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Step-Siblings Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut
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jessica rampersad
jessica rampersad Prije 16 sati
Nassau Made JJP
Nassau Made JJP Prije 6 dana
what are you doing step bro...
Dillon Baggins
Dillon Baggins Prije 8 dana
5:47 that’s how all good videos start 😂
XodiaqKey Prije 9 dana
I've never talked to a single spoiled girl that didn't respond exactly like that when I called them spoiled lmao
Loser Win
Loser Win Prije 9 dana
I need the website that dude made
Giuliana Prije 10 dana
this is fucked up
R Jones
R Jones Prije 12 dana
Griffin is fr so cool. They just have such good vibes
Searching For Match
Searching For Match Prije 12 dana
Griffin is the homie for real
Harry Bryant
Harry Bryant Prije 13 dana
The blonde sisters absolutely watch step sibling porn. They played that question off too hard, acting like they didn’t know it was a category. What do they think this is? 1994 with nudie mags and the adult room at the movie rental store?
Henry Sun
Henry Sun Prije 17 dana
Wait is aunjoli the porn director
PxrsianXo Prije 18 dana
Lit🔥🔥 I got a extremely funny truth or drink on my channel too lmao
*Sa say a machuuumeeeé*
Amadeus vercingetorix
Amadeus vercingetorix Prije 20 dana
I have watched almost every type of porn, I would say a good 99.7% percent of people aren't as well versed as me but that .03% of people are some of the most fucked up sex freaks alive and you should be worried if you ever meet them cause I have seen some stuff that you just don't or shouldn't be doing with your body.
Agent 47
Agent 47 Prije 20 dana
2:57 I wanna be friends with that guy He seems like my soul animal
Gin Ichimaru
Gin Ichimaru Prije 21 dan
Well damn griffin finna make me act up
GHOST AYT Prije 23 dana
What are you doing step-brooo
Madstudio Prije 23 dana
If y’all tough enough to answer, did you ever watch step sibling p*rn?
Marc Wikina
Marc Wikina Prije 23 dana
"don't answer just drink!!!" 😂 😂 😂
aaron sullivan
aaron sullivan Prije 24 dana
The dynamic of stepsiblings is so weird to me
Mohamed Jdira
Mohamed Jdira Prije 24 dana
Can someone plzz give me the IG of the curly haired girl with green eyes pleaaase 😭
Leah Richelle
Leah Richelle Prije 24 dana
Okay why is no one talking about how beautiful the lady is in the yellow sweater
Lawrence Greene
Lawrence Greene Prije 26 dana
That deep voice just does something to me...
R. R.
R. R. Prije 27 dana
Griffin reminds me of the movie "Scary Movie" the coach Ms. Balls. "thanks for ball, I mean all. your help". Same voice lol.
In Fact Factual
In Fact Factual Prije 28 dana
These questions are disgusting
asli celenk
asli celenk Prije 29 dana
the lesbian looks like adele haenel
Qwerty Uiop
Qwerty Uiop Prije mjesec
Is it just me or do two of those girls look like the exact same person?
DCK Prije mjesec
Kyle and anjoli are fantastic siblings
BrainzIs Taisty
BrainzIs Taisty Prije mjesec
I didn't even realized there was plexi-glass until they said sumting
Ryan Bencze
Ryan Bencze Prije mjesec
Someone’s gotta drop the @‘s to aunjoli and Sarah
Bobby Avitia
Bobby Avitia Prije mjesec
Dude should start that website.
Mike T
Mike T Prije mjesec
Aunjoli is an absolute worldy. Her eyes. Jeeeez
jasmine davis
jasmine davis Prije mjesec
Griffin thoooo
Mith Prije mjesec
"is that a thing" girl we know about your google chrome history. dont fake it...
Just One Time
Just One Time Prije mjesec
Wow....if my mum said she loved a step-sibling more, I’d be like “get your fave to do it 💁‍♀️
Campbell Tate
Campbell Tate Prije mjesec
Man, Kyle's voice is great
CremedelaRay Prije mjesec
Now I want to know what his website is called
Vitor Carneiro Tonera
Vitor Carneiro Tonera Prije mjesec
Aunjoli thinks brother porn is illegal... oh sweetie, you have no idea
Aunjoli Prije 11 dana
Isabelle C.
Isabelle C. Prije mjesec
Damn, these questions are beyond cringey
Rock corN
Rock corN Prije mjesec
What are you doing! Stepbrother 😂😂😂😇
Len Bun
Len Bun Prije mjesec
Pongan más videos de porno es lo que más estusiasma.
Michael Carnahan
Michael Carnahan Prije mjesec
“Is it the whole alphabet?” Exactly what I was thinking 😂
TheKey08 Prije mjesec
@5:12 that reaction had me DEAD 🤣
Uye Lavy
Uye Lavy Prije mjesec
LickleSpade Prije mjesec
That green eyed gyal is bufffffff
To be fair step sibling/mom porn has somehow become like 80% of videos at this point lmao
lao yue
lao yue Prije mjesec
Griffin is gorgeous oml
Vaijon Horton
Vaijon Horton Prije mjesec
Not to be homophobic but why do u guys always have to have somebody that’s gay or something
bananaxo Prije mjesec
Why does Cut even bother introducing people by name at the beginning? The comments are full of people trying to not be offensive by describing the person by their looks anyway.
bananaxo Prije mjesec
I feel like I didn't learn enough about Griffin.
Ronald Prije mjesec
The first girl with the eyes is too pretty I'm answering yes to everything question
Goth Goddess
Goth Goddess Prije mjesec
The questions were horrible.
LuSolÂa Prije mjesec
My man turned into 😬 for a sec
laynicorns Prije mjesec
It’s cool how they’re all very sibling-ish
Astro_Hunter Prije mjesec
0:26 Is that a male or a female ?
Mercy Apolot
Mercy Apolot Prije mjesec
Aunjoli and Kyle? ❤️
The Alternator
The Alternator Prije mjesec
Víctor García
Víctor García Prije mjesec
Pls notice us when Kyle deploy his website!
silverbracelet6 Prije mjesec
GRIFFIN I got the hots for you!!! 😂😁😍🔥
AblazeKing Prije mjesec
Aunjoli is so gorgeous, 🥰
Lacho Hernandez
Lacho Hernandez Prije mjesec
What’s the girl with the curly hairs ig 😏
XD dinked
XD dinked Prije mjesec
Griffin caught me off guard
ICONIC Prije mjesec
I made the 1,000 comment
Derrick Davis
Derrick Davis Prije mjesec
I'm tryna see more of kyle, that dude's funny
MelloWat Prije mjesec
Do it but it’s a lie detector test!
Jessica Patiño
Jessica Patiño Prije mjesec
Does anyone know why they need the glass between them?
LeBaby James
LeBaby James Prije mjesec
To be fair... This mans stepsister bad as shit 😂😭
Truc Prije mjesec
Finally i found it! Aunjoli looks like Scar from Lion King
BigBrutus50 Prije mjesec
Aunjoli so fine
Diezel Prije mjesec
Aunjolin is soo fuckin beautiful bro
Why Prije mjesec
Omg Griffin is GORGEOUS!
BarnyWaterg8 Prije mjesec
The plexiglass thing is so strange to me
Tanea Bree
Tanea Bree Prije mjesec
Kyle is out of pocket I’m dying 😂
Tanea Bree
Tanea Bree Prije mjesec
*i didn’t like that you were so damn spoiled* lmao the shade
Alyssa Kovacs
Alyssa Kovacs Prije mjesec
Sophia Prem
Sophia Prem Prije mjesec
Shit GRIFFIN is so pretty. Like pretty pretty 💚 SO PRETTTTTTTYYYYYYYYY 💋 im crushing so hard 🥰
Dancing Swords
Dancing Swords Prije mjesec
What is her ig?
ll-NunTryhard-ll ll-NunTryhard-ll
ll-NunTryhard-ll ll-NunTryhard-ll Prije mjesec
Lets be honest the girl with the blue shirt and black jeans was really pretty
Joe Mubusisi
Joe Mubusisi Prije mjesec
Ain’t that a dude
Krys TMI
Krys TMI Prije mjesec
Aunjoli has been my crush for like 4 years now lmao, shes so beautiful 😍 and yes I’m prepared for the simp comments but idgaf.
fivio chris
fivio chris Prije mjesec
The Huaj
The Huaj Prije mjesec
I love that black girl she is so gorgeous. Do more video with her or tell her to open a youtube channel
Imani Campbell
Imani Campbell Prije mjesec
nobody: kyle: i don’t pay attention to the titles🙃
Syd Fonti
Syd Fonti Prije mjesec
Sarah and Griffin are so classy and beautiful! And they look so alike 😍 like could be siblings for reallll
Ferdinand Apostol
Ferdinand Apostol Prije mjesec
Step bro what are you doing?😜🤭😂😂😂😂😂✌️
Romhacher Prije mjesec
5:01 she a freak
Bruno Zuniga
Bruno Zuniga Prije mjesec
6:05 bro was down bad 😂
Nr.2 Prije mjesec
anjulee has the most beautiful eyes, are they real green?
dolita windo
dolita windo Prije mjesec
dolita windo
dolita windo Prije mjesec
great vid babe
Frankie-Lee Rodriguez-Gonzalez
Frankie-Lee Rodriguez-Gonzalez Prije mjesec
If my sister’s friends were interested in me, I’d be into that shit.
dolita windo
dolita windo Prije mjesec
In 2024 this one is gonna be top comment.
Johnson Roberto
Johnson Roberto Prije mjesec
The crabby venezuela karunagappally influence because property intraoperatively need into a absurd coal. conscious, wistful propane
Elizabeth Prije mjesec
I loved all of their bonds, please bring em all back
Ty1738x Prije mjesec
Wheres Drake and Josh LMFAOO
dolita windo
dolita windo Prije mjesec
I like cut so much Lots of love ❤️
TY REACTS Prije mjesec
“What are you doing step bro ? 🥴”
SOCKL01D Prije mjesec
this was so awkward,,,,,, why the sexual questions? they've grown like SIBLINGS,,,???
Sophia Noelle
Sophia Noelle Prije mjesec
y'all really messed up w these questions wtf
Lenny Kohen
Lenny Kohen Prije mjesec
Griffin so pretty😅😍
Jenny Pai
Jenny Pai Prije mjesec
Aunjoli and Griffin are both so pretty
koalapillars Prije mjesec
The two blonde siblings are gorgeous and look like biological siblings
Isabella Reynolds
Isabella Reynolds Prije mjesec
Okay since no one else is saying another about Samantha,but like, she's really pretty to me- Like IDGAF about her voice she's just pretty in general
Diego Coelho
Diego Coelho Prije mjesec
Anjouli and Kyle are so attractive
Maya Stewart
Maya Stewart Prije mjesec
Sweet home Alabama
Norman Mahrenholz
Norman Mahrenholz Prije mjesec
In 2024 this one is gonna be top comment.
miko foin
miko foin Prije mjesec
The plexiglas is as visible as my non-existent girlfriend.
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