What do you know about your ancestry? | Keep It 100: Black in America | Cut

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We centered Black voices in America for this round of Keep It 100's first-ever nationwide production. This episode was created in partnership with:
Pittsburgh creative Chris Ivey. Check him out at:
Montgomery creative Sydney Foster. Check her out at:
Austin creative CC Stinson.
Seattle creative, Natasha Marin. Check her out at:
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What do you know about your ancestry? | Keep It 100: Black in America | Cut
#cut #keepit100 #blacklivesmatter #BLM #belief #history #black

Cat's Meow
Cat's Meow Prije 5 sati
Not trying to appropriate anyone's culture but DAMN I wanna cuss food with my family
Jeff Pardue
Jeff Pardue Prije 7 sati
My great grandfather was in the drafted into the German army and got taken pow 3 times and in a rare instance was taken pow by the Russians during ww2
A C Prije 10 sati
I want to see a video about that quilt!
Christopher Conover
Christopher Conover Prije 10 sati
thank you for this
ALANNA GARCIA Prije 16 sati
I LOVED this ep
higiro N
higiro N Prije 16 sati
As an East African. Am happy that I know more of my ancestry than most people on here but only up to a point. I would love to do an ancestry test to confirm some theories about our heritage
Kiera Sangley
Kiera Sangley Prije 4 sati
You don’t need genetic testing to prove what you learned about your people. DNA tests are NOT complete and many times only tell you a very small portion of your family’s geographic origins.
Let'sGetGlam !
Let'sGetGlam ! Prije 19 sati
Would love to see this on Native Americans. This would be so cool.
Lonna Prije 2 dana
we were robbed of our history.
Duane Sifuentes
Duane Sifuentes Prije 2 dana
Slang isn't another language SMDH.
Lizabeth Daniel
Lizabeth Daniel Prije 2 dana
Adding more😅 but it definitely is difficult looking for my ancestry for my black great grandparents, because there’s no census. Same for my Guamanian side🥲
Lizabeth Daniel
Lizabeth Daniel Prije 2 dana
I did ancestry tracing on my mom’s mom’s dad’s dad’s side and found out Abraham Lincoln is my 9th grand uncle 😂 but, my grandmother’s mom was Guamanian. And my maternal grandfather parents were black and possibly Native American. And the only thing I know about my dad’s side is that our cousin is Edwin Starr.
cup cakee
cup cakee Prije 4 dana
Temptation killed me
Ricardo Prije 4 dana
2:48 I'm a mixed black person? why not mixed white person? LOL because is 50-50
Lizabeth Daniel
Lizabeth Daniel Prije 2 dana
Because, in white society’s eyes if anyone is white and another race, they are seen as the other ethnicity. Which is why even if we’re mixed black, we just say we’re black.
brasco2324 Prije 5 dana
"We might not know where we come from but when we're ready our ancestors find us" I felt that deep smh
tsndrene Prije 5 dana
Some of these people are not ....Black. Wow, I miss the days no one wanted to be black with they chest
Don John
Don John Prije 6 dana
saint gales
saint gales Prije 6 dana
It would be interesting to see the difference when asking non-native or black people
Blame Prije 8 dana
A lot of these people are not black.
Alondra Miller
Alondra Miller Prije 8 dana
Start here: www.afrigeneas.com Also: Slavevoyages.org. I have not done so yet. So many painful stories; and both sides of my family were on plantations in Mississippi. That is the told story, from one generation to the next. Everyone scattered after the great migration.
Auctor opus laudat !!!
Auctor opus laudat !!! Prije 8 dana
The west african bantu girl at the end thought she was from the moors.
CK K Prije 3 dana
West Africans aren’t Bantu lol
Atila Prije 3 dana
It's technically not impossible, but it would be the same as being a descendant of a white slave owner. Since the Moors were mostly North African and Iberian converts to Islam and had black slaves.
choerryy Prije 8 dana
omg im senegalese too!!
5th New Account Because YouTube is Awful
5th New Account Because YouTube is Awful Prije 9 dana
Slang isn't another language, in fact in most cases it means you can't even speak ONE language properly..
5th New Account Because YouTube is Awful
5th New Account Because YouTube is Awful Prije 9 dana
"Folx" 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️
Vedant dhawan
Vedant dhawan Prije 10 dana
1:08 I thought he had a large head snapchat filter on
Oleeta Suarez
Oleeta Suarez Prije 9 dana
Omg I can’t-😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
hampton brandon
hampton brandon Prije 10 dana
Cia Holder
Cia Holder Prije 10 dana
My ancestry is a little crazy. Being South American tour ancestry is stuck between Native, European, African and East / South Asia.
Marcus Weathers
Marcus Weathers Prije 10 dana
Gotta keep the race grift strong.
Sara Prije 10 dana
I’m related to Pocahontas ☺️
Iliass Chafni
Iliass Chafni Prije 10 dana
7:32 Moorish people basically is modern Moroccan people, who weren't black slaves but Arabic-Berber people who actually sold a lot of slaves...
Iliass Chafni
Iliass Chafni Prije dan
@Original daughter of Abya Yala middle eastern*
Original daughter of Abya Yala
Original daughter of Abya Yala Prije dan
Actually being Arabic is not a race
!Hipstar~ Prije 10 dana
7:32, me trying to convince myself I need to buy a particular thing
spanishllamaa Prije 10 dana
Thank you for sharing your histories with us.
aleah black
aleah black Prije 10 dana
This is amazing
Fergy Chester
Fergy Chester Prije 10 dana
I wona be invite to a black show
Some Thing
Some Thing Prije 10 dana
how many people are lost?...That's the title.
S. J .T
S. J .T Prije 10 dana
I wanna learn my about my bloodline and find my family
Kayla Cephus
Kayla Cephus Prije 11 dana
My ancestory only goes as far as my mothers grandma but even then I don’t know much
Loppii Leeuw
Loppii Leeuw Prije 11 dana
This is just so sad.
gbube tuoyo
gbube tuoyo Prije 11 dana
black people are really attractive though
gbube tuoyo
gbube tuoyo Prije 11 dana
black people are really attractive though
Felipe Gottschall
Felipe Gottschall Prije 11 dana
2:24 and 4:03 aren't black LOL
cornTATO Prije 11 dana
lmao one of the most recent and least viewed lmao
Alexis Cordero
Alexis Cordero Prije 12 dana
That quilt story was beautiful!! That's amazing you have that.
zarina corny
zarina corny Prije 12 dana
4:10 "not a lot...cus slavery." same honey, same.
BrokenAndroid Prije 12 dana
I'm proud to be white. So many advancement for humanity including walking on the moon, all medicines and medical breakthroughs, cars, planes, trains, ships, internet, the wheel etc.
Atila Prije 3 dana
@Teenagedirt Bag Aren't you talking about Katherine Johnson?
Teenagedirt Bag
Teenagedirt Bag Prije 3 dana
@Atila like that you keep saying thst person waiting for you to say there name 🤣trying so hard to sound smart you sound like the dumbest to ever walk this earth
Atila Prije 3 dana
@Teenagedirt Bag I've heard of that person.
Teenagedirt Bag
Teenagedirt Bag Prije 3 dana
@Atila you don’t even know who I’m talking about but you can do you with that narrative 🤣
Atila Prije 3 dana
@Teenagedirt Bag Who cares? The contributions of the person you mentioned is exaggerated because of political reasons.
olivia grace
olivia grace Prije 12 dana
God bless! Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and died on a cross for our sins so we can live again in Heaven where there is no pain or suffering! God is our Father and Creator and raised His Son Jesus from the dead! Confess and repent of your sins and God will freely forgive you! Trust in God and live for Jesus as He died for you! 💕.
Ana Mirage
Ana Mirage Prije 12 dana
I really want to know my ancestry, as a Mexican we're just mixed with everything
Fun Place37
Fun Place37 Prije 10 dana
I'm european and i'm mixed with everything...
nat Prije 11 dana
i mean not always
omrane M'zabi
omrane M'zabi Prije 12 dana
The background music is great!
Thomas Langtry
Thomas Langtry Prije 12 dana
Wow not a single white person in this video
Teenagedirt Bag
Teenagedirt Bag Prije 11 dana
Cause it’s a video for African Americans 🤨🤨
Michael Armen
Michael Armen Prije 12 dana
What stops individuals from using these dna tracing websites?
Butter Waffles
Butter Waffles Prije 12 dana
So i just watched the video with the marine biologist bitch, and I have to say that this is so disappointing and thus, has ruined my day entirely.
lechneb jokeur
lechneb jokeur Prije 12 dana
What did he reply at 2:40
Why Prije 12 dana
7:11 why'd she sound so defensive doe
ItsKayEveryday Prije 12 dana
How Come No One Said Ghana🇬🇭🇬🇭 Half Of Y'all Look Ghanaian Or West African Well I'm Inviting Y'all To Come To Ghana since we're commemorating 400th anniversary of slaves landing in the US - said to be the first recorded arrival of enslaved Africans in the Americas
ItsKayEveryday Prije 12 dana
@In.stagramgh You Can Book Them For Tours
S PB Prije 12 dana
This is so beautiful and powerful. Especially that last sentence.
عبدالغنـي مـحـمـد
عبدالغنـي مـحـمـد Prije 12 dana
Being Muslim, Arab & black, made us preserve our lineages 😘
katie watson
katie watson Prije 12 dana
as someone who is white I recently found out I'm VERY Italian but my grandfather had to change his name when he was migrating to America so we will never learn his real name or his full history all we know is that he was a soldier and written as "dirty"
Ilaa Ilaa
Ilaa Ilaa Prije 10 dana
Very often, the names immigrants took up in the US were literally translated versions of their original name. For example Bevilacqua (common Italian name) became Drinkwater. Maybe that way you can learn his real name.
fw _it23
fw _it23 Prije 13 dana
Nobody cares
iiilmh Prije 13 dana
My dad told me everything about my family, it's really interesting when they tell you these stories etc
Luisina Casirola
Luisina Casirola Prije 13 dana
My great great aunt was a countess somewhere in Italy
fede wop
fede wop Prije 13 dana
Amazing Video
Liz Mac
Liz Mac Prije 13 dana
Wow I would love to see that quilt
Hal Tucker
Hal Tucker Prije 13 dana
Pretty interesting stuff
Chihiro Fujisaki
Chihiro Fujisaki Prije 13 dana
explain what the fuck that video from 3 months ago on how white people are superior was supposed to mean?
Teenagedirt Bag
Teenagedirt Bag Prije 11 dana
Did you watch it 🤣🤣if you did then answer your own question
Hannah T
Hannah T Prije 13 dana
I’d love to know my ancestry, however I am adopted and it was closed adoption so I don’t have any information about my biological mother🤷🏾‍♀️
L o l a B o y d
L o l a B o y d Prije 13 dana
I don’t know my ancestry
elle timmoth
elle timmoth Prije 13 dana
I can find mine in prison for violent crimes. #ACAB
aliyah h.
aliyah h. Prije 13 dana
the organization “African Ancestry” is an amazing source for those who want to find their roots! My family used it to find where we were taken from.
Idil Kinik
Idil Kinik Prije 13 dana
The effect that slavery had on black people is just not fair at all. Not knowing ur ancestry, origin. Everyone deserves to know more about their ancestry and we d need that acces too.
Yanis Agodor
Yanis Agodor Prije 13 dana
Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)"
kimathi bwomono
kimathi bwomono Prije 13 dana
All very beautiful people
Dec Jackson
Dec Jackson Prije 13 dana
Thank you to that Bay Area queen holding it down and putting the world onto bootsie game. Wait til they learn about Mac Dre and the hyphy movement
Somnambulose Prije 13 dana
Do a video like this with white people and the whole Internet gonna flip.
MissisDawn Prije 13 dana
My great great grandma came to Europe from Indonesia - Java Mojokerto 🇮🇩❤️
Insula Arachnid
Insula Arachnid Prije 13 dana
The quilt story was amazing.
Aeria Aphroditê
Aeria Aphroditê Prije 13 dana
I am European/Caribbean mix. On my Caribbean side, I'm East Indian, Black Indigenous Caribbean and Chinese. On my European parent's side, I am predominantly Greek and English with some Scottish and a tiny percent of African. I know that I am actually a descendants of Genghis Khan, Rollo, William The Conqueror and Mary Boleyn (Sister of Anne Boleyn and Mistress of Henry VIII) 😊 I'm a very racially ambiguous person in appearance and I love that. It keeps people guessing lol
W 9797
W 9797 Prije 13 dana
Do this with white folx. I wonder if they know more or less. 4:07
ML Prije 13 dana
1:50 thats the funniest thing ive ever heard in my life
anon Prije 13 dana
My great great grandmother was cherokee" *wearing indian earrings at same time*
Polly Adams
Polly Adams Prije 13 dana
This is amazing
aarontheabc Prije 13 dana
Tom Baker
Tom Baker Prije 13 dana
Amazing stories and energy. Would love to see more.
Jay Here
Jay Here Prije 14 dana
Damm the pain body that black American s carry with them from the past to the present is real! I feel sorry for you guys, it's like looking at a leaf on the ground with no tree. I come from New Zealand proud Maori warrior, we were colonised by French, English, Dutch, Spanish killing alot of my people in many wars but if you come here to my country today you learn my culture,you go to school you learn my culture our ways its passed on to the younger generation so its never lost. If you don't know your roots,heritage,connection to the land of were your tribes an ancestors walked well then your the leaf on the ground blowing around empty and aimlessly straight up!
Víctor Manuel Santiago
Víctor Manuel Santiago Prije 14 dana
I'd be so confused if living in USA... the land of if being 1/32th (and less) of one race/ethnicity make people pretend being 100% out of it, even if not remotely looking like it. Therefore, depending when needed, I could pretend being 100% Peruvian, 100% Spanish and 100% French or English... Oh!! I have a great great grandma who was somewhat Jew too (she spoke yiddish my grandma said), so let's say that I'm 100% Jew too! The sweet 500% me (probably much more that I don't know yet)... maybe even 1 000% me!! 🤣🤣🤣 I know that racial/ethnic identities are NOT only matter of skin colors, genealogically (and/or culturally) speaking... but honestly, it's still a big part of it in our daily life among our communities (racism within communities) and society (societal racism). Even if very sympathetic, I don't think that a fair-skin blond-hair blue-eyes white-face guy could pretend being victim of societal racism and ethnic profiling because being genealogically 1/64th Black... nor personally understanding Black people's struggles in such matter. Among Native-Americans (and Indigenous in south America), some people are firmly against these White people who claim being Natives because of a 1/32th ancestors... while their real motivations are to save taxes or legally being able to buy and exploit native lands. I'm very happy that people in this video are truly honest toward themselves.
Ambidextr0us Prije 14 dana
Highly encourage you all ask your parents and grandparents as much as you can before it's too late. Before my grandma passed I asked about everything and now those stories will continue through me. You can find famous people's history on google, but not your own. Learn as much as you can. 🙏🏼
Ayana Duncan
Ayana Duncan Prije 14 dana
Part 2 please!!!
Naia Simone
Naia Simone Prije 14 dana
I notice a lot of the younger ppl dont know
Norman Freeman
Norman Freeman Prije 14 dana
6:11 I’m so weak omg
nichole field
nichole field Prije 14 dana
nothing about the name or the roots of the african side, which is very sad for most but the native side.....Chactow, through my grandmother that is still living
Ian Pauchard
Ian Pauchard Prije 14 dana
It's frustrating that many African Americans cannot directly trace their lineage back to the mother country. However, what's fascinating is that African Americans now have their own unique culture- which has heavily influenced the US in terms of art, gastronomy, entertainment, and much more. It's a culture that should be celebrated in its own right. 😊
Wind Surfer
Wind Surfer Prije 13 dana
It is celebrated in its own right.
Basil Ritho
Basil Ritho Prije 14 dana
I have a privilege of being able to know where I'm from. I was born in Kenya and live in America, but I know far too many friends of mine who just don't know where they come from and it's really devastating.
Bright Olonilua
Bright Olonilua Prije 8 dana
Are your friends immediate family from Kenya ?
Pepper Cyanide
Pepper Cyanide Prije 14 dana
"My cousin was a Temptation" YO 🤯
Ky Hoang
Ky Hoang Prije 14 dana
Interesting to watch this video, especially being someone who could not care less about their ancestry mainly due to my focus on living my own life and being in the present.
Dylan Waer
Dylan Waer Prije 14 dana
My great grandpa fought in world war 1 and 2
prokop jonas
prokop jonas Prije 14 dana
I’m Mexican and my siblings and I all took 23andme tests. Like many (most?) Mexicans, we all had some African in us. I would love to know more about my ancestry. I’ve tried researching online, but the native/African lineages are way harder to trace than the Spanish.
warm x chai
warm x chai Prije 14 dana
As someone who is puerto rican, irish and german there's still a lot of things about my ancestry I don't know about but I would like to learn.
Brianna Pinto
Brianna Pinto Prije 14 dana
our ancestors find us 💙
Brianna Pinto
Brianna Pinto Prije 10 dana
@Teenagedirt Bag yeah i get that comment from a lot of arrogant people...but i was just referencing the video i thought that was a beautiful comment
Teenagedirt Bag
Teenagedirt Bag Prije 11 dana
Sorry but you look Caucasian 🤣
Your Mom
Your Mom Prije 14 dana
I feel most of us as Black people do not know our history enough, and I feel it sad at times to not know where we all came from
HeyJay Prije 14 dana
I’m jealous of the people who know their ancestry 😞
Stephen Manjelo
Stephen Manjelo Prije 12 dana
Genealogists refer to this as “the brick wall,” an obstruction in African American lineage that dates to 1870 when the federal Census began recording African descendants - 250 years after they were first hauled in chains to what would become the United States. Before then, their lives existed on paper only as another person’s property. To penetrate the brick wall, black Americans frequently must rely on the names of their ancestors’ owners. “You can find them through [their owners’] tax records, estate records, slave schedules and wills,” said Mary Elliott, the “Slavery and Freedom” curator for the National Museum of African American History and Culture.
Louis S
Louis S Prije 14 dana
CUT, why the fxck is there ads in the middle of the videos? that's so not cool and thought yall were above that.
Taylor Carter
Taylor Carter Prije 14 dana
What the last girl said gave me chills.
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