good morning

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Life of Boris

Prije 11 dana

no problems. only solutions.
background is super secret unreleased track. video with vocals soon maybe.
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Welcome to Life of Boris HRpost channel, Home of Slav King.
On this channel, you find slav gaming, lifestyle, cooking, car reviews, animation and tutorials including end of month and budget cooking.
Stay cheeki breeki!
Intro music:
uamee - DELET THIS
Outro music:
No Ruski Pop by uamee and Boris

festus ewere
festus ewere Prije sat
Good one
BammyQ Prije sat
Did he just grab a hot pot of boiling water with bare slavic hands!?
Salty Yt
Salty Yt Prije 5 sati
Everyone’s cheeki breeki until you see the flag of Slovenia on Boris’s computer
Tomek D
Tomek D Prije 9 sati
So Boris can drink water from water puddle because his mask works like filter
Lucas Berezovsky
Lucas Berezovsky Prije 12 sati
Normal video: Normal music in background. Slav video: Hardbass in backround
UNIT_8312 Prije 13 sati
even though its 7pm where I am, good morning to you too boris
dip shit
dip shit Prije 15 sati
That shit looked like coffee. Who puts milk in tea???? Are you crazy man?
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Prije 22 sati
I love the way he looks back and forth like "Aw shit, I can't fit anything more in my cup... but I can in THIS CUP! dump "
Wojciech Mrożek
Wojciech Mrożek Prije 22 sati
gud morning semechki blin
Cody Carabotta
Cody Carabotta Prije dan
damn...that creation you made...oof. Good morning to you too. haha
Alex Ro
Alex Ro Prije dan
This is definitely каньяк
what should my name be pls help
what should my name be pls help Prije dan
first i want to watch life of boris video next thing i know i am downloading a gaijgin game
Zan Markosek
Zan Markosek Prije dan
Zan Markosek
Zan Markosek Prije dan
Joopers Prije dan
I love that his cup says not vodka
Сливочный Чупачупс
Сливочный Чупачупс Prije dan
почему это у меня в рекомендациях и почему я это пропустил
Corolla Car
Corolla Car Prije dan
Good Morning , time to do some- *V A D I M B L Y AT!!!!!!!!!*
Aimeric Amblard
Aimeric Amblard Prije dan
i come back to this video every day
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Prije dan
I love the way he looks back and forth like "Aw shit, I can't fit anything more in my cup... but I can in THIS CUP! dump "
Yugo69 Prije dan
Didn’t expect the Slovenian flag but epic!
Mikhail Inozemtsev
Mikhail Inozemtsev Prije 2 dana
According to the tea box, Boris is actually Russian.
Bišćan Jakov
Bišćan Jakov Prije 2 dana
Now put yugoslavian flag on the same computer backround
Thea Prije 2 dana
Yes! Best drink to have in the morning. (And it’s also the best way to anger the British) Just saying.
FrontLineTexan 21
FrontLineTexan 21 Prije 2 dana
Why do you europeans add MILK to your TEA?
Maks Prije 2 dana
Boris why do you have our flag for your backround on pc i wasnt expecting that
Любомир Петелюк
Любомир Петелюк Prije 2 dana
Мне кажеться, или это пасхалка в конце? Хотя, все так могут. Кстати, забыл, извиняюсь, Доброе утро. Добрий ранок )))
Alicia Stoner
Alicia Stoner Prije 2 dana
good morning to you too
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Prije 2 dana
I love the way he looks back and forth like "Aw shit, I can't fit anything more in my cup... but I can in THIS CUP! dump "
антиблогер из америки.
антиблогер из америки. Prije 2 dana
The Anglo
The Anglo Prije 2 dana
Is Boris Slovenian or does he just live there?
Clear Deer
Clear Deer Prije 2 dana
Yooo you comin to Slovenija??
Алексей Иванов
Алексей Иванов Prije 2 dana
Какой ужасный чай ты пьёшь Борис .
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Prije 2 dana
Just an innocent Brit, passing through, being horrified at anyone making a cuppa without a kettle.
UkSapyy Prije 2 dana
That is cause for civil war in Britian.
sandra Morgenthaler
sandra Morgenthaler Prije 3 dana
Why he have Slovakian flag than Russian flag on his PC?
Riley The Medlab Student
Riley The Medlab Student Prije 3 dana
This is the high quality shit post I need
cooly Prije 3 dana
I love the flag of russia 🇷🇺 on desk of your computer
Tommy’s Lemons
Tommy’s Lemons Prije 3 dana
stuff stuff
stuff stuff Prije 3 dana
0:32 you can kinda see his eyes So slav
Derpy.assassin Prije 3 dana
When you have no idea for a video but you must post
Timur Tokatlıoğlu
Timur Tokatlıoğlu Prije 3 dana
Blyat I saw Slovenia’s flag🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮
oWcHi アーティスト
oWcHi アーティスト Prije 3 dana
You can tell, at the beginning he had goobers on his mask. Which means it took multiple takes for him to sip crap.
mrhook1943 Prije 3 dana
Slovenia blyat?
The First Disciple
The First Disciple Prije 3 dana
Boris confirmed slovenian??
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Prije 3 dana
Is this maybe a teaser? Is this a teaser for a slav country review? Daaamn i am axcited :D Greeting from sLOVEnia bratan!
Tomazo Prije 3 dana
honey drinks you
Vampira Mayhem
Vampira Mayhem Prije 3 dana
Just an innocent Brit, passing through, being horrified at anyone making a cuppa without a kettle.
Korporal Kain : Max
Korporal Kain : Max Prije 3 dana
0:33 i love the Drop of this song!
BLUE BRAVO YT Prije 3 dana
Boris Are you healthy???
ĞLiTcHy 1011
ĞLiTcHy 1011 Prije 3 dana
Where is your face
The last Petrol bender
The last Petrol bender Prije 3 dana
I watch this 10times per minute, and then go to merchandise to buy that mug
Andrew Vishnevskiy
Andrew Vishnevskiy Prije 3 dana
luchey chai
Jaka Šavli
Jaka Šavli Prije 3 dana
The Slovenian background...
Matthew Karandreas
Matthew Karandreas Prije 3 dana
Make a face reveal
Dpmm Prije 4 dana
boris's 46 second vid : *entertaining*
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Prije 4 dana
Is this gonna become one of those recommendations that blow up again...
ShyLer Green screen
ShyLer Green screen Prije 4 dana
Чай Нури хуле.
Mason Holt
Mason Holt Prije 4 dana
"Eugh it is sweet"
Xxmkay Xxx
Xxmkay Xxx Prije 4 dana
d e f i n i t e l y n o t v o d k a
Misha Mili
Misha Mili Prije 4 dana
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Prije 4 dana
I just have to ask...what is with the Slovenian flag...BTW!! that is the flag of my your content..keep up the good work!!!
Combatant Ezoteric
Combatant Ezoteric Prije 4 dana
I hate w'''n
neža kuhar
neža kuhar Prije 4 dana
Wow i see you like Slovenia a lot😁.. you should travel there someday. It's beautiful. Trust me, you won't regret it 😉
Mon Prije 4 dana
Molotov Cocktail comes from finns!!!
silent carlo
silent carlo Prije 4 dana
Good morning
Ugandan Ralsei
Ugandan Ralsei Prije 4 dana
This tunes a banger
GxldLolBxt Prije 4 dana
good morning
Philip K
Philip K Prije 4 dana
Why do i like him so much? :]
Arjen Alić
Arjen Alić Prije 4 dana
Definitlly not vodka: Boris:blyat its vod-water water its water
bmxdude1337 Prije 5 dana
Aahhhhhhhh cheeki breeki!!!
Grande Ronde Productions
Grande Ronde Productions Prije 5 dana
ah, I see you got on the short clips bandwagon. Good editing lol always been a subscriber since 2016. Keep it cheeki breeki
Low Quality Productions
Low Quality Productions Prije 5 dana
I am concerned at the fact that Boris is drinking poop water, you good cyka?
Low Quality Productions
Low Quality Productions Prije 5 dana
Morning, cykas
Zerina Udvincic
Zerina Udvincic Prije 5 dana
Boris used masks before they were popular 🤣
Casper12 Prije 5 dana
I just have to ask...what is with the Slovenian flag...BTW!! that is the flag of my your content..keep up the good work!!!
Casper12 Prije 3 dana
@German Empire its possible as he was in multiple European "slav" countries
German Empire
German Empire Prije 3 dana
@Casper12 i think he went to slovenia one time,and he had a fun time i guess??? Maybe thats why
Casper12 Prije 4 dana
@German Empire no one will ever know👻
German Empire
German Empire Prije 4 dana
I don’t get it either,some people say he’s from russia,others say slovenia
Radioaktiver Müll
Radioaktiver Müll Prije 5 dana
I am watching before I am going to sleep now how the hell am I supposed to now? xd
Thales Rocha
Thales Rocha Prije 5 dana
very disgusting...irc...
ljlk Prije 5 dana
is that an Arctis headset? Blyaaaaa we have the same one (different colour though)
Miguel Ryuu
Miguel Ryuu Prije 5 dana
Romemaster06 Prije 5 dana
This guy wore a mask before COVID.
LegendStormcrow Prije 5 dana
I like the cups
NoMoreReasons Prije 5 dana
good morning BLYAT
JackBender Prije 5 dana
Since when is Boris not squat?!
Freddy Mateus
Freddy Mateus Prije 5 dana
Tea goes brr.
Vibe Prije 5 dana
I love your PC background
industry plant
industry plant Prije 5 dana
Stefan Adamcik
Stefan Adamcik Prije 5 dana
Is the Slovenian flag screensaver a hint?
elektrik Prije 5 dana
Is quality content, blyat!
Kuhnplayz Prije 5 dana
Slovenia is Hungary
hungarian gopnik
hungarian gopnik Prije 5 dana
Good morning Vietn.... Moskva
Terra Tech
Terra Tech Prije 5 dana
Slovenian flag 🇸🇮 lmao
Den The Cured
Den The Cured Prije 5 dana
mornin, comrade!
Bert Prije 5 dana
Good morning Boria
Bert Prije 5 dana
And ofc I misclicked Boris**
NGAses[IM] Prije 5 dana
Da comrade
James Cooper
James Cooper Prije 6 dana
Hello мой брат
itselle Prije 6 dana
The fact that I woke up when this was posted.
Всеволод Комов
Всеволод Комов Prije 6 dana
Ты пьёшь чай с молоком?! Серьёзно?
Golden Cameron’s Giles 2.0
Golden Cameron’s Giles 2.0 Prije 6 dana
Nice Vodka You Got
Trashtv Prije 6 dana
Hello blin, how are you my soulmate? Have you been good in this time. Long long time, you remember, we where squating like pateto around the hood. Oh blyat it was so good time. What I have missed so much is my vodka pure in your frigde. Maybe it got bad, so we get new vodka to cruse around with some HARDBASS and the classic blyatmobil. Like cyka I love drivin around with lada blyat. So I love your content. It's so good entertaining and good medicine to reduce stress. Hahahaha I'm so away from my methylphenidati wich I snort in my brain like the vodka in our stomage. I wish I could chill around with you... Only problem or better said only thing is standing on my way is, if you read this. I mean blin I'm writing so much, only to get ignored. It is not a big deal, but i would be so happy, if you read this. In other words I like you and I would be happy about a message back. I don't know how much it cost to read all comments, see it like this, I write to you as a unknown friend to make you happy. I wish to you everthing good and stay Tuned yeee hahahahah
drrtyi jiogg
drrtyi jiogg Prije 5 dana
Omg so epic
Anderson Gustavo de Mendonca Siqueira
Anderson Gustavo de Mendonca Siqueira Prije 6 dana
Does this mean that Boris is Slovenian? Or is it just a nod to the amazing Slovenian gopniks?
drrtyi jiogg
drrtyi jiogg Prije 5 dana
My father land.
Isaac Hatch
Isaac Hatch Prije 6 dana
Vadim Blyat
Vadim Blyat Prije 6 dana
Boris lets go! Slovenian flag best flag, davai
xXYzaak CSXx
xXYzaak CSXx Prije 6 dana
Good morning Balalaika master!
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