Kylie Jenner: A Day in the Life

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Kylie Jenner

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I wanted to give you guys a glimpse into a typical day for me. You guys have been asking to see my new office, but I thought it would be fun to show you everything from the moment I wake up, so I'm taking you into my home, my closet, my business meetings, my photoshoots and more. More videos to come! x Kylie

Soliyana Yared
Soliyana Yared Prije 10 minuta
I wish I was Kyle or Stormy at least for a week!
Miss_ baby_panda :3
Miss_ baby_panda :3 Prije 2 sati
Stormie is actually very lucky to have a beautiful and nice mother
dardan jakupi
dardan jakupi Prije sat
Vaishnavi Kolnure
Vaishnavi Kolnure Prije 3 sati
Hey make produts suitable for indian skin tone too not just for your skin tone
Ha,za Alaa
Ha,za Alaa Prije 3 sati
Travi travi where is he man. Bruh you stole your. Travi car
Anika de Freitas
Anika de Freitas Prije 3 sati
I love you kylie
Akshaya Anil
Akshaya Anil Prije 4 sati
Stormi is so cute
Eesha Playz
Eesha Playz Prije 5 sati
So no ones talking about how many bags and purses she has???
salsabil suchana
salsabil suchana Prije 7 sati
Kylie's closet is 10 times bigger than my entire house....
Samya Xxxx
Samya Xxxx Prije 8 sati
Kendall look so natural
Lucifer Lucifer
Lucifer Lucifer Prije 8 sati
بزاز 😍😍😍😍
Karen L
Karen L Prije 9 sati
Wow Her job is like 5 mins compared to my double shifts just to afford rent 🥲 gotta love capitalism
Anya's Roblox
Anya's Roblox Prije 9 sati
Hi kylie and stormi if you guys see this
Afrin Sultana
Afrin Sultana Prije 10 sati
Everyone talking about how small their dressing room is compared to Kylie's and there is me who doesn’t even have a dressed room and I am 15
dark matter
dark matter Prije 11 sati
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وناسة تايم
وناسة تايم Prije 12 sati
وناسة تايم
وناسة تايم Prije 12 sati
my_name_in_use -
my_name_in_use - Prije 12 sati
Angela Beauchesne
Angela Beauchesne Prije 12 sati
Kylies bag closet is bigger than my room
josie cook
josie cook Prije 13 sati
Keep is up girl. she treats stormi 's like a qween stormi is the cutest thing. we love u kylie and stormi!!!!
cxblitz Prije 15 sati
This video made me depressed
Marte verpoest X
Marte verpoest X Prije 15 sati
5:50 ‘Hi Harry’ when Kendall was on her phone , like Harry Styles or whut ?
5MinuteRestorations Prije 17 sati
What did one flag say to the other? Nothing, it just waved.
Michelle Robertson
Michelle Robertson Prije 17 sati
How many purses does she have?!?!?!?!?!?!
Milim Clase
Milim Clase Prije 21 sat
salma Prije 22 sati
*15:01** why does this girl in pink look so much like Trisha Paytas i mean?*
salma Prije 22 sati
*kylie have more cars than some people brain cells*
JULIA SORIANO Prije 23 sati
hi kylie watching here from italy please check my channel and my instagram modeljulia
Lily Docherty
Lily Docherty Prije dan
what non Kylie fans say: Hi Kylie Jenner what Kylie fans say: Heyyy queen
Nicol Barrera
Nicol Barrera Prije dan
I'll eat dry zone mo lang window.
Asiyah Bashir
Asiyah Bashir Prije dan
Asiyah Bashir
Asiyah Bashir Prije dan
shes such a sweet mom
Lily Montgomery
Lily Montgomery Prije dan
Why don’t you do Kylie travel pack pls notice this it’s would be my honest dream you are my idol
Asiyah Bashir
Asiyah Bashir Prije dan
Inês Ferreira
Inês Ferreira Prije dan
I loved the video, because I really enjoyed doing some of the things Kylie does and being able to achieve the goals that she achieved. I also found this video interesting, because I really like Kylie and this kind of videos. I also love to see what a person's day is like, although sometimes it may not be like that, but dispite those aspects, I still love this kind of videos.
hailey lwin
hailey lwin Prije dan
bruh there's 97,059 but zero likes
يوسف الزعابي
يوسف الزعابي Prije dan
Simon Wang
Simon Wang Prije dan
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يوسف الزعابي
يوسف الزعابي Prije dan
wow I can see yo bayb
Grace & Olivia Huque
Grace & Olivia Huque Prije dan
Stormi is so cute saying mama while wearing her glasses
VJ Singh
VJ Singh Prije dan
what the heck is this like the rich vibe is being thrown on us
Twinkle Tehe
Twinkle Tehe Prije dan
Damn stormie is living the LIFE.
ۦډۑْۧےٰۛـࢪࢪيۦ مےٰۛـغࢪۅࢪۦ٭
ۦډۑْۧےٰۛـࢪࢪيۦ مےٰۛـغࢪۅࢪۦ٭ Prije 21 sat
Touta's Beauty
Touta's Beauty Prije dan
Love you kyliee ❤️❤️
Susannah Zuzanna Carter Turkiewicz
Susannah Zuzanna Carter Turkiewicz Prije dan
kylie kylie :((((
Stuart Reimers
Stuart Reimers Prije dan
Smart Poota
Smart Poota Prije dan
As if I needed another reason to love these women. Kylie made sure her baby had a good day. Took care of business and ended it with friends who adore her for being her. Taking money away from the whole thing you could tell she’s amazing. She woke up that day and chose success and that’s something I hope we all strive for.
Swastika Mishra
Swastika Mishra Prije dan
I love her Mom skills 😍
Meryem Amedowa
Meryem Amedowa Prije 2 dana
kendall is so sweet!!!
my_name_in_use -
my_name_in_use - Prije 12 sati
Rhodah Makena
Rhodah Makena Prije 2 dana
you had a butt surgery
CharlieTheChip Prije 2 dana
Hi guys, here’s my new video🐿🦄🐾
Nihali Chawdikar
Nihali Chawdikar Prije 2 dana
Did anyone see Kylies necklace with the name Stormi written on it which she wore for the birthday bash !? Its soo effin cute😍
Hodge Ferraris
Hodge Ferraris Prije 2 dana
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Milli Cerezo
Milli Cerezo Prije 2 dana
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Chelsey Gavin
Chelsey Gavin Prije 2 dana
$chelseygavin Hoping everyone can send me at least $1. Trying to keep a roof over my kids head. Working full time and covid is really putting a damper on life. Just $1 from people is all I ask.
Sheila Perino
Sheila Perino Prije 2 dana
I love the bags... Wohohoho
Ms Iryn
Ms Iryn Prije 2 dana
Kylie enjoying the birthday suprise relating with all those not so popular friends of her friends in a normal down to earth way😍😍😍😍😍
Ms Iryn
Ms Iryn Prije 2 dana
I don’t care what y’all say Kylie recording for HRpost amidst her busy work day and stormi Then y’all say these gals don’t work 😂😂
Hip Hop love
Hip Hop love Prije 2 dana
Θελω αυριο να ξυπνησω πλουσια
Crxy Lxzy
Crxy Lxzy Prije 2 dana
All i could hear when the man was crying was kylie screaming aaaaaaaaaaaaa OPEEEENNNNN ITTTTTT!!!!!
Izzy Marie
Izzy Marie Prije 2 dana
Only Kylie gets over 50 million views on a day in the life vlog
Alisson lol
Alisson lol Prije 2 dana
Imagine being Stormi....
Chloe Luxton
Chloe Luxton Prije 2 dana
why is stormi's closet bigger than my bedroom ;-;
Aesthetic_Stitchedits Prije 2 dana
Me knowing Kylie For about 2 years and still doesnt know why she’s famous My mind: is she a...model?singer?dancer?actor?
Izzy Marie
Izzy Marie Prije 2 dana
Reality tv star who also has a makeup line, skincare line, and an entrepreneur
Fierra Rhodes
Fierra Rhodes Prije 2 dana
Miss gender where do you like to get to know me any and gives a friend of some Murch games
Fierra Rhodes
Fierra Rhodes Prije 2 dana
I am and you can’t get a big fan how far are you🦯
Hannah Matalobos
Hannah Matalobos Prije 2 dana
makeup artist/ friend
Ozge Bayir
Ozge Bayir Prije 2 dana
lm turkish l love you kylie my beatiful please lm ozge seni cokkkk seviyorum melegimmmmmmmm no kendal jennar yes kylie jenner kendal ugly
Bladi Perez
Bladi Perez Prije 3 dana
Cariño beibi exchange ilove for you mom
Carla Prije 3 dana
*when stormis and kylies closets cost more hen your house*.
Aak S
Aak S Prije 21 sat
In India , at stormi's age we learn the table of 2 lol
Carla Prije 3 dana
imagine just driving around then you see Kylie Jenner just pop up on the road next to you
Shtoma Prije 3 dana
elisa Prije 3 dana
5:46 "hi harry" and apparently kendall is on a facetime YWVWJDGWJDUWH WHAT
Da Doll
Da Doll Prije 3 dana
Kylie money looks-unique Personality-trash and fake
BriannaLifeAG7! Prije 3 dana
Kylie: I have cosmetics meetings, skin meetings, etc Me: The closest thing i have to that is school meetings.
word of monbebe life
word of monbebe life Prije 3 dana
hello ı love you so much
Kylie Le Grange
Kylie Le Grange Prije 3 dana
Hey my moms name is kylie
Cleopatra west
Cleopatra west Prije 3 dana
I love this video .
Hacking Freak
Hacking Freak Prije 3 dana
is that guy is gay
CouCou styles
CouCou styles Prije 3 dana
kendall's fit predected 2020's trends i-
BrandonKyleMorris Prije 3 dana
You inspire me.
moana maraki
moana maraki Prije 3 dana
I have a Kylie lip kit
sadie storer
sadie storer Prije 3 dana
hi kylie is a great mom btw!
Sublime •••
Sublime ••• Prije 3 dana
life is so hard. I spend like ten minutes every day deciding which purse, outfit and car to wear/drive every day from my huge designer brand collection :( also no hate to Kylie whatsoever I love her its just a joke 😂
Fabulous birthday surprise, Kylie is such a sweet girl
0123456789abc decghijklmn
0123456789abc decghijklmn Prije 3 dana
Girl with the UGLIEST boyfriends😀😂😂😂 Seriously Kylie wtf is wrong with you???😨😨😨
Carolin Tran
Carolin Tran Prije 3 dana
Hi Harry?
RobloxRox Playz
RobloxRox Playz Prije 4 dana
Oml- that is a lot of bags
Niamh Boyd
Niamh Boyd Prije 4 dana
Imagine having the decision of what car to drive in the morning 😢😂
bebel unicórnio melo
bebel unicórnio melo Prije 4 dana
Kim i Love yahoo 😘💯 melhor cantora do mundo 😘😘
Jana Prije 4 dana
I want to get to the point in my life where I just choose what car will I use today.
Ethan Irwin
Ethan Irwin Prije 4 dana
The like cardboard pathomorphologically paint because mine typically suspend pace a brown babies. wonderful, thankful helen
Doris Zarza
Doris Zarza Prije 4 dana
Kylie and stormy
Ak Begum
Ak Begum Prije 4 dana
5:46 is it harry styles
she said ' hi harry" which i assume was directed to Harry Styles which means kendall was facetiming harry
ANVITHA A Prije 4 dana
am i the one who think kylie looks like elder of kendall with makeup on?
Laila Cele
Laila Cele Prije 4 dana
I could do anything to be stormi or north west
Anurag Malviya, EI
Anurag Malviya, EI Prije 4 dana
1810 Magcon
1810 Magcon Prije 4 dana
bosuna yasiyoruz
bLueBeRry Prije 4 dana
there warbobes are as big as mine and my sisters bedrooms honestly
JKPro Prije 4 dana
The faze rug
Anurag Malviya, EI
Anurag Malviya, EI Prije 4 dana
Where are you from
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