96 Hours Inside Afghanistan in 2020

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This week, I went to Afghanistan and discovered something about this incredible country that I never expected. We can't wait to see Noor's school develop and are so incredibly grateful to this community for giving us the ability to make these life-changing dreams come true.
Check out Drew Binsky’s video on the trip here!
Check out Noor’s Tour company “Let’s Be Friends Afghanistan” on Instagram:
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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Prije mjesec
Hey everyone, this is obviously a sensitive video for a few different reasons but I hope that you watch it with an open mind and enjoy an unusual story that I think is rarely told. Either way, I’m happy you’re here 🙏
Nique505 Prije 10 sati
@Clash ING I don’t disagree may I ask where are you from?
Dladie Df
Dladie Df Prije dan
@Clash ING why are people making this about politics. Tom obviously is showing a kind and beautiful side of this country rather than promoting violence. For those who want to talk about the US government and how they disagree with what's going on...post your opinions on your own page. This platform is for positive thoughts, human unity and to feature the beauty of countries. If you cannot be part of the solution, then step away so you cannot make the problem greater
Dladie Df
Dladie Df Prije dan
Thank you and may you continue to share this beautiful stories of humanity that help create more union between us across the globe. Thank you
Anson Low
Anson Low Prije dan
Please get the tour guide (your friend) to start a tiktok account if possible or get someone to post videos on TikTok on his behalf and set up gofund page. People would be interested in seeing his daily lives and positive things there. And building the school. The world will fund him. A woman is doing in Africa sharing content on TikTok and the response/help is amazing. All the best!
Omari Sanchez
Omari Sanchez Prije 2 dana
Bring nor to USA !!!! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
BRAD MIllER Prije sat
notice, no one is wearing a face mask and you don't hear about thousands of covid deaths in Afghanistan
Church of Philadelphia
Church of Philadelphia Prije 2 sati
Such beautiful people that are so welcoming. May God bring peace to them.
Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel Smith Prije 2 sati
That was a beautiful video, about a beautiful country and beautiful people, so much to say but I'll leave it short and sweet! I'd love to go and visit, the bit at the end when you said you'd help Noor, I wept a bit, have some British love
Leila Prije 3 sati
the kids are soooo cute MashAllah
Sufyan G
Sufyan G Prije 4 sati
This was amazing respect to you guys ❤️😍💯🙏🏼
Sal Sal
Sal Sal Prije 4 sati
u know u look like jesus christ peace be upon him
AxiomTheoryOfficial Prije 5 sati
what a beautiful end
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Prije 5 sati
Glad that I have a new friend!
UkammakU Prije 5 sati
Cute until you realize he's not allowed to talk to any of the women in this culture because they're all suppressed.
DPZ EXTRA Prije 4 sati
he is lol shut up and go there if your so interested
Really Stupid Tutorials
Really Stupid Tutorials Prije 5 sati
Sweden xD??
Oliver Sparks
Oliver Sparks Prije 5 sati
Thomas Sweet Love MAN
DigitalBlast Prije 5 sati
How can anyone give this video a thumbs down??? WTF......OMG the best thing I seen all year. Good on you guys at Yes Theory. Been watching you guys for a long time but this tops everything you have ever done.
Oliver Sparks
Oliver Sparks Prije 5 sati
29 33 Awesome Love
Arleta Patrycja
Arleta Patrycja Prije 5 sati
I have a friend from Afganistan, she's literally one of the sweetest persons I've ever met, so open minded, so cool, so relaxed, always love to hear her stories about her country and culture. That's a pitty ppl have wrong imagination about the Afghans nowadays...
Oliver Sparks
Oliver Sparks Prije 5 sati
22 22 Making the world a Better Place
Random Xbox gaming Clips
Random Xbox gaming Clips Prije 6 sati
actually looks like a very nice country/city you was in
Lino Nazir
Lino Nazir Prije 6 sati
Oliver Sparks
Oliver Sparks Prije 6 sati
555 Best Part so Far
R S Prije 6 sati
You guys are very inspirational to me! Thank you so much.
Christian Dotson
Christian Dotson Prije 6 sati
I used to live in Herot, just as context to this - I'm white. Everyone you met owns, knows a close location of, or is carrying a gun. None of them would think to ever use it on you unless you were insult their religion or pose a threat, and they'd lay their life on the line (literally) to protect you as a friendly foreigner. I miss this, and thank you SO much for making this. It has brought back some of my best memories of my life, and it was amazing to see some familiar faces and buildings that the memories are attached to. If you ever think about going again, go before America (if they do) pulls out. It is the country of some of the greatest hospitality and easily the nicest to strangers in general, they do not get many new faces so when one arrives they all know quickly. You'll always be welcome back, I plan to go back this or next year, as I will continue to do while it is safe.. Thank you.. so much.
Afghan Community
Afghan Community Prije 6 sati
what is your excuse to visit Bamyan city 🤩 i’m sure u will not regret
Afghan Community
Afghan Community Prije 7 sati
why you said (one of the most dangerous country)😖😥😥🙄 i lived there 14 years and that was not dangerous 😒 and i’m sure my country will be one of the most best country ✊🏻
Mahdi Fadayee
Mahdi Fadayee Prije 7 sati
This is actually great to see people go to our almost isolated country and see for themselves how different it is up close than what media shows everybody. I have lived in Afghanistan for almost all my life and this is so refreshing to see something positive on the internet about the dangerous terrorized Afghanistan everybody knows.
Jessie W
Jessie W Prije 7 sati
Loved the video. One question though, is COVID not a concern there? No masks or social distancing?
DPZ EXTRA Prije 4 sati
No, in afghanistan they are use to harsh diseases and it doesn't affect them, and the atmosphere is dry and it doesn't spread so if someone brings it it just disappears.
Jacqueline Ray
Jacqueline Ray Prije 7 sati
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The bing Chandler BING
The bing Chandler BING Prije 8 sati
Remembers me the book “ sky runner”
Scarlett G
Scarlett G Prije 9 sati
The children! My heart! 💙💙
Adnan Steady
Adnan Steady Prije 9 sati
Thanks for this video
Sharafat Shams
Sharafat Shams Prije 10 sati
Love and Respect from Bangladesh brother🇧🇩🇧🇩
Dropship Downunder
Dropship Downunder Prije 10 sati
Mate this is the next big thing.... Earth 2 - hrpost.info/history/gtqXfLC1iJBsZG0/video
Jesse Landaverde
Jesse Landaverde Prije 11 sati
I died of laughter on 9:31 >.< thank you for this video so much!
ali mo
ali mo Prije 11 sati
Afghan government keeps the wealth for itself, Pakistan sends terrorist's to kill Afghans and Noor builds schools to educate children. Who's the good/bad guy?
phille o
phille o Prije 11 sati
God bless you Noor
PV Outdoors
PV Outdoors Prije 11 sati
Guys this story is amazing. It has always been my dream to visit that Country!!! This short intense video inspired me a lot! Thanks a lot again and keep making the difference!!! Peace.
SK Prije 12 sati
how poor u making vIdeo we wont intersted to see ur Face every movement, we want see AFGANISTAN pls focus camera on Around
MoMo Anees
MoMo Anees Prije 13 sati
I am Dutch living in Pakistan - the Afghani borders are close. This made me cry, so beautiful. Hope to visit some day.
Ben C
Ben C Prije 14 sati
Is there a way to donate money to Noor's shelter? I appreciate it's probably a difficult thing to manage but he seems like an awesome guy and I think your viewers could make a huge difference to a lot of people.
#67 Salah
#67 Salah Prije 15 sati
How is the 80% of world supplies of hash even possible if Morocco sits at number one at the moment with only 19% of the global total? And Afghanistan at number two with only 10,4%???
Damir Prije 12 sati
morocco hash is best.
Ayo and Ebun Entertainment
Ayo and Ebun Entertainment Prije 17 sati
There are some countries we never see or hear so much about on Western Media. It's really refreshing to see a different and updated view of Afghanistan 🥰
Cricket in Belgium
Cricket in Belgium Prije 17 sati
It was wonderful video.. we would like you to go again and discover more over that country.. Waiting for your second trip✌️
Kristiane Macaspac
Kristiane Macaspac Prije 18 sati
I was deployed in Kabul for 8 years. The compound where I lived was totally wrecked because of the bombing. I even got robbed when they are clearing the compound after the bombing.
Jordan McCormick
Jordan McCormick Prije 19 sati
my account randomly unsubbed did this happen to anyone else?
Isa Prije 19 sati
this is like anime
Wilson Rodriguez
Wilson Rodriguez Prije 19 sati
Coming from someone who lived in the Middle East for a year, it’s very interesting the amount of people giving the “thumbs up” gesture. That’s actually a sign of disrespect over there .
DPZ EXTRA Prije 4 sati
its not.
Kurtis Beaulieu
Kurtis Beaulieu Prije 20 sati
cool video reminded me that i should get out of bed idk
Kurtis Beaulieu
Kurtis Beaulieu Prije 20 sati
ChrisCanada Prije 21 sat
I needed to see this video. A US Combat Veteran
HWL Prije 22 sati
21:35 fakest drag xD
Bernarda Franco
Bernarda Franco Prije 22 sati
My question is what would be a womans perspective of visiting Afghanistan...
Falcon Lopez
Falcon Lopez Prije 23 sati
‘Content creator’ Just say youtuber🙄
Marie-France Léger
Marie-France Léger Prije 23 sati
But - what would it be like to visit as a foreign woman?
Craziest Dota 2 By Felix
Craziest Dota 2 By Felix Prije 23 sati
come to myanmar (Burmese) more funny and interesting
Dave Richardson
Dave Richardson Prije dan
Dope video. Can't wait to see the school flourish.
limboo Prije dan
one of my favorite videos.please do more of these types of vidoes where you visit countries people dont usually go to
Yu Xuan
Yu Xuan Prije dan
He shat himself the moment he took the hash
Tanner Thompson
Tanner Thompson Prije dan
Is there any way to contact the school about volunteering? I would love to provide medical support
@8:34 is it just me or did he turn into owen wilson for a hot sec right there
Peter Frazier
Peter Frazier Prije dan
...the final chapter... yes, where IUU are no more.
Robin Clemens
Robin Clemens Prije dan
How can we donate to Noors school?? A website please.
Robin Clemens
Robin Clemens Prije dan
Noors' story is absolutely heartbreaking. We must do better to protect people.
Marcos Oliveira
Marcos Oliveira Prije dan
Hur star det till? Regards from Brazil. I understand that Herat is a more acessible spot to go than Kabul. How can we reach Noor online. The video was really neat.
Robin Clemens
Robin Clemens Prije dan
I'm going to Pakistan. And I got the traditional women's Muslim clothes too. Thanks so much for doing this film. Shukriya.
Great country great people fucked up by the west!
Mike Bober
Mike Bober Prije dan
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Life Is My Opportunity - Channel
Life Is My Opportunity - Channel Prije dan
I lost my job during the pandemic 😷🌍 I created this channel believing for better for myself and the world
A dF
A dF Prije dan
The food looks so incredibly fresh and tasty... not wrapped in plastic packaging and under strip lights as it is in the west. I enjoyed the vid and reminded me of some of my great travel experiences in India and Morocco. Makes me want to go there now more than ever. Inshala
Beka Khergiani
Beka Khergiani Prije dan
This is what happens when beautiful people live in an ethernal conflict, no Corona seems problematic
Miriam Ocean
Miriam Ocean Prije dan
How are you able to fly we not even allowed to leave our state and territories here in Australia 🤔😎
Miriam Ocean
Miriam Ocean Prije dan
Socrates_The_Great Prije dan
Real muslims are great people. The Quran is not about terror and whatnot. It is a religion of peace.
Idontwantcookies Prije dan
make gofund page for NOOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5309993801 Simon
5309993801 Simon Prije dan
This film made me cry laugh. I will be watching the kids at there new school. God bless you all. I just love you all
Ajmal Khan
Ajmal Khan Prije dan
As an Afghan to much love to you guys🇦🇫❤
Socrates_The_Great Prije dan
"Oh we try the local drugs because they are mega producers" Aha, gives sense. What drugs do I then need to take when I visit USA? Fentanyl?
Zohal Amiri
Zohal Amiri Prije dan
Visste inte att du var svensk! Fin video! Hoppas du (vi) kan returnera nån dag, under bättre förhållanden / svensk/afghan medmänniska
Lupita Millan
Lupita Millan Prije dan
Beautiful video !!! 🙏🏻💕
Robert Zheng
Robert Zheng Prije dan
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S K Prije dan
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Ive never wanted to visit ... but i realise ive never seen Afghanistan in this light before 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jawid Qurish
Jawid Qurish Prije dan
love you from austria bro
Hasim Boto
Hasim Boto Prije dan
I love their food and hospitality.. Love Afghanistan ♥️ from Pakistan
Dapper Prije dan
Yo I'm from there and I miss my home country so much
MAFIA Sherzad
MAFIA Sherzad Prije dan
me to
tabarak Prije dan
Thank you for this video!! Quality content❤️ When will you post the video about iraq? Can’t wait😍
Anuj Kumar Shukla
Anuj Kumar Shukla Prije dan
I live in Germany and I must say Afghans are really the friendliest helpful people on earth.
UnorthdoxCleric Prije dan
This is where I start to have a problem where u get a YT'r who is wasting the worlds resources on a video.
Fedor Stepanov
Fedor Stepanov Prije dan
It would be really nice to also donate some money for school. Maybe authors can give us some details
Michael Doverklint
Michael Doverklint Prije dan
Joy Sharrock-Melrose
Joy Sharrock-Melrose Prije dan
What is Noors Instagram I’d like to follow his progress! Thanks :)
Joy Sharrock-Melrose
Joy Sharrock-Melrose Prije dan
What a lovely guy!
Chestnut David
Chestnut David Prije dan
Just, THANK YOU. You were right that the more you feel nervous the more your trip is going to be worth it. I think i enjoyed it too the way you enjoyed it there. Godbless you and your tourist guide. Godbless Afghanistan. AMEN. 🙏
Desiraye Lawrence
Desiraye Lawrence Prije dan
I would like to also make a donation to Noor he has such a great vision and wants to help the kids I'd love to help him achieve that dream
Sahil Khan
Sahil Khan Prije dan
I really appreciate you and drew for visiting my lovely homeland. Really appreciate 😍😊.
chris drebot
chris drebot Prije dan
Being a soldier and to Afghanistan, this video is so true! When I was in Iraq & Afghanistan the locals are very, very friendly and kind.
COLOBZ TV Prije dan
excellent video. deserved a million views. watching from Singapore, thanks for sharing.
Sultan Islamuddin Khan
Sultan Islamuddin Khan Prije dan
Goood job GUYS and love U ALL🇦🇫🕋♥️♥️♥️
Dladie Df
Dladie Df Prije dan
Wow, the more I meet people around the world and get to know new places I realize we humans are more alike than we think. We want the same things which are peace, dignity, and equality so that everyone can pursue happiness and achieve their dreams. I teared up because my only mission in life is to be able to help out others make their dreams come true and overcome obstacles.
The Football Agenda
The Football Agenda Prije dan
This was such an incredible video. Truly touched.
Ahmad noori
Ahmad noori Prije dan
lots of love from afghanistan hope we will have many guest in the future like u and u guys are always welcome
Anon Binary
Anon Binary Prije dan
soy boy
Lexlara Fitness
Lexlara Fitness Prije dan
just like egypt
Limited quantity Sufiyyah Expired with no evidence
Limited quantity Sufiyyah Expired with no evidence Prije 12 sati
@Lexlara Fitness ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽ This is What I wrote
Lexlara Fitness
Lexlara Fitness Prije 14 sati
did you write hieroglyphs?
Lexlara Fitness
Lexlara Fitness Prije 14 sati
@Limited quantity Sufiyyah Expired with no evidence freedom of speech is hard to find, so are peaceful nations? egypt is a release of those gods that control you and our world around us. i take it you are sultan or muslim or sheik.... all jewish
Limited quantity Sufiyyah Expired with no evidence
Limited quantity Sufiyyah Expired with no evidence Prije 20 sati
@Lexlara Fitness egypt occupies palestine?? Are you ok in the head? ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽
Lexlara Fitness
Lexlara Fitness Prije dan
and they occupy palestine
Aacim Prije dan
loved the content and honesty. From KASHMIR
I married a Maasai and moved to his boma
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