I'm Attracted to Losers | Lineup | Cut

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Who should we have rank people's attractiveness next?
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I'm Attracted to Losers | Lineup | Cut
#cut #lineup #attraction

ItsRoy Prije sat
How does the last girl stay so positive in nowadays society
hanbaby Prije 3 sati
she’s definitely the nicest person i’ve seen so this it was so refreshing!
Cat's Meow
Cat's Meow Prije 4 sati
Glad I stayed till the end omg
Claire Shields
Claire Shields Prije 5 sati
lamita Prije 5 sati
emily is so cute
sg Prije 6 sati
who is the guy talking behind the camera? im sorry but i hate his voice so much
Chase pitcher
Chase pitcher Prije 10 sati
2021- girl in a wheelchair calls herself attractive
Abraham Solano
Abraham Solano Prije 16 sati
I screamed “1000/10” in my head when the first guy came in.
deon Prije 17 sati
here from tik tok
Caitlyn Holton
Caitlyn Holton Prije dan
I love how she isn’t rating people based of things they can’t change. It’s based off the vibes and how they just present themselves. I think that’s how it should be, or at least how I base my attraction to people romantically or platonically!
FatalG0lden Prije dan
Video: "im attracted to losers" Me: " Finally... A girl thats into me" 😭😭😂😂
RaineSZN Prije 23 sati
Don’t say that
Selena Prije dan
BRUH EMILY IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. I think i might be gae...
Cowboy Prije 2 dana
funky pants man is cute. i like his funky pants
Kristen Hackett
Kristen Hackett Prije 3 dana
Blue shirt is such a 10 to me 🧡🧡🧡
Maria Luisa
Maria Luisa Prije 3 dana
Not me falling in love with the last girl😫
Prije 3 dana
Anyone know exactly why she’s in a wheelchair. ?
Brandon Vazquez
Brandon Vazquez Prije 3 dana
How tf did karsten some how redeem himself
Brenda Fuentes
Brenda Fuentes Prije 3 dana
But like who was that long hair guy 👁👄👁 cause he was a 10 ..
The Adjective
The Adjective Prije 3 dana
Kahlil Hayles
Kahlil Hayles Prije 3 dana
I'm attracted to this girls legs and her personality.
Yk.r Prije 3 dana
Not to be rude but objectively how's the 2nd guy better than the 1st?
Dan G
Dan G Prije 4 dana
"I'm attracted to losers" Me: my time has come
Caitlin P
Caitlin P Prije 4 dana
The earring...
Alice Berardi
Alice Berardi Prije 4 dana
She slept on the first one
David k
David k Prije 5 dana
The last girl must be protected at all cost
Carolyn Miller
Carolyn Miller Prije 5 dana
Does anyone know Elena's full name or social media?
Loleta L.
Loleta L. Prije 5 dana
alaina is sooooo freakin cuteeeee
wing 2786
wing 2786 Prije 5 dana
i can’t believe he gave her a 8
WeebTrash Prije 7 dana
Bruh the look the first dude gave to the camera after she said "you're not my type" just killed me idk why it did
Ivan Brunty
Ivan Brunty Prije 7 dana
i completely hate the thing with the funky pants
Malik Callen
Malik Callen Prije 7 dana
The first guy is a 10 fuck that dupeligic
Hannah Prije 7 dana
Sydney Berzon
Sydney Berzon Prije 8 dana
I like what her type is & my type is also guys that look like they eat cigarettes, but also fat hairy guys, guys that look like they wash their ass, i did find them all attractive, & uh only main difference is that i find every nice normal not douchey person attractive so... im demisexual. Agree to disagree with her but they were all pretty much 10s to me. Lol
SSShogun Prije 8 dana
I think she's hot. So...I'm a lover :(
I'm a f**king loser
I'm a f**king loser Prije 9 dana
What about me
Miriam Prije 9 dana
Am I the only one who wants to know if the last girl and the girl judging .. connected via social media or hung out. I mean they hit it OFFFF
GamerOnWheelz 214
GamerOnWheelz 214 Prije 9 dana
Does she have social media?
kudge330 Prije 9 dana
MissMikkiMae Prije 10 dana
She took her braces off with nail clippers... OMG nooo I really didn’t want to imagine that.
Nimbus Prije 10 dana
The second guy got a ten but at what cost lmao
Lindzee SouperOCD
Lindzee SouperOCD Prije 10 dana
This channel is the most superficial shit I have ever come across.
hey ya
hey ya Prije 10 dana
The black girl is so insufferable
tavish dozier
tavish dozier Prije 10 dana
Well I got the loser part
dimxh nb
dimxh nb Prije 10 dana
she's beautiful
Jeremy Rodrigues
Jeremy Rodrigues Prije 10 dana
I don't agree with her rating, but she was very nice.
lanayah h
lanayah h Prije 10 dana
Mya To Wavyy
Mya To Wavyy Prije 11 dana
“Hi Emily, I’m Elena” 🥺☺️she so adorable
SIERRA FRAZIER Prije 12 dana
Yellow sweater is a stay...clocked. I see you.
GreenAsari Prije 12 dana
As an ex-photographer of models Emily - 9/10 Asian dude 7/10 The weird "sick" dude - 5/10 average The black girl - 3/10 The 37 fat dude 3/10 The too much tan fat girl - 3/10 The asian - 3 or 4/10 The black dude 4/10 The quirky girl - 5/10
Teenagedirt Bag
Teenagedirt Bag Prije 10 dana
So basically that’s what they rank via traditional beauty standards or your standards
J-Face Prije 13 dana
they should let the people rate her back
Vinícius Evaristo
Vinícius Evaristo Prije 13 dana
Look Im Not Gonna Lie The Girl In The Wheelchair Is Cute As Af
Andrew Rita
Andrew Rita Prije 13 dana
Emily is a 100 out of 10 ..
Jan Scott
Jan Scott Prije 13 dana
Hell is other liberals.
the less i know the better
the less i know the better Prije 13 dana
I thought emily was that dude's type tbh
Ruth Warren
Ruth Warren Prije 13 dana
he gave her an 8???????????????
Searching For Match
Searching For Match Prije 14 dana
The last girl is a vibe for sure
kele chips
kele chips Prije 14 dana
She kinda described my style but there is no way a trashy guy like me wants a trashy girl. The second dude was right to curve her🙄 just my opinion tho
aaartnaz Prije 14 dana
I knew the Asian guy would get a no and he’s a top of the food chain specimen why did God create us if we might as well not exist?
Harsh Times777
Harsh Times777 Prije 14 dana
SO CUTE !!!!
i'm all left
i'm all left Prije 14 dana
okay but can we just appreciate how freakin attractive emily herself is?
TooCozy Prije 14 dana
Lol so basically she likes dirty ppl? Who doesn’t like someone that takes care of themselves? Why????
t dun with that vlogs
t dun with that vlogs Prije 15 dana
this girl is so nice!
sir ree nuh
sir ree nuh Prije 15 dana
Tigi Dee
Tigi Dee Prije 15 dana
Wanna see more of Elena.
Zacky Rin
Zacky Rin Prije 15 dana
The last girl, i would date her.
Porcelain_doll Prije 15 dana
Oh wow the second one. I really wanna take pics with yooouuuuu
Ameer Prije 15 dana
Just be white
tor Prije 16 dana
i love her. i feel like we would get along well
tor Prije 16 dana
if anyone knows homegirl's instagram lmk so i can follow pls
Marisa Hastings
Marisa Hastings Prije 16 dana
The kid in the purple pants was kind of a douche. I don't want to say he was only giving her an 8 due to her being in a wheelchair but the way he answered just made me think he was holding back something that wasn't pleasant. Idk. I could just be making a rude assumption but his answer made very little sense. Personally I think she is a 10..
Breadwinner 111
Breadwinner 111 Prije 16 dana
She took her own braces off😯
gnik4342 Prije 16 dana
Pov: you're here from papagut
Jake Fowler
Jake Fowler Prije 17 dana
I can't stand her!
Алексей Ст
Алексей Ст Prije 17 dana
У вас с головой не всё в порядке
ja nein
ja nein Prije 17 dana
I'm bisexual, loved them all, were all so damn attractive.
Emma W.
Emma W. Prije 17 dana
I feel this so hard
Gaby D
Gaby D Prije 17 dana
The last girl 😍😍😍
El rinconcito de Andrea
El rinconcito de Andrea Prije 17 dana
Kate Porter
Kate Porter Prije 18 dana
second guy hot asf 🧐🙌
Mini Diva
Mini Diva Prije 18 dana
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jo has no life
jo has no life Prije 18 dana
2nd guy was cute as hell 😳
Suzy S
Suzy S Prije 18 dana
Tyceta(idk if that's how you spell it but she's the 3rd person feature at 2:33); her style is soooooo amazing! She seemed like she had a great personality and her I just want her to take me shopping. 😍😍😂😂😂😂
Suzy S
Suzy S Prije 18 dana
Did anybody see that 🍑 on the first guy??? 😍😍😍 also, he's super attractive, I laughed so hard when she explained what her taste in men are to him. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Adele Zadi
Adele Zadi Prije 18 dana
The "funky"pants guy came back because he was mad about what the model said lmao
Гэвин Lingenfelter
Гэвин Lingenfelter Prije 19 dana
i love the last girls personality she seems so fun to be with and shes so sweet
We are D & V Orozco
We are D & V Orozco Prije 19 dana
I think the second guy did not deserve a 10 & he seemed to be the sensitive guy from that modeling lady video who got offended!
Hyacinth Niemann
Hyacinth Niemann Prije 19 dana
Can we rate her though because her whole vibe has me questioning my sexuality 😂
Gloria Gallarzo
Gloria Gallarzo Prije 20 dana
Too Many Opinions
Too Many Opinions Prije 20 dana
Here’s to hoping that last woman & the rather get together
Lyniece Jones
Lyniece Jones Prije 20 dana
Alot of y'all need to realize that lady was in the industry at a different time so of course she was gonna be brutally honest because she thought that was the fashion industry still it probably is so, please... suck it up...
oracle MPH
oracle MPH Prije 20 dana
"Heavier set, tattooed gross boys" *Next guy walks in.* Is skinny, has no visible tattoos, and cares about fashion. "I'm going to give you a 10" --- So much for her "type" lmao
Ameer Prije 15 dana
Surprise surprise women dont know what they wnt
mason gomes
mason gomes Prije 21 dan
The girl on the wheelchair is very pretty, but obviously her being on a wheelchair is a set back to most people unfortunately that’s how it is in life but she actually is very attractive
Agent 47
Agent 47 Prije 21 dan
Guys where do you find this people ?? Is there a app we can sign up
p p
p p Prije 21 dan
This girl is so cute!
cynt strada
cynt strada Prije 21 dan
Dumb video
Megan Jean F
Megan Jean F Prije 21 dan
Where the hell do they find these people. “I’m into scumbags” wtf
sharp3n Prije 21 dan
stay comfortable in ur house
Shay B
Shay B Prije 22 dana
I think the second guy is so cute but low-key rude
Celestial Turtle
Celestial Turtle Prije 23 dana
The last girl was so adorable I can't
o23 Prije 23 dana
Really interesting to see how we judge people based on our own styles, preferences and experiences. To me, it reinforces the idea that we shouldn't really care about what other people think of our appearance.
Mude JoJo
Mude JoJo Prije 23 dana
To be completely honest, Emily is like the most beautiful human being I've seen for a looong time. Pretty much my "loser".
Guess My Disability | Lineup | Cut
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