Last To Stop Eating Hot Wings Wins $1,000

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FaZe Jarvis

Prije godine

Last To Stop Eating World's Hottest Wings Wins $1,000 - Eating Challenge featuring @FaZe Teeqo @Nordan Shat @FaZe Kay @FaZe Temperrr @Cizzorz

Who Is The Strongest FaZe Member? - Challenge

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📸 Instagram: fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: liljarviss

traeboy yuur
traeboy yuur Prije godine
Is it me or Jarvis’s content been so fire lately🔥🔥🔥
Give me hate comments
Give me hate comments Prije mjesec
@Caesario Jimenez yeap
Fire Ducky
Fire Ducky Prije 2 mjeseci
Mate fortnite regret bannin him
John Paul
John Paul Prije 3 mjeseci
@Caesario Jimenez it’s just u
Adam El-_-
Adam El-_- Prije 5 mjeseci
Like the wings
Haleemah Khan
Haleemah Khan Prije 5 mjeseci
Was that meant to be a joke
Adaminator Prije 13 sati
My tip if you are eating hot foods. Keep eating lol
Pancakes Devin Lin Mini
Pancakes Devin Lin Mini Prije 3 dana
Pancakes Devin Lin Mini
Pancakes Devin Lin Mini Prije 4 dana
Omega _DaKid
Omega _DaKid Prije 5 dana
i can beat his brother to easy
King Fourteen
King Fourteen Prije 7 dana
easy $
LJ Prije 8 dana
Why do you guys say bad words and I’m 8
Syth Clan101
Syth Clan101 Prije 11 dana
Shadow Prije 22 dana
I want to try
ELAINE TAN Prije 24 dana
Where’s sway
999 WRLD
999 WRLD Prije 26 dana
daan muylaert
daan muylaert Prije mjesec
why is sway not here
Wirth Brothers
Wirth Brothers Prije mjesec
you should bring FAZE SWAY no cap
Linda Villanueva
Linda Villanueva Prije mjesec
They look so good
Jaylah clay
Jaylah clay Prije mjesec
So hardd👨🏿‍🦰
JrowZie Prije mjesec
Ngl I would love to eat those Prije mjesec
Bruh it’s is not spicy
Adaminator Prije mjesec
What a great way to celebrate my birthday with fire content
Mr pandaix
Mr pandaix Prije mjesec
poke as 5 m and you at 4 m hahahahaha
BTMhockey 4
BTMhockey 4 Prije mjesec
Where is sway
Sherif Salen
Sherif Salen Prije mjesec
I could do this it’s so easy
lily Begum
lily Begum Prije mjesec
Yo im just hungry looking at this
Lnu Drip
Lnu Drip Prije 2 mjeseci
Jarvs- We have the spiciest wings in La Reality- Buffulo Wild wings
Dayaan Shahid
Dayaan Shahid Prije 2 mjeseci
Jarvis those wings look so delicious
A Georgian person over here doing yt videos
A Georgian person over here doing yt videos Prije 2 mjeseci
Lol I saw those wings there Buffalo LOL
yourgirl_lexi Prije 2 mjeseci
If sway was doing the challenge he would win no spice tolerance
Moe Prije 2 mjeseci
Everyone: Its so spicy bro Sway:hold my drink!! Prije mjesec
Bruh he just eats baffalo that’s only 300,000 scoville only bruh u sieroius
{Teddy} AYO
{Teddy} AYO Prije 3 mjeseci
LOL imaoooooooooooooo
Matthew Robert
Matthew Robert Prije 3 mjeseci
0:14 when shes a baddie
LATHA DAMODARAN Prije 3 mjeseci
You guys look disgusting while eating
TXDE亀 Prije 3 mjeseci
It's soo hard!!!!! ~jarvis
TheRaccoon Man
TheRaccoon Man Prije 3 mjeseci
GLaDOS Prije 3 mjeseci
Why was this recommended to me
GLaDOS Prije 3 mjeseci
No offense
Tammy Wilkinson
Tammy Wilkinson Prije 3 mjeseci
Get faze sway to do it
kevin rodriguez
kevin rodriguez Prije 3 mjeseci
its so hot LOL
Ayaan Ahmed
Ayaan Ahmed Prije 4 mjeseci
Imagine sway trying this
XxAndrewxX50 Prije 4 mjeseci
jarvis channel is how it taste fire
Elizabeth Almonte
Elizabeth Almonte Prije 4 mjeseci
I tho he said. "so hot"
Rendion Prije 4 mjeseci
I love chicken s I can eat
Kar Arm Gaming
Kar Arm Gaming Prije 5 mjeseci
I want those wings so badd
Mister Unicorn
Mister Unicorn Prije 5 mjeseci
Put prayers for the toilets
Mister Unicorn
Mister Unicorn Prije 5 mjeseci
EZ for me I can handle very very spicy stuff
Zemby Edits
Zemby Edits Prije 5 mjeseci
Where sway they prob didn’t invite cuz is so free for him
Dara Doesn't care
Dara Doesn't care Prije 5 mjeseci
They used the same wings
Cazry 🔥
Cazry 🔥 Prije 5 mjeseci
The thumbnail Gives me Anxiety
Ali K
Ali K Prije 5 mjeseci
why the thumbnail like that? xd
WILD Prije 5 mjeseci
Can you increase the price more. To get more excited and die. Hahaha
Jasson Medina
Jasson Medina Prije 5 mjeseci
Jarvis, please do a challenge with “DA BOMB” hot sauce with all the guys. Trust it’s insane
Zaroph Prije 5 mjeseci
lets see sway eat these😎😎😎
Jack Griffiths
Jack Griffiths Prije 5 mjeseci
0:47 If you just listen and don't watch it sounds hella sus😂😂😂
Nitro Oliver
Nitro Oliver Prije 5 mjeseci
All of them are dying then cameraman said eat 5 wings then I hook u up with Maddison beer
Jagraj Chana
Jagraj Chana Prije 5 mjeseci
I want those wings 🙃
Megan DiPiazza
Megan DiPiazza Prije 6 mjeseci
My mouth right now:💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧
ULISES FF Prije 6 mjeseci
Wing look fire i would eat them all
Leen Bee
Leen Bee Prije 6 mjeseci
Holly Mate.. Thats InSaNe BrUvV 🔥
Ibrahim Prije 6 mjeseci
The Whole FaZe House Suffering Me: I would love to eat those wings
Maurice Sims
Maurice Sims Prije 6 mjeseci
its not that hot
Jay Breezy16
Jay Breezy16 Prije 6 mjeseci
I ate 20 Buffalo wings
hamzah is live
hamzah is live Prije 6 mjeseci
There is one thing no matter how spicy hot wings are a hungry person can eat it no matter what
Kathy Harman
Kathy Harman Prije 6 mjeseci
Bro I can eat five ghost peppers
adam winsters
adam winsters Prije 6 mjeseci
am I the only one who realized teeqo hade ice cubes then kept going ...... hhmmm diskwallified
Devin Thompson
Devin Thompson Prije 6 mjeseci
Am I the only one that thinks it looks amazing but would die after 2.
Killz_Matty Prije 6 mjeseci
I eat those for dinner
Skate Prije 6 mjeseci
I could eat the whole box if I was there I’m good with spicy food and love it
Kaizo Prije 6 mjeseci
why those wings look so good
hunter nataucappo
hunter nataucappo Prije 6 mjeseci
k faze cant take spicy food its kinda sad
cung uchiha
cung uchiha Prije 6 mjeseci
sway would win this if he was here
benjam Mendoza
benjam Mendoza Prije 6 mjeseci
Did you know the hottest wings and LA is Buffalo wild wings because on the wing box said it
cxrmine plays
cxrmine plays Prije 6 mjeseci
TheRaccoon Man
TheRaccoon Man Prije 6 mjeseci
Where’s sway?
Norgetz Prije 6 mjeseci
I love how Jarvis is just enjoying himself like a little kid on the trampoline
EMR4LDAN13L Prije 4 mjeseci
@RRETROSKY same with fortnite people there not always kids I'm 10 but dont play fortnite
RRETROSKY Prije 5 mjeseci
@Isaac people that watch anime are prolly 15+ so basically not a kid
Isaac Prije 5 mjeseci
@Not funny Moment shut up anime kid
Not funny Moment
Not funny Moment Prije 5 mjeseci
Shut up fortnite kid
Ali Bazzi
Ali Bazzi Prije 7 mjeseci
Ahmad besr
Son Prije 7 mjeseci
FaZe Nikan: *fear*
Mashrur Chowdhury
Mashrur Chowdhury Prije 7 mjeseci
Yo I could eat them all like no cap I love spicy food
Me and u UwU
Me and u UwU Prije 7 mjeseci
asian man let me handle this shit
Yoko Howard
Yoko Howard Prije 7 mjeseci
I did this I ate 6 wings in 3 mins I did in inside of Buffalo wild wings
Alu Kafley
Alu Kafley Prije 7 mjeseci
I feel like its soooo good but its to spiceyyyyyyyyyy
Alu Kafley
Alu Kafley Prije 7 mjeseci
Dude the wings make me so hungry my mouth is watering rn (bro honestly jarvis’s content be FIREEEEEEEEEE
meww Prije 7 mjeseci
So no one is talking about the thumbnail...
Usman ProGamer100
Usman ProGamer100 Prije 7 mjeseci
Why are you eating for your life you life is more prashes then 10k dolleres
•• Prije 7 mjeseci
These are different wings then the one that sway ate
Aidan Than
Aidan Than Prije 7 mjeseci
who rewatched this after they released the new vid today and cizzorz got his revenge
Brandyn Kelly
Brandyn Kelly Prije 7 mjeseci
You guys do drugs right
DisDavid Prije 7 mjeseci
Matthew Hockla
Matthew Hockla Prije 7 mjeseci
bro i want some spicy wings
Max Vincelli
Max Vincelli Prije 7 mjeseci
Everyone’s mouth right now 🌊🌊🌊🌊
NotFLTmike-_- Prije 7 mjeseci
my mouth is watering rn omgggg it look so good
Suffl Prije 7 mjeseci
i legit drink hot sauce for my drink
Box Prije 7 mjeseci
Me eating them while watching this
SoupMan 47
SoupMan 47 Prije 7 mjeseci
Am I the only one whose mouth was watering the whole time
HAZE 888ッ
HAZE 888ッ Prije 7 mjeseci
The jarvis so hard part hits different
IClxpThos YT
IClxpThos YT Prije 7 mjeseci
She Loves Angels
She Loves Angels Prije 7 mjeseci
Spice King watching this be like 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱 “That’s not even spicy” 2 seconds later... “Making a TikTok with that wings and the hottest pepper.
Ismael Reyes
Ismael Reyes Prije 7 mjeseci
i love spicy food like it is so good :jarvis can we get a i's so hot
Amanda Harris
Amanda Harris Prije 7 mjeseci
All the FaZe members: I CANT TAKKKEEE ITTT Me: I’m craving it right now
MT Sweats 98
MT Sweats 98 Prije 7 mjeseci
so trueeeee
JAMES CURRAN Prije 7 mjeseci
You are the bad faze members jk you are the best faze members of all time
LucasWasTaken Prije 7 mjeseci
my mouth is watering from just watching
drn2epic TTV
drn2epic TTV Prije 7 mjeseci
plz ittl make my day
ward haitham
ward haitham Prije 7 mjeseci
4 4 4???????????????? I CAN LITERALLY DO 10 BRUV i dont know if i could honestly
Daiman Donut
Daiman Donut Prije 7 mjeseci
dude i ate 12
Joaquim Hikari Abeniante
Joaquim Hikari Abeniante Prije 7 mjeseci
wtf does tommy game
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