Chiefs vs. Buccaneers | Super Bowl LV Game Highlights

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The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay.
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JHKS15 Prije 35 minuta
At least we won it all last year. So this doesn't hurt for me as much as it does for others. I've always liked tom brady so it was actually good for me to see him win another one! Just not off of my team though 😭
Bradley Brown
Bradley Brown Prije 3 sati
When your qb is running for first downs, you in trouble.
LAKESHA ELKES Prije 10 sati
Bankroll Pino
Bankroll Pino Prije 16 sati
i Believe there is a cheating on CHIEFS mic
Drew Donaldson
Drew Donaldson Prije 16 sati
You gotta admire the fact that the chiefs knew they were down 4 scores but kept fighting....unfortunately, like Brees and Roger's also it meant nothing to the G O A T
Nicholas Rodriguez
Nicholas Rodriguez Prije 21 sat
Imagine if the Bills went instead, would've been their 5th embarrassing SB loss
Drew Donaldson
Drew Donaldson Prije 17 sati
Ha!...Bill's suck..
_official._ alex__
_official._ alex__ Prije dan
Tony McHawk
Tony McHawk Prije dan
Tom Brady needs a fast receiver like Tyreek to catch those overthrows.
Drew Donaldson
Drew Donaldson Prije 17 sati
lol bruh he threw for 40 tds, won a superbowl against mahomes, beat Brees in the NFC championship, AND Roger's in the playoffs and won the Fing SB his first year on the NFLs worst franchise in history, in the NFC, his first year ever after being in the league since 2001...I think hes ok
Lord Drakkon 7367
Lord Drakkon 7367 Prije 2 dana
The title should be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Patrick Mahomes
Zachary John Gilbert
Zachary John Gilbert Prije 2 dana
How many catches did mike Evans and Chris Godwin have ?
Aaron Savary
Aaron Savary Prije 2 dana
Buccaneers defense was amazing all season....but seriously, in this game they played like one of the best defenses I've EVER seen in the past 20 years of watching football, hands down. If not *_THE ABSOLUTE BEST_*
Rafael Figueroa
Rafael Figueroa Prije 3 dana
5Dolla Ransom
5Dolla Ransom Prije 3 dana
5:15, don’t mind me just bookmarking
EliPlayz Prije 3 dana
Brian Ticas
Brian Ticas Prije 3 dana
It just seems tb defense was too good and they were alot faster.
Trev Mac
Trev Mac Prije 3 dana
Reids son scored more on the breathalyzer test than the Chiefs did in the Super Bowl FACTS
EliPlayz Prije 3 dana
rain MENTALITY Prije 3 dana
Jack Carraway
Jack Carraway Prije 4 dana
I'm a Pats fan. No matter how good your QB is, he's going to struggle if his offensive line can't stop an aggressive pass rush. We saw this happen to Brady against NYG in SB42.
Champ Sr
Champ Sr Prije 4 dana
I keep watching this mann I'm so Tampa
Schwenk 1
Schwenk 1 Prije 5 dana
Klce did good on the chiefs but nobody helped him
Dan Flores
Dan Flores Prije 5 dana
good job tampa
Joey Cisneros
Joey Cisneros Prije 5 dana
The chiefs defense really was not helping at all lol gave back a key interception, offsides on the FG that ended up being a touchdown, 2 pass interference calls at the end of the half to hand over another touchdown. Made it too easy
Jared Ojeda
Jared Ojeda Prije 5 dana
Mike 8
Mike 8 Prije 5 dana
6.3K Chief fans disliked
Alton Napier
Alton Napier Prije 6 dana
all i got to say is tom brady is the goat and the only reason why people dont like him because 1. U dont like him because other people dont 2. u hate him because he's the goat 3. u think its the team ever thou drew brees has only won 1 and aaron rogers has only 1 4. ok ok haters this is the one that makes u mad 7 ring more and any dynasty in football. 5. he has been to 10 super bowls 7-3 wins 5 super bowl nvps
hunter Scott
hunter Scott Prije 6 dana
Wow what is tampa bay good god like everyone is gods on this team. Except for there offensive line though.
hunter Scott
hunter Scott Prije 6 dana
Chiefs defense is also horrible good god brady destroyed them.
hunter Scott
hunter Scott Prije 6 dana
Jesus that tampa bay defense to.
hunter Scott
hunter Scott Prije 6 dana
Tom Brady has magical powers what is he a god? Any team he goes to becomes a super bowl champion.
Squintz 21
Squintz 21 Prije 6 dana
@1:31 , the 49ers feel this personally
赤城 Prije 7 dana
Mario Yu
Mario Yu Prije 7 dana
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Ryan Dascomb
Ryan Dascomb Prije 7 dana
Tom Brady = legend, G.O.A.T best quarterback Patrick Mahomes = quarterback
Marcos Jardim Silveira
Marcos Jardim Silveira Prije 7 dana
Brady it's a Legend. Respect.
boky ben
boky ben Prije 7 dana
Does KC usually get away with fouling like that ?
Joswag 0425
Joswag 0425 Prije 7 dana
Yes yes they do They got some questionable calls in their favor in their last super bowl
CloutCoinJae COINZ
CloutCoinJae COINZ Prije 7 dana
Brandon Fouts
Brandon Fouts Prije 7 dana
Patriots suck
El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz
El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz Prije 7 dana
TEMPLE TODD BOWLES... should’ve gotten every coaching consideration job not goofy Bienemy
Honey Alcantar
Honey Alcantar Prije 8 dana
Ultimate Zeno
Ultimate Zeno Prije 8 dana
shaharri-desert Prije 8 dana
the cheifs played like the ravens in week 3, one good punt return
Liam L.
Liam L. Prije 8 dana
Sorry buddu baker
Liam L.
Liam L. Prije 8 dana
I love the Seahawks
Dancing Eagle
Dancing Eagle Prije 8 dana
To bad the Rays choked in the ws.or wed have a tripple crown.
jrdnruiz2 Prije 9 dana
hiniecke eckler
hiniecke eckler Prije 9 dana
Ok bucs go crazy it's like tom brady said after the super bowl " let me play for another how many and then tom brady gets drunk lol"
Ultimate Zeno
Ultimate Zeno Prije 9 dana
Krispus Sion
Krispus Sion Prije 9 dana
Ada yg dari Indonesia
Natalie Harper
Natalie Harper Prije 9 dana
Tom Brady is bad
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Prije 9 dana
Should have been GB vs KC. Would have probably been a much better game, considering the fact that Brady threw 3 INTS vs GB's defense in the NFC Championship game, and Bucs won because of terrible defense. Brady's stats were terrible. Man, I'm sure no one even cares or even gives credit to Brady because he sucked so bad this past season. Defense and his offensive weapons carried him hard. Give more credit Arians and his front office than anyone. Brady deserves almost none.
Trev Mac
Trev Mac Prije 3 dana
@Dave Beale Did you say *QUOTE* "3 Straight Super Bowls?? " Brady beat him in the AFC 2018 Championship and then again in the 2020 Super Bowl.. Mahomes will never win another Super bowl again... And you had him at 3 straight... Hahahahahaha
Dave Beale
Dave Beale Prije 9 dana
Exactly, but you have to understand that people either hate Brady or they WORSHIP him...their is really no in between. Well unless you consider people like me who simply don't give a **** one way or the other. But it all worked out perfectly either way, now that he can retire, AFTER he plays this last season without making it to another SB, and Mahomes can relax without the pressure of having to win 3 straight thing that could have happened to the Chiefs by far!!!
Alex Carlson
Alex Carlson Prije 9 dana
poor pat could barely get a throw out
Isaac Corella
Isaac Corella Prije 9 dana
I thought the chifes were going to take it but the bucs played really good
Jerry Vang
Jerry Vang Prije 10 dana
Kc's oline should of trip buc's dline like last year's superbowl. At least their db's been holding like last years but got caught lol.
Ploki Jun
Ploki Jun Prije 10 dana
8:43 - that was a historical moment in successful plays in or out of bounds. But that defence and running game of TB & Brady's stature. And then the same chase by TB and another successful insane pass by M right in the hands of the reciever who could not hang on. The kicker saved KC from total wipeout rep of the SB. But the game needed the crowd energy, the electricity.
Kaleb Rodriguez
Kaleb Rodriguez Prije 10 dana
"Offense wins games, defense wins championships" no game in NFL history in my opinion proves that quote better than this game
john jackson
john jackson Prije 11 dana
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Jean Pierre Trigoso
Jean Pierre Trigoso Prije 11 dana
Que deporte aburrido
Jean Pierre Trigoso
Jean Pierre Trigoso Prije 10 dana
@Axel Molina el rugby es lo mismo pero si demasiado detenimiento ,este deporte no se que le ven los gringos
Axel Molina
Axel Molina Prije 10 dana
Cierto, es mejor el fútbol
Floyd Robinson
Floyd Robinson Prije 11 dana
Good highlights.
QuantumSpin Prije 11 dana
It has been decades since an intelligent quarterback with the skill set of Tom Brady has been in the NFL. He is able to scan the defenders and determine the flight of the ball to achieve the desired results. He is a walking and talking Intel core i9 processor.
Angel Villa
Angel Villa Prije 12 dana
corre perra corre!!!
Ultimate Zeno
Ultimate Zeno Prije 12 dana
fwdfdfsa111133 Prije 12 dana
Chiefs beat bucs week 12 = cool story bro Bucs beat chiefs in SB = Best team in history Smdh..I can't anymore with you remedial football (tom brady) "fans"
Insanity Is Not Insane
Insanity Is Not Insane Prije 11 dana
Chiefs Beat Bucs With Luck. They Won Like 7 Games In A Row By Less Then 6 Points And People Did Not Listen To Me. They Won’t Keep Getting Away With Close Wins. What Happened They Lost By 22.
The Game Changer
The Game Changer Prije 12 dana
Damarion Pompey
Damarion Pompey Prije 13 dana
Revenge for ending the niner empire.
kvngirvng Prije 12 dana
The miner empire ended with kap
S E P Prije 13 dana
Nestor Meneses
Nestor Meneses Prije 13 dana
There...that's how you do it says Brady to garapolo
Chuck Lowery
Chuck Lowery Prije 13 dana
I’m giving anyone 10 to 1 odds that Mahomes will have a nervous tick for the rest of his life any time he sees Barrett or Suh again. Any takers?
Aland Armstrong
Aland Armstrong Prije 13 dana
Bryan Wright
Bryan Wright Prije 13 dana
In the Vikings will win next year's Super Bowl at Dallas and Miami don't make it God bless America amen
Bryan Wright
Bryan Wright Prije 13 dana
Tennessee will never win a Superbowl is because my friend never moves out God Bless America amen
Bryan Wright
Bryan Wright Prije 13 dana
Is the greatest Super Bowl all time
d333d Prije 13 dana
Who win?
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Tony Email
Tony Email Prije 13 dana
10:34 when your mom warns you not to play in traffic but you don't listen
GD Trubactor
GD Trubactor Prije 14 dana
FoxFire Gaming
FoxFire Gaming Prije 14 dana
Mahomes be throwing the best trows but his wr and offensive line is non existent
Oliver Dennis
Oliver Dennis Prije 13 dana
On this game they were doubling Tyree Hill and Kielce was trash.
Mike Happy
Mike Happy Prije 14 dana
I forgot how bad the chiefs punter folded during this game lmao
WizardDoom Prije 14 dana
Chiefs at least have a good Kicker
PD Gaming
PD Gaming Prije 14 dana
I love how the honey badger was looking for offensive PI on Gronk’s 2nd TD when he was not involved in the play nor was there any push off. Badger has great talent but needs to stop crying whenever something doesn’t go his way
Martin Lutharkink
Martin Lutharkink Prije 14 dana
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The PSRS Prije 15 dana
I was rooting for the Chiefs, but at 4:38 it was great to hear the roar of the crowd.
LAKESHA ELKES Prije 15 dana
Ultimate Zeno
Ultimate Zeno Prije 16 dana
B-DuB 813
B-DuB 813 Prije 16 dana
I like how people were saying the refs were on the Bucs side when coming into the Superbowl the Chiefs were the fourth most penalized team in the NFL. Don't commit penalties if you don't want flags..
Dirty Beef Curtains
Dirty Beef Curtains Prije 16 dana
Undisciplined chiefs. Fragile cry babies
Tony Richard
Tony Richard Prije 16 dana
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Ninetails Prije 17 dana
Poker Joker
Poker Joker Prije 17 dana
When Tom goes into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, it will be as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. He’s Mr. Florida thru and thru!
Oliver Dennis
Oliver Dennis Prije 13 dana
No, this is his holiday period, he’s a Patriot forever, everyone knows that, apart from you.
Mr Man
Mr Man Prije 17 dana
I loved watching that horseshoe fall out of KC’s ass! Brady put aim a F’ing clinic!
NightWonder 0211
NightWonder 0211 Prije 18 dana
Those penalty’s are just for the bucs to win
Braeden Sanders
Braeden Sanders Prije 17 dana
Lol yea sure kid that’s why the chiefs scored 9 total points lmfao
evan vlogz
evan vlogz Prije 18 dana
POV: it's super bowl night in a Buffalo wild wings
Don Hatfield
Don Hatfield Prije 18 dana
brady is the goat any hater that says he is not is a dum dee dum that doesnt have a degree, he has gone to a super bowl an average of 50% maybe more
Jason Menzies
Jason Menzies Prije 19 dana
What a terrible game! It's almost like the NFL has a scriptwriter but the person is just braindead. Here we go now: what is this Tom Brady's 10th Super Bowl victory. Been there. Done that now a million times. Knew where it was going. Turned it off right in the middle of the game...
da boii
da boii Prije 14 dana
@Insanity Is Not Insane they had the titans win so that it would give brady a reason to leave the patriots. Next step for brady was to show us he can win without belichick. And he did just that
Insanity Is Not Insane
Insanity Is Not Insane Prije 14 dana
@Da Boii Your Just Cherrypicking Stuff To Prove Your Point. Your Having A Joke. Your So Salty.
Insanity Is Not Insane
Insanity Is Not Insane Prije 14 dana
@da boii Now Try To Say That Without Being Salty. Why Did The NFL Script That 9-7 Titans Should Beat Brady To Stop Him From WinningZ
da boii
da boii Prije 14 dana
Hate to tell you man but every game is scripted. They want you to think Tom brady is the goat or Tom brady is God. Nfl is bs and I'm not even a chiefs fan. Its all about revenue and Tom brady generates views and money. That's what the nfl is all about. They are a business and can legally rig and script their games. The script is not always known but it was pretty obvious this time. Why else would he go to tampa and that be the team that is hosting the superbowl. Tom Brady (TB) went to Tampa Bay (TB). Notice how he won his 7th super bowl on February 7. It was also superbowl 55 and the buccs were the 5th seed. It's all ritual man but enjoy it because after all it's only entertainment. John cena himself said the nfl was scripted just like the wwe at the Emmys. They don't show you that clip because the nfl doesn't want people to know that.
Adam Castagnetti
Adam Castagnetti Prije 16 dana
@EliPlayz thank you
Beckett DeStefano
Beckett DeStefano Prije 19 dana
If you like the Chiefs do the thumbs up if you like Tampa Bay bucket put the thumbs down
Iberus Blankenship
Iberus Blankenship Prije 20 dana
defense does not win championships. change my mind.
MashieGamie Prije 16 dana
clearly does lmao did you watch the game?
Morgan Reynolds
Morgan Reynolds Prije 20 dana
10:30 Mahomes gets slaughtered.
Wenderson Mota
Wenderson Mota Prije 20 dana
Essa defesa do Chiefs é muito ruim. Te doido!
eltzrothm1 Prije 20 dana
Thank the lord the kickers didn't miss!! Or else everything would've been blamed on whoever missed. (Nvm the punter who will be playing in Lithuania soon)
CataSniper Prije 20 dana
11:04 ..........2
Roy Roark
Roy Roark Prije 20 dana
Mahomes wont last physically
Joanne Rathjen
Joanne Rathjen Prije 20 dana
KC 9 TB 24
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