Bartender Besties Play Truth or Drink | Cut

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Directed by Pittsburgh creative Chris Ivey.
Check him out at: hyperboymedia
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Bartender Besties Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut
#truthordrink #bartender #besties

Nicole Mayer
Nicole Mayer Prije 7 sati
I wanna be friends with these girls!
T Mo
T Mo Prije 8 sati
I mean I have girlfriends that I love, but I envy women who have this kind of synergy. Such great energy.
Baby Breezzyy
Baby Breezzyy Prije dan
im getting bonnie wheeler vibes from the woman on the right and i am fucking here for it!!😂🥳
Mariane Prije dan
This really makes me want to start becoming a barmaid 😌
Rosalind Roy
Rosalind Roy Prije dan
🤣🤣🤣🤣 love love these ladies, they so funny !!
Princestan Prije dan
these two ladies are my spirit animal
Purple 89
Purple 89 Prije dan
Grappig hoe ze alles beantwoorden en toch drinken hahahaha
Nina M
Nina M Prije 2 dana
No this was the best one!
Zach Marcus
Zach Marcus Prije 2 dana
I need to find the bodacious blonde in the venom shirt😍
Maddy Campbell
Maddy Campbell Prije 2 dana
Lol they seem like so much fun
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez Prije 2 dana
Lmao bro this shit made me mad that my FUCKING GUY FRIENDS ARENT THIS FUCKING MINT!! 😭 I need round two with these Gilmore girls
Rhiannon Pearl
Rhiannon Pearl Prije 2 dana
I love these people so damn much
JuicyyBrawd Prije 4 dana
As a bartender, I humbly request more bartenders!
Janell Davis
Janell Davis Prije 4 dana
Lmao okay but let’s be friends girls
Deejay Dynamic
Deejay Dynamic Prije 4 dana
I wanna be friends with them lol
blm420jcole Prije 6 dana
what bar do they work at cause i want to have a good time 🤣🤣
Amira Amar
Amira Amar Prije 7 dana
They’re a Fucking hilarious duo 🤣🤣🤣
TorQueSS J
TorQueSS J Prije 8 dana
Oh man I could be besties with these bi*ches
Yonatan Tesfit
Yonatan Tesfit Prije 8 dana
They need to be in 23 jump street
Ben Jenkins
Ben Jenkins Prije 9 dana
palm tats. fukin hell
S L Prije 10 dana
i want what they have XD
Caite Cakess
Caite Cakess Prije 10 dana
Dude I wanna hang out with them! 🤣🤣🤣
Karla Garza
Karla Garza Prije 10 dana
I love this video 😂😂😂😂
Karla Garza
Karla Garza Prije 10 dana
We need a part two !!!!!!
Joshua Benito
Joshua Benito Prije 11 dana
3:09 This is the best fucking highlight of the clip. I love her! 🤣🤣🤣😭😭 3:59, 5:18 Like, I freaking spasm!
Dominique Navarrette
Dominique Navarrette Prije 11 dana
Where do they work ??? 😭😂😂😂
Pain au Chocolat
Pain au Chocolat Prije 11 dana
Maryam Ebrahimi
Maryam Ebrahimi Prije 12 dana
They are fucking cool
Aditya singh
Aditya singh Prije 12 dana
Is the bean character from Netflix sitcom "disenchantment" based on this blode woman
katlego mokone
katlego mokone Prije 13 dana
dk0ta Prije 13 dana
this was awesome
Hannah S.
Hannah S. Prije 13 dana
I’m dying to know their zodiac signs
Caleigh Dickson
Caleigh Dickson Prije 13 dana
These two are fucking hilarious 😂
Grimm.Llamas Prije 13 dana
This is giving me pieces and Scorpio energy lol
Hey Im Quin
Hey Im Quin Prije 13 dana
This one needs to hit the million 🤣
Eliane Keller
Eliane Keller Prije 15 dana
Omg I wanna be friends with them soo bad but I'm definitely not cool enough for these queens!
Karen Prije 15 dana
This made my day!
golden oreo
golden oreo Prije 15 dana
I wanna go party with these girls!
emerald sea
emerald sea Prije 16 dana
I want what they have 🥺😂😂😂
Tuk man
Tuk man Prije 16 dana
I think we pace each other well. Wanna do a shot? Yeah lets do a shot. Cool. :-D
Legion Ivory
Legion Ivory Prije 16 dana
Katie reminds me a bit of Natasha Lyonne.
Anastassia Tolstoy
Anastassia Tolstoy Prije 16 dana
Why do I need to be friends with these two lol
mo.shin.sick Prije 17 dana
Two women after my own heart ❤️
jenna anshel
jenna anshel Prije 17 dana
Bartenders have some of the most interesting stories
Kbbk C
Kbbk C Prije 17 dana
Lmaooooo This has been my favorite theyr funny afff
Megan Janis
Megan Janis Prije 18 dana
Fucking amazing start to finish. "Dude I'm lit, we should keep partyin"* ends recording. God I wanna get hammered with this duo.
Mini Diva
Mini Diva Prije 18 dana
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Hailey White
Hailey White Prije 18 dana
I want a friendship like this
Rachael Summers
Rachael Summers Prije 18 dana
Ah my people.
Madison Michelle
Madison Michelle Prije 18 dana
Hands down this by far my favorite one!
they just came here to drink lol
Lauris Prije 18 dana
Well, drinks for free u should. xD
Rhiana Rowley
Rhiana Rowley Prije 19 dana
I love them this is the best cut video ever
silverbracelet6 Prije 19 dana
I don't get anything they're saying or laughing about because it's all an inside joke... "You had to be there" kinda thing 😊
Adrian Milanov
Adrian Milanov Prije 19 dana
i love it ! i just want to ask if you will do more "Fear Pong" in the future ! Thanks !
Carlie Porter
Carlie Porter Prije 19 dana
i wanna be their friend
Rachel & Derrick
Rachel & Derrick Prije 19 dana
Please have them regularly on CUT. So funny!!!! I can imagine them doing the line up videos.
Zany Z
Zany Z Prije 19 dana
"Cheers, what a nice day"
Vatahit Singh
Vatahit Singh Prije 19 dana
Why every single open minded girl is either a bisexual or lesbian but never straight?
Savannah Ellis
Savannah Ellis Prije 19 dana
I love how they both answer all the questions lol
Angelina Prije 20 dana
i love this video
Michael Chapman
Michael Chapman Prije 20 dana
Y'all. Each video that I watch that makes me want to buy this game. Some more than others. Some lots more than others. Some. I literally troll to the website. This was a troll to the website one. BAMF team right there!
NathanB417 Prije 20 dana
I have so may concerns right now
James Fernandez
James Fernandez Prije 20 dana
I can’t believe this is the same company that produced hiho kids...
Jota Prije 20 dana
they both remind me of Mr. Meaty characters in the best way
Febiola Sheryn
Febiola Sheryn Prije 20 dana
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Shaka Candi
Shaka Candi Prije 20 dana
I wanna know in which bar I can drink with them
ya momma
ya momma Prije 20 dana
bring back would you rather series
Randy Bunker
Randy Bunker Prije 20 dana
Neither one of us are sluts. Anyone actually buying that. 😀
shawty 666
shawty 666 Prije 20 dana
They complement each other so well with looks, humor and openness🤩🤩 more of that pls🥳
Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen Prije 20 dana
Please bring them back!! They are hilarious 😂
kel sey
kel sey Prije 21 dan
Hahahahaha these 2 are hilarious
Claire Van
Claire Van Prije 21 dan
Why does the blonde one’s face remind me of Billie Eilish?
Holly Poon
Holly Poon Prije 21 dan
Ok kinda off topic, but are yall using a new camera?? Graphics look siccccccc but also, hilarious “two transactions at once”😭😂
jetmac 47
jetmac 47 Prije 21 dan
Lady on the right is wearing a Venom shirt... HELL YEA🤘🤘🤘
Mikita B
Mikita B Prije 21 dan
If they had a show I’d watch it.
GayPlantLady Prije 21 dan
They turned this into truth AND drink 😂
Bamf Prije 21 dan
wtf did i just watch????
Miriam H
Miriam H Prije 21 dan
Mo and Katie are cool
sophiac Prije 21 dan
i love them
Hey Im Quin
Hey Im Quin Prije 21 dan
The way she ended the video off is perfect. I could not stop laughing at that 🤣🤣
M L Prije 21 dan
“Fucked to death” is the new way that I wanna go
Candi Campbell
Candi Campbell Prije 21 dan
I love these ladies!!
Joe Face
Joe Face Prije 21 dan
Love this
Haley B.
Haley B. Prije 21 dan
Can we have more of these two please?! Make them regulars 🥰
Lauren Edmunds
Lauren Edmunds Prije 21 dan
Love the videos lately
mgollow Prije 21 dan
The atmosphere is fucking chaotic
Lord Pidda [TJB]
Lord Pidda [TJB] Prije 21 dan
Bring em back please. ps. They would dominate Fearpong
Tamara O'Flaherty
Tamara O'Flaherty Prije 21 dan
These ladies seem fun!!!
sswgm Prije 21 dan
THANK YOU! Best survivors ever.
ruezu Prije 22 dana
Their chemistry tho💯💯
leancuisine6 Prije 22 dana
I wish I was the blonde truthfully, she’s living life with her bff :-(
Hanna Birgitta
Hanna Birgitta Prije 22 dana
I'm 1 minute in and I'm in love with both of them
texh akathisia
texh akathisia Prije 22 dana
this was so effin good, couldnt stop laughing. wish them all the best!
Akay Young
Akay Young Prije 22 dana
This is fucking epic.
Curtis Prije 22 dana
Today's high value women everybody.
Amelia Rothfuss
Amelia Rothfuss Prije 22 dana
i need to see more of them!!!!!!
Lauren Prije 22 dana
these are a couple of folks I would LOVE to hangout with, they seem so fun and kind!
Ibrahim Usman
Ibrahim Usman Prije 22 dana
this screams Pennsylvania... jesus
Always Obrien
Always Obrien Prije 22 dana
i enjoyed this very much
JC Prije 22 dana
they should be the new icarly
Vale Prije 22 dana
“Two transactions at once” LMFAOOO
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