Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2021 in 9 Minutes!

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Here is everything Apple announced at its WWDC 2021 event including information about iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, and macOS Monterey!

Read more - www.macrumors.com/2021/06/07/...

Cavegamer Prije 16 dana
been using iOS 15 for the past 3 weeks. its pretty good. really enjoying focus and notification stacks.
Kezza Prije 21 dan
Thanks. Saved me 2 hours of watching!
Google one
Google one Prije mjesec
I think apple not understand where is my certificate you all off your heads first took all my right and yiou expected businesses too what is this clean and hunest businesses but I don’t think so
iCjay Prije mjesec
I just sold 2.3 mil in apple stock because Apple is a douchebag of a company. I think praying hands Tim Cook is psychopathic and needs to step down as CEO
Marquette Smith
Marquette Smith Prije mjesec
Odd no $149 new Beats Buds. Why???
claystudiofx Prije mjesec
Why is google voice way a lot better than siri ?
e Prije mjesec
Let me some up the video for y'all They just added stuff android has had
Jav C
Jav C Prije mjesec
We are in the future. The future is now. Great job with this video. So many exciting new/fun things from IOS 15
Zhan Zhan's Jian Guo
Zhan Zhan's Jian Guo Prije mjesec
So.. is it safe to say that we won't be getting brand new MBA and MBP this year? :o
Hurrikane Gaming
Hurrikane Gaming Prije mjesec
Apple is utter garbage now. I used to be a die hard Apple customer. Their customer service and Genius Bar is total trash. Shittiest company on the planet. Right up there with AT&T.
Azzurri82 Prije mjesec
WTF Apple? Weak rollout of mac pro line on M1 macbook and iMac and no mac updates 6 months into the year. Not sure wtf they're thinking? Ppl only use iPad, iPhone, iWatch? Not really taking advantage of the move to silicon unless you're a casual user who doesn't need pro level tools. Kinda sad.
Major Gear
Major Gear Prije mjesec
Can you select and delete multiple iMessages at the same time yet?
Sam Halperin
Sam Halperin Prije mjesec
man is this boring.
EL M Prije mjesec
sooooo... everything android already has? haha this is lame i was looking for a reason to go back to Apple.. i guess not!
T_B_ Gaming
T_B_ Gaming Prije mjesec
I can now say that the iPhone 6s is basically the queen of England of phones.
Hyper Horse
Hyper Horse Prije 18 dana
You mean it's about to DDDIIIIEEEE?!?!?!?!
Roger The gummy bear 210
Roger The gummy bear 210 Prije mjesec
The gps map shit is gonna get some one killed
Alexx K
Alexx K Prije mjesec
Hopefully this will make multitasking more useable - I never got worm with that feature until now...
Raskolnikov Prije mjesec
Can we expect macbook air m2/x this year?
Barry Wood
Barry Wood Prije mjesec
I just wish they would sort out the contacts I’m sick of it not working properly it’s been going on for years.
TravelVisitAndFunVlog Prije mjesec
Spatial Audio in MacOS or only for new M1 chip mac??
Ch Sarmad
Ch Sarmad Prije mjesec
Any update for I paid mini6
Mr_ Nuke
Mr_ Nuke Prije mjesec
It would be cool to see a safari redesign to make it feel smoother and faster
Max Luna
Max Luna Prije mjesec
Apple needs to add multiple stops in there navigating app.
Steven Sirski
Steven Sirski Prije mjesec
still not convinced to get an iPhone, an iPad maybe, esp if it works as well as the announcement says it does with a macbook pro. Am definitely looking to upgrade MBP this year if M2s come out.
Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson Prije mjesec
Honestly I was underwhelmed by iOS 15. The features are cool but nothing that I’m feening to have.
tygs Prije mjesec
Can’t they add in locations of speed cameras ? Lmao
tygs Prije mjesec
Lucky. Naver the map app koreans use shows them in Korea. I guess in Canada which where I’m from there’s waze but it’s based on community reporting ( I think it’s still like this)
Luke Allison
Luke Allison Prije mjesec
They have this in Australia and red light cameras as well
Tek56 Prije mjesec
So what happens from June 8-11? Because apparently WWDC is not over as it lasts until June 11. So what happens on the 4 remaining days?
wdpk837 Prije mjesec
needs multiple user accounts
LelouchLamperouge235 Prije mjesec
3:02 so its basically Apples version of Google Goggles
aasha gupta
aasha gupta Prije mjesec
Thanks for saving my time….
William Guenthner
William Guenthner Prije mjesec
Even less interesting than Google I/O was.
Justin Arcese
Justin Arcese Prije mjesec
They should add to maps the google map feature of adding stops so you can see how long it takes to go to multiple stops
karlin alcindor
karlin alcindor Prije mjesec
On imessage: Can we now delete a message already sent on IOS 15?
Jake Wolf
Jake Wolf Prije mjesec
There a bunch of Apple haters that just watched 9 minutes of a conference summary to see everything they have coming out just to write the same hate they’ve been saying since they were 12
e Prije mjesec
Just accept that apple is just copying android
Dat Nguyen
Dat Nguyen Prije mjesec
Sounds like Apple is playing catch up with the rest of the industry.
Major Gear
Major Gear Prije mjesec
which is smart. let other companies take the risks !
I love when Apple just takes jailbreak features lmao.
@Beats Beats cough it was sarcasm but true
Jeremy vince
Jeremy vince Prije mjesec
@Beats Beats exactly.
Vardan Rathi
Vardan Rathi Prije mjesec
1 step closer to Android 😂
Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video Channel
Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video Channel Prije mjesec
Apple: we invented tab groups! Google Chrome: wait what?! I love my Apple products but just wanted to point out tab groups been around on chrome a while.
Brent Smithline
Brent Smithline Prije mjesec
Only sad news out of Apple WWDC2021 for me was the new macOS Monterey will not be able to be installed, and supported on my iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014). My hope was that Apple would support my iMac with updates until larger screen version of the M* iMac was introduced.
hcblacki Prije mjesec
You can show the new features in 20 seconds….
y0un355 Prije mjesec
Isnt the new notification look the same as in older versions of ios lol
Francis Petrik
Francis Petrik Prije mjesec
Android users be like “Android got those features since 1776“
e Prije mjesec
@CheeseCake Cartel better actually
CheeseCake Cartel
CheeseCake Cartel Prije mjesec
But do they work as seemlessly ?
Dénes Papp
Dénes Papp Prije mjesec
and that's true for most features
Jeffery Jones
Jeffery Jones Prije mjesec
I am really excited to try the Focus feature. The live text feature sounds awesome! This new update to Maps may finally get me to ditch Google Maps.
Juanchi Prije mjesec
Where are the foldable phones?? Hehe
Joe Holder
Joe Holder Prije mjesec
can safari open webp images yet?
Iggy Burton
Iggy Burton Prije mjesec
Does anyone know if Apple Hifi Lossless will be available on older devises running 12.5.3 or Catalina?
Isuru Eranga
Isuru Eranga Prije mjesec
Disappointed in believing MacRumors. #unsubscribe_alert
Trav Malav
Trav Malav Prije mjesec
Bro that map update gonna make my life so much easier
Daniel Muñoz
Daniel Muñoz Prije mjesec
Will universal control work with iphones?
Mick Prije mjesec
Ios 15 is gonna be ass
the8thark Prije mjesec
Far far better then the full Tim led keynote. I recommend people ignore those as they are terrible and just stick to the MR roundup videos.
Arman Husni
Arman Husni Prije mjesec
Meh y multitask only in ipad
Hamas F
Hamas F Prije mjesec
Where is picture in picture ? :(((
Victor Ganguly
Victor Ganguly Prije mjesec
8 years software support!! Then dnt buy next 8 years Apple product ok,Why exiting for every year new iphone or ipad, Apple 8 years sofware support marketing is Insane as joke. Portrait vedio,Cut copy paste,Widgets,Pop up vedios or screen,PIP picture in picture, Screen share or screen cast to Large tv or Quick share other mobile devicess,Fast wireless and wired charger...Google duo vedio call.. 120-144-165 hz Refresh rate and 780 touch sampling rate. VR function,Augmented reality 3d visuals...You think feature Android says Yes miles ahead
Victor Ganguly
Victor Ganguly Prije mjesec
8 years software support!! Then dnt buy next 8 years Apple product ok,Why exiting for every year new iphone or ipad, Apple 8 years sofware support marketing is Insane as joke. Portrait vedio,Cut copy paste,Widgets,Pop up vedios or screen,PIP picture in picture, Screen share or screen cast to Large tv or Quick share other mobile devicess,Fast wireless and wired charger...Google duo vedio call.. 120-144-165 hz Refresh rate and 780 touch sampling rate. VR function,Augmented reality 3d visuals...You think feature Android says Yes miles ahead
Housam Ellethy
Housam Ellethy Prije mjesec
Still no calculator for iPad!
Medecorn Prije mjesec
5:51 I wish iOS 15 will come faster to my iPad 😀
O. S.
O. S. Prije mjesec
Hasn't anyone seen a new iMac in the picture? 8:34 Not only the color, the Screen is much larger than the 24“ iMac
Deans n LiPo
Deans n LiPo Prije mjesec
Looks like a silver 24” IMac to me.
Mustafa Ak
Mustafa Ak Prije mjesec
A company whose slogan is that your next computer may not be a computer has made a funny update, the ipad is just an iphone with a big screen, no one can argue otherwise. It was simply terrible. A complete disappointment....
Armand Desarrierespays
Armand Desarrierespays Prije mjesec
What a cheesy keynote all in all... also nothing crazy was presented, maybe the mail privacy feature is useful... the rest well some people don't use face time much because we see real faces all day... meanwhile they have 2+ year old 16" MBP that's too stale to buy since in 4-5 years it'll probably not receive updates and I tend to keep Macs for 7-8 years...
Gio La Gala
Gio La Gala Prije mjesec
iPad OS is very bad especially for the new M1 ... it is like having a Ferrari with a 50 mph speed limit. Apple was really ridicuolous at this point. This has made many customers angry. Continuos mode is a Monterey feature which seems not to work at the moment . I have tried it with supported hardware but no way to make it work.
Saitama Prije mjesec
waiting for a calculator app for iPad
CheeseCake Cartel
CheeseCake Cartel Prije mjesec
Won’t happen, it’s been covered
Richard's World
Richard's World Prije mjesec
I guess I'll just by a PC again. Way to go Apple.
Richard's World
Richard's World Prije mjesec
@Major Gear I'm starting to record some videos in 8K. My computer is OK with 4K. But 8K video is very tedious. I can slowly edit the video, but rendering times are really ridiculous. A current top laptop is about 2 times faster than mine with a Intel 9750H and RTX 2060.
Major Gear
Major Gear Prije mjesec
what’s is wrong with your current PC?
jimmyboy1582 Prije mjesec
Enjoy bro.
CISO Prije mjesec
Apple's motto: Hey we've got IOS15 People: What's new. Also Apple: Google lens.😂😂😂
M4 Leopard
M4 Leopard Prije mjesec
Don't worry android users google will provide all these features in 12 stable version 😁
e Prije mjesec
@M4 Leopard 💀
M4 Leopard
M4 Leopard Prije mjesec
@e 🧟
e Prije mjesec
@M4 Leopard I said 98%🤷‍♂️
M4 Leopard
M4 Leopard Prije mjesec
@e Almost true but split screen 3d map and drag and drop are better features
e Prije mjesec
Android already has 98% of this stuff🤣🤣 Apple is copying android sorry to tell ya💀
Abraham TZM
Abraham TZM Prije mjesec
I was waiting to see a Search engine in iMessage
Mike Wh
Mike Wh Prije mjesec
Eyebrowe contrast needs updating
Owais Behram
Owais Behram Prije mjesec
At this point people be wondering why did Apple made iPad M1 16GB
Major Gear
Major Gear Prije mjesec
That is usually the case. Apple tends to release the iPad first, and the new feature trickle in over the next several years after. I’m not saying that it’s the smartest way to do things, but it’s what they tend to do.
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh Prije mjesec
So happy my M1 Mac won't be obsolete 4 months after I bought it. Was secretly hoping for them to ditch the announcement XD
Ali Dez
Ali Dez Prije mjesec
I’m on day 4 of hovering my finger over the “complete order” button online to buy a MacBook M1 Air. Still can’t get myself to click it. This information helps though. Lol
k c
k c Prije mjesec
this is a good point and probably the reason it won't get announced until way later in the year...too many people would be annoyed otherwise and i bet apple know this...personally i just want the 16" updated man...
Sindy Casimir
Sindy Casimir Prije mjesec
Hahaha me too I bought mine recently and was waiting for yesterday to see if I should return it and wait a few more months or keep it
Attomic Chicken
Attomic Chicken Prije mjesec
This whole thing felt like: "Here's some google products that we've incorporated into iOS".
heeler just heeler
heeler just heeler Prije mjesec
But with privacy, the opposite of google products.
View Us
View Us Prije mjesec
Can i get ios 15 in my iPhone 6s
leo Prije mjesec
Universal control! Wow i wanted that for years
Backyard Ballistics
Backyard Ballistics Prije mjesec
Anything to prevent robocalls?
Federico Ferrario
Federico Ferrario Prije mjesec
so disappointing apple is playing with us..
Odin's Playground
Odin's Playground Prije mjesec
With all the talks of a 16” MacBook Pro redesign with M2 chip… this became such a disappointment. Can’t believe I tuned in for it. The software updates are all well and good, but nothing mind blowing. Should just have watched a recap instead of the slow keynote.
Odin's Playground
Odin's Playground Prije mjesec
​@WickyTicky Yes, last year they broke tradition. While it's arguably in the grey zone, they announced Apple Silicon, the dev kit and tools.
Odin's Playground
Odin's Playground Prije mjesec
@Beats Beats LOL, why would they ever announce that ahead of time?
Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video Channel
Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video Channel Prije mjesec
Take it for what it is. It’s a software event. You got some nice things in the software side of Apple products
WickyTicky Prije mjesec
has apple ever announced new hardware at a software event?
TheMFTⓋ Prije mjesec
I see a lot of “jail breaking” tweaks here!! 😂😂 I think that’s what apple is doing..... pretending they don’t like the jailbreaking community but take their ideas
@TheMFTⓋ agreed I was stayin anyways
TheMFTⓋ Prije mjesec
@THETINTMASTER Save your SSH blobs & just sit tight. They’ll definitely get iOS 15 jailbroken.
@TheMFTⓋ fax on god on god. So to all the mfs who jailbroke they Wii and ds
@TheMFTⓋ should I update to 14.6.1 or stay on 13.5 cus 15 will take a bit
TheMFTⓋ Prije mjesec
@jimmyboy1582 oh how I miss The OG BiteSMS!! I miss untethered jailbreaks too. But AltStore works well for me so I’m content. I can’t wait until we JB IOS 15!!
James Nnabeze
James Nnabeze Prije mjesec
So basically no major update
e Prije mjesec
No just copying android
Jollyrice Prije mjesec
8:09 damn that looks really clean i hope their implementation of tab groups improves upon Chrome's and allows users to save/stash groups
stephen shiller
stephen shiller Prije mjesec
My samsung note 10 5g plus is a beast. I do my photography editing on it because it's faster than most laptops. Android had had split screens forever. 🥱
Ayush Roy
Ayush Roy Prije mjesec
Safari is just copying firefox
Aryan Sharma
Aryan Sharma Prije mjesec
All hype,and wet fart of a wwdc....just implemented android features that they had since 1700s
Malcolm Brock
Malcolm Brock Prije mjesec
I love the features coming to Maps but I wish they would put up “ Speed Limit & current speed” on the display as normal GPS do.
Alan Lin
Alan Lin Prije mjesec
@Malcolm Brock yeah not in Australia idk why
Malcolm Brock
Malcolm Brock Prije mjesec
@WokHeartt not in Australia. That’s the problem. Would love to use Apple maps but have to use Waze.
WokHeartt Prije mjesec
Apple CarPlay has the speed limit on there for ya
Alan Lin
Alan Lin Prije mjesec
so true bro this feature's already been put on the table so many yrs lol
Sarthak Sharma
Sarthak Sharma Prije mjesec
@Benjamin Batie ok?
MirelRc Prije mjesec
I don't need siri on other IoT devices. Google Assistant is better.
Akhil CS
Akhil CS Prije mjesec
I still don’t get why apple can’t push these app updates separately and not via an os update!
Brian L
Brian L Prije mjesec
Saved me 2 hours of my life. Thanks!
RK's Car-Project
RK's Car-Project Prije mjesec
I finished watching this video in just 4.5mins ...2x speed😋
M D Prije mjesec
Best update so far.
Darlxnq Prije mjesec
Ayy screen share
Bahram Askarpour
Bahram Askarpour Prije mjesec
It seems most of them were features that was cut from iOS 14 to fill the gaps in this year’s update.
Major Gear
Major Gear Prije mjesec
they aren’t taking any risks. maybe they should slow down their major release schedule. that way they can spend more time fixing things.
Imperfect Xennial
Imperfect Xennial Prije mjesec
Exactly. I think this year is a small update year for software.
Mr Zen
Mr Zen Prije mjesec
Michael B W
Michael B W Prije mjesec
No doubt something for some, but WWDC 21 bought nothing for me or anyone I know. Saw cars collecting images and data for Apple around New Zealand last summer. When will the update come to Maps here in Aotearoa?
Jordan Prije mjesec
Oooh can’t wait for a better maps update for NZ 😄
Jade Grice
Jade Grice Prije mjesec
8:34 does that iMac looks a bit bigger than 24" or is she really small?
pubg girl
pubg girl Prije mjesec
Please send me an ipad
pubg girl
pubg girl Prije mjesec
@TheMFTⓋ by sending ipad
TheMFTⓋ Prije mjesec
@pubg girl help you how?
pubg girl
pubg girl Prije mjesec
@TheMFTⓋ can u help me
TheMFTⓋ Prije mjesec
Okay ...where to boss
Jean Dennis Dean Javier
Jean Dennis Dean Javier Prije mjesec
You hyped us up soooo much 🥲
J2C 👽
J2C 👽 Prije mjesec
Disappointing WWDC >No Final Cut Pro for iPad >No notable improvement to the Files app on iOS (which is in desperate need of improving) >and not even a single mention about the 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro’s that we all know are in the works after being the worst kept secret of the year. I almost feel like they intentionally held back on revealing it here just to spite us for knowing and talking about their initial plans to show it at WWDC
Daniel and Yukaーダニエルとユカ
Daniel and Yukaーダニエルとユカ Prije mjesec
Absolutely! Files app needs a progress bar when transferring files! Safari has a download progress indicator… I must say that I kinda like the theory that Apple intentionally held back to make sure that the prolific leakers and HRpostrs who made bets and were SO confident that: 1) FCP would be announced at WWDC, and 2) new MBPs would be announced at WWDC - would get rekt and have to humiliate themselves if Apple didn’t release the rumoured FCP and M1X MBPs
luckless gamer
luckless gamer Prije mjesec
Me:- Mom can i have new features Mom:- we have new features at home New features at home 👆
Soul_Master Prije mjesec
With M1 iPad Pro, user can place oversize widget on home screen.
Kaoru Prije mjesec
A bunch of features. Apple really working hard.
e Prije mjesec
They ain't working hard at ALL , they just copying androids features that we've had for years🤣🤣💀
Tushar Garg
Tushar Garg Prije mjesec
Have always hated apple for its stupid pricing but now its getting better. I think i might get into apple echo system soon. Except MacBook. Bcs most my softwares work only on windows
utorrent01 Prije mjesec
Why iPhone's Features are Always "Late"
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