HIGHLIGHTS | Bristol City 0-3 Aston Villa

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Watch extended highlights of Aston Villa Carabao Cup Fourth Round 3-0 win at Bristol City on VillaTV.
Visit video.avfc.co.uk/ for more.

Nelson Clevery
Nelson Clevery Prije mjesec
Sylheti Vibe
Sylheti Vibe Prije mjesec
The commentary made this game even more enjoyable lol
Valon Jonuzi
Valon Jonuzi Prije mjesec
Valon Jonuzi
Valon Jonuzi Prije mjesec
Youssef_Osama Prije mjesec
He must play with grealish in cam position and play with trezeguet in the left wing as he is playing with right foot and traore in the left wing
Sizzle DOG
Sizzle DOG Prije mjesec
Us arsenal fans are very crucial for aston villa having a good season.... we bring luck... and martinez is here..
Sizzle DOG
Sizzle DOG Prije mjesec
I am arsenal fan and i love aston villa
glorymanheretosleep Prije 2 mjeseci
This team doesn't look promising at all. Fighting to not be relegated once again. Villa needs to spend more on players that are not going to end up leading the team to relegation.
Идиоты Амигосы
Идиоты Амигосы Prije 2 mjeseci
Ramsey Traore Davis TOP
Anna Dench
Anna Dench Prije 2 mjeseci
My cousin is Ollie Watkins best friend and I have his old friend Exeter kit now
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor Prije mjesec
@Anna Dench have you ever spoke to Watkins before?
Anna Dench
Anna Dench Prije mjesec
@Anthony Taylor I know it is awesome
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor Prije mjesec
Thomas McAndrew
Thomas McAndrew Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m surprised there aren’t any Tanzanians over here
alexander martinez
alexander martinez Prije 2 mjeseci
Saludos desde México
lion heart
lion heart Prije 2 mjeseci
Top 6 a possibility, I ain't kidding
Senou Est Puceau
Senou Est Puceau Prije 2 mjeseci
Bertrand Traoré 🔥❤️🇧🇫
Ben Harrison
Ben Harrison Prije 2 mjeseci
Is it just me that thinks el ghazi is the shittest player in our squad
Darren Woodfield
Darren Woodfield Prije 2 mjeseci
i like Henry....reckon he has part to play this season.
Mafia Reflex
Mafia Reflex Prije 2 mjeseci
This is amazinggggggggggg
Niall Prije 2 mjeseci
A Loftus cheek in that central midfield next to luiz and wow..
Lee Evans
Lee Evans Prije 2 mjeseci
What the hell , we've got players that can Run !! Up the effing villa !!
Lidya Mwacha
Lidya Mwacha Prije mjesec
we are onloan turkey maana dalili zenu sio nzuri msimu huu
أحمد أبوحسين
أحمد أبوحسين Prije 2 mjeseci
Chris S
Chris S Prije 2 mjeseci
My left ear loved the commentary.
Iain Westwood
Iain Westwood Prije 2 mjeseci
This looks a good positive Villa team this year.Looking forward to what's coming.
Robert Peter White
Robert Peter White Prije 2 mjeseci
Joseph Hughes
Joseph Hughes Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoping Ramsey makes the bench this weekend
Keith Bates
Keith Bates Prije 2 mjeseci
Guessing ramsay makes the bench Monday seen as he has outplayed lansbury in both games ??
William Nöjd
William Nöjd Prije 2 mjeseci
easy win
Tom Walsh
Tom Walsh Prije 2 mjeseci
Ramsey over McGinn on Monday
George Dolman
George Dolman Prije 2 mjeseci
Hause really needs to stop running out to fullback and tripping over the ball. I've seen him do it so many times.
George Dolman
George Dolman Prije 2 mjeseci
Davis st watkins lw and traore/trez rw is the best front 3 we have atm. Cant wait to see what happens against fulham. Hopefully we can bring in a new striker and rashica before the end of the window
Hezzy Mac Arthur
Hezzy Mac Arthur Prije 2 mjeseci
Villa top 11 premier. Semi league cup( yes that's me name, deal with it), last 16 FA cup. Deal with it. What?
Arachnophilia Prije 2 mjeseci
Better!!! Fulham will be tough but lets put them to sword!
Willy Mclaughlin
Willy Mclaughlin Prije 2 mjeseci
We battered little old Bristol
Ian Hayden
Ian Hayden Prije 2 mjeseci
Can we dare to hope? Brilliant stuff from the new players!
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia Prije 2 mjeseci
11' Anwar El-Ghazi (0-1); 14' Bertrand Traore (0-2); 73' Ollie Watkins (0-3)
Jay0fSanj Prije 2 mjeseci
Guilbert was just awesome in this game up and down that pitch like a Yo-yo
Steven Addis
Steven Addis Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm just glad villa have kept a manager for so long .onwards and upwards
Hocane Prije 2 mjeseci
Bruce was kept just as long
Craig Taylor-Broad
Craig Taylor-Broad Prije 2 mjeseci
That first goal is absolutely stunning work from Davis
Daniel Hilsdon
Daniel Hilsdon Prije 2 mjeseci
Reassuring to see that we made 11 changes to our starting 11 and we still won comfortabley, nice to have decent depth to our squad to make players fight for positions
Gary Pritchett
Gary Pritchett Prije 2 mjeseci
Options all over the place for us now!, exciting times ahead, UTV!!
Ashy OG
Ashy OG Prije 2 mjeseci
1:28 GOALLLL!!!!
Juned Hussain
Juned Hussain Prije 2 mjeseci
Well done Lads. Keep up the good work. UTV!!!
Malone m
Malone m Prije 2 mjeseci
The villa team are on fire 💥 well done Goals Goals UTV💪
JogOnYaChickenNugget Prije 2 mjeseci
Wonder if traore was a pass or not
Maurice BONKOUNGOU Prije 2 mjeseci
Traoré 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️🌟🇧🇫🇧🇫🇧🇫
Louis Murrain
Louis Murrain Prije 2 mjeseci
feels like that bright future we been promised might be on the horizon come on villa well played lads!!!
Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco Prije 2 mjeseci
vaya golazo de Traore
Garry Taman
Garry Taman Prije 2 mjeseci
Geez, this Villa squad is exciting now. Ramsay looks so promising, so comfortable on the ball. Traore looks full of energy, Ollie is getting into great positions (VAR would have given a penalty for a push on that one miss) and Davis will be so key for us this season. Feeling optimistic
Kieran Harriman
Kieran Harriman Prije 2 mjeseci
Great result! Smith finally has the makings of a squad. Personally if Villa can afford the wages I wouldn’t sell any of our squad. We have options now. Some young players coming through. Today’s game is about the depth of your squad not just the team. We could of and should of beat Bristol by more but I’m not complaining. Traore goal was superb. Great that both he and Watkins hit the ground running. Up the Villa.
Luke Hollier
Luke Hollier Prije 2 mjeseci
What a game from Ramsey
Olawale Michael Ayodele
Olawale Michael Ayodele Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't know, it's like Emi Martinez in Villa team is making some of us Gunners beginning to follow and wish Villa well. We still love Emi.
Sizzle DOG
Sizzle DOG Prije mjesec
Errttt wow
KENNETH Goodluck
KENNETH Goodluck Prije 2 mjeseci
lol who saw that fake shot
Mark Grundy
Mark Grundy Prije 2 mjeseci
Davis reminds me of Heskey. Not the sharpest finisher but great hold up play creating a lot of chances. Not suited to a lone striker role could be very effective alongside Ollie Watkins.
Good Day
Good Day Prije 2 mjeseci
Could be a new Owen/heskey partnership 🙂
Ian Jones
Ian Jones Prije 2 mjeseci
where was Samatta?? I stop watching HRpost now
Lidya Mwacha
Lidya Mwacha Prije mjesec
tuko zetu turkey
Mate Kennedy
Mate Kennedy Prije 2 mjeseci
In Turkey mate Fenerbache
Sylvan Lewis
Sylvan Lewis Prije 2 mjeseci
he's gonna be sold
Ihorok K
Ihorok K Prije 2 mjeseci
Что со звуком
Jon T
Jon T Prije 2 mjeseci
Lansbury can certainly pick out a pass & Ramsay and Traore are looking good!
bejay69 Prije 2 mjeseci
Sort the title and description out Villa... embarrassing.
Open Door English - Tom Davidson
Open Door English - Tom Davidson Prije 2 mjeseci
Good stuff - Traore looks class and Ramsey is really pushing to be involved in Prem games. Might serve him better to go out on loan and play every week for a while. Fair play to Davis - he takes some stick but helps his teammates out a lot.
mark anderson
mark anderson Prije 2 mjeseci
Once again their keeper played out of his skin and kept the score respectable otherwise we could have had a cricket score. really encouraging performances by Ramsey, Landsbury and Davis, I just wish he would put the ball on the net more often.
Muziwandiswe Ndebele
Muziwandiswe Ndebele Prije 2 mjeseci
bertrand traore scores on his aston villa debut
Kartikeya Bapat
Kartikeya Bapat Prije 2 mjeseci
title should be the other way around?? no?
The cure
The cure Prije 2 mjeseci
Our second team looking good. Traore, how cheeky was that! Job done.
Harvey Harrison wells
Harvey Harrison wells Prije 2 mjeseci
Get a new commentator?
Reet Pateet
Reet Pateet Prije 2 mjeseci
Some really promising signs that are making me even more excited for this season! Ramsey needs a chance - he looks a fabulous player. A fantastic nights work by the boys. We aren’t going to be the pushover we were last season - this is looking good!! UTV 👍
i might be wrong
i might be wrong Prije 2 mjeseci
Top performance all round. Ramsey looking great. Davis looked like the forward we know he can be. Lansbury and Nakamba looking sharper. Brilliant to see Guilbert back in. Trez becoming more and more productive. Very enjoyable performance.
Ciaran Gogg
Ciaran Gogg Prije 2 mjeseci
You do know that the score in the title should be the other way around!
sam kind
sam kind Prije 2 mjeseci
Is this a typo: Bristol C 3 0 Aston Villa? It doesn't matter, it's just funny. Traore got of to a good start, Ramsey is a promising player and 4th round cup football for Villa- nothing to complain about! UTV
Neil Sleigh
Neil Sleigh Prije 2 mjeseci
ARE YOU THE BRISTOL YT CHANNEL IN DISGUISE!!!!!!! seriously who makes the titles for this? Edit: those who are now wondering what I'm talking about the original title said: 'HIGHLIGHTS | Bristol City 3 0 Aston Villa'
Restless Guitarist
Restless Guitarist Prije 2 mjeseci
Honestly. Whoever runs our HRpost channel needs a drug test. Saying we only won 2-1 against Burton and saying we lost 3-0 to Bristol City? Come on man, sort it out.
darth paul
darth paul Prije 2 mjeseci
Well done boys but that Bristol keeper looks handy
Secret Seeing
Secret Seeing Prije 2 mjeseci
I love villa but your away kit ( Kappa Third Kit ) needs a rethink !
Inline82 Prije 2 mjeseci
Compared to man utd's its a bloody masterpiece !!
R Singh
R Singh Prije 2 mjeseci
Ramsey pushing hourihane for the 3rd place in midfield. Lansbury could get decent if he actually put some effort in. Passing and technical ability is good. Davis just needs to add goals, hold up play is excellent
Ben Yermak
Ben Yermak Prije 2 mjeseci
Bristol City 3 0 Aston Villa ???? WHICH game was you watching??????
Callum Mafarlane
Callum Mafarlane Prije 2 mjeseci
Davies looks better every game is see him in
Hocane Prije 2 mjeseci
If he could finish he wouldn't be a villa player
Not Me
Not Me Prije 2 mjeseci
I've always rated him he never lets us down, physical presence, holds it up well and plays intelligent..if he can add more goals to his game then he's a major asset for us
sweeneytodd011 Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoping he has a good season and can catch a break in front of goal.
Mate Kennedy
Mate Kennedy Prije 2 mjeseci
Just will not go in for the lad (other than Burton) very unlucky Great player
Edboy 1222
Edboy 1222 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Spyro Tek hes a great player to bring on when switching to direct play or defending a lead. I dont know if he will ever be prolific but 🤞
Daniel Hughes
Daniel Hughes Prije 2 mjeseci
Hahaha lost 3-0
Jack McGinn
Jack McGinn Prije 2 mjeseci
Some filthy stuff there from the Villa. Promising signs indeed. Hollywood finish from Bertrand
EXC ÊXØRÇST Prije 2 mjeseci
In the title villa lost 0-3 to Bristol city
TheMaskedKid Prije 2 mjeseci
Aston Villa 3 Bristol City 0 you mean
Lightning Boy yt
Lightning Boy yt Prije 2 mjeseci
We’re gonna win rthe league lmao
Alex Pastrana
Alex Pastrana Prije 2 mjeseci
1:25 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
J Mc
J Mc Prije 2 mjeseci
Hause was good value for money but can’t be anywhere near the first team. Not premier league lv
i might be wrong
i might be wrong Prije 2 mjeseci
I think he has a lot of qualities and with the right training, which is available at Villa, he can become a PL player. Definitely a useful squad player.
dayll beesley
dayll beesley Prije 2 mjeseci
OMG that bloody commentator 🤬
trenthzb Prije 2 mjeseci
Lansbury's passes were exquisite!
Doug G
Doug G Prije 2 mjeseci
Deceptive title shocked me and made me watch it.
Anonymous 222
Anonymous 222 Prije 2 mjeseci
😦 it's the way around for villa
Cheka unenepe
Cheka unenepe Prije 2 mjeseci
Inamaana samatta kamwagwa
AVFC_ D.P.C Prije 2 mjeseci
Rubbish player
Egbert michael
Egbert michael Prije 2 mjeseci
Hiki kikos cha moto kabisa
Sanngi TN
Sanngi TN Prije 2 mjeseci
Omg editer is not fan of villa 🤣🤣🤣
Cesar Vialpando
Cesar Vialpando Prije 2 mjeseci
Man the title freaked me out . I also thought martinez didnt concead 3 against teams like city,chelsea,liverpool how can he do that against bristol city .
Cesar Vialpando
Cesar Vialpando Prije 2 mjeseci
@Daniel Kinehan im clickbaited
Daniel Kinehan
Daniel Kinehan Prije 2 mjeseci
Well apart from the title being wrong, Martinez didn't play lol
พูลลาภ อภิโชติกิจ
พูลลาภ อภิโชติกิจ Prije 2 mjeseci
fc. watkins he good players from Thailand
Josiane Sawadogo
Josiane Sawadogo Prije 2 mjeseci
Windra_ 3
Windra_ 3 Prije 2 mjeseci
Bristol's GK againt Villa
Shubham Pandey
Shubham Pandey Prije 2 mjeseci
When you don't pay your youtube guy his salary and he puts wrong title.
Shubham Pandey
Shubham Pandey Prije 2 mjeseci
@KingCoolKish actually when this video was uploaded it said Bristol City 3 and Aston villa 0 . They mixed up the score and later when they saw the comment they corrected their mistake.
Darren Wales
Darren Wales Prije 2 mjeseci
KingCoolKish Prije 2 mjeseci
Shubham Pandey ?
All In One
All In One Prije 2 mjeseci
I would definitely give Ramsey a start in the Prem League, He is such a wonderful player.
Dee Jay
Dee Jay Prije 2 mjeseci
Other clubs throw 18 year olds straight in. If you're good enough you should be playing. It's not as if we are blessed in that area of the field
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs Prije 2 mjeseci
@All In One Bang on. Play him against Fulham or something ahead of Hourihane. Controversial I know but he bossed arsenal in pre season, I don't see why he's not ready
All In One
All In One Prije 2 mjeseci
@StevieHDgamer It's never the right time for us, Until the player leaves for other team and shines their.
StevieHDgamer Prije 2 mjeseci
Don't think hes ready yet and its not the right time, he will get some games at the end of the season imo tho
Malawo Mweete
Malawo Mweete Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm worried I'll just end up supporting Villa
Sizzle DOG
Sizzle DOG Prije mjesec
He supports arsenal
sweeneytodd011 Prije 2 mjeseci
Nothing wrong with being Villan 👍🦁
Alfie Fenton
Alfie Fenton Prije 2 mjeseci
Who do u support ?
poola169 Prije 2 mjeseci
dont fight it embrace it
Bailey Timmins
Bailey Timmins Prije 2 mjeseci
Don't be worried, just let it happen my dude 😂 come and support the pride of Birmingham 💪
Mohamed Abdelazim
Mohamed Abdelazim Prije 2 mjeseci
Brilliant Trezeguet 👌
Mohamed Maher
Mohamed Maher Prije 2 mjeseci
اخر فرصتين المفروض كانت تتلعب ليه بس انانيه غير طبيعيه
Omar SARE Prije 2 mjeseci
What's this amazing goal from Traoré!!!!!
Master Tee Tee
Master Tee Tee Prije 2 mjeseci
Wait.. I thought it was 3 nil to villa.. Am super high
Josh Carvell
Josh Carvell Prije 2 mjeseci
No it was.
Junior Blade
Junior Blade Prije 2 mjeseci
Fix title guys and I don't even support villa
MTAProdigy Prije 2 mjeseci
Audio is absolutely horrible....
Βυρων Βορβης
Βυρων Βορβης Prije 2 mjeseci
Aston villa can easily win premier league this season.With sjch performance nothing can scare villa even big clubs.This year villa will win premier league and next year champions league
Gary Pritchett
Gary Pritchett Prije 2 mjeseci
I’ll settle for that, lol
Nicolás Derezensky
Nicolás Derezensky Prije 2 mjeseci
I dont know what you smoked but please share some
Account YouTube
Account YouTube Prije 2 mjeseci
Ollie got fouled on that third attempt
sweeneytodd011 Prije 2 mjeseci
I thought so too.
Antonio Celso Filho
Antonio Celso Filho Prije 2 mjeseci
Sylvan Lewis
Sylvan Lewis Prije 2 mjeseci
yep ref should of pulled it back, no advantage
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