Ex-Girlfriend Asks Awkward Questions

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FaZe Jarvis

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Ex-Girlfriend Asks Awkward Questions With Boyfriend & Ex-Boyfriend @Carrington Durham @FaZe Blaze
Asking Girls Awkward Questions ft. Sommerray, Alissa Violet
Asking My Ex-Girlfriend Awkward Questions
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🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

Nolan Jacobsen
Nolan Jacobsen Prije 4 mjeseci
jarvis’ quarantine videos be hitting different lately
Corne Kruger
Corne Kruger Prije 12 dana
Haha I didn’t know Jarvis had a dad😢😢
Obinna Udunni
Obinna Udunni Prije 2 mjeseci
i just saw that
Mason Marks
Mason Marks Prije 3 mjeseci
Nolan Jacobsen 0p-u. Tgrrfg
D'Varian White
D'Varian White Prije 3 mjeseci
@Rilion good man
Luis Morales
Luis Morales Prije dan
Lucas is a simp tho
Sergio Herrera
Sergio Herrera Prije 2 dana
MysticGaMing 76
MysticGaMing 76 Prije 6 dana
Blaze: hight don't matter Blaze 5 yrs ago: Apex is soooo short
maida Abdulle
maida Abdulle Prije 6 dana
Mannix Daisy
Mannix Daisy Prije 10 dana
I’m dating a girl taller than me and I have no shame
faion damn
faion damn Prije 11 dana
blaze forgot abt smth called bro code lmao
mazhar ulhaq
mazhar ulhaq Prije 12 dana
720p seriuosly
Call of duty player
Call of duty player Prije 15 dana
Axtroz Prije 15 dana
Jarvis is a bad ass😏😏
Raphy Datoc
Raphy Datoc Prije 18 dana
Who is "jarvisisdaddy"?
isaac madrigal jr
isaac madrigal jr Prije 19 dana
Bruh I'm dead not an actual fan they mean like who likes your vids
Cor Blixxerr
Cor Blixxerr Prije 19 dana
she is so uncumfortable
MysticGaMing 76
MysticGaMing 76 Prije mjesec
Question:If your love of your life was taller then you Me:I bet apex gets that a lot
FaZe Umbrella
FaZe Umbrella Prije mjesec
Lucas with that beard coming in
auston brookshire
auston brookshire Prije mjesec
Why is blaze beard so patchy
Klinti Games
Klinti Games Prije 2 mjeseci
is it me or lucas looks like he was on drugs
tiko drawing
tiko drawing Prije 2 mjeseci
my thing is it form jarvis is daddy
Vanesa Jovanovic
Vanesa Jovanovic Prije 2 mjeseci
My height is 9,1
PWT Crazy
PWT Crazy Prije 2 mjeseci
This is how many times blaze cussed at 3:22 👇
FaZa Marco
FaZa Marco Prije 2 mjeseci
Dam the por5 on dam that not for kids
leeanne Mitchell
leeanne Mitchell Prije 2 mjeseci
I gghh
Lxquid_ Darx
Lxquid_ Darx Prije 2 mjeseci
Gotta love when every single question is from jarvisisdaddy
Giancarlos Flamenco Realegeno
Giancarlos Flamenco Realegeno Prije 2 mjeseci
2:05 so funny bro
Jayden Charlton
Jayden Charlton Prije 2 mjeseci
Like jarvises vid if u don't like blaze
Kasuba Nkonde
Kasuba Nkonde Prije 2 mjeseci
Blaze is a dog for dating his mates ex
Sameem Ahmad
Sameem Ahmad Prije 2 mjeseci
Blaze kinda looks like Barry Allen from Flash with the facial hair
Saundra Luna
Saundra Luna Prije 2 mjeseci
I like how blaze is so nice and loyal and Jarvis is just like f it if you 18 and older lol
Domvrsa Reyes
Domvrsa Reyes Prije 3 mjeseci
Maxsing Prije 3 mjeseci
Blaze gotta shave man💀😭
Hanif Oria
Hanif Oria Prije 3 mjeseci
Blaze looks like he’s on drugs lol😂😂😂😂
sehaj sidhu
sehaj sidhu Prije 3 mjeseci
Kyle Herrman
Kyle Herrman Prije 3 mjeseci
Blazikens stache be lookin like he got dirt on his lip
Itz Klikzy
Itz Klikzy Prije 3 mjeseci
Every question is by the same person
TRIXX Preston
TRIXX Preston Prije 3 mjeseci
Ummm Jarvis simping for Belle Delphine ?😭 She is mine Jarvis!
Mason Taylor
Mason Taylor Prije 3 mjeseci
I wish I could be like yous 🥺🥺 stay safe 😷😷
Svagee RBLX
Svagee RBLX Prije 3 mjeseci
Dam i c u Lucas lol
* qxron *
* qxron * Prije 3 mjeseci
The Chat Conversations made me so laugh 😂
Tame 999
Tame 999 Prije 3 mjeseci
Blaze went tryhard an these answers
Zigis Gaming
Zigis Gaming Prije 3 mjeseci
And im a huge fan but come to my basment its ok im 30
Zigis Gaming
Zigis Gaming Prije 3 mjeseci
Im a 30 old fat man lec date kiss jarvis meat me in my basment ok bye love you
Sparqシ Prije 3 mjeseci
im a fan ima qt;0
OWEN KEMP Prije 3 mjeseci
Her Awkward Laugh
Prophet Ascending
Prophet Ascending Prije 3 mjeseci
Imagine being such an air head you model yourself on Kylie Jenner.
Karel Kangro
Karel Kangro Prije 3 mjeseci
whattt megan fox is 165 cm
jake mcsorley
jake mcsorley Prije 3 mjeseci
Lucas didn't get invited to the new faze house cause he obviously doesn't know bro code... don't date your mates ex...
Volcanic Jeez
Volcanic Jeez Prije 3 mjeseci
Lucas is snake 🐍
Stzer118 Prije 3 mjeseci
Where is the call of duty content my guy
StormBloxYT Prije 3 mjeseci
Btw who’s jarvisisdaddy
Lito Prije 3 mjeseci
I smell cap :V
Jake Mount
Jake Mount Prije 3 mjeseci
Blaize do be a simp do
ati deepdead
ati deepdead Prije 3 mjeseci
When jarvis sayd 18 and up I called my grandma and asked if she wanted a boyfwiend
ati deepdead
ati deepdead Prije 3 mjeseci
What are all these comments that say have a Nice day
ッSgt.Nashwan Prije 3 mjeseci
Jarvis meets a girl= new crush or ex
Rosanyelik Beniquez
Rosanyelik Beniquez Prije 3 mjeseci
1:23 wtf lol
Raneem kilel
Raneem kilel Prije 3 mjeseci
Why do all the comments say it’s from Jarvisisdaddy and why is the name jarvisisdaddy Imagine being the pinned comment ☺️
Flex TV
Flex TV Prije 3 mjeseci
Lucas is a mess
SDN Chalice
SDN Chalice Prije 3 mjeseci
Now we know not to shake Jarvis hand
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera Prije 3 mjeseci
Everything is surrounded looks! For example if a girl has a good personality it makes them look good!
Gervacio Saavedra
Gervacio Saavedra Prije 3 mjeseci
Don’t watch p*rn that’s 😫
Curling Prije 3 mjeseci
why did blaze looks like a homeless (no offense)
Keke Knight
Keke Knight Prije 3 mjeseci
Hiru Navaratnam
Hiru Navaratnam Prije 3 mjeseci
Imagine being the pinned comment
chris Psycho
chris Psycho Prije 3 mjeseci
Your one of the best xbox players btw i play xbox
ethan goated
ethan goated Prije 3 mjeseci
kobe lol
kobe lol Prije 3 mjeseci
Kiis me jjk
L7_Psyber Server
L7_Psyber Server Prije 3 mjeseci
Did she say P*** fort hub
sn4crs btw
sn4crs btw Prije 3 mjeseci
them rn: yooo bro i just met this other girl bro im bout to text her. her: hi. me: whats ur roblox...... im dead
ICYZZZ GAMER Prije 3 mjeseci
Jarvis should of said sommer Rae
Prexo Prije 3 mjeseci
Sometimes blaze is kinda inspirational
Drip god223
Drip god223 Prije 3 mjeseci
There alll open
Trevian Hulbert
Trevian Hulbert Prije 3 mjeseci
Your boyfriend is ugly
Vincent Ford
Vincent Ford Prije 3 mjeseci
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🍩🍩🍩🔥🔥🔥🔥😆 ya
Vincent Ford
Vincent Ford Prije 3 mjeseci
We are going
Luis Jimenez
Luis Jimenez Prije 3 mjeseci
Kyle Macdonald
Kyle Macdonald Prije 4 mjeseci
Hi Jarvis hydrophis was up play play Minecraft Frasier a KKK
Kitty and Jimmy Jack
Kitty and Jimmy Jack Prije 4 mjeseci
3:50 isn’t Sommer a fan
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito Prije 4 mjeseci
What happened to Lukas?? He looks.... Different 🧐🤔. And he also sounds a little bit different 😐.
edwin ajaere
edwin ajaere Prije 4 mjeseci
teawap going hard wit d edits
Dillon Latham
Dillon Latham Prije 4 mjeseci
I cant respect Lucas for breaking bro code smh
i6822i oivey
i6822i oivey Prije 4 mjeseci
Zackariye Omar
Zackariye Omar Prije 4 mjeseci
Blaze looks like he went to the future
Krish Prije 4 mjeseci
Blaze kinda looks like barry allen
Locate Playz
Locate Playz Prije 4 mjeseci
Lol “what’s your Roblox?”
olimbia boufi
olimbia boufi Prije 4 mjeseci
Blaze is an old man 😂🤣
ALL LADS Prije 4 mjeseci
How tall is faze blaziken ?
Rubbeat Prije 4 mjeseci
Has anyone noticed that the questions are from the same person
Shadow Prije 4 mjeseci
Blaze saying mature stuff but really everything he said he doesn’t even do that
Gunstein Aukland
Gunstein Aukland Prije 4 mjeseci
Like and sub to Faze Jarvis.😁😁😁
Fahim Ahmed
Fahim Ahmed Prije 4 mjeseci
This video was kinda weird
Optic Pug
Optic Pug Prije 4 mjeseci
Dude she is ugly
Jimmy HIll
Jimmy HIll Prije 4 mjeseci
Blaze needs to shave
Spencer Mcconnell
Spencer Mcconnell Prije 4 mjeseci
Proper f@ck boy laughs
Jeremiah Weaver
Jeremiah Weaver Prije 4 mjeseci
No offense to lucas but he a homie hopper 🤣🤣
The Everything Productions
The Everything Productions Prije 4 mjeseci
Y’all should go subscribe and check out my last upload please
Mechanic Prije 4 mjeseci
NeXo Blurr
NeXo Blurr Prije 4 mjeseci
Jarvis regretting dumping carrington for fortnite because he got banned
Itz B J 3
Itz B J 3 Prije 4 mjeseci
LMAO ROFL 0:35 jarvisisdaddy is the username
Reborn Dev
Reborn Dev Prije 4 mjeseci
Where’s the bro code in this
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen Prije 4 mjeseci
wow lucas is speaking facts lol
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