WORST Reviewed Hotel vs BEST Reviewed Hotel *disgusting*

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FaZe Jarvis

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Precision Gaming
Precision Gaming Prije 2 dana
Everything in Kay’s world insane!!!!!!
Guian Figueroa
Guian Figueroa Prije 10 dana
You guys should do a challenge where kay an Jarvis stay in the haunted Cecil Hotel in LA
Mohamed Nashan
Mohamed Nashan Prije 22 dana
It looks like there is psychopath living in jarvises room
cris mckinney
cris mckinney Prije mjesec
Simp Prije mjesec
I’m still waiting for the dub step intro
pretty girl jamilia
pretty girl jamilia Prije mjesec
Jarvis got the best view😂
Yo adam
Yo adam Prije 2 mjeseci
The cameraman was banging the door
GG Gigi
GG Gigi Prije 2 mjeseci
I think I might throw up Literally XD Btw I rlly wanna get to 50 subs by the end of 2020 I know I wont get there but it's a good try
AO HIDZ Toko Prije 3 mjeseci
I got a little sacred
dawton dulaney
dawton dulaney Prije 3 mjeseci
How did they make it in life
Jude Scarborough
Jude Scarborough Prije 3 mjeseci
17:35 it sounds like someone is trying to get in
RETRO Prije 3 mjeseci
wait jarvis cant drive
Isaiah Rocha
Isaiah Rocha Prije 3 mjeseci
Kennedy Hunter
Kennedy Hunter Prije 3 mjeseci
🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Jarvis
Verx Nrvvs
Verx Nrvvs Prije 3 mjeseci
Well we know we’re that bat stated at
Callum Coates
Callum Coates Prije 3 mjeseci
JACK Vaughan
JACK Vaughan Prije 3 mjeseci
Jarvis was like y is there a mallet
Visionflickz Prije 3 mjeseci
Kay looks at the toilet: that’s insane brooo
Visionflickz Prije 3 mjeseci
Jarvis touches the light. Kay: that’s insane bro
Young D
Young D Prije 2 mjeseci
Meet chugh99
Meet chugh99 Prije 3 mjeseci
TKZKF_YT Prije 3 mjeseci
IKR smh
Rahima Shubi
Rahima Shubi Prije 3 mjeseci
jason leo
jason leo Prije 3 mjeseci
Visionflickz Prije 3 mjeseci
Jarvis and Kay sees a nice hotel (remember pretend it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo insane)
Will Holte
Will Holte Prije 4 mjeseci
When jarvis found that sludge hammer my heart dropped
SchOlz The Mobile Player
SchOlz The Mobile Player Prije 4 mjeseci
The pool could’ve been beter in the five star hotel but overall it was awesome
CHIO ORLANDO Prije 4 mjeseci
Your content is getting better everyday bro
Ekam YaBoi
Ekam YaBoi Prije 4 mjeseci
guys jarvis didnt get banned from fortnite he got VAULTED
slurpy Prije 4 mjeseci
Bruh its was so crazy be jarvis
Sakthi Vel
Sakthi Vel Prije 4 mjeseci
How is there 2 cameramans😅
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Prije 4 mjeseci
JARVIS KAY get out of that bad hotel it’s haunted
Electro King
Electro King Prije 4 mjeseci
Unlucky Jarvis
Hg Faze_mark
Hg Faze_mark Prije 4 mjeseci
Rip jarvis😭
Valid-Tay Prije 4 mjeseci
ExoticSnwy Prije 4 mjeseci
The only thing I care is a good bed a good carpet and wall cleaning and a pool and a restaurant.
Xx dayz xx YouTube
Xx dayz xx YouTube Prije 4 mjeseci
Imagin this but in 2020 holeeeeeeeeeeeeey
Faze Bolt
Faze Bolt Prije 4 mjeseci
Mr Banana
Mr Banana Prije 4 mjeseci
Jarvis’ place look’s like a murder’s bumping ground What is the bet that that someone has been killed there
Random Mems and videos
Random Mems and videos Prije 4 mjeseci
Rage .
Rage . Prije 4 mjeseci
just so you know i would def take the candy
Mace Donahue
Mace Donahue Prije 4 mjeseci
I wonder if jarvises hotel had bugs
J Carter
J Carter Prije 4 mjeseci
There like at the start “there’s not even anybody here bro” when somebody with a package just walked threw the front door 🤦🏼
K1 Trappzz
K1 Trappzz Prije 4 mjeseci
Health and safety hazard 🤢🤢🤮🤮😷😷😷
XLFALLENXANGELz Prije 4 mjeseci
When is it ever cold in California
asxio Prije 5 mjeseci
I have had a better hotel that was 250 it had a deck a good view a hot tub in the room with a mini gym with a mini fridge that was filled with soda water beer wine and a snack place the hotel gave it my to us for free it was the best
Ye boi Cypry is trash
Ye boi Cypry is trash Prije 5 mjeseci
Back in 15 minutes mean back in 15 minutes bro hahaha 😂
Christopher Rodriguez
Christopher Rodriguez Prije 5 mjeseci
The banging got me scared for you
Amjad Alkhaled
Amjad Alkhaled Prije 5 mjeseci
Did Jarvis hear that from the toilet or from outside
Jordan Macedo
Jordan Macedo Prije 5 mjeseci
These guys are wired they don’t repect the poor people are the people that work there they clean there wym u don’t want to touch something
TRZ hell_rider
TRZ hell_rider Prije 5 mjeseci
I think jason was living their
YT waydeypool
YT waydeypool Prije 5 mjeseci
Sign be back in fifteen min few seconds later a guy walks in
vamshi v
vamshi v Prije 5 mjeseci
ghost adventures
Selina Gregg
Selina Gregg Prije 5 mjeseci
CEO of bro
Lisa Hickey
Lisa Hickey Prije 5 mjeseci
Prince Auto
Prince Auto Prije 5 mjeseci
FaZe Clan can you please please come to Canada please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please😀
Mr Slimex
Mr Slimex Prije 5 mjeseci
Jelly yur video r the dis
Jaysus_ TBG
Jaysus_ TBG Prije 5 mjeseci
Even the cameraman said I’m staying with Kay at 14:15
Evan The Alien
Evan The Alien Prije 5 mjeseci
Jarvis room is scary
Yusif Ahmadov
Yusif Ahmadov Prije 5 mjeseci
trust i had a 10 thousand dollar hotel it was so big !
Marleyy._15 Prije 5 mjeseci
There is no one here Jarvis sees person walk into reception : Also Jarvis:still no one here
TLS Aedynthebot
TLS Aedynthebot Prije 5 mjeseci
Quinn man YT
Quinn man YT Prije 5 mjeseci
Jarvis room when there was a bang gave me nightmares
Cyko Target
Cyko Target Prije 5 mjeseci
It should be pretty clear that Jarvis could’ve possibly died. I’m going to guess that the noises were someone trying to break In. Door handle being shook and banging on the door
Elitez Prije 5 mjeseci
quarantine tho
proxsis Prije 5 mjeseci
¿Roman Noodles?
¿Roman Noodles? Prije 5 mjeseci
Frazier's hotel was 1000 dollars his bruh in the Dells hotels are much more nicer than that and like 300 a night
Maxknax Prije 5 mjeseci
ther is no 5 star rastront onle 3
The_ Wolfiez
The_ Wolfiez Prije 5 mjeseci
That banging was his camera man
savixrr Prije 5 mjeseci
washing machine
TUCKER BERG Prije 5 mjeseci
Rip jarvis
MR LEAST Prije 5 mjeseci
Everyone has a cameraman named Ryan
Fear Mamo
Fear Mamo Prije 5 mjeseci
Plot twist: Jarvis's hotel is the best one.
Blake Bailey
Blake Bailey Prije 5 mjeseci
Jarvis I do t know what 15 money’s mean
jeff wittek
jeff wittek Prije 5 mjeseci
The bed sheets and pillow cases were going to be thrown away damn image being that dumb
yusuf ali
yusuf ali Prije 5 mjeseci
Disgusting just like alexes head
Emilio Marentes
Emilio Marentes Prije 5 mjeseci
Why does Jarvis not get good hotels
CoVaX Prije 5 mjeseci
Bro someone is behind Jarvis
N7 Johnny
N7 Johnny Prije 5 mjeseci
How much bro did you guys say
Teezy Capolot
Teezy Capolot Prije 5 mjeseci
f1shy Prije 5 mjeseci
Be back in 15 minutes Like... I don’t even know what that means!! Mmmmmmmmmm what
Jackson Bevan
Jackson Bevan Prije 5 mjeseci
Sign: back in 15 minutes Jarvis: Yo Bruv I dont even know what that means
rxfea Prije 5 mjeseci
Ipex Beats
Ipex Beats Prije 5 mjeseci
Jarvis: It says "Back in 15 minutes, I don't even know what that means" me: Okay JARVIS, it means they'll be back in 20 minutes.
Mxnro Prije 5 mjeseci
If you ever need to know if somethings lit just come and watch these guys
Limecup Prije 5 mjeseci
Maynor AsF
Maynor AsF Prije 5 mjeseci
itzmy1es Prije 5 mjeseci
2:48 Jarvis no duh
Gavin Burrier
Gavin Burrier Prije 5 mjeseci
the apartment jarvis is staying in gives me the chills
Apoc-is -trash
Apoc-is -trash Prije 5 mjeseci
Jarvis doesn’t know what be back in 15 min means
Cooper Kowal
Cooper Kowal Prije 5 mjeseci
At 10:06 did anyone else notice the toilet seat has like hydraulics in it and it didnt even slam shut
Gé -
Gé - Prije 5 mjeseci
Kay touching those sheets gave me anxiety😣
RUB3N Prije 5 mjeseci
Indian hotels: “I don’t see Jarvis in one of the rooms”
nandha nilaa
nandha nilaa Prije 3 mjeseci
RUB3N same m8 lol
Brian Munoz
Brian Munoz Prije 5 mjeseci
Ghostii Prije 5 mjeseci
RUB3N lmao
Eduardo Urenda
Eduardo Urenda Prije 5 mjeseci
the real world guys the life of a normal working person
frqnz esm
frqnz esm Prije 5 mjeseci
Who else is kinda triggert by fraiza's goat beard
Anthony LaRosa
Anthony LaRosa Prije 5 mjeseci
Someone was knocking on your door and trying to open it
Shamby_56 Prije 5 mjeseci
Hold up
Hold up Prije 5 mjeseci
I thought they moved he was at then glass faze house
Gummy Lee
Gummy Lee Prije 5 mjeseci
Rip Jarvis
Samuel LACKEY Prije 5 mjeseci
He just probably filmed a few seconds with curtains closed and no light and had the old cameraman bang in the bathroom lmao
MarkAlexon Miranda
MarkAlexon Miranda Prije 5 mjeseci
What if Jarvis found a condom under the 🛏️
Payn Prije 5 mjeseci
Jogee Prije 5 mjeseci
I’ve not finished watching this video but I wouldn’t let Jarvis stay in that hotel even for a video, that place is hella sketchy and well, it’s just not a place u let ur lil bro stay at 😂🤦🏾
Liverpoolfc Virgil
Liverpoolfc Virgil Prije 5 mjeseci
It’s the camera man banging
Dizzy Marta YT
Dizzy Marta YT Prije 5 mjeseci
Yes sir
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