Guess That Twitch Streamer Challenge (Impossible)

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FaZe Jarvis

Prije 18 dana

Guess The Twitch Streamer Challenge (Impossible) with @FaZe Sway @FaZe H1ghSky1 @FaZe Megga @FaZe Dubs and @FaZe Nikan
The Twitch live streamers in this challenge are Clix, Ronaldo, Corinna Kopf, Tfue, Ninja, Shroud, DrDisrespect, James Charles, Valkyrae, NeekoLol, Pokimane, Nickmercs, FaZe Swagg, FaZe Sway, Symfuhny, Mongraal, Benjyfishy, Bugha, Mongraal, Courage and Teeqo. The Sony PS5 Playstation just came out so all these twitch streamers are going to be busy.
🕺 TikTok: @jarvis
📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

Zubin Patel
Zubin Patel Prije 11 sati
Bro i love how corina is the thumbnail for twitch streamers
Leon Romeo
Leon Romeo Prije 14 sati
best vid bro
Cp Venom
Cp Venom Prije 18 sati
Yo highsky lives the life
Arshmeet Singh
Arshmeet Singh Prije 18 sati
Ngl Nikan looks like a pe teacher 😂
saleh 12345
saleh 12345 Prije 18 sati
Okay sway streams on yt not twitch like if u agree
official hj
official hj Prije 21 sat
First record faze highsky
Zakariya Munir
Zakariya Munir Prije 23 sati
I even knew that was ricegum
Het Patel
Het Patel Prije dan
Who came after the thumbnail 😜😋
Terminator Prije dan
bor fresh is like the biggest twitch streamer and he is not there
xtzia Prije dan
When sway gets bullied by 14 years old kid
cole fleenor
cole fleenor Prije dan
I like how nikan says hes gonna get destroyed in this tap it game but he doesn't
Balooga 999
Balooga 999 Prije dan
Megga shirt looking fire no cap
DontClickOnMyPicture 1
DontClickOnMyPicture 1 Prije dan
Imagine if tyler1 saw them making fun of him
ILoveEatingBread Prije dan
2:21 sway peed himself
Omar Perez
Omar Perez Prije dan
Lol lol hahahahahhaha
Virgina Atstaja
Virgina Atstaja Prije dan
Your spoiling the video when nekan is a babysitter that's mean saying someone is sitting
Shadow_FN Prije dan
I ain’t no simp I’m a pimp -high sky-
haze_ electric
haze_ electric Prije 2 dana
How does high sky know alinity 😳
Ashwath Vimal
Ashwath Vimal Prije 2 dana
Megga: "Pee-Salm"
sachin jain
sachin jain Prije 2 dana
I love this, do more!! ❤️😁
Xman 18
Xman 18 Prije 2 dana
bro i got ricegum on the first photo same with poki
Xman 18
Xman 18 Prije 2 dana
bro as soon as jarvis siaid that at the start and he knew he stuffed up
dena ross
dena ross Prije 2 dana
How do I get in to faze clan I have wanted in this for a long time like since there first vid btw I am in my moms account sorry if I wasted your time but I just wanted to tell you
Pyro Fps
Pyro Fps Prije 2 dana
Bruh when they said the streamer with the best aim I was like... ... yo Jarvis is right next to you
Tavius Evans
Tavius Evans Prije 2 dana
3:04 Iv never heard sway say don’t be too agressive
Sommer Piazza
Sommer Piazza Prije 2 dana
HYDRO777 Prije 3 dana
All H1ghSky1 can think about is getting married to the woman in the thumbnail. Look at his reaction
Jayeeoh Prije 3 dana
why tf does sway look like that
Kuthpudin Yusuf
Kuthpudin Yusuf Prije 3 dana
Everyone: focused on the challenge Me: focusing on the green tape on Jarvis hand
Abraham Padilla Santana
Abraham Padilla Santana Prije dan
Same bruh
kayden powers
kayden powers Prije 3 dana
First 30 second in and FBI OPEN UP!!
Raymond Ndiinu Muasya
Raymond Ndiinu Muasya Prije 3 dana
am I the only one that noticed the height difference between Jarvis and neekan
Adrian Poptelecan
Adrian Poptelecan Prije 3 dana
Slippery sloppy whiped cream monster-
Cori Wynn
Cori Wynn Prije 3 dana
We gone act like Jarvis ain't say cream on the face at the beginning
ToxicdevilTH4u Prije 3 dana
Well faze sway is not that fast
ItzTyler Prije 3 dana
Wired how they talk about Jarvis’s head but they don’t talk bout Nikan’s nose..
bidi Prije 3 dana
bro but the edit at the end between megga and nikan😳😳😳😳
Ricardo Alleyne
Ricardo Alleyne Prije 3 dana
Corrina is not a twitch streamer anymore she streams on Facebook
NB klopyer
NB klopyer Prije 4 dana
lool ,Nikan next to them looks like a giant!
Brian FN
Brian FN Prije 4 dana
The high-five at the end!!
ΑΩ φεγγάρι
ΑΩ φεγγάρι Prije 4 dana
Jarvis: let me invite in my house These proplayers. Covid19: stonks Sorry for my grammar english Is Not my mother leanguage
Lionel Martinez
Lionel Martinez Prije 4 dana
what FaZe H1ghSky1 said that he is a pimp He said he is a man who arranges cilents for them
Dark Side12l
Dark Side12l Prije 5 dana
I said pokimane before all of them lmao
Jay cuttie
Jay cuttie Prije 5 dana
5:23 i have ligit never seen sway laugh
Martha Blandino
Martha Blandino Prije 5 dana
Martha Blandino
Martha Blandino Prije 5 dana
Tell highsky that i found a girlfriend for him uts my cousin she 14 and highsky is 1e
Martha Blandino
Martha Blandino Prije 5 dana
TNA GIAN Prije 5 dana
Valkyrae doesnt stresm on twitch
Gabriel Torres
Gabriel Torres Prije 5 dana
I was laughing at what highsky was about to say to james charles
_FRXL _ Prije 5 dana
The height between Jarvis and nikan
ItzzTeoo Prije 5 dana
Nikan looks ridiculous standing next to them
Purify II
Purify II Prije 6 dana
Why Jarvis always having something on his arm
Parsa Ghmkhri
Parsa Ghmkhri Prije 6 dana
Nikan looks like the granny who should take care of her childs
ChokulGames Prije 6 dana
FaZe Vid no mongraal?
Angie Scott
Angie Scott Prije 6 dana
We’re all confused why Jarvis has a tape around his arm 😂
Solo-Frost- Prije 6 dana
The edit at the end FIRE
shune Prije 6 dana
someone give highsky a toothbrush
Chelsea Evans
Chelsea Evans Prije 6 dana
Who else heard Jarvis say neeko is fit
Cameron Warren
Cameron Warren Prije 7 dana
Megga is such a loser
Luka fuentes bustos
Luka fuentes bustos Prije 7 dana
congrats for the 4 million subs :)
Tygxs- Prije 7 dana
I miss fat Nikan
Йован gaming
Йован gaming Prije 7 dana
Me waiting for mongraal to pop up 👁️👄👁️
fps king
fps king Prije 7 dana
hey that doesn't count rae is a HRpost streamer
Kári Steinn Kristinsson
Kári Steinn Kristinsson Prije 8 dana
Courage is a youtube streamer and the title says twich streamer
KiDdo_ 0p
KiDdo_ 0p Prije 8 dana
Shroud is a god on every game he plays
mauricio hernandez
mauricio hernandez Prije 8 dana
You already know all the simps got all of the girl ones
Cruz Vieira
Cruz Vieira Prije 8 dana
Valkrae is not on twitch sooo
Anthony Ruiz
Anthony Ruiz Prije 8 dana
Nikan is the new kay
Helix Yerniq
Helix Yerniq Prije 8 dana
Faze sway isn’t a twitch streamer
Davis Weir
Davis Weir Prije 8 dana
At least Jarvis doesn’t have a weirder shaped head than Tyler1 lmao
Cryptic ICE-_-
Cryptic ICE-_- Prije 8 dana
Stephen hawking jr
Jack K
Jack K Prije 8 dana
Nikan really looking like a babysitter
DarkHorizon YT
DarkHorizon YT Prije 8 dana
Mega is better than sway in like everything
GL!tch Prije 8 dana
Who is the girl in the thumbnail
Rypz Ψ
Rypz Ψ Prije 8 dana
Ron is funny
Sexy Buba
Sexy Buba Prije 8 dana
Jose Reyes Robles
Jose Reyes Robles Prije 8 dana
me and patrick are simps lol
Fortnite Clips
Fortnite Clips Prije 9 dana
man the faze house is funnier with dubs, megga and sway dude
nugget sauce TV
nugget sauce TV Prije 9 dana
I want to 1v1 you faze kay
Kayden Lor
Kayden Lor Prije 9 dana
I ain’t no simp im a pimp 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kayden Lor
Kayden Lor Prije 9 dana
Exander Gonzalez
Exander Gonzalez Prije 9 dana
I’m pretty
Umer Playz
Umer Playz Prije 9 dana
Lol 4:25
Goatted Himself
Goatted Himself Prije 9 dana
When you reliese sway dubs and megga are here for the money
Sgt Beast
Sgt Beast Prije 9 dana
When you realise you're here for the thumbnail
Gavin Mays
Gavin Mays Prije 9 dana
4mil ????
nessa -
nessa - Prije 9 dana
rae doesn’t even stream on twitch anymore lol
C07E_Rainfall Prije 9 dana
You hardly see dubs ,eggs and sway in these kind of videos it’s so rare. I love it
Anis Ghenimo
Anis Ghenimo Prije 9 dana
the handshake at the end with the editing is so dope omg!!!!
ocays Prije 9 dana
corrina copf likes pepe the fog
Abrahan Rios
Abrahan Rios Prije 9 dana
Dose anyone know wat there merch link is
among us fan
among us fan Prije 9 dana
Neeko looks like Bella porch
Alejandro Rodriguez
Alejandro Rodriguez Prije 9 dana
Dr. disrespect is not from Twitch
L4m M
L4m M Prije 10 dana
Didn’t everyone call shroud. 9cloudshroud
Zakaria Raguigue
Zakaria Raguigue Prije 10 dana
End prova fase 😁😁😁
.lxyo Prije 10 dana
8:42 rip jarvis
Ibrahim Yusuf
Ibrahim Yusuf Prije 10 dana
RNGCRISTIAN999 999 Prije 10 dana
This is the meaning of a pimp yo man. “a man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking part of their earnings in return.” Bro that’s kinda.
XRO Crzo YT Prije 10 dana
yo jar prake the rug
XRO Crzo YT Prije 10 dana
no b
عبدالعزيز الكعبي
عبدالعزيز الكعبي Prije 10 dana
Jarvis I wish you where not banned but you are my favorite youtuber
Sony - PUBG Mobile
Sony - PUBG Mobile Prije 10 dana
"Finale" Is defintly not german but english
fan fanofmyself
fan fanofmyself Prije 10 dana
I did
Aarav Shah
Aarav Shah Prije 10 dana
Mega is my favorite
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