The Invisible Man (1933) KILL COUNT

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Dead Meat

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat Prije 8 dana
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Scorpionstrike7 Prije 4 sati
6:41 He actually said Robbing, Wrecking, and Killing
Casey Gaming
Casey Gaming Prije 8 sati
Theres a movie called lamb to the slaughter by alfered hitchcock
AGL 3000
AGL 3000 Prije 21 sat
Make a video on flesh for the beast
dan the man
dan the man Prije dan
chad godsey
chad godsey Prije dan
@Domocracy Destroyer yes, I forgot about that one, there's death in it, do
dan glenzig
dan glenzig Prije 6 minuta
james is textbook CRINGE
anurag neelam
anurag neelam Prije 45 minuta
Am I the only one waiting for a hollow man review?
Pc head Games
Pc head Games Prije sat
Among us: see something say something
DIY Sneaker Maestro
DIY Sneaker Maestro Prije sat
Just a few chemicals mixed together that’s all 😂😂😂😂
Jonathan Graham
Jonathan Graham Prije 2 sati
anyone else replay when James said monocane
Egr0LL Prije 2 sati
They had movies in 1933???
Foxkid 79
Foxkid 79 Prije 2 sati
I just realized, if he takes off the clothing he wears, he's actually walking around naked
Johncraze 30
Johncraze 30 Prije 3 sati
Wait, how come John Cena wasn’t here? Ahhhh, he is but I can’t see him
Twisted Kitten33
Twisted Kitten33 Prije 3 sati
titanic kill count?!
NorthSide ScArEcRoW
NorthSide ScArEcRoW Prije 4 sati
Shoulda ben invisible
Rock and roll McDonald's
Rock and roll McDonald's Prije 4 sati
I love this movie
Lone Phantom021
Lone Phantom021 Prije 5 sati
I seen this at school in 4th grade
Let'sGetGlam !
Let'sGetGlam ! Prije 5 sati
Please do hollow man with Kevin bacon. Love that movie. Also will you do darkness falls?
Charles Borkowski
Charles Borkowski Prije 5 sati
if this vid gets 10,000 likes, can you do a Dracula 1931 kill count?
Lorenzo Limonez
Lorenzo Limonez Prije 6 sati
me releasing an old movie is better then the leprechaun series
GoopXIV Prije 6 sati
Nice hair bro
Fistofthe1st Ben
Fistofthe1st Ben Prije 6 sati
I like to think that all 20 members of the search party killed just kept getting thrown off the cliff one at a time, like Griffin was Ezio hanging off a ledge.
Agpad Pangusban
Agpad Pangusban Prije 7 sati
The scene at 16:16 was just awesome
Lasagna in the house
Lasagna in the house Prije 7 sati
OMG havent watched this channel since 500,000 subs and wow I am so happy to see you so successful
Sokka Funny
Sokka Funny Prije 7 sati
James Children: daddy what are the before times
Daniel Whiting
Daniel Whiting Prije 7 sati
I love it’s a wonderful life
Jacob Rothwell
Jacob Rothwell Prije 7 sati
Do king Kong!
TheLegoPotterFan Prije 7 sati
These effects were really ahead of it's time.
Donald Duck Has Covid
Donald Duck Has Covid Prije 8 sati
I miss surprised chipmunk
Levon Taylor, Jr.
Levon Taylor, Jr. Prije 8 sati
my dad has a movie?
Michael Pimenta
Michael Pimenta Prije 8 sati
14:18 btw best part of the movie
Charlotte Rice
Charlotte Rice Prije 8 sati
K PlayBoiGax
K PlayBoiGax Prije 8 sati
I didnt expect an invisible man to cause this much damage but holy hell he can rack up a murder rate 0_0
Bobo Speelt
Bobo Speelt Prije 8 sati
I dare u to make one about the season 3 from the walking dead😂😂😂
Soundwavegamer Prije 8 sati
3:08 “Co-founder of the anti-Nazi league” oh you mean the same organization that start false accusations that Walt Disney was an anti-Semite all because Disney refuse to the demands of the animators unions who had ties to the American Communist Party.
locally owned stupidass
locally owned stupidass Prije 8 sati
They could've used a green screen lmao
SamuraiYoshi Prije 9 sati
Lmao my granny wasn't even born then but my great grandmomma was alive then she was 5 lol
0706823245 Prije 9 sati
are you going to review the Kevin Bacon movie (Hollowman) from 2000?
Rosa Garcia
Rosa Garcia Prije 9 sati
Can we all agree when hes going to the number it's not that funny but it dose bring a smile to my face
H-MAN 0209
H-MAN 0209 Prije 10 sati
Bro same the invisible man was literally the last film i saw in theatres before lockdown. Twins!!!!
Ogan Prije 11 sati
I love this movie but the damn wife screaming all the time at the tavern pisses me off
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez Prije 11 sati
So, Mono means one, and Caine means Caine . And that concludes our intensive three week course.
M C Prije 11 sati
5:10 I see that ERB of History reference! 😏😌
Muciņš Prije 14 sati
When you realise hotel Transylvania's main characters are from these films like in the film Frank is from the film Frankenstein Griffin from the invisible man and the others..I didn't knew about that xD
Dar Sedigh
Dar Sedigh Prije 14 sati
Invisible man smash
Dark Bomber playz
Dark Bomber playz Prije 15 sati
When James did the star wars refrence to palatine killing windu, I muted the clip and played it in tone with palpatines dialogue, and I replayed it so many times in sync and I loved it😂😂
Gordon Gehrman
Gordon Gehrman Prije 16 sati
joseph barker
joseph barker Prije 16 sati
Do you think they might one day do a Very faithful Adaptation of H.D. Well's noval?
Chandler Kinney
Chandler Kinney Prije 16 sati
Holy shit this movie is fucking rad
Mr.Goodman Prije 16 sati
Man the invisible man is stupid to think he can rule the world when he can’t even get a hold of a nuke
Black Pearl of Braavos
Black Pearl of Braavos Prije 18 sati
MONEYMONEYMONEYMONEYMONEY!!!!! I DO NOT remember this classic being so quotable.
Super Duck
Super Duck Prije 18 sati
12:11 "if you see something,say something folks...wait a minute.shit" -james a janisse
Th3F0rtn1t3busdr1v3r Prije 18 sati
Am I the only one who got the that’s assault brotha from that epic rap battle between Hilary and trump
Lil Chunky
Lil Chunky Prije 18 sati
“what’s all this”
LIFEGAMER 2 Prije 19 sati
I like how it went from 1 kill and then two more from off a cliff...100 PEOPLE DEAD FROM TRAIN CRASH
Aaron Yzrael Delacruz
Aaron Yzrael Delacruz Prije 20 sati
This is more entertaining than it should be lmao
Icefox425 Prije 20 sati
This makes me want to relisten to your podcast episode on this, I remember being delighted hearing about the hijinks in this movie. Nice to see them!
pyro nation
pyro nation Prije 20 sati
1933!?!?!? Damn that's old
MidFu? Prije 21 sat
The invisble man 0.0
Jackson Mann
Jackson Mann Prije 21 sat
Dang 2 whole WWE references
Daniel Pollard
Daniel Pollard Prije 21 sat
15:40 Its not Shane O' Mac Its the best Invisible Man in the worrrrrrld Jack Griffin
SpeedyTrelawny912 Prije 21 sat
Movies like this are hard to come by. People could make things scary back in the day and have that suspense and horror. I wish we had people like that today
SugarsHole Prije 21 sat
wild guess but the black velvet tricks probably work the same as our current greenscreens transparency - you know how in videomapping, you use black as a negative space? when you project the finished video in a wall or object, the black areas have no light, making it seem like the video isnt rectangular, much the same way a transparent png of an object. im no expert on movies so again wild shot (which im definitely googling once i wake up since im watching this at 2:30) but maybe they chose black to do some light tricks that would allow to merge all the footage?
Cactus Cloud
Cactus Cloud Prije 21 sat
Everywhere I go, I see Justin Y.
mermaidwitch94 Prije 22 sati
The fact that this movie was made in 1933 blows my damn mind
killer92173 Prije 22 sati
You forgot to mention that Dwight Frye ALSO played Redfield from the 1931 Dracula film starring Bela Lugosi
Razor Shark
Razor Shark Prije 22 sati
Love this movie. Such a masterpiece. Love the story, the characters, the music, the comedy, and the kills. My favorite kill is Dr. Kemp.
Gunslayer 124
Gunslayer 124 Prije 22 sati
How come this video and the latest video are both about an invisible killer?
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts Prije 13 sati
@Gunslayer 124 Because the Kill Count is about Horror movies not just recent ones. People have been asking him to cover the oldies for a while and the new one gave him the opportunity to cover original and remake.
Gunslayer 124
Gunslayer 124 Prije 22 sati
And why did you decide to do a kill count on an old movie?
B R Prije 23 sati
The fact that dude was BUTT NAKED the entire time lol
Darkknight55 Prije 23 sati
I've got to admit, the special effects really are impressive, even by today's standards.
B R Prije 23 sati
"the before times" lol
Kerfuffle Is a predicament
Kerfuffle Is a predicament Prije 23 sati
This awesome master piece which I would think is from the 1960’s is well awesome
the Zandroid
the Zandroid Prije 23 sati
Never had a real good friend, not a boy or a girl, no one knows what I been through, let my flag unfurl! -Freddie Mercury, the Invisible Man.
yung crispy
yung crispy Prije 23 sati
dont knock over a baby WUT THA FUQ
The wild wolf
The wild wolf Prije 23 sati
I saw that jigsaw puppet move
Rock Dallaire
Rock Dallaire Prije 23 sati
Producer: How many minutes do you wanna go without a kill? Director: YES
Tom Bolton
Tom Bolton Prije 23 sati
Mental to think that something this good was made pre computers
StayInMyZone Simz
StayInMyZone Simz Prije dan
Bro that Shane o mac line was golden 😂😂
Brandon Lugo
Brandon Lugo Prije dan
Half way get to the killssss
Snowzy Xx
Snowzy Xx Prije dan
If James did anime kill counts evagalion will be on the top
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Prije dan
Day 12 of asking James to rank every Halloween/Michael Myers movie ever
Sven Prije dan
15:37 how Oprah keeps the seats filled
Dolphin Productions
Dolphin Productions Prije dan
Thanks so much for intruding me to a great film 😁
Blitzer Brotherz
Blitzer Brotherz Prije dan
I love the wwe references
Nomable Prije dan
When I saw Old Rose in the little preview slideshow of this episode, I expected it to be the "it's been 84 years" joke or something due to the age of the movie haha, but that's actually so cool to hear how awesome of a woman she was!
dino Stacker
dino Stacker Prije dan
What about hollow man that was a good one
Gman Prije dan
i love that movie
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Prije dan
Geez Jenny’s scream is obnoxious
Kaki Boi
Kaki Boi Prije dan
Bruh i was lookin the 4 m cyberpunk trailer and when it finish i was like anw it was a video
Samuel Ramirez
Samuel Ramirez Prije dan
God the greenscreen at 18:36
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Prije dan
You overshot it
Miles Deep
Miles Deep Prije dan
Hollow man should be covered James
The Buckmaster’s
The Buckmaster’s Prije dan
Could you do hostel? It’s set in Poland and really good😁
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Prije dan
Could you send an email?
Mandy Mouse
Mandy Mouse Prije dan
This movie is wild 💀
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Prije dan
13:49 I just cant stop laughing here!!
smilyface games
smilyface games Prije dan
Anyone else want him to do this franchise of films.
zaneboyplaz zaneboyplaz
zaneboyplaz zaneboyplaz Prije dan
Who's watching corintine
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Prije dan
It’s quarantine
WorldsWorstBoy Prije dan
This movie looks fucking terrible
Omari Greene
Omari Greene Prije dan
Day 12 of asking James to rank every Halloween/Michael Myers movie ever
Ian Korapatti
Ian Korapatti Prije dan
Minecraft totally copied their invisibility potion off of this movie, if you wear armor, it is shown if your invisible and you can also still hear people while they're invisible.
southern ryan
southern ryan Prije dan
dont think that i dint hear that billy madison refrence
Julie Boudreau
Julie Boudreau Prije dan
We need a t-shirt that says "MONOCAINE!!!"
Chad Peck
Chad Peck Prije dan
Invisible sand
Chad Peck
Chad Peck Prije dan
Your welcome for the knowledge
the big one
the big one Prije dan
14:19 vs 18:24 remade dead meat virsion
the big one
the big one Prije dan
@Mr. Ashtastic cool
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Prije dan
the big one
the big one Prije dan
@Mr. Ashtastic cowl
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Prije dan
Dead meat’s is better
G Regal
G Regal Prije dan
Do Dracula
G Regal
G Regal Prije 22 sati
@Mr. Ashtastic appreciate it
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Prije dan
Send an email
Matthias Neidenberger
Matthias Neidenberger Prije dan
I don’t trust a cop that doesn’t know the difference between assault and battery.
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