Who Can Punch The Hardest? - Challenge

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FaZe Jarvis

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Who Can Punch The Hardest feat @Bradley Martyn at the FaZe House with @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Kay @FaZe Temperrr @FaZe Adapt

💃 TikTok: @jarvis
📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

Drew Nowell
Drew Nowell Prije godine
Jarvis this is the best video ever, vids have been fire lately
SNR_ZEZE Prije 3 mjeseci
J yyyyyyy
Eshy Prije 5 mjeseci
How many subs can I get from this comment Currently: 138 Goal: 200
Rajwinder Brainch
Rajwinder Brainch Prije 5 mjeseci
Rajwinder Brainch
Rajwinder Brainch Prije 5 mjeseci
@Rifayed L
Mo Saj
Mo Saj Prije 5 mjeseci
How do people get 12k likes Me:gimme those tips
shadow gaming
shadow gaming Prije 9 dana
shadow gaming
shadow gaming Prije 9 dana
Gladis Hernandez
Gladis Hernandez Prije 11 dana
Brother way Hannah looked at the buff guy
Elena Van Damme
Elena Van Damme Prije 12 dana
matty i hope u see this can u try to 1v1 tanqr or sombody from the leaderbord thet will me mi dream
Sebastian Mancini
Sebastian Mancini Prije 12 dana
Sebastian Mancini
Sebastian Mancini Prije 12 dana
You’re strong
Hailey Morton
Hailey Morton Prije 13 dana
Lenoob Du654
Lenoob Du654 Prije 13 dana
Pokemon trainer more powerful
M-G-H_90 Prije 17 dana
In the thumbnail Bradley Martyn ain't even trying 🤣
Markysmarty Prije 17 dana
Rip gaming
Green GOD
Green GOD Prije 17 dana
Kellan Glup
Kellan Glup Prije 18 dana
368 K
jack lop
jack lop Prije 19 dana
Kay : how did he do that Also Kay: get higher score of 870
Adamm_Yes Prije 19 dana
Imagine Jarvis boxed Michael lee or something
4th - Tomás Martin Gadea Huespe
4th - Tomás Martin Gadea Huespe Prije 19 dana
And i love ur content
4th - Tomás Martin Gadea Huespe
4th - Tomás Martin Gadea Huespe Prije 19 dana
I see this video every 1 week
RevoxJay Prije 20 dana
Those after the fight ur a goat mate
TTV SaVaGe Prije 22 dana
Ever time adapt punches he does a thumbs up
Chace Holland-Dunn
Chace Holland-Dunn Prije 25 dana
Got 903 and 14
Aisha Shukri Mohamud
Aisha Shukri Mohamud Prije 27 dana
Brother nature: he flexing abbs
Ridwan Rokib
Ridwan Rokib Prije 28 dana
Ksi is stronger cause he broke the mission
Björn Holmström
Björn Holmström Prije 28 dana
368k likes boys
Iron NoSales
Iron NoSales Prije mjesec
I want to see temper box
Brady Yang
Brady Yang Prije mjesec
Fight it’s at 300k
Mason Sandlin
Mason Sandlin Prije mjesec
Galina Boynes
Galina Boynes Prije mjesec
The awesome crook correlatively sip because garage topically appear amongst a rough thumb. fortunate, stingy chess
Dream Prije mjesec
3:50 sheesh
Britany Delao
Britany Delao Prije mjesec
2:17 LOL TEEQO BE LIKE IN HOS MIND: oh deez losers gonna lose. But when he gets embarrassed and got 271
Jasiel Daniel
Jasiel Daniel Prije mjesec
Where's our fight
Jasiel Daniel
Jasiel Daniel Prije mjesec
SummerDonuts Prije mjesec
this guy is from WEAK to STRONG
Bennett William
Bennett William Prije mjesec
The opposite pvc cytopathologically surround because afghanistan physically wreck qua a public rod. roomy, well-to-do act
Bob Brown
Bob Brown Prije mjesec
I want the neighbours reaction
Kristan Perez
Kristan Perez Prije mjesec
this vid shows how all of the faze clan can beat all of the tiktokers in that card
Braxten Swanson
Braxten Swanson Prije mjesec
that help you in the fight
Alexis Diaz
Alexis Diaz Prije mjesec
2:30 that’s how Jarvis knocked Michael Le
KZY Prije mjesec
Jarvis would win this now considering the Michael Le knockout.
- Whitecaco -
- Whitecaco - Prije mjesec
6:14 WYSI
vSxolar _-c
vSxolar _-c Prije mjesec
Imagine if Jarvis try these now that he’s training boxing
Zynnx Prije mjesec
He did buddy
Nayte George
Nayte George Prije mjesec
Who is here when Jarvis knocked out Michael Le
DURPS Prije mjesec
Btw I’m a 5,6 13 yr old and I got higher score than most
imad Prije mjesec
who cares
Lewis Hornsby
Lewis Hornsby Prije mjesec
If they did this now jarvis would win
Goku Prije mjesec
Nah Frazier
TTV your Bad 123
TTV your Bad 123 Prije mjesec
Elix3r Prije mjesec
Imagine Jarvis doing this now
finlay_scoots Prije mjesec
atleast it’s not just me here 🤣
Bestseller Mycter
Bestseller Mycter Prije mjesec
Greg Payne
Greg Payne Prije mjesec
Hi I'm a swear I fortnite battle royal my name is energetic joey in fortnite
Reuben Glover
Reuben Glover Prije mjesec
They got 300k
Chuck Johnson
Chuck Johnson Prije mjesec
My favorite faze is Alex
Chuck Johnson
Chuck Johnson Prije mjesec
Happy birthday to Alex yesterday June 5 my two cousins were born June 5 too
Islam Muhammad
Islam Muhammad Prije mjesec
If you hit 500,000k subscrib I dare you to vs faze Alex
Arham Hussain
Arham Hussain Prije mjesec
6:02 is anyone gonna ignore the fact that he got 666?
Legendary cash
Legendary cash Prije mjesec
Fast intro can’t lie
Ryoshi Mobile Gameplay
Ryoshi Mobile Gameplay Prije mjesec
Im entertained
Bennett Klitzke
Bennett Klitzke Prije mjesec
Eleazer Co-Romanos
Eleazer Co-Romanos Prije mjesec
Just a o is going to kick your as🤧😰😭😢
Eleazer Co-Romanos
Eleazer Co-Romanos Prije mjesec
Bestseller Mycter
Bestseller Mycter Prije mjesec
Ian, I’m not doing this
RF Gamer
RF Gamer Prije mjesec
I really want to see Alex knock the fuck out of Jake Paul
Ruth Ruasell
Ruth Ruasell Prije mjesec
The fast michelle lilly flap because comic emotionally choke alongside a innate character. comfortable, rustic rail
Tristan Enriquez
Tristan Enriquez Prije mjesec
5:54 be like demon time
Caden Nelson
Caden Nelson Prije 2 mjeseci
I got 799 and I’m 12
Muhammad Raza
Muhammad Raza Prije 2 mjeseci
is it me or does brother nature look like temperrr’s little brother gustavo
Jerky Shorts
Jerky Shorts Prije 2 mjeseci
5:27 Teeqo be like "THX"
Raw Family
Raw Family Prije 2 mjeseci
l dare you to buy Malaysia
ARCHIE TIBURCIO Prije 2 mjeseci
Nathan Rodas
Nathan Rodas Prije 2 mjeseci
Adapts every turn he went like sheeeesh
TaxZZ Prije 2 mjeseci
Where’s the fight
Giovani’s life L
Giovani’s life L Prije 2 mjeseci
Alex look dead lokey
Almir Abazi
Almir Abazi Prije 2 mjeseci
The Iron Panther
The Iron Panther Prije 2 mjeseci
Alex went wildin on this challenge ;-;
Official PUBG Abdullah
Official PUBG Abdullah Prije 2 mjeseci
What happened to adapt eyes
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson Prije 2 mjeseci
Frazier got the curse of 666
PAIN Prije 2 mjeseci
Sup mate
certified jay
certified jay Prije 2 mjeseci
The hardest punch faze jarvis did
Abdulmalek Khalifa
Abdulmalek Khalifa Prije 3 mjeseci
I am 12 and I can get a 856 these people weak and my bro hes 16 and he got 967 this people weak af
JH Prije 2 mjeseci
brudda stfu u cant get 856 your waffling
emmett rainey
emmett rainey Prije 3 mjeseci
Emmanuel FOC
Emmanuel FOC Prije 3 mjeseci
Make sure y’all get right with God repent and believe in the gospel love yall ❤️
The Potato
The Potato Prije 3 mjeseci
Where’s the fight???
Tamim Tamer
Tamim Tamer Prije 3 mjeseci
Sorry for not playing fortnite
Jefferson Gutierritos
Jefferson Gutierritos Prije 3 mjeseci
300k likes, Alex and Bradley are supposed to box my guy...
Alexandros Tsiapouras
Alexandros Tsiapouras Prije 3 mjeseci
Is his name gustavo kevl on nature
Kevin Bonnett
Kevin Bonnett Prije 3 mjeseci
Jarvis probably didn't know he would be in a boxing match
Nate Eckert
Nate Eckert Prije 3 mjeseci
It’s at 300k lets see the fight
Edvinas Dranseika
Edvinas Dranseika Prije 3 mjeseci
ummm 271
Baren Brati
Baren Brati Prije 3 mjeseci
Where is the fight at
DumaRoblox Prije 3 mjeseci
Jarvis, you might find out that hannah is 24 and you are 18 or 19
Mohamed Amr /MedoGaming4
Mohamed Amr /MedoGaming4 Prije 3 mjeseci
Wait so is rug more powerful?!
Wendy Summers
Wendy Summers Prije 3 mjeseci
Someone: 100K Likes and they will put the gloves on and they will fight! 2 weeks later: -_- 363K: Where's that fight at huh?
Jacob hayes
Jacob hayes Prije 3 mjeseci
Next fight Bradley vs faze adapt ufc 290
Jacob hayes
Jacob hayes Prije 3 mjeseci
Dam it was 10:54 or 10:53
Jacob hayes
Jacob hayes Prije 3 mjeseci
Also it was 10:55
Jackson McCullough
Jackson McCullough Prije 3 mjeseci
i don't know about you guys but that's 300k likes
Patryk Spruta
Patryk Spruta Prije 3 mjeseci
1m likes on dis video
Ali Gaming
Ali Gaming Prije 3 mjeseci
Who else thought that the 800 was 900
Ninja gaming Fletcher
Ninja gaming Fletcher Prije 3 mjeseci
It got 300000 where the fight
Erin Losanno
Erin Losanno Prije 3 mjeseci
Tommy why do you skip leg day
Jameison Nuon
Jameison Nuon Prije 3 mjeseci
Алекс Митков
Алекс Митков Prije 3 mjeseci
Eriet 1234
Eriet 1234 Prije 3 mjeseci
Brad was joking around.
Kaze Flash
Kaze Flash Prije 3 mjeseci
Bro Alex at the end 🤣🤣🤣🤣
payesangabriel Prije 3 mjeseci
Svante Olin
Svante Olin Prije 3 mjeseci
Teeqos mad cute ngl
Bence Kovács
Bence Kovács Prije 3 mjeseci
Adapt won this
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