? How could you murder your own flesh and soul!?!? Her mum probably went through so much to try to raise her, and this is what she does in return?? Special place in hell.
trippie less
trippie less Prije dan
tiktok is full of immature lil kids idc
emily. Prije dan
she is pretty, but that will not excuse her actions
inbetween 1-0
inbetween 1-0 Prije dan
One, most psychopath are charming so....crime is still not okay no matter sweet, cute, handsome or cool a person is. That is just romanticing them with rose tinted glasses. Two, even if she is schizophrenia during the criminal act, I still would put her under strict surveillance in case of relapses. Being a mental patient myself, relapses are a real thing and can be even worse than before reoccurance. Three, schizophrenia is a very complex mental condition. I would question how she managed to go through everyday life without someone pointing out her odd moments, but considering how strict and out of touch with current reality Jehovah Witnesses can be... Not being a jerk about religion, but as human we have to live with the time. Being too strict is not really...working out? I can't remember the word but...medicine and the likes come from God so refusing them is like refusing God's grace.
{• shëëpÿ Črøššîńg •}
{• shëëpÿ Črøššîńg •} Prije dan
Looking at the thumbnail makes me think of the gacha trend about it (it’s really bad)
Noe Roman
Noe Roman Prije dan
#isabellaguzman i-
RosemarieK Prije dan
Her saying that wasn't me is also wrong. No girl that's you wo meds for life and to say that means she may unmedicate later meaning her therapy didn't stress enough her brain has an imbalance corrected on meds and she's dangerous wo em. Saying that's not me distances herself and allows her to say not I and I'm fine now when she will never be fine wo and nothing wrong with that. It's wrong to say she's ok wo that's the danger.... mental illness is a disease for life not I'm good now my brain changed and grew chemicals it didn't before and that's incorrect. If we're gonna have conversations have em right.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Prije dan
The guard needs life n jail and im not sure she will ever be ready to be free with all lifes temptations sad but crazy story
Danyelle Zubrod
Danyelle Zubrod Prije dan
I heard that her mom was trying to sell her to the mafia or something
viviarchangel Prije dan
All she did was abort her mom from this world o.o isn't abortion what the left ist want? What about pro choice people lol murder is okay now thanks to Democrats.
Carol Malingu
Carol Malingu Prije dan
When you read some of the comments people are hurtless and disgusting.
Jae Cainila
Jae Cainila Prije dan
@JCS- criminal psychology when?
Alixxes Prije dan
I only watch the Gacha ones those are warnings
Nano Lopez
Nano Lopez Prije dan
Now I’m scared of having a kid
Erijon Shala
Erijon Shala Prije 9 sati
If you raise him well then don't be scared
Chiara Black - Malfoy
Chiara Black - Malfoy Prije dan
I never saw any of the TikToks and didn’t know about them until I watched this video. I find it disturbing that people make fun of mental illnesses. Posting it on social media is not funny.
doge bitch
doge bitch Prije dan
The people who are saying "shes not pretty shes evil" can yall shut up literally no one was simping over her
Holly Burton
Holly Burton Prije 2 dana
This literally brings screams pretty privileges like if she were ugly abs stuff everyone would have hated her
25kdevilss Prije 2 dana
This is disgusting like the mom is raising the child just for it to kill the mom that's disgusting and messed up the mom deserves better she may rest in peace
hinatamercury Prije 2 dana
She probably hated her parents divorce and blamed her mom. She couldn't forgive her and the hatred became uncontrollable
Giselle Hedman
Giselle Hedman Prije 2 dana
why people want to believe in this kind of BS that she was hearing voices and she was believing her mom was Cecilia etc etc? come on! She threatened her mom and she was not delusional when she did it, but knowing very well what she was doing. She is a monster, not sick. She appeared on tv and the only thing she was talking was about herself. She said that she had scares on her hands (of course, she stabbed her mom almost 80 times), she said that she was abused, and that some guy sexually abused her...all about her, her her. psycho and I hope that she will never go out. She doesn't deserve anything more than a miserabel life.
Mathilde Kralingen
Mathilde Kralingen Prije 2 dana
Sometimes i am ashamed of my/this generation
Giselle Hedman
Giselle Hedman Prije 2 dana
When parents just see devious behaviour and don't believe that their children are capable to kill. If her mom kicked her out she would be alive.
N I Y A H Prije 2 dana
yall her mom was gonna sell her to a man on the dark web for money tbh i would do the same.
VII187 Prije 16 sati
There’s literally no proof of that, some people just made up shit like they always do.
Itz_ Katie
Itz_ Katie Prije 2 dana
I always believe to be positive but THIS IS MURDER! THIS IS NOT A JOKE! THIS IS MURDERRR!
Keserovic Nurfeta
Keserovic Nurfeta Prije 2 dana
Oh God 😯😮
Real talk MB
Real talk MB Prije 2 dana
Bruh at least 20 years in jail tf
Real talk MB
Real talk MB Prije 2 dana
Bro y would she drop out abt to graduate smhh
꧁God Seongwa's Wife꧂
꧁God Seongwa's Wife꧂ Prije 2 dana
I saw one tik tok edit of her and then i saw tge comments saying "أعتقد أنها بريئة" Meaning "I think she's innocent" and "ووي انها جميلة جدا " Meaning "wow she's so beautiful" and ignoring the fact she killed her mother
cutie face
cutie face Prije 2 dana
Lena Meyer leyer neyer
Lena Meyer leyer neyer Prije 2 dana
Good video but this echo thing is annoying and I can't take the things said seriously because of it.
shadow hunter
shadow hunter Prije 2 dana
Ik her mother abused her but you don't do that to your own mother like dude
꧁Friend꧂ Prije 2 dana
I’m really pissed, like she killed... KILLED HER OWN MOTHER, and y’all are making her famous... not the hatred famous, FUCKING TICTOK FAMOUS LIKE, what. the. hell. Is. Wrong. With. PEOPLE. SHE KILLED HER OWN MOTHER WITH A KNIFE, I was looking over this before this video and holy shit people are making Gacha trends.. I love Gacha but really?!?! Gacha.. a kids game turning into crime ‘tReNdS’.. I don’t know what humanity is turning into anymore, ok I’m done with my rant now
Gaming Chelb
Gaming Chelb Prije 2 dana
..........TikTok SUCKS!!
Mason Alexander Corvinus
Mason Alexander Corvinus Prije 2 dana
Kudos. Interesting analysis. But she will become dangerous again, when she ceases taking her medication (if that's even helping). We wouldn't entirely believe someone with her capabilities, about her alleged assault. It is most probably a ruse to expedite her release. Medication can only dull the edge of what her mental psychosis is, but it will never eliminate it. That other side of them is always there lying in wait, to come out and wreck blood havoc once again.
Jaycee Fannin
Jaycee Fannin Prije 3 dana
The background comedy is so inappropriate to talk about someone's tragic murder.😒
Offical_Dark Link
Offical_Dark Link Prije 3 dana
Sounds like my sister who tried to kill my other sister
ramesh safavi
ramesh safavi Prije 3 dana
So she was not a tiktokker ! Your title is misleading!
V O X Prije 3 dana
I’m trying to love this channel but the mispronounciations in every video is messing with me
I’m Fine.
I’m Fine. Prije 3 dana
It wasn’t weird it was disgusting how people think it’s funny.
Kota Shitting Punta
Kota Shitting Punta Prije 3 dana
She is the most terrible psycho I have Christian parents they kno I’m atheist but like bruh can we all agree it’s unprovable she got abused and she only got away wit it cause she hit if she was a baluga whale everyone would hate her and she would be out that hous
Anni Washington
Anni Washington Prije 3 dana
I understand that this was not okay but what if she was treated bad by her mother and her stepfather behind closed doors ? then one day she just couldn’t handle it anymore .
Anni Washington
Anni Washington Prije 3 dana
Like worse than what went on already
Carmen TaLisa
Carmen TaLisa Prije 3 dana
I watched a longer video about this about a year ago. I could be wrong, but I think it was reported that when she opened the bathroom door after killing her mother she smiled at her step dad. I could be remembering a different case, but I don't think so
Selina Moodie
Selina Moodie Prije 3 dana
Would you kill your mum Me: oh heck no I love my mum
ssainted Prije 3 dana
She’s not even attractive, people are just dumb.
Golden Girl
Golden Girl Prije 3 dana
ive heard of her shes in the gacha crime meme
Vietboy Gamer
Vietboy Gamer Prije 3 dana
how many years did she get?
Joe Lance
Joe Lance Prije dan
Shadow_Plays Prije 3 dana
This is why I love Ana, she always gives us the real story
Luke Capelli
Luke Capelli Prije 3 dana
Growing up a jehovahs witness SUCKS. And can have life long affects especially if you grow up in it.
ESCxIVY SK Prije 3 dana
Using “Sweet but psycho”, that was co-written by a guy that suffered with his mental health and almost commited s**cide, on a murderer’s trial.... I cannot. I cant
Chhandak here
Chhandak here Prije 3 dana
79 times? That's horrible
Helene Trøstrup
Helene Trøstrup Prije 3 dana
Watching these makes me happy that I have stayed far away from the majority of social media.
Sam. Prije 3 dana
79 stabs!! Such a demon.
VII187 Prije 16 sati
151 in total
niuniu Prije 3 dana
I swear they just use mental issues now to get away with crime 🤦🏻‍♀️
Tyler Chamberlain
Tyler Chamberlain Prije 3 dana
Also, are we just going to ignore the horrors of being raised in a Jehovah Witness family and the abuse that 9/10 times goes on in such households? I suggest you look into Telltale and his stories as an ex Jehovah Witness
Tyler Chamberlain
Tyler Chamberlain Prije 3 dana
You cant change the fact that her mothers dead. If you can find humor in the way she acted during her trial, good on you. Acting as though its "disgusting" or that it makes said people any less normal or makes them "bad" is in itself hilarious. Cancel/outrage culture is dumb as fuck
Sarah Ahmed
Sarah Ahmed Prije 3 dana
To be honest sweet but psycho really describes Isabelle
Charles Ramirez
Charles Ramirez Prije 4 dana
This is what these kids on social media think is kool this is how twisted they are absolute insanity...
Hitoshi_Shinsou Prije 4 dana
Oh...Lord I knew she was a bad Person I knew I shouldn’t have had the angels make the criminals
sour cherries
sour cherries Prije 4 dana
Listen i know crazy and this girl is lying she knows what she did she killed her mom on purpose the doc just so happens to say she has schizophrenia a silver spoon she took to use she should not ever be let out because she will kill again you cant magically one day be cured of mental health issues such as schizophrenia
sour cherries
sour cherries Prije 4 dana
Also i want to add i dont think she was abused her mom was scared of her if that was the case then i dont think her mom ever harmed her but instead that she is schizophrenic and it mist have been that which caused her to believe she was being abused
Sky-TrevIsHere 96
Sky-TrevIsHere 96 Prije 4 dana
This is why we should remove Tik tok from the universe
Gabrielle Moll
Gabrielle Moll Prije 4 dana
Jehovahs witnesses have crazy rules and don’t really want to believe in Jesus and the afterlife. But of course NOBODY should be killed! That’s horrible! I hate that people excuse the killing of somebody because of their mental disease. Like no she isn’t innocent.
Leya Priya
Leya Priya Prije 4 dana
She will definitely pay for her action rest of her life...because she killed such a caring and loving mother..many people don't have one.. She will 'Regret for Sure'...She will praise her mother on her old days..
albert faz
albert faz Prije 4 dana
Schizophrenia just don’t go away
kay flavius
kay flavius Prije 4 dana
How did she even manage to say jehovah if she was stabbed so bad
VII187 Prije 16 sati
You can still speak if you’ve been stabbed unless it’s taken out your vocal cords or you’re actively choking on your own blood.
Sama Qirbi
Sama Qirbi Prije 4 dana
Legit solved this if she was mental and thought here mom was somebody else than what about when she sent her mom "You will pay"?!
Lets reach 30k subs before 2022
Lets reach 30k subs before 2022 Prije 4 dana
I hate her.
JustAKidWithoutSchool Prije 4 dana
Petition to ban tiktok pls
Cierra S
Cierra S Prije 4 dana
Tik tok is demonic if you don’t want your kids to grow up being heartless soulless demons you should delete their account.
Bridget Kane
Bridget Kane Prije 4 dana
I feel like people in this comment section don't understand how badly violent schizophrenia messes with people's minds (especially if untreated). It does cause extremely realistic hallucinations and can produce extreme delusions. It also affects your memory and can cause psychosis. I completely believe that she wasn't fully aware of what she was doing or that it was her own mom. That doesn't excuse her actions, but I don't think that she deserves to die or is a demon because it wasn't her conscious decision. It upsets me because my best friend has diagnosed schizophrenia and it completely causes people to act outside on their usual behaviors. She turned to abusing illegal substances to try and cope and has harmed herself many times. She fortunately has gotten treatment and is doing a lot better, but she still is dealing with the unintended consequences of when her mental health was at its lowest point. People should be more understanding of the mental illness because it completely affects peoples decisions and behavior.
Neon Prije 2 dana
Finally a comment that speaks actual fact and not personal opinion 👏🏻
joana leite
joana leite Prije 4 dana
The fact that there are tiktok accounts that not only find her funny, but also CREATE EDITS, is beyond disgusting.
S,Alianwar Aimol
S,Alianwar Aimol Prije 4 dana
The one who love her till the world end and who fight for her kill her own. Mother God will give punishment
Susan Wray
Susan Wray Prije 4 dana
Tik tok is breeding ground, d for weirdos 🙄🙄😜
Leyah• Prije 4 dana
I hate when they cry at court thinking they weren't gonna go to jail.
Sophie Prins
Sophie Prins Prije 4 dana
Kind of sad to see all of these comments saying she is a monster or a demon or just crazy. She had an untreated mental illness! Does that make murdering someone okay? No. Does that mean she can be held accountable for her actions? Also no! Does that mean she will still be dangerous if she gets the right treatment? Absolutely not!!
KohakuKamei Prije 4 dana
It pains me to know that Americans pronounce Guzman as "Guhzman"
Pissy Lissy
Pissy Lissy Prije 4 dana
Please don't refer to Jehovah's Witnesses as "a branch of Christianity." It's a huge cult that destroys peoples' lives. If you wanna know more about why it's so horrible, I recommend you watch a channel on here called Telltale. It's a channel run by an ex Jehovah's Witness who was disowned by the cult at a very young age. He lost his mother because of this cult.
Bella P
Bella P Prije 4 dana
i feel so bad for her mother plus Isabelle had a mental illness she wasn't herself i get that but MURDERING HER OWN MOTHER!!! THATS NOat OKAY!
Hijaa shah
Hijaa shah Prije 4 dana
Wow that's weird not awful as it was not her fault but still awful that her mom had to die
Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers Prije 4 dana
Leftie judge, blame the dems
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