People Who Got STUCK in WEIRD Places

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Jarvis & Kay

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These people got stuck in strange places...
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Axel Kervefors
Axel Kervefors Prije 11 sati
Answer me
Paris Xiourouppa
Paris Xiourouppa Prije dan
I0s that Sommer
Cameron Crump
Cameron Crump Prije 3 dana
I hate this click bate
Buckelood Prije 3 dana
This is clickbait. The hamster isn't a person.
Kyle Beavers
Kyle Beavers Prije 4 dana
2:45 me
Cason Cohea
Cason Cohea Prije 5 dana
What you hear in the background “stepbro I’m stuck help”
TheTrendyCub Prije 6 dana
Jarvis u look depressed. U ok mate?
sus_chemical Prije 6 dana
You forgot my step sis
Ayden Levine
Ayden Levine Prije 6 dana
Remember those good old days quality
Afg Suhrab
Afg Suhrab Prije 6 dana
pls do more i love these ones
Angie Allen
Angie Allen Prije 6 dana
Me my mom and my brother actually got stuck in a car wash we had to back out of the thing but my moms car couldn’t go over the pole and the emergency open thing that’s supposed to open the door wouldn’t even work and my mom even tried lifting up the door but it wouldn’t move I got so scarred
NoobHead Prije 6 dana
Normal people: HELP PLEASE HELLLPPPPP Tiktok users: oh no were stuck I guess were going to record an dpost it on tiktok to get veiws and followers
Maksemoos Balo
Maksemoos Balo Prije 6 dana
When I saw the thumbnail me:😂 my cat:😹
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan Prije 21 sat
SlayerPlays Prije 7 dana
3:00-3:20 Dog's eye
mystical YT
mystical YT Prije 8 dana
Elevator the worst thing to be stuck in
austen autry
austen autry Prije 8 dana
one time my seet got jammed on a rollercoster and i had to ride agian
ACO W's Prije 8 dana
The well-off musician byerly clap because sofa ostensibly impress modulo a zesty leaf. stale, young minibus
Louis Rees
Louis Rees Prije 10 dana
GIZZY_4_LIFE! AOTEAROA Prije 10 dana
Can they tell the difference between a bull and a cow? Because that's a bull.
OZZY.THE. POKEMON Prije 11 dana
Javis in the
Charles Pardo
Charles Pardo Prije 11 dana
can you guys give us 80 000 dolars becuase were going to have a new house
Lucky Cage GTA 5 8
Lucky Cage GTA 5 8 Prije 12 dana
Send suit suit quick and green green orange orange green green orange green brown orange green green orange green brown blue
Max Anderson
Max Anderson Prije 14 dana
Step bro I’m stuck
Lucia Martone
Lucia Martone Prije 15 dana
jojo sim lucia boyBABY 10000000000000000
naka kana
naka kana Prije 16 dana
A cow is not a people
Atreyu Slimes
Atreyu Slimes Prije 16 dana
Lina Aboumerhi
Lina Aboumerhi Prije 19 dana
londres167 Prije 21 dan
Pheonix-playz P-Z
Pheonix-playz P-Z Prije 23 dana
Merry Christmas
bwjSports58 Prije 23 dana
Do you know how Jarvis said someone stuck in the dishwasher instead of saying someone stuck in the washing machine the time was 3:01 or -7:59
Noah Watkinselmore
Noah Watkinselmore Prije 24 dana
You might have to sor it
Claped By Logic
Claped By Logic Prije 24 dana
Join a 12th Hour and flea pls
flame_grsn. Prije 24 dana
step bro im stuck
Josh Tye
Josh Tye Prije 25 dana
6:29 itching that is a foam tier
Lottie Smith
Lottie Smith Prije 26 dana
Also my gerbil has been stuck in a toilet roll tube
Lottie Smith
Lottie Smith Prije 26 dana
I've been stuck in a bucket is well
Element AU
Element AU Prije 27 dana
Stuck in washing machine
Matthaus Marston
Matthaus Marston Prije 28 dana
The question is how many people and how they get in the weird fricking places
Not Wiishing
Not Wiishing Prije 29 dana
Thumbnail tho-
muhamed vlogs
muhamed vlogs Prije mjesec
Chris Jarvis I want you to play with me I don't have no one to play with my not so dini_king1
João Nunes
João Nunes Prije mjesec
The one that the girl gets stuck in her grandmas bathroom and her grandma is death. She was filming it with a mobile you can call someone duuuuuhhhh
Soulz_Aryn Prije mjesec
2:06 I’m stuck in the washing machine stephro
Walker peters
Walker peters Prije mjesec
They were stuck in sment
crazycaleb Shark
crazycaleb Shark Prije mjesec
Ernes Sylejmani
Ernes Sylejmani Prije mjesec
bro my stepsister get stuck on eierder places
XDburgerboy Prije mjesec
7:06 the imposter vented
Scoot Bros
Scoot Bros Prije mjesec
Step bro I’m stuck in the washing machine
Brooks Merritt
Brooks Merritt Prije mjesec
Fun fact in the thumbnail Frazier was under the ice
Brooks Merritt
Brooks Merritt Prije mjesec
Not everyone
Anthony De la rosa
Anthony De la rosa Prije mjesec
Everyone know that dumb nutttttttttt
Dario miškulin
Dario miškulin Prije mjesec
Idk why did you put name of video stuck peaple in weard plajces.The cow is not human
Carter Gramer
Carter Gramer Prije mjesec
Hamster stuck in log Kay: thats lit bro
Jamiel Casado
Jamiel Casado Prije mjesec
Can you post a fortnite vid on your channel
Nadi Harewood
Nadi Harewood Prije mjesec
Owen Tate
Owen Tate Prije mjesec
I can’t swim
Zeke n
Zeke n Prije mjesec
Stop making fun of my accent
Sebbas Hueerta
Sebbas Hueerta Prije mjesec
If your a girl the weirdest place to be stuck is the washing machine 😑✌
Cameron Needam
Cameron Needam Prije mjesec
Kay sounds like messyourself
Dramatic Clan
Dramatic Clan Prije mjesec
At first I thought Frazier said that he hoped the dog was so scared but then I remembered he’s British. 🤣🤣😂
Dramatic Clan
Dramatic Clan Prije mjesec
Yo he said I would be so scared not I hope the dog is so scared
Jack Biswell
Jack Biswell Prije mjesec
He did
Dan Kuso
Dan Kuso Prije mjesec
he is
Leticia Peralta
Leticia Peralta Prije mjesec
not even cool or funny
ViZe- sway
ViZe- sway Prije mjesec
i got stuck in a bathroom once
Aisha Saleh
Aisha Saleh Prije mjesec
3:18 kay "I hope he is so scared bro"
JUAN OLGUIN Prije mjesec
did jarvis just woke up from his dreams
Daniel Siegert
Daniel Siegert Prije mjesec
4:08 actually works I did it with one of my friends
Raisa Millet
Raisa Millet Prije mjesec
I go to the same school as hem
Braxdon. 101
Braxdon. 101 Prije mjesec
Lol Jarvis called the washing machine a dish washer😁🤣😂😆
Caleb Poblano
Caleb Poblano Prije mjesec
Slick Milk
Slick Milk Prije mjesec
I’m I got stuck in a baby swing
Andrew Ruby
Andrew Ruby Prije mjesec
What’s your favorite app” Like: HRpost Reply: Tiktok
Student-BSH Saif Fahad Khamis Bin Bader Alaleeli 3B
Student-BSH Saif Fahad Khamis Bin Bader Alaleeli 3B Prije mjesec
Yeah this is a seat
Stephanie Hartman
Stephanie Hartman Prije mjesec
Who tried the thing where u trick someone to be stuck sitting around a pole and did it easily?
Beastgaming 1211
Beastgaming 1211 Prije mjesec
Bless you too and you have the best day ever
stick 786
stick 786 Prije mjesec
The thumbnail is fire
Alvin Kelmendi
Alvin Kelmendi Prije mjesec
But how I’d the get stuck
Laura Mercado
Laura Mercado Prije mjesec
Mate on me
Laura Mercado
Laura Mercado Prije mjesec
Mello_ Yellow
Mello_ Yellow Prije mjesec
Mello_ Yellow
Mello_ Yellow Prije mjesec
I put a kid in the box
XBL TeMpO Prije mjesec
“Sawr it”-Kay
Hector Paredes
Hector Paredes Prije mjesec
Do more Minecraft plz
Case Whyne
Case Whyne Prije mjesec
kay' you gotta sawer it
SYN3Itay YT Prije mjesec
That girl that got stuck in the washing machine would be perfect for ya know. Idk if i can say it so i’ll leave it as Ya know.😏😏😏
Angel Castillo
Angel Castillo Prije mjesec
I've got stuck in a washing machine before ✋
Aye x Kyson
Aye x Kyson Prije mjesec
Who else loves Faze Jarvis and Faze Kay videos?
AIRPhilTheFish YT
AIRPhilTheFish YT Prije mjesec
The first roller coaster I did that ride
C BANDS LOL Prije mjesec
The girl in the washer was like help me step bro
Anbu Fade
Anbu Fade Prije mjesec
Yarn yard our British
Kay: he got stuck in a seat for 5 MINUTES BRO! Me: it’s just f*cking 5 minutes bro chill out
AlphaMatic Prije mjesec
Carson M
Carson M Prije mjesec
Carson M
Carson M Prije mjesec
Brandon Bonilla
Brandon Bonilla Prije mjesec
The thumbnail isn’t a weird spot It’s called the grave spot
Mr. Chuck
Mr. Chuck Prije mjesec
7:05 Me: The bAby Vented I saw it 100% Me: Its him Baby was an imposter
YT Sylo
YT Sylo Prije mjesec
2:05 step bro help I'm stuck
SYN3Itay YT Prije mjesec
Richard Gutierrez
Richard Gutierrez Prije mjesec
2:02 stuck in a dish washer Jarvis that is a washer
clam clan // Fortnite
clam clan // Fortnite Prije mjesec
step brother can you come and help me
Raheem Iman
Raheem Iman Prije mjesec
Its so funny when frazier does american accents 🤪😂🤣 im in englosh crew
FaZegiovanni 2416
FaZegiovanni 2416 Prije mjesec
FEARGOD Prije mjesec
2:39 the fog just wanna get love it’s not attacking LOL and it’s a cute doggy
I smell bullshit Bich
I smell bullshit Bich Prije mjesec
Like your cut g
Grant Whitehurst
Grant Whitehurst Prije mjesec
You guys is Photoshop skills are so freaking bad👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Jc Bre
Jc Bre Prije mjesec
Haha Jarvis you band
foodlover yum
foodlover yum Prije 2 mjeseci
happy thanks giving everone even faze meabers
Crazy Komrad
Crazy Komrad Prije 2 mjeseci
Does anyone else realize that jarvis called a washing machine and dish washer
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