Can - Spoon (live 1972)

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Marek Matoušek

Prije 9 godina

Can Tago Mago 40th Anniversary 2CD Edition

marco lambertini
marco lambertini Prije 4 dana
Peter Kroll
Peter Kroll Prije 23 dana
Mr. Liebezeit is the only musician here who can play.
Geronimo Rootman
Geronimo Rootman Prije mjesec
Any one these musicians left?? gotta be....this don't die...fkn cornerstone sht. Right hear here... Tried county STf....more please...k? Yup
Marianne Ginalski
Marianne Ginalski Prije mjesec
If you have been lucky to discover Can and listen to it as a teen, this sound will mark you for life.
stingtheory Prije mjesec
Completely true... 45 years ago in my case!
TheLasal Prije mjesec
People I deal with knows nothing about Can... and I'll keep the secret to the last day.
now Prije 2 mjeseci
They're good lads.
Martin Latvian
Martin Latvian Prije 3 mjeseci
Reminds me of few of my musician friends when after a long party they go into trance and start playing and singing
Vitor Agra
Vitor Agra Prije 4 mjeseci
Josef Eschweiler
Josef Eschweiler Prije 5 mjeseci
Can't wait to hear it STOP!
gwuposti Prije 5 mjeseci
Mark Bokowiec
Mark Bokowiec Prije 6 mjeseci
Bought Tago Mago when it first came out because of the cover photo and the words on the inside cover. I had never heard of Can - needless to say It changed my life! - I was 17 years old - Those were the days indeed :-)
Christopher Haas
Christopher Haas Prije 6 mjeseci
Yet another beautiful piece this 57 year old midwesterner had not previously heard before. Ill damn sure hear it again
Rafael Anguiano
Rafael Anguiano Prije 7 mjeseci
Mi mayor ejemplo de progresivo era Starless and the Bible Black pero esta obra maestra se lo lleva por mucho
spookytooth Prije 8 mjeseci
Saw this band a few times back in the day. Loved ‘em and still do. Was amazed at the time at the whirly speaker contraptions on top of Irmin Schmidt’s synth 😎
spookytooth Prije 7 mjeseci
@Max Aronow yes that would be it - thank you 😊
Max Aronow
Max Aronow Prije 7 mjeseci
a leslie speaker, you mean?
john gray
john gray Prije 9 mjeseci
1971 what a year for albums😍
LilThugrFoe Prije 9 mjeseci
dumbo poopy pants
Stephen Patrick
Stephen Patrick Prije 9 mjeseci
I was going to comment about how powerful and rocket engine-like the guitar is at times, but it now seems unfair to pick that out when the wandering but at the same time perfectly steady bass, the spooky electronic keyboards and the transcendent drumming are just as fantastic. How do they manage to both drone hypnotically and freely improvise all over the place at the same time? It shouldn't work - as so many improvisers bore us to death with their self-indulgence - but here it does. Gushing over.
Mike Hill
Mike Hill Prije 4 mjeseci
God bless you and your family 🙏❤️ Michael listening to them so many years
János Mészáros
János Mészáros Prije 10 mjeseci
Helder Batista
Helder Batista Prije 8 mjeseci
Yes I can ear eat tin food for the soul🏆📢
Ali Zourkane
Ali Zourkane Prije 10 mjeseci
Eh ouais ali zour CAN 🏴‍☠️🤘🎧😪😤🤮🤮putain c est good🤮again ahhhhhh just one spoon ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh🤮yaya Gut!!!!@@
Ali Zourkane
Ali Zourkane Prije 10 mjeseci
Danke schone CAN !! aufwiedesen ?🤮 🤣 non je rigole 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Ali Zourkane
Ali Zourkane Prije 10 mjeseci
9 08 1959 beaune 🇨🇵
Ali Zourkane
Ali Zourkane Prije 10 mjeseci
Ya un français dans la salle ou un beaunois non de dieu ah pour les spleen volontaires what HELLS.c est volontaire l ENFER😤😪🤘
La Vaga
La Vaga Prije 10 mjeseci
The drums is what always hypnotize me about Can. Its like a drug you gotta get your fix on a regular basis. RIP Jaki Liebezeit
Daryl Perrins
Daryl Perrins Prije 3 mjeseci
This guy played the drums like Hendrix played guitar- rarely does percussion become a soundscape - drums with atmosphere
Vitor Agra
Vitor Agra Prije 4 mjeseci
Jaki Liebezeit is one of the best drummers ever. Had the chance to knew him, after a concert in Portugal. Great grig!
Lewis Goudy
Lewis Goudy Prije 10 mjeseci
Can't believe I never heard of them. Reminds me of Blue Cheer covering Saucer Full of Secrets.
7otto666 Prije 10 mjeseci
What a beautiful band. Just so different from anything. No rules. LOVE THESE DUDES!!!
Walter Sander
Walter Sander Prije 11 mjeseci
Davorin Flis
Davorin Flis Prije godine
What can one say about this group? Is there any need?
Most Birnen
Most Birnen Prije 7 mjeseci
Moore needs than youre words since more than 50 years! I'll forget you in 50 Seconds!
Melissa Evans
Melissa Evans Prije godine
Sounding so fresh in 2020. Incredible, thanks.
Jeff Prije godine
11:40 such a fierce beat
Alex Seago
Alex Seago Prije godine
Saw them at Birmingham Town Hall 72/73 - absolutely mesmerising - still one of the best gigs I have ever attended.
Bob Green
Bob Green Prije 5 mjeseci
I saw them at Brunel Uni in Uxbridge on the same tour. Great stuff.
thedirtlevel Prije godine
When acid wants to trip, it drops a hit of Can.
andrew hamsterdad
andrew hamsterdad Prije 10 mjeseci
listen to their albums IN ORDER for the full effect
andrew hamsterdad
andrew hamsterdad Prije 10 mjeseci
KNOW where the trip began.. TAKE those shrooms and LISTEN to those Moody Blues their seven albums starting with Days of Future Passed through Seventh Sojourn in one carefully planned set and setting. Sojourn means trip.
Iam Notevenanumber
Iam Notevenanumber Prije godine
Can't a go mago? Why not?
ayahuascaeyes Prije godine
smoking goood kush
Mike Hill
Mike Hill Prije 4 mjeseci
Smoking gorrila glue strand glued to my chair
Alonso Pizarro Gomez
Alonso Pizarro Gomez Prije 2 godina
This live show is so fucking amazing, but the one thing thing that makes even greater is how influential it's. The main riff was used by GY!BE for many of their songs, post-punk, noise, everything is here.
Alonso Pizarro Gomez
Alonso Pizarro Gomez Prije godine
@524 Mladic
524 Prije godine
Gybe used this?
kuujjuaq58 Prije 2 godina
How about a 47th anniversary edition, eh?
kuujjuaq58 Prije 2 godina
Thanks for the reminder, and the upload. Just Great. All the Best, bro. This piece and Augmn are my favs of a great collection of pieces. And Mushroom.
Jani Pashkvan
Jani Pashkvan Prije 2 godina
How CAN you not like it?
thedirtlevel Prije 2 godina
I love the Vitamin C/Bring Me Coffee Or Tea hybrid around the 19:00 or so mark.
Klaus Zöller
Klaus Zöller Prije 3 godina
The very best of all time. 4 pupils from Stockhausen!
Mike Hill
Mike Hill Prije 4 mjeseci
I had a Stockhausen album forgive my spelling 10lightyears from home
soltwedel Prije 4 godina
What'd I pay to be able to travel back in time, watch this live and get crazy to the section from 12:35 onwards! Super super groovy!!
7otto666 Prije 10 mjeseci
Schwertfisch13 Prije 11 mjeseci
@Eddy R The whole early Can catalogue up until '73, the early Pink Floyd pre Dark Side of the Moon, up until '73 before they changed their sound , dropping the long Mood/Soundscape pieces in favour of two super-succesful conceptual albums; Tangerine Dream, beginning in '1972, passing the torch into '74 and beyond. That was probably some of the most transcendental live performed music ever. Drawing directly from the Realm of Creativity, ripping open temporary alternate realities... And I missed all that by just 50 years :/
Eddy R
Eddy R Prije 11 mjeseci
@jajax1 I was 17 and I thought the same. Every concert was a new music adventure. And still listen to their music
jajax1 Prije godine
I was 16 at that time and going to their concerts was like entering a new world -- absolutely amazing. And every couple of years thereafter I found supposedly new sounds/ bands that strongly reminded me to Can... Can had great years from 1969 through 1972/73...
pave l
pave l Prije godine
man gonna dip some acid and fly away. crazy , goofy freak dance 100 % for sure
Phil Rey
Phil Rey Prije 5 godina
I eat nothing but ege bamyasi. Is good!
kuujjuaq58 Prije 2 godina
Well, chow down! What's stopping you.
Peter Wagner
Peter Wagner Prije 5 godina
geil ...........
Court Laszlo
Court Laszlo Prije 6 godina
wish this was twice as long.
jajax1 Prije godine
better never stops ;-)
Pa Wi
Pa Wi Prije 6 godina
This really opened my eye ( O )
Mike Brunt
Mike Brunt Prije 7 godina
Very well said indeed meanderings that work.
Dylan Allard
Dylan Allard Prije 8 godina
google "Can"
Lauritz Meier Andersen
Lauritz Meier Andersen Prije 8 godina
get their albums ege bamyasi (where this song is from), tago mago and future days. happy listening!
kuujjuaq58 Prije 2 godina
Yeah, and Monster Movie, Soundtracks, Unlimited Edition, Flowmotion, Saw Delight!!
Schuermann Karin
Schuermann Karin Prije 8 godina
where can i find more from this group? thanks in advance.
Schuermann Karin
Schuermann Karin Prije 8 godina
like it
Vam Prije 8 godina
Stephan Eerkens
Stephan Eerkens Prije 8 godina
mhm, zur dieser Zeit traten Can viel in Köln auf . Wahnsinnsgruppe damals wie heute. War zur der Zeit 18 . Sensationell....................................
Rokudammela Prije 8 godina
It's something comparable to the live versions of Sister Ray.
Rich Latta
Rich Latta Prije 9 godina
I take that back - still listening and it got good. Karoli is going off!
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