WHAT A WAR! Daniel Dubois v Joe Joyce official fight highlights

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Daniel Dubois and Joe Joyce traded shots for 10 hard rounds before The Juggernaut forced DDD to take a knee. #DuboisJoyce
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dundaz1 Prije 3 sati
Dubois would beat fury they said!!😂Dubois would beat Aj they said!!!! 😂
Selcuk Cakmak
Selcuk Cakmak Prije 23 sati
Nerde o ayaklarının bağı çözülene kadar dövüşen boksörler
unknown panther kid
unknown panther kid Prije dan
Ngl Joe Joyce is my cousin
Nicholas Y
Nicholas Y Prije 2 dana
I can't believe how WRONG I was about both these fighters🙈I put Dubois on a pedastal and Joyce in the "meh" corner. I don't know how Dubois comes back from this, and for Joyce the world is his oyster.
Jack Howard
Jack Howard Prije 3 dana
Skip to 1:28
mahmoudsawalha محمود صوالحة
mahmoudsawalha محمود صوالحة Prije 3 dana
Worst match ever !!!!
bigP Prije 3 dana
£5 on 50/1 and £200 on a KO! Nice little £1900 flex! Safe juggernaut!
Freddie _49
Freddie _49 Prije 4 dana
Best jab in the division
Andrija Ljubas
Andrija Ljubas Prije 4 dana
usyk They will both be educated in one night
Lee walsh
Lee walsh Prije 5 dana
What a war what a joke of a fight
James Harbo
James Harbo Prije 5 dana
War!? Anyone who claims this was a war has never seen Gatti-Ward, Pacquiao- Marquez/ Barrera/Morales, Holyfield- Bowe etc. Good win for Joyce, but it was not a war. Dubois got exposed 🥊
Micah Mitchell
Micah Mitchell Prije 7 dana
I've seen people saying stuff like 'Joe joyce is slow', 'He's sluggish', 'He's no good'. He's also an Olympic medalist, has an extensive amateur career and is currently undefeated in his pro career. Not saying he's invincible but come on give Joyce some credit.
Bình Lâm
Bình Lâm Prije 7 dana
hai ong nay ma đung joshua thi 2-4 hiep la xong
Vincent AMG
Vincent AMG Prije 7 dana
Sherman Klump
Sherman Klump Prije 7 dana
What a war??? The fight was garbage
Frank Rothweiler
Frank Rothweiler Prije 8 dana
Naja ein Krieg war das nicht. Eher solides unspektakuläres Boxen ohne Weltklasse.
Anon Prije 9 dana
How could anyone lose to Joe Joyce?
Brian sihombing
Brian sihombing Prije 9 dana
Max Venger
Max Venger Prije 10 dana
Smart decision by Dubois. Safed his health, and maybe the career or even life. He showed a great fight just needs to work on some mistakes. He is young, strong he will be back.
Michael Haddock
Michael Haddock Prije 11 dana
Tbh dubois will come again, he is a very quick learner,his corner men said keep an eye on joyce jab....he sure did 👁
Urtchman Emmanuel
Urtchman Emmanuel Prije 11 dana
Joe Joyce did not throw any meaningful power punch throughout the match. He was just jabbing the same eye until it was about to fall off. That is wickedness.
rumplestiltskin mcrumplestiltskin
rumplestiltskin mcrumplestiltskin Prije 12 dana
It wasn’t a war it was a good old boxing lesson.Daniel ‘donkey’ Dubois got shown up by Joyce
Hyper Hybrid
Hyper Hybrid Prije 12 dana
Joe joyce answered many critics calling him too slow, static, robotic. With a well manufacured boxing strategy and planned execution, good win Joe.
LJDGaming Prije 12 dana
He was obviously kneeling for black lives matter...
MrBgapp Prije 13 dana
Someone like Whyte or Chisora would steamroll either of these two. Second tier heavyweights at best. Too slow and no punch power
Ferhat Prije 13 dana
Amateur boxing
Kádas Richárd
Kádas Richárd Prije 14 dana
To be honest, I am kinda disappointed in Daniel Dubois😕
Stansla Michael
Stansla Michael Prije 14 dana
Terrible trainer and corner. He never should have come out that last round. He's young a loss is nothing to a loss of an eye. He better learn to start moving his damn head if he wants to keep boxing with two eyes.
Fodé Sidibé
Fodé Sidibé Prije 15 dana
They might be slow but defo bang everyone in the comments so show respect for people who doing what u don’t have guts to do
Mosfet King
Mosfet King Prije 15 dana
Dubois need some balls ...
csqnthelegion Prije 16 dana
id of worked on the right eye then on to the mouth after if i was joe just kept him in the fight to rearrange his face pmsl good win joe
first name last name
first name last name Prije 16 dana
Glad this fight happened, dubois is still a novice and can learn and come back... But joyce is now a title contender, hope he gets a shot soon. (after fury joshua, and usyk fury)
Jeremy Tole
Jeremy Tole Prije 16 dana
What is happening to heavy weight boxing ? No talent whatsoever
jo blow
jo blow Prije 16 dana
Joe Joyce vs f tyson fury next
Bapak Suharjono
Bapak Suharjono Prije 16 dana
Not coming brain.🤣
Engr. EB
Engr. EB Prije 16 dana
Bring both of them to Efe for a breakfast.
nico slabbert
nico slabbert Prije 17 dana
these boxers are both slow they wont survive the much faster and stronger opponents such as Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury...
John Ismail
John Ismail Prije 18 dana
Dubois is going straight to knock out or knock down that's why he lost the fight instead of slow him before taking him down
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams Prije 21 dan
Cant believe how over hyped Daniel Dubois is,his name has been linked with Anthony Joshua and Fury both fighters saying he is one to watch,not only did he lose he quit the fight,makes me respect Haye even more now after the Bellew fight,he had some shots but jeez guess the hype train has stopped.
Marvin Williamson
Marvin Williamson Prije 21 dan
These two are terrible!! Joe is so slow and wooden!! He never seems to throw a proper punch!!
Iwan Poerwanto
Iwan Poerwanto Prije 21 dan
Dubois the cowardly boxer
Simpson Wong
Simpson Wong Prije 21 dan
did Joyce lose his footing at 7:39? @_@ almost sprained his ankle lol
christian parusse
christian parusse Prije 22 dana
I just discoveredy new favourite Boxer!
HolyRollerTV Prije 23 dana
this was no war...this was joyce in 1st geat beating duboise with a jab before triple doo doo defence quit...
Tien Nguyenthiminh
Tien Nguyenthiminh Prije 24 dana
Má bôi nhọ cho 1 võ sĩ
azertu2u2 Prije 24 dana
Dubois got found out and honestly, it's a good thing for him
Renan Javier Sosa Medina
Renan Javier Sosa Medina Prije 26 dana
Quien podía pensar que lo acabaría un jab
Darren Morgan
Darren Morgan Prije 26 dana
Daniel Dubois does he know that bobbing and weaving is allowed in boxing??? And doesn't have to block with his face..... too much weights and steroids not enough speed work for dubois
andy foster
andy foster Prije 27 dana
The only punches Joyce landed were jabs. That was no war!
met classroom for form 4 and 5
met classroom for form 4 and 5 Prije 28 dana
Dubois still have alot to learn
Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse Prije mjesec
How come at 35 Joyce has only had 11 fights?
Raouf Belouar
Raouf Belouar Prije mjesec
Seems like the dynamite works only against bums, i always thought he is OVERRATED.
Stewart Brown
Stewart Brown Prije mjesec
Dubious big punches never hurt JJ.🥊🥊
Gordon Shumway
Gordon Shumway Prije mjesec
Wow Joyce only hit him with a lot of jabs but Dubois looked like he lost to a prime Mike Tyson
Amazing Dammy
Amazing Dammy Prije mjesec
...when jabs kill power
Stoli Prije mjesec
Fury would deal with both of these fighters on the same night.
Irvin Prije mjesec
Dubois has absolutely zero head movement. It's hard to watch
allbuzzedup1 Prije mjesec
Why didn’t Dubois corner pull him out of the fight before the young fighter had to make the decision for himself ? Where is the responsibility fans expect from professional cornermen?
ibrahim yusuf
ibrahim yusuf Prije mjesec
Joe Joyce 9ice jab,
cliff dray
cliff dray Prije mjesec
great jab work from joyce,Dubois quit though.
Blaine Whatman
Blaine Whatman Prije mjesec
Id like to see joyce vs chisora
Blaine Whatman
Blaine Whatman Prije mjesec
Its a matter of opinion i know but in my eyes this was nothing like a war, Joe took dubois to pieces.
they are both autistic but hey, Joy Joyce don't talk trash, he does the job
Azibato Oruene
Azibato Oruene Prije mjesec
If this was an English comprehension it's title would have been "Joyce's left jab & Dubois left eye" a good read, lolz. Meanwhile Joyce's fist to Dubois face when d bell rings: Hey! Its mark time
Pak Doktor Samsul Channel
Pak Doktor Samsul Channel Prije mjesec
The black is strong heeemmm i wabt to be strong guys !!? hrpost.info/history/ZNyknrGOoLOFm4o/video
Notpoop Prije mjesec
lmfao dubois pretending to try beat the count what a joke
Jimmy Ireland
Jimmy Ireland Prije mjesec
easy fight for joyce too much hype in dubois I knew Joe joyce would stop him 🥊🥊
Wilfred Folorunsho
Wilfred Folorunsho Prije mjesec
Does any of these sluggish muppets have a chance against Aj or Fury?
tank 943
tank 943 Prije mjesec
The difference in level between these guys and say the top 15 in the word is extraordinary. Imagine these guys coming up against even Ruiz or Whyte. Game over in no time.
LNDN Haze Prije mjesec
Pathetic both useless
Peter Gopal
Peter Gopal Prije mjesec
That satisfaction when an underdog wins😇
Amit Swamy
Amit Swamy Prije mjesec
Well done JJ..🙏🏽🙏🏽
Run Platypus
Run Platypus Prije mjesec
Yoka will destroy these turtles.
james taiwo
james taiwo Prije mjesec
Pure boxing IQ 🥊🥊❤
Ginge Jones
Ginge Jones Prije mjesec
It was obvious I sed Dan would lose he’s not a real fighter in my eyes he took a knee and didn’t want to continue. I can understand if he was really hurt but he had a bard eye what a f**king joke fighter he is he won’t go any further than this
Burhan Ullah
Burhan Ullah Prije mjesec
Joe joyce is very slow. No great legends coming out of these two.
Amplify Prije mjesec
Joyce a very well educated dude in a thugs sports. he just so happens to be built like a brick house!
Lee Mclachlan
Lee Mclachlan Prije mjesec
Well done Joe Joyce . Not really given a chance by many but he was fantastic. Regardless of whether u rate him or not nobody can argue with his record
Heriyah Umi
Heriyah Umi Prije mjesec
MaîtreContrôlePrincipal Prije mjesec
Joe Joyce is slow but he’s big and smart .
Doug M
Doug M Prije mjesec
Joyce may be a bit heavy and ponderous but he’s made of granite and has a beast of a jab....very, very tough guy to beat!
Daniel Neshkov
Daniel Neshkov Prije mjesec
Joshua and pulev where waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better
EliteDavid Horne
EliteDavid Horne Prije mjesec
Haven't seen Joyce box before. But he could of won that with his right hand tied behind his back. Maybe Dubois should think about changing coaches.
Golden Park
Golden Park Prije mjesec
Joys relax😁
Terrence Anton
Terrence Anton Prije mjesec
WHAT A WAR? NO, just a jab 😀
Stuart Johnson
Stuart Johnson Prije mjesec
It wasn’t a WAR.! JOE JOYCE out jabbed and out boxed DDD. Plain and simple. The better man won.
Ferhat Prije mjesec
Is this serious? Looks like amateur boxers
REBEL COUNTY Prije mjesec
joe joyce should retire now,this as good as it gets for him.
TRIGGER WARNING! Truth, just for a change.
TRIGGER WARNING! Truth, just for a change. Prije mjesec
Congratulations humble Joyce, yet again boxing fundamentals of a decent jab prove to be the unconquerable difference!
Osgima silva
Osgima silva Prije mjesec
What is this,this is u call fight very2 bad boxing i ever watch??????
Ricardo S.
Ricardo S. Prije mjesec
The information I heard Dubois was the best 🙄
Ümit Ersavaş
Ümit Ersavaş Prije mjesec
Duboys aut
Роман Дученко
Роман Дученко Prije mjesec
Lennox Lewis or David Tua would have killed both butches together in one round ... what a shame this parody is also called boxing!
Роман Дученко
Роман Дученко Prije mjesec
This announcer sounds so ridiculous with his voice). Also, stating the weight of boxers in stones, sticks or dropped leaves of oak is so absurd.
401 Files
401 Files Prije mjesec
Calling this a war is a huge insult to ward vs gatti
Cenk Özdemir
Cenk Özdemir Prije mjesec
3:57 when joyce decided to throw an uppercut ,dubouis has already left the place 2 seconds ago😊👊🏻
MbozamaNgwane MbozamaNgwane
MbozamaNgwane MbozamaNgwane Prije mjesec
Lmfao. That uppercut had no intended target.
Xabi Perez
Xabi Perez Prije mjesec
Nice acuracy and power on the left hand, left make the diference between normal boxer and a pro boxer
You Yes You
You Yes You Prije mjesec
Awful fight. Revealed the truth. Both poor fighters. Yes I'd take them both on. At once.
TIDO BEY Prije mjesec
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