Making Lego Car CLIMB Obstacles

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Testing a Lego car against different obstacles and improving it until it becomes a capable climber.
Demonstrates what you need to consider: wheel diameter, gear ratio, 4-wheel drive, tire grip, breakover angle, weight distribution. Enjoy!
Base rules for all builds:
-4 wheels
-no steering (to simplify the builds)
-only Lego parts used
Remote control:
BrickController 2 app (Android)
PlayStation 4 wireless controller

Saleema Fayaz
Saleema Fayaz Prije 19 minuta
Can anyone tell me where to buy this Lego kit from
martin mccall
martin mccall Prije 24 minuta
What dealership can I buy this car from.
R.fsdsg E.sfdfg
R.fsdsg E.sfdfg Prije 44 minuta
я также в детстве конструировал препятствия вот только блять у меня не было даже элементарно источника питания!
Matias Ortega
Matias Ortega Prije 50 minuta
I have a question, where i buy this lego pieces, or how i search the products at the web
Shotgun Noobs
Shotgun Noobs Prije 51 minute
It’s like he trained for this in the book of world records
Charles Boyle
Charles Boyle Prije 56 minuta
Mind blow
Filipe Brito
Filipe Brito Prije sat
Very Very fuckin good
cyrusjake Prije sat
What the heck this is so cool
TheHarlemMilkShake Prije 2 sati
This is just impressive
Ford Rollhaus
Ford Rollhaus Prije 2 sati
I would’ve made the triggers the middle joint to make it easier to control multiple at once, but great video!
bruce_gunz D
bruce_gunz D Prije 2 sati
This is fun to watch
Brenton Sailor
Brenton Sailor Prije 2 sati
What is this, Pimp my Lego?
Khalaf Garyb
Khalaf Garyb Prije 3 sati
My back hurts just by looking at this
aldoskyz8 Prije 4 sati
this video is so fascinating that, if I could, I would put a million likes. Thank you for sharing it!
Timm2 Prije 4 sati
who else thought this was automated?
Tovarisch Prije 4 sati
I suppose it would be interesting to play in videogame too. Some kind of elasto mania..
Tushar Adeshara
Tushar Adeshara Prije 4 sati
Next is to add RL to have it learn automatically to overcome obstacles
Jimbo Dee
Jimbo Dee Prije 5 sati
A mighty impressive adaptation to the Lego car. Very pleased with the video.
Ericzoona _
Ericzoona _ Prije 6 sati
Thats incredible no cap
Bono Voxel
Bono Voxel Prije 6 sati
Engineering and driving skills, put together.
Marc Reus
Marc Reus Prije 6 sati
Hello!! Could you tell me which gear kit do you have that you can use ps4 pad?? I would like for my son. Thanks.
maya quran
maya quran Prije 7 sati
monis waseem
monis waseem Prije 7 sati
Are you planning a robbery? 😮 Prije 8 sati
That is so impressive
fazrul rusdi
fazrul rusdi Prije 8 sati
Ok now i can see why mars rover have these setup.. Thanks
Stanley Prije 8 sati
The military will soon have training to deal with such technology
GigioBigio Prije 8 sati
Bro ur car is epic ngl
za waruudo
za waruudo Prije 9 sati
2020 : makes lego toy car 2030 : makes a working literal lego car and phone
Cömert Çağlayan
Cömert Çağlayan Prije 9 sati
Çok ilginc
Daniel Hutchinson
Daniel Hutchinson Prije 9 sati
Eximnos Prije 10 sati
Very very clever!!!
Yu boka
Yu boka Prije 10 sati
Now make it autonomous!
Nylanna Oznua
Nylanna Oznua Prije 10 sati
This is like Upgrading A Car
TheCostume Prije 11 sati
This guy did a Crossout Speedrun.
Haryako Kun
Haryako Kun Prije 11 sati
This is what you gonna do before performing ultimate race :>
hoondo Prije 11 sati
where is my 6 minutes? 🤨
Mariusz Bieliński
Mariusz Bieliński Prije 11 sati
Nidheesh Nair
Nidheesh Nair Prije 11 sati
It's just a "PHYSICS" packed Performance
Amit Hasan Arpon
Amit Hasan Arpon Prije 12 sati
What this lacks is the ability to change the position of the battery on the go. If it had that ability to change it's center of gravity, it would be able to clear the last obstacle
Marco Tonino
Marco Tonino Prije 12 sati
Now make it AI controlled, so it figures out how to climb by itself
penguinpalalo Prije 13 sati
Bad Piggies
shadab shaikh
shadab shaikh Prije 13 sati
NASA are you watching????
himanshu shakya
himanshu shakya Prije 13 sati
I admire you thought process and ideas nice ideas and design put together great video !!! Thumps up👍
Nguyễn Thùy Anh
Nguyễn Thùy Anh Prije 14 sati
Azumi Graal
Azumi Graal Prije 17 sati
Nossa que incrível!😯😲
Cleonice Noster
Cleonice Noster Prije 17 sati
Oi Você não quer vender
Cleonice Noster
Cleonice Noster Prije 17 sati
Me responde
Nicholas Sciarrillo
Nicholas Sciarrillo Prije 17 sati
I was just laughing my ass off. I could watch this all day..
Dennis Robinson
Dennis Robinson Prije 18 sati
Try each wheel independent
ohm as
ohm as Prije 18 sati
TheElectricCherry Prije 20 sati
Where do you buy this stuff
Johnny White
Johnny White Prije 20 sati
Very cool to watch.
ed jones
ed jones Prije 22 sati
this video had me going "no fucking way..... no way dude... YOOOO" the whole time
Sanu Sanad Bin Sayed
Sanu Sanad Bin Sayed Prije dan
Taught me more than 10 years in scholl
David Martin
David Martin Prije dan
i bet he's already making plans for mars!
Teemu M.
Teemu M. Prije dan
How much is that?
Teemu M.
Teemu M. Prije dan
Ohh!! There must be championships for Lego mechs
Ranveer5ingh plays
Ranveer5ingh plays Prije dan
Thank u HRpost for suggesting this amazing video🙌
Tomek Urbanczyk
Tomek Urbanczyk Prije dan
Matthew Graham
Matthew Graham Prije dan
Really run to watch. The guy is a genius.
Matthew Graham
Matthew Graham Prije dan
Terezinha Inácio da Silva
Terezinha Inácio da Silva Prije dan
Soon he will add this to the tank....very...soon
Not Your Average Skater
Not Your Average Skater Prije dan
The legend is using a ps4 controllers lmaooo
8D Binaural
8D Binaural Prije dan
I have to say that you are very patient....
Aidin Softić
Aidin Softić Prije dan
You could make speedrunning out of this
Arnav Rawat
Arnav Rawat Prije dan
This is pretty complicated. Not to mention it sometimes looks like a tron bike.
Kholid Fadhil
Kholid Fadhil Prije dan
lovelyplanet Prije dan
Go to bed
MatVids2 Prije dan
You have created a god car.
siddharth dinesh
siddharth dinesh Prije dan
This video got me so stressed
NickoLimpus Prije dan
I'm so entertained! There is something so satisfying watching this video haha
Leks _tut
Leks _tut Prije dan
Где эту игру скачать на пк
random Prije dan
Dang, this person got a degree in lego engineering
Aamir Feroz Kamarudheen
Aamir Feroz Kamarudheen Prije dan
I was so mesmerized by the video that I forgot to subscribe 😅
RIZKY YANUR ff Prije dan
could be airplane tires
Miles Doxtator
Miles Doxtator Prije dan
Cool Lego
NIGHTKILLA 07 Prije dan
Plot twist: He works in NASA
LateNightHacker Prije dan
The new Tesla Buggy looks nice!
pix el
pix el Prije dan
Repeat the car MUST climb and not use help from you
Sardor Raxmatullayev
Sardor Raxmatullayev Prije dan
Bu qurilmalarni buyurtma qilolamanmi
nicholas palmer
nicholas palmer Prije dan
Lego trials
Gitarowo w Łodzi
Gitarowo w Łodzi Prije 2 dana
You are genius
Indian Sunil
Indian Sunil Prije 2 dana
Thomas CS-Ostine.
Thomas CS-Ostine. Prije 2 dana
xexonite Z
xexonite Z Prije 2 dana
I dare u too make a car that can walk on quick sand
Gabriel N
Gabriel N Prije 2 dana
WW3 tanks be like:
JordiPlayz Prije 2 dana
How much for the car? 100$? 500$?
Let’s play with Ant
Let’s play with Ant Prije 2 dana
First vid I watched from you how you are using a PS4???,,
AMDBauer Prije 2 dana
Obstacle 10 corner
Soldier 1st Class
Soldier 1st Class Prije 2 dana
New tsar tsnk
hihfsd Prije 2 dana
Raphael Brislin
Raphael Brislin Prije 2 dana
Elzam Majrol
Elzam Majrol Prije 2 dana
My favourite part is when he’s controlling the car using PS4 controller XD
DUC QUANG LOC Prije 2 dana
My son loves this final product. Can you sell me a car for my child to learn?
Sleepy Prije 2 dana
i thought he was gonna make the wheels bigger until it can climb 10 books stacked on eachother
Barley Moose
Barley Moose Prije 2 dana
NASA is watching
Mike Phillips
Mike Phillips Prije 2 dana
Well done!
Mike Roshe
Mike Roshe Prije 2 dana
5:13 Me getting out of bed 4am to piss
c c
c c Prije 2 dana
Ты это не искал но это лучшие 5 минут в твоей жизни 😅
Sezgin Çetin
Sezgin Çetin Prije 2 dana
Etienne Bean
Etienne Bean Prije 2 dana
this guy is so smart and awesome!!
Pet Er
Pet Er Prije 2 dana
Ok HRpost, are you satisfied now ? I finnaly clicked on this video.
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