Iron Maiden - The Writing On The Wall (Official Video)

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Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden

The official music video for Iron Maiden - The Writing On The Wall

Taken from the upcoming 17th Studio Album ‘Senjutsu’ - Out September 3.

Pre-order from Wednesday 21st!

TWOTW is available to stream on all platforms -

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Written by Smith / Dickinson

Across a painted desert lies a train of vagabonds
All that’s left of what we were it’s what we have become
Once our empires glorious but now the empire’s gone
The dead gave us the time to live and now our time is done

Now we are victorious we’ve become our slaves
A land of hope and glory building graveyards for the brave

Have you seen the writing on the wall
Have you seen that writing
Can you see the riders on the storm
Can you see them riding ~ can you see them riding

Holding on to jury is that all we ever know
Ignorance our judge and jury all we’ve got to show
From Hollywood to Babylon ~ holy war to kingdom come
On a trail of dust and ashes ~ when the burning sky is done
A tide of change is coming and that is what you fear
The earthquake is a coming but you don’t want to hear
You’re just too blind to see

Have you seen the writing on the wall
Have you seen that writing
Can you see the riders on the storm
Can you see them riding
Can you see them riding. . . Riding next to you

Meunier Portalis
Meunier Portalis Prije 4 sati
Try to find Arch Enemy ;)
Meunier Portalis
Meunier Portalis Prije 4 sati
They also had covers from many Artists
Elia Andolini
Elia Andolini Prije 4 sati
Samurai Eddie! Love it! Up The Irons
Paljor Lama
Paljor Lama Prije 4 sati
Really says something about the band when they they produce (what I consider to be) their best work this late into their career.
roman sanbossa
roman sanbossa Prije 4 sati
Икономически Науки
Икономически Науки Prije 4 sati
c'est l'un de mes groupes de rock préférés
Chuck Parlier
Chuck Parlier Prije 4 sati
Just glad to know Iron Maiden is just as fuckin pissed as I am.
Samael Prije 4 sati
This is a really disappointing song, it's average at best. I hope the rest of the album is better.
spicyfist1 Prije 5 sati
Gives me some Big country vibes (the band not the genre,) like it!
Kosmos Prije 6 sati
More I listen more I's like an endeless love process only Maiden has the recipe
To’mz TNC
To’mz TNC Prije 6 sati
Bobfromjanitorial Prije 6 sati
2:55 damn Swisgaard got jacked.
Ultrasound djs & La Ultradiscoteka de Puerto Rico
Ultrasound djs & La Ultradiscoteka de Puerto Rico Prije 6 sati
Francisco Cabello
Francisco Cabello Prije 6 sati
y el grito del aguila??
Bálint Vajda
Bálint Vajda Prije 6 sati
Erről van szó,basszátok meg!!!!
The Loner
The Loner Prije 6 sati
1x25 deixa o som quase como nos velhos tempos....
Antonio Dishington
Antonio Dishington Prije 6 sati
This song is better than any song in the albums between Dance of Death and The Final Frontier
Sharing66 Prije 7 sati
Im not gonna lie when I saw the thumbnail picture I thought it's a disturbed song
Cesar Castro
Cesar Castro Prije 7 sati
This is how it's make a heavy metal álbum, what a song, mister Dickinson, his voice is amazing, no matter the pass of the time, is amazing, mister Murray and his song at the solos my fucking god, the best metal band ever
Lefty Prije 7 sati
People who disliked obviously can't see the writing on the wall...
Devo Oski
Devo Oski Prije 7 sati
A live representation of the american elections.
Andrea Grisenti
Andrea Grisenti Prije 7 sati
Bellissima canzone molto potente però alcune parti assomigliano in maniera impressionante alla canzone Giorgio mastrota dei Nanowar of steel...
Quary Ngamotu
Quary Ngamotu Prije 7 sati
This is a mean azzz vid n song
Mike T
Mike T Prije 7 sati
Someone in the comments said listen at x1.5. I liked it much better!!!!!
Suviru Susmitha
Suviru Susmitha Prije 7 sati
with this iron maiden will hit 2 million subs D:
Teacher Kelly Reis
Teacher Kelly Reis Prije 7 sati
Lancei aula nova do Inglês com Maiden para quem se interessar em aprender de graça e com Maiden (é aulinha, não tradução). Se gostarem, sigo a série. Abraço!
MassDynamic Prije 8 sati
a lot of symbolism in this vid
Mike T
Mike T Prije 8 sati
Seen Maiden in '82 Oct 8 Glens Falls Civic Center. They opened for Judas Priest. A friend had extra tickets. Priest was great!!! Not a fan of Bruce. S/T and Killers is all the Maiden I need. Although I do like Piece of Mind👍
gudgen2004 Prije 8 sati
Can't believe Bruce Dickinson is still kicking butt I'm 56 and played metal my whole life ran into him a couple times on tour and he is amazing not just the pilot's license and everything else but his voice is outstanding still just like Lou Gramm Foreigner singer he still strong also nice to see these older gentlemen kicking but still God bless you guys
Murf Kuhls
Murf Kuhls Prije 8 sati
Most of these views are from me, can't stop playing this song. Up the irons!
Kim Keenan
Kim Keenan Prije 8 sati
😍 I NEED to go to a Maiden concert, never got to go back in the day. I'm 50 years young now but if I ever get to go see them, I'd fuckin' dance and headbang with the best of em, giving zero fucks what anybody might think of me while having THE TIME OF MY LIFE! 🤘
jhon Robson martt
jhon Robson martt Prije 8 sati
Cheio de simbolismo esse clipe
José Amundaray
José Amundaray Prije 8 sati
amazing song, when the tour?
Raul Contes
Raul Contes Prije 8 sati
first time I liten this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DETH ANGEL Prije 8 sati
Up the Irons! That was Killer .
Bryan Martinez Badilla
Bryan Martinez Badilla Prije 9 sati
18 years listening this mighty band, and they get old, you gets old, I get old too, Waiting for the whole album, this journey is not going to end yet, up the Irons
᚛ᚐᚏᚌᚓᚅᚈᚒᚋ᚜ ᚛ᚐᚄᚈᚏᚒᚋ᚜
᚛ᚐᚏᚌᚓᚅᚈᚒᚋ᚜ ᚛ᚐᚄᚈᚏᚒᚋ᚜ Prije 9 sati
Muzika je odlicna, pravi Iron Maden zvuk, al dokle vise sa tim satanistickim sranjima?! Bravo Iron Meden, zadrzao si svoj muzicki kurs. 👌💪🤟😎
VJ Wijana
VJ Wijana Prije 9 sati
This is simply amazing. Both the music and the mv are so powerful. Just what we need in this situation.
Tiny Stone
Tiny Stone Prije 9 sati
slay together
Joey Thompson
Joey Thompson Prije 9 sati
I saw this music video on Toonami and honestly, I didn't even know this was "Iron Maiden" until today. Still, this was pure awesome! And I'm sure my family will enjoy this as well. (Yeah, my Dad and uncles grew up hearing some of these songs)
Wendell Da Silva
Wendell Da Silva Prije 9 sati
Luis M
Luis M Prije 9 sati
Iron maiden just being Iron Maiden. Incredible.
dcs002 Prije 10 sati
Brilliant video, and kinda poignant in that Bruce is only two years from mandatory retirement as a pilot in the UK, but he's somehow young enough to sing lead in the greatest heavy metal band. Humans are weird.
Rd Payne
Rd Payne Prije 10 sati
To those 5.4 thousand people who did not like the video and the song, all right at home? En español: A esos 5.4 mil personas que no les gusto el vídeo y la canción, todo bien por casa?
MAURICIO VERA 217 Prije 10 sati
Benderswe1 Prije 10 sati
ooooh plz i want to go to the concert
Dizastro Prije 10 sati
Wait wut? Eddie is now Edie?
Robert Padua
Robert Padua Prije 10 sati
Iron Maiden has a strange arabic tune to their sound...
Sthela Rodrigues
Sthela Rodrigues Prije 10 sati
Fer Rico
Fer Rico Prije 10 sati
Iron maiden the leyend forever. 🤘😎❤
Ben Jammin
Ben Jammin Prije 10 sati
We'd all better heed the writing on the wall. Save the Republic!
L.A.fan423 Prije 11 sati
that was amazing!!!
Antonio Sibilia
Antonio Sibilia Prije 11 sati
chris jones
chris jones Prije 11 sati
Glad to see you guys back been far to long.
Nícolas Oliveira
Nícolas Oliveira Prije 11 sati
Jocelyn Villa
Jocelyn Villa Prije 11 sati
Paul Axon
Paul Axon Prije 11 sati
Iron Maiden rocks!!!
GabireixXxon Games
GabireixXxon Games Prije 11 sati
1:23 Eddie's Archives on the floor
Phaiboun Sysack
Phaiboun Sysack Prije 11 sati
As a Maiden fan for over 36 years . I love this song. This is why iron Maiden is and alllwayyy will my favorite band in the world.
The Art & Adventures of Timothy Wright
The Art & Adventures of Timothy Wright Prije 12 sati
Want it to actually sound like good OG Iron Maiden? x1.5 speed.
JW Wolfpac
JW Wolfpac Prije 6 sati
Unless this is a joke that’s actually pretty sad if you don’t like this just because it’s not fast.
nighthawk Tt
nighthawk Tt Prije 12 sati
Iron Maiden YESterday today tomorrow ♥️ T/U for sharing ♤♡
Charlie T
Charlie T Prije 12 sati
Damn good stuff! Up the Irons! 🤘
paladin errant
paladin errant Prije 12 sati
UP THE IRONS.....forever!
Antonio Guedes
Antonio Guedes Prije 12 sati
Bible, book of Daniel chapter 5.
fóbi comentários
fóbi comentários Prije 12 sati
the good times won't end while Iron Maiden exists
Salvatore Turieo
Salvatore Turieo Prije 12 sati
Listened to this about 5 times now, it"s growing on me slowly, cranked it up in my car today, sounded effin great .love the video also, pretty cool, gotta give them credit after all these years, UP THE IRONS!
FlatlandWulf Prije 12 sati
I'm definitely getting "HEAVY METAL" vibes from the video, it needs to be a feature length movie with the new album for the soundtrack.
Julio Medrano
Julio Medrano Prije 12 sati
Best band ever! Up the irons!!! 🤘🏻
Mike Maby
Mike Maby Prije 12 sati
For those of you who disliked. Don't worry. The prophet and his bikers are coming for you! Maidens gunna get ya!
TheMentalita Prije 13 sati
New Eddie= Yoshimitsu from Tekken 3
Ricardo chamarelli
Ricardo chamarelli Prije 13 sati
Tank you iron maiden,👏👏👏👏👏
- Madguru -
- Madguru - Prije 13 sati
Peak awesomeness. Musically just outstanding as always. Loved the Country/Celtic sound throughout and the extended solos were second to none. Lyrically and visually, very conscious. REAL Awakeness being displayed by Bruce, the band and all artists involved this time around. Hats off to everyone. 🙏 Profound and relevant to what's going on around the world today and where we can end up if we're not careful. Can you see The Writing on the Wall? 👁️
Dave Gardener
Dave Gardener Prije 13 sati
Up the Irons!
CRUSADER777VIDEO Prije 13 sati
Very Cool!!!
Dirty Bauer
Dirty Bauer Prije 13 sati
I should have trusted when Nikko said last year they were up to no good.
Rafael Ribeiro
Rafael Ribeiro Prije 13 sati
Mostra varios contextos da atual politica tbm como a guerra EUA (o gordão no carro) e dps aparece o dragão com as cores da China.
Adrian Caldera
Adrian Caldera Prije 13 sati
Not exactly a memorable song. Hope this is one of the fillers on the next album.
Andrea Lanza
Andrea Lanza Prije 13 sati
Adrian is GOD :)
dannyboyy31 Prije 13 sati
Holy fucking ball sacks, this is epic!
Scott Larmore
Scott Larmore Prije 13 sati
Wow….. really fucking good 🤘🏻🤘🏻
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Prije 14 sati
Incrível!!!! Iron Maiden se superam a cada novo álbum, melhor metal do mundo!!! Bruce Dickinson é infindavelmente fora do comum.
Daniel Otto
Daniel Otto Prije 14 sati
Wow !!! Absolut geiler Song. Ich liebe die parallelen zur Bibel in diesen Song. Das Intro ist genial, die Solos, die Story und das Video. Großartig ! Up the Irons !!!!!
anônimos Br
anônimos Br Prije 14 sati
Clip 10/10
uros krstic
uros krstic Prije 14 sati
Me first time i heard this: This song is so predictable, they are just making the same song over and over again, and Bruce sounds like an impersonation of himself. Second listening: HAVE YOU SEEN THE WRITING ON THE WALL! 🤘
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Prije 14 sati
One of the best chorus and chorus passages in heavy metal history.
Adriano Massa
Adriano Massa Prije 14 sati
Megadeth imitation
profe Gustavo
profe Gustavo Prije 14 sati
Para que aprendas Metallica!!!
Themistoklis Koutsellis
Themistoklis Koutsellis Prije 14 sati
Eddie is giving the apple to humanity. Against Christianity's restrictions! This is a pure RESTART
Tim Fox
Tim Fox Prije 14 sati
Rafael Ribeiro
Rafael Ribeiro Prije 14 sati
Iron Maiden é sem defeitos
kyrocklover Prije 14 sati
This is kick ass.
erik veglia
erik veglia Prije 14 sati
Reps For L
Reps For L Prije 14 sati
2021 is finally getting good! 🤘
Tony Perez
Tony Perez Prije 14 sati
All those who thumbs-down this is full of s***
Sean Hayes
Sean Hayes Prije 14 sati
I have been a maiden fan since 1982 .......sorry guys... please listen to BNW your last good album cause this is crap ( IMO of course ) Bit Bon bloody Jovi but definitely not MAIDEN.
Gustavo Horacio Guillen
Gustavo Horacio Guillen Prije 15 sati
Esto es una maravilla, es una ida hacia ellos mismos
Leonidas PJ
Leonidas PJ Prije 15 sati
Hands down... One of the best Maiden's songs after 2000.
Luichinni Salinni
Luichinni Salinni Prije 15 sati
Thank you for bring THE real rock again, long LIFE to iron maiden
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