Bad IRISH ACCENTS That Even I Can't Understand

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Irish accents are beautiful and diverse but sometimes they reach the comical levels of a cartoon and I can't even understand them.
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quinten i. g.
quinten i. g. Prije 9 minuta
As a dialect coach...the movie clips hurt my soul.
Amanda Fikar
Amanda Fikar Prije 43 minuta
Hey Jack have you seen Gangs of New York? It's about people of Ireland coming to America during the time Ireland was going through the rat plague. Leonardo Dicaprio, Liam Neeson, and Daniel day Lewis is in it.
Ellen Heffernan
Ellen Heffernan Prije sat
I am from Limerick and he is so correct
ancomenby Prije sat
Lizzie The Cat
Lizzie The Cat Prije 2 sati
"Like in Aiuil (oil)" First thing I thought of was the Southern American version where we just say it in a way I can't even write. Thick Irish accents remind me so much of thick Southern accents because I've met people down here I can't understand because they either leave out sounds or talk so fast and don't enunciate correctly. It's hilarious sometimes because you're just sitting there talking to an old Southern man in Walmart and he's talking so slow and with such a thick accent you have no clue what he's saying. My mom used to say that her grandmother would say that her brother got "madogbit". Like it was all one word. (Her brother got "mad dog bit", or rabies).
dasPedal27 Prije 2 sati
Youre absolutely Not a good exmple for a hard Brit ACC.....dont Hype yourself.its gay af
It’s Seán
It’s Seán Prije 4 sati
My dads from dublin and my mam is from dundalk, My accent is just confused if I'm loud I go to Dublin if I'm quiet I go dundalk
John Vito
John Vito Prije 4 sati
0:57 Was Saoirse Ronan busy?
stiptic septic
stiptic septic Prije 4 sati
2:21 he sounds like gru from despicable me 😂
Faith Sloan
Faith Sloan Prije 5 sati
The frost but boy is from Northern Ireland 😫 I’m from thereeeeee
MTB Prije 6 sati
“GET F*CKED ITALY” Absolute perfection
огромный мальчик
огромный мальчик Prije 8 sati
They should of just cast brendan o carol in all the roles
Reorg Prije 8 sati
He plays a Irish traveler, I s totally different and did a good job
Jacob Carlson
Jacob Carlson Prije 11 sati
"Every time people ask me to say 'Top Of The Mornin' I'm like 'Oh noooo" He says as he's wearing a Top of the Mornin tshirt 😂😂
toby Braniff
toby Braniff Prije 12 sati
Hey Jack i am from Northern Ireland antrim I know this is going to be a weird question but have you ever hear the Northern Irish accent and have you ever been to Northern Ireland?.
Larissa Johnson
Larissa Johnson Prije 14 sati
I am Irish but I was raised in America so I have an American accent but I could still understand everything I AM IRISH DEAP DOWN
Unmasked44 Prije 14 sati
Funny story: many years ago, my family spent three weeks in Ireland, before school started up again. We went to this small boating town, and I absolutely loved it. I would constantly walk around town by myself(I was around 13-14 at the time), and just talk to people. After a week in Ireland, I suddenly started to speak with an Irish accent at random times in the day, sometimes lasting for almost an hour. The thing is, I was the only person in my family to do it. Like, we’d be sitting down for dinner, and I’d suddenly speak with an Irish accent without knowing it(it kinda freaked out my brother and mom, but my grandmother loved it). When I got back home, this kept happening until about a week after being back in America. To this day, I still wonder how the hell that happened, but honestly, I loved speaking with an Irish accent (my family is VERY Irish😂)
maoga0 Prije 17 sati
the news narrator sounds like rt-
Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson Prije 18 sati
You're right on different accents in Ireland. Same in describing "American" accent. Easily dozens
Dragon Hunter
Dragon Hunter Prije 19 sati
Fuck yea fucking Australia is 5th
Ditigalized Prije 20 sati
the man with the missing sheep sounds like what i think english sounds like to non speakers
L e m o n y T e d d y
L e m o n y T e d d y Prije 23 sati
I love h o t f u z z
Dragon Heart
Dragon Heart Prije 23 sati
I came here because I heard a Brittish person who sounded the most Scottish I have ever heard in my life
TheSilverMane Prije dan
Nope, am having a bloody hard time understanding that farmer. But to be fair, I'm German. You should have heard my great-grandfather speaking in his Dialect, especially from the nick of the woods where I come from where every town has it's own accents and there's my great-grandfather speaking his Dauernheimer Platt. A bit of a shame that the accent is dying really but overall, even if I can't understand a single word sometimes, I still absolutely love accents from any language.
Declan Kelly
Declan Kelly Prije dan
This was hilarious. My fav was the vocal coach she hadnt a clue
camzilla_does_music Prije dan
0:42 my new notification sound
James theboss18
James theboss18 Prije dan
Ngl at some points i thought he was speaking Gaelic
xXGamerpc252Xx Prije dan
thnk you for everything ive been here sence you played skate 3 and my grandad who passed away on the 16of december from covid took uk to one of youre shows in durham so whether you see this or not (Highly Unlikely You Will) I want you to know that im battling some shit rn and youve helped me so much so lets keep it going plz for me and for your amazing community whether anyone sees this or not i love you all 😘😘😘😘
Toriana Seybold
Toriana Seybold Prije dan
Sean is my Irish dad.😊
WAHOOO!!! Prije dan
irish sounds like every nordic language combined
Joe Warren
Joe Warren Prije dan
Y didn't u do a Wexford accent
soggy brawl stars
soggy brawl stars Prije dan
i think your accent is the greatest jack
Patrick Brennan
Patrick Brennan Prije dan
Brad pits accent wasn't as terrible as I expected it to be but his lines made no sense 😂
NorthErrant Prije dan
Wild mountain thyme is going to become a cult movie, but only for Irish people.
Crystal Watters
Crystal Watters Prije dan
Limerick looks like a member of The Rubberbandits.
TheMilkyNipple Prije dan
In the guide to irish accents, is that the dood from the try channel? The one leather jacket guy had a thing with his mom?
xyupdladsx Prije dan
We are indeed the sexiest in the world, come on lads 👏🏼
pandemonium Prije dan
I'm dead. All i could think of was Gaelforce audios...I've been falling asleep to a cork accent xDDDDD
Rampage Prije dan
8:09 that dude has made a song. i think it was called girl for me
BFM Flipz
BFM Flipz Prije dan
2:21 he sounds like gru from dispicable me.
fuuny videos
fuuny videos Prije dan
when i have to do my listening in spanish
Da Baby
Da Baby Prije dan
The kerry man with his sheep is an iconic one
Randy Ferengi
Randy Ferengi Prije dan
Irish people will go on about how much they love their ancestral homeland, its culture, and its accents, while in the same breath declaring a Somali who washed up on their shores this morning not only an Irishman, but every bit as Irish as someone whose family has lived there for centuries.
Bunzyx Prije dan
"eat shit france" and my dream place to travel has been ruined
hais urry
hais urry Prije dan
I was readdyyy for you to react to a northern accent and you just paused the video, heart broken lmao
Jeremy Roland
Jeremy Roland Prije 2 dana
The accents from that first movie are so not Irish, even I, as an American, can tell how blatantly not Irish they are lmao. The farmer genuinely sounds like he's not speaking English at all like come on 😂😂😂
Zkenz21awesomeo Prije 2 dana
I can’t be the only one who relates an Irish accent with jack and the leather jacket guy from the try channel 😅
Raven Black
Raven Black Prije 2 dana
Do people from Kerry even use words??! 😂😂
Exavyco Prije 2 dana
farty-five ship lol five vessels that smell like fart? or five sheep that farted a lot? 😂😂😂😂
CoffeeOperator 2
CoffeeOperator 2 Prije 2 dana
Yah I’m a vowel bender! 😂😂😂
delirious bunny
delirious bunny Prije 2 dana
love how he understands keyspam-speak
27daisuki Prije 2 dana
I cannot fuckin understand the Irish man that lost sheep, not one word lmao
Vanessa Graham
Vanessa Graham Prije 2 dana
I love accents so much. I feel like American accents are so bland unless you’re southern. 🥺
Josh Huddlestone
Josh Huddlestone Prije 2 dana
The guy who lost his sheep had a hint of scouser about him
Daedalusspacegames Prije 2 dana
I went back to check some older videos to be sure, and while I always registered Jack as being from Ireland, I've never struggled with his accent. I kinda wish I had examples of his accent back in the early early days, where he was doing what amounted to an American accent (I've not been around that long, to be clear). That said, I've always been decent with accents, and I didn't struggle with many of the Irish accents in this video (sheep dude was something else though, felt like I'd have better luck if I understood Irish Gaelic).
ljooste Prije 2 dana
This video was hilarious. I would absolutely sign up for more of these.
mei lin
mei lin Prije 2 dana
the fact that the Australian accent ranked 5th "good aye sexy"
Yuki A.
Yuki A. Prije 2 dana
I'm not an Irish, but i am amazed i understood them
iielxiee Prije 2 dana
Ppl actually think we say flor Oil sorr😵
R Prije 2 dana
i was legit watching snatch yesterday
Death Trap
Death Trap Prije 2 dana
I think I have an accent just from watching this video
bashpr0mpt Prije 2 dana
That very thick accent is more ancient northern Germanic than anything else. You can hear that it is a continental Germanic accent, it sounds Scandinavian (a sub ethnicity of Germanic) which makes sense given they colonized Scotland and Ireland and disposed of the indigenous inhabitants circa 800's.
Gormass Prije 2 dana
no love for ulster 😞
Gormass Prije 2 dana
(11:15) when your English teacher gives you an a in your class test
ThatGirlIsAwkward Prije 2 dana
'I'm a vowel bender' 🤣 chocked on a chip
Samantha Freeman
Samantha Freeman Prije 2 dana
I feel like the more jack talks about ireland the more his accent comes out
꧁ Akane Draws ꧂
꧁ Akane Draws ꧂ Prije 2 dana
Oh god this video reminds me of when Jack played Overwatch and was kind of disappointed about Moira’s accent when she was first released
Dylan Babcock
Dylan Babcock Prije 2 dana
If you can’t understand it, isn’t it the best Irish?
soul Prije 2 dana
I'm here only bc pewds reversed his face reveal
Studio Jay
Studio Jay Prije 3 dana
LadyC Blu
LadyC Blu Prije 3 dana
Knowing the “twist” on Wild Mountain Thyme makes me want to cry laughing
Gabriele Merli doppiaggio
Gabriele Merli doppiaggio Prije 3 dana
The Tony Cam
The Tony Cam Prije 3 dana
The conor mcgregor accent is the most hated lol
DrowningPoodle Prije 3 dana
i could understand evorone except only a little bit of the sheep farmer. can i get my honorary irish badge now
『 T R A S H 』
『 T R A S H 』 Prije 3 dana
When she was saying ill my German speaking ass thought she was saying owl
pack mc studios
pack mc studios Prije 3 dana
I'm from Derry and dongal and i can't understand him
CatsG0M00 Prije 3 dana
I love accents, and I'm always striving to make mine more authentic to each region. This is a great video on what not to do for my Irish accent.
Adam Cogan
Adam Cogan Prije 3 dana
Oil show you where ya can go now oil. Actually has me cringing inside myself haha. There are so many different dialects in Ireland that I can’t even understand people half the time. Ah sure look, be grand. Also, Kerry accents can be almost british sounding to being absolutely fucking indistinguishable farmer accents. I had an Irish teacher from Kerry who sounded similar to her.
Garry Murphy
Garry Murphy Prije 3 dana
I’m proud to be Irish and I’m from Ireland
Kendra Trenchard
Kendra Trenchard Prije 3 dana
When jack said 'got a rock tied around his neck'. he sounded like Gru
jon smith
jon smith Prije 3 dana
blood_upon_the_rose Prije 3 dana
We have a lot of different accents and also dialogue , we use slang a lot also which for most who aren't from here makes it 10 times worse to understand lol also from the north to the south the accents are completely different lol
Angelo Estoya
Angelo Estoya Prije 3 dana
6:05 totally mad that up
Schoko Fussel
Schoko Fussel Prije 3 dana
The dog when he lies down in that sheep video.. Yeah that is me trying to understand that man's accent. ThE fEcK aRe Ya SaYiN?
Danielle Albano
Danielle Albano Prije 3 dana
Tiffany Russell
Tiffany Russell Prije 3 dana
Some of these accents remind me of Newfoundland & Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (where there's lots of Irish ancestry). Apparently most of the Irish Immigrants who settled on Newfoundland came from Waterford, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Wexford, and Cork. The cartoon guy for Cork and the "man with the sheep" definitely sounded like Newfoundlanders 😂. I'm from South Shore Nova Scotia and tend to drop T's (or replace them with the 'sh' sound) and accentuate vowels and R's. Lots of German ancestry over here. And yeah, the dialects change from county to county.. even if it's a 10 min. drive away haha.
PaulJeffreys1974 Prije 3 dana
Being Scottish, some of these reminded me of the Peterhead accent lol... The trawler men all sound like the guy with the sheep lol
Holy Sultan
Holy Sultan Prije 3 dana
Aye Shur I'll go to the Shuwr
Tuckster04 Prije 3 dana
I wonder if any british or irish people can't understand deep southerners
Anime Unlimited
Anime Unlimited Prije 3 dana
06:46 Fortnite?
Anvarynn Prije 3 dana
Cork and Northside Dublin were 🥵👌
April Bingham
April Bingham Prije 4 dana
I'm American and this video gives me so much pain.
Ar Chie
Ar Chie Prije 4 dana
Why does 19:02 sound like the mmmkay teacher in south park 😂💀
Mikey McCollum
Mikey McCollum Prije 4 dana
Sorry I'm late to the party, but being Northern Irish this killed me 😂😂😂😂
Kolton Grandy
Kolton Grandy Prije 4 dana
you just need to wia to hear newfie accents
Ellie Hops
Ellie Hops Prije 4 dana
The only line I remember Brad Pitt saying in snatch is "feed dem dags"
Kaka Bone
Kaka Bone Prije 4 dana
Jacksepticeye: start drinking more milk. me chillin with a glass of milk aswell as a bowl of cereal
CTG006 Prije 4 dana
im irish but dont really have an accent
nic sosa
nic sosa Prije 4 dana
Makes me wonder what Japanese or Korean would sound like if they were spoken with Irish accents. Would anyone be able to understand it?
karen corcoran
karen corcoran Prije 4 dana
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