Hamster Ball On Lake

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Dylan Ayres

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Shawnee Naytowhow
Shawnee Naytowhow Prije 5 dana
Make a bow I was silly string
The Scarlet Spider
The Scarlet Spider Prije 13 dana
How do you breathe in the hamster ball
Hami Anjum Prome
Hami Anjum Prome Prije mjesec
Go at the sea with your friend
SammyG 08
SammyG 08 Prije mjesec
Who thought he was trapped in ice the second the clip started?
Jacob Mercado
Jacob Mercado Prije mjesec
Yeah people tend to do stupid shit from lack of oxygen
Calvin Alba
Calvin Alba Prije mjesec
Please don’t do that again
Dusan Kotlar
Dusan Kotlar Prije mjesec
I would love to try it i say it would be fun and scary at the same time
space waffle
space waffle Prije mjesec
How do u breath in that
drat kcuf
drat kcuf Prije mjesec
Too easy
Sarah•P Prije mjesec
All I think of is Jojo from dance moms get stuck in the bubble
your favorite commentor
your favorite commentor Prije mjesec
Wish he decided to go to a river current.
Greyson Higgerson
Greyson Higgerson Prije mjesec
Greyson Higgerson
Greyson Higgerson Prije mjesec
Miriam Anderson
Miriam Anderson Prije mjesec
You should buy like 20 more hamster balls and make a giant boat
Marquis  King
Marquis King Prije mjesec
Logan Stearns
Logan Stearns Prije mjesec
Darwinism being tested
Kosa Mila
Kosa Mila Prije mjesec
I was and still am absolutely terrified of those. Im quite claustrophobic but on top of that i have asthma so yeah
Adam Hanlon
Adam Hanlon Prije mjesec
Awe he’s special
RigelOrionBeta Prije mjesec
Someone needs to learn about Newton's laws of motion.
Jaden Malcolm
Jaden Malcolm Prije mjesec
Bro, fabricate some paddles on the outside of it so when it rotates it propels you
SamSon SimSon
SamSon SimSon Prije mjesec
Get a job!!
Mike Who
Mike Who Prije mjesec
Oh that’s not dangerous at all…what could possibly go wrong…
Patrick Evans
Patrick Evans Prije mjesec
Dream be like
harthiqa baharuddin
harthiqa baharuddin Prije mjesec
Your Hamster ball put hamster inside
Ninja Prije mjesec
Imagine You Fart In It On Lake😂😂 R.I.P 100% Guaranteed.
JNAUR Prije mjesec
Do a documentary where you live inside it for week, but its weighed down so you're at the bottom of the lake.
bus Bear
bus Bear Prije mjesec
“what else I should do” stop
한승희 Prije mjesec
From this video, I learned that American physics education is shi*
Prije mjesec
What if it deflates? Do you get suffocated?
NormalHuman Prije mjesec
Son you should study.
Sample Text
Sample Text Prije mjesec
How old is this man?
t.j pennington
t.j pennington Prije mjesec
Need to put stuff on the outside of it that allows it to move the water. Just a beed of hot glue or something around it
Jade Mason
Jade Mason Prije mjesec
Why did this give me anxiety
/// Prije mjesec
there was a county fair and it had this kind of thing back in 2016-2017 in texas was rly fun except for the fact that as a kid w/ asthma, i almost nearly died 😃😃
Drip Demon
Drip Demon Prije mjesec
You didnt think once about getting your camera man friend to push you further in?
jiggy chad neuman
jiggy chad neuman Prije mjesec
Build a power boat
Rjay Lick
Rjay Lick Prije mjesec
Put duck tape fins on the outside nothing big or stiff but just small things
espen lunde
espen lunde Prije mjesec
Make a hole, so you can breath. 🤭
Skye Lategan
Skye Lategan Prije mjesec
Spend 24hours in it
RomanVilaS Prije mjesec
¿Your parents are cousins right?
Binjimin White
Binjimin White Prije 2 mjeseci
Put pool noodles around it so they can be used as fins
Robert Dellanno
Robert Dellanno Prije 2 mjeseci
Ben Bruvance
Ben Bruvance Prije 2 mjeseci
Add fins to it so you can move somewhat
Neil Serapio
Neil Serapio Prije 2 mjeseci
So handsome
chop chop
chop chop Prije 2 mjeseci
How did he breathe in there
Colin Fox
Colin Fox Prije 2 mjeseci
Great story👀
Buttstuff Prije 2 mjeseci
The irony of running out of oxygen just above the surface of the water
Harrison Mauldin
Harrison Mauldin Prije 2 mjeseci
Take it down Niagara falls
TomCook1993 Prije 2 mjeseci
Seems like Anglo’s way to drown
Ashahrab Aamir
Ashahrab Aamir Prije 2 mjeseci
Claustrophobia intensifies
Some Person
Some Person Prije 2 mjeseci
This ball makes the movie “Buried” look like a joke.
Ok, get some hot glue, glue some pieces of plastic in strips on ball. When in water, you will have control.😁😁😁🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Adrian Leusink
Adrian Leusink Prije 2 mjeseci
Clearly we are not an evolving species....
Mark Branson
Mark Branson Prije 2 mjeseci
This guy 100% gets a new gen iPhone because "it's so much better "
Bositive _
Bositive _ Prije 2 mjeseci
When Dr Fauci says the mask mandate isn't working so they decided to go with the bubble boy attempt 😂😂
Pie Avenger
Pie Avenger Prije 2 mjeseci
You might be better off attatching rudders to the ball
Zilla Deliva
Zilla Deliva Prije 2 mjeseci
white people.....
Ellia Wortley
Ellia Wortley Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m excited to try this at home 😍
M_Tigerr Prije mjesec
Jon Mangod
Jon Mangod Prije 2 mjeseci
Why make this?
Norrin Radd
Norrin Radd Prije 2 mjeseci
Get a job and contribute to society
Sakosa878 Prije 2 mjeseci
Imagine not being able to swim And starting to suffocate lol
Douglas Thomas
Douglas Thomas Prije 2 mjeseci
Am I the only one short of breath thinking this seems like certain death on water... this video ranks up with watching flying great white sharks... again certain death on water...
Michael G
Michael G Prije 2 mjeseci
What I learned from the video is the guy is a TOTAL MORON
Unarmedarc Prije 2 mjeseci
Bro just add fins on the ball, then it will work like a paddle boat.
Gabe Langmead
Gabe Langmead Prije 2 mjeseci
Glue paddles onto it
Bro Modz
Bro Modz Prije 2 mjeseci
Get a job
linaleni Prije 2 mjeseci
THE GIRLS:18+ ARE BIGTITITS.UNO HRpost: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾
Miguel A Garcia
Miguel A Garcia Prije 2 mjeseci
Add fins
AverageBB Prije 2 mjeseci
This reminds me of what my dad used to say about “giving people their own bubble” Brings whole new meaning right here
Dad Awesome
Dad Awesome Prije 2 mjeseci
This is what the secret plan is for all the unvaccinated.
Andy Web
Andy Web Prije 2 mjeseci
Wtf are you even doing in life ?
Joshua McClister
Joshua McClister Prije 2 mjeseci
You should fill it up with water and then freeze it
bum bum bum
bum bum bum Prije 2 mjeseci
What is the purpose of this?
wood the dumb but smart elf
wood the dumb but smart elf Prije 2 mjeseci
Add giant scooters so when you spinn water will be pushed as well
Gerhard Nieuwoudt
Gerhard Nieuwoudt Prije 2 mjeseci
Why do you talk so fast?
Shubhangi Banjari
Shubhangi Banjari Prije 2 mjeseci
Can someone please tell me why is it called Hamster ball 🐹🔮
C-130 Prije 2 mjeseci
Fill it with helium 🎈 go around the world. Now ya got somethin!
Kennie 103
Kennie 103 Prije 2 mjeseci
Anyone reading from the future. We were not all this damn. Just a really loud dumb minority
Me Prije 2 mjeseci
Looks like a good way to drown yourself. Hey Mr. Balen, come watch this kid!
menace Prije 2 mjeseci
My hampster be jealous rn
RAKESH ROSHAN Prije 2 mjeseci
Everything is fun until an alligator gives a surprise
TheKoreyVolcom Prije 2 mjeseci
Dude u make me so depressed everything u do fails and u keep going like why
Raheim Wallace
Raheim Wallace Prije 2 mjeseci
urusai baka
urusai baka Prije 2 mjeseci
lol in Malaysia we got a school event that does that for quite a long time now...it's fun and the most expensive one
Kai Kai
Kai Kai Prije 2 mjeseci
There used to be a place I went to as a kid where I went into a hamster ball over a pool and you pay $2 to ride for 10 minutes. 🙂
Honest Abe
Honest Abe Prije 2 mjeseci
I was claustrophobic
Bean Water
Bean Water Prije 2 mjeseci
HRpost mfs be like: Fun? No, you aren't allowed to have a good time, you have to sit around and be miserable like me 😡😡 (bonus points if you put people down in youtube comments all day)
Aiden Brown
Aiden Brown Prije 2 mjeseci
Tape or glue pool noodles to it so it works better
Roger Huston
Roger Huston Prije 2 mjeseci
Idiot says what?
Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman Prije 2 mjeseci
You want to know what you could also do besides making bad tik toks
Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman Prije 2 mjeseci
Get a real job lol but no seriously get a job
Avishek Mazumder
Avishek Mazumder Prije 2 mjeseci
Wow. Content.
MasterMotoff Prije 2 mjeseci
Get or make one with fins so that then you can move
LordStraightBanana Prije 2 mjeseci
See if you can escape from the ball in handcuffs from the middle of the lake.
ImThatAlien Prije 2 mjeseci
Are you using a breathing air compressor? If you’re not your breathing a bunch of oil fumes and other particulates. Also what happens when the carbon monoxide builds up and you get tired over water… also like others pointed out if that thing pops and fills with air your as good as dead with no knife and still consider your self very lucky if you make it out with a knife. I have dive experience and I know about water deaths and carbon monoxide deaths. They are way more common than you think.
Andres Pacheco
Andres Pacheco Prije 2 mjeseci
Yes CO2 poisoning
john michael pizdujalkixpidaracov
john michael pizdujalkixpidaracov Prije 2 mjeseci
Fill it up with water and bounce it around
Kenneth Andrada
Kenneth Andrada Prije 2 mjeseci
Imagine if there was an alligator 😳
TenaciousP45 Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey This is really stupid please no one do this
Ryan Mettler
Ryan Mettler Prije 2 mjeseci
go on some rapids
I hate you
I hate you Prije 2 mjeseci
Put some find on it it might allow you to move but idk
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