Is the Object 274a Polar Challenge POSSIBLE in World of Tanks???

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The World of Tanks Object 274a Polar Challenge requires huge amounts of play - is it even possible? I answer!
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Peizxcv Prije mjesec
Very very good video QB. People needs to realize they are paying a lot of money or spending a lot of time for some digital codes
mika_is_beast Prije mjesec
Give up and give me your credit card
Peter Richtarik
Peter Richtarik Prije mjesec
578 battles it takes for me ohhhh, I´m tired
S.Q Prije mjesec
Update: after about 60 battles a day. I need 24k exp left for stage 10. Tomorrow is the day.
Jw Sa
Jw Sa Prije mjesec
For 98% of the players its IMPOSSIBLE to do this challenge!!
Ayanami Prije mjesec
Average players who trying this either have a serious gameing addiction or are plain stupid
J D Prije mjesec
Why is it WG can manipulate the game and make it more difficult according to the value of the prize yet they tell us it’s entirely random as far as the MM is concerned, So only parts of the game are random and others are not? Grab you by the ankles, flip you upside down and shake vigorously.
Julian Sherborne
Julian Sherborne Prije mjesec
333 Games total to Finish stage 7 (+89 from stage 6)
Denniël Jacobs
Denniël Jacobs Prije mjesec
tbh we shut boycot, one time we did it on console, just to stop the pay to win aspect, only problem is also all the unicums must support it. otherways won't work
TravelingDave27 Prije mjesec
Got to 30% and bought it. Not worth the grind lol
Julian Sherborne
Julian Sherborne Prije mjesec
244 Games total to Finish stage 6 (+85 from stage 5)
Kaden MW
Kaden MW Prije mjesec
Me and Quickybaby are grind buddies.
Ricardo Decend
Ricardo Decend Prije mjesec
Wargaming is fooling its players with such unfair nonsense. Imagine, if you can work something else, where you get 10 euros an hour, (or even only 5 euros) you would get 10x50=500 or 5x50=250 euro, where you can buy directly much better tanks and even spent money for something else.
Dominik Schadt
Dominik Schadt Prije mjesec
Hello, i just wanted to say, as an average player (My_nIce_taNk) i can safely say that this is possible to get it for free. It's only been 3 days and i have managed to grind my way to the 7th stage already. Also, keep up the good work QB, Love from Hungary :) Edit: finished the challange yesterday, it was really hard just to push myself and complete the last stage from 0 to 50k in a single day.
Julian Sherborne
Julian Sherborne Prije mjesec
159 Games total to Finish stage 5 (+80 from stage 4)
Taz6688 Prije mjesec
Never going to happen, most games are over in 3-4 minutes, pretty toxic, gung ho mentality.
byxl Prije mjesec
Finishes 3 stages in just over an hour. Had some gr8 games and i estimate playing regularly I will pay 12 euros for a gr8 tank in a nice bundle.
Ash Prije mjesec
I feel like it's time to pull out a seal clubber like SU-100M
Otto von Bismarck
Otto von Bismarck Prije mjesec
not even been the best player in the wot I would spend 4h a day to get this. Thanks QB for the vid
Winterbringer Sohr
Winterbringer Sohr Prije mjesec
Wait until he hears about the guy who did the challenge in 26 hours...
BM8975 Prije mjesec
I have a life, and a job, and I prefer my T-44-100.
Savage_Logan Prije mjesec
I just had a session and I averaged 820 experience so I think ima try
Bla Blupp
Bla Blupp Prije mjesec
The Problem with this Challenge, and witch all of the same Kind, is these PL and CZ Bots that get so much attracked from them. As soon as something is for free, all of these Rats come in Masses, and WOT is no fun anymore to play.
Jack Joe
Jack Joe Prije mjesec
Idiot im cz
Julian Sherborne
Julian Sherborne Prije mjesec
79 Games to Finish Stage 4
Pickell Prije mjesec
Only grinded about... 3 hours today and already am at level 4 that Progetto 65 is probbs the best tank to do it with, about 800 xp per battle if you win and 300 if you lose
Bee Cee
Bee Cee Prije mjesec
So basically what you're saying is "fcuk that shite"
Cris Kleaver
Cris Kleaver Prije mjesec
Poor players and those with bad accounts are automatically discriminated against. War Gaming does not want you to win the tank they want you to become frustrated and buy the tank with a low percentage discount. Definitely not worth any player's time to play this and not worth the money to buy it. Go enjoy your life and tell War Gaming to go screw themselves.
KleisophaboTv Prije mjesec
Stage ~7
jayalan792 Prije mjesec
I'm out of a job currently due to covet and there's a bit of a hiring freeze in my area. So I'm going to try and do it all. First day I got the first three stages done so that's looking good!
Matt Elmore
Matt Elmore Prije mjesec
best of luck quicky 😁
Skorpion Prije mjesec
Lets just say I would average 300 Exp ... 14+ hours per day, while I have a fulltime job incl traveling that already takes 12 hours a day in total... not even mentioning whatever else any random day may yield... For a russian med? sure.. like every marathon so far, Not gonna happen.
Unarmy Prije mjesec
This is ez for me :)
Koji Kabuto
Koji Kabuto Prije mjesec
When are these marathons easy? It would be ok if WG would make the event longer.
Toby Goyder-Shanks
Toby Goyder-Shanks Prije mjesec
Well. Not gonna waste my time then.
shadowscion Prije mjesec
600 avg exp is not enough to finish top 10 making those games and this marathon brutal for normal players, each of them being 10 minutes of wasted time, as well as this spreadsheet being misleading
DANCE GASMAN Prije mjesec
Richard Holmes
Richard Holmes Prije mjesec
Its a con if you have a job or sleep normal plays can not have it
uei mark
uei mark Prije mjesec
I have given up
Beat Walker
Beat Walker Prije mjesec
No marathon for me. With 450 average exp it would take to long.
Juan José Del Pino Rivas
Juan José Del Pino Rivas Prije mjesec
This challenge is easily twice or more times harder than the Caernarvon AX. This is stupid from WG, not to mention the 'bundle' is the only way to get the tank in the shop so oh surprise, the price went from 43€ to 67€, gg.
Andris Veszteg
Andris Veszteg Prije mjesec
great vid, love the last part when you warn ppl about burning out and importance of real life stuff (=
Wuppser Prije mjesec
Haven't done any Challenge since the TS-5 and I'm going to pass on that as well.
Frostbite Prije mjesec
man explains why you should forget your life to get a pixelated tank
Vincent Campaert
Vincent Campaert Prije mjesec
Just grind it up to 90% discount and buy it for 6 euro for some extra goodies.
Bence Rigó
Bence Rigó Prije mjesec
Can you please next time calculate 900 and 1000 base exp as well? with like 98% top 10 appareances?
niels Prije mjesec
Thank you for reminding me that I am a student and I don't have time for this XD. I was doubting it untill you mentioned assignments haha...
Eric Muth
Eric Muth Prije mjesec
I miss the old marathons, for every nation 150 kills and 150k damage, that was easier
Joe Deflorissimus
Joe Deflorissimus Prije mjesec
It's a little bit much harder because ur XP get cut at every lvl. Example: u need 1 XP for the next level and earn 600 base xp....599 where lost...
Alfons Ayala Fito
Alfons Ayala Fito Prije mjesec
Great video
krezo Prije mjesec
I lost my 2011 account with 36k battles in 2018 and now started to play again But thats way too much for me
ajit bansode
ajit bansode Prije mjesec
Well I average 600 exp.
Arek Zawistowski
Arek Zawistowski Prije mjesec
Take into consideration that if u don't achieve top 10 experience in battle u probably do less than your average experience. So if your bad results doesn't count, your average expenses is higher in battles where u are in top 10. My avg experience is 540 but I assume that I am top 10 in 80% of battles and my average experience outside top 10 is 270, so my average experience in top 10 is over 600.
RADO Prije mjesec
Pass. I'm just happy and contented that I have the Tiger 1 and the T-34-85M.
Thanos Prije mjesec
I have 11 pemium days now because i play since 2011 when i was 5 but im still borti kW at the game
Nozumi Prije mjesec
I may just get to 60 or 70% complete. The last 3 stages just look like torture.
Apanen Prije mjesec
Badger and tortoise are made to be pain in enemy lines and cs52 i paid 11€
mario97 krištić
mario97 krištić Prije mjesec
I will try to do this challenge in 3 days playing 15 hours a day
TheChiefEng Prije mjesec
Thanks but no thanks. Just another money trap from Wargaming.
VioletStatPedder -
VioletStatPedder - Prije mjesec
Yeah, free game offers free rewards. What a moneytrap
Douche Joe
Douche Joe Prije mjesec
Definitely won't be getting full grind, there Grind Buddy!
박칼튼 Prije mjesec
how about this tank? is it good or bad? anybody knows?
Court Braten
Court Braten Prije mjesec
Who actually dislikes his videos??
Fakhrur Rohim Wahid Nugroho
Fakhrur Rohim Wahid Nugroho Prije mjesec
after event, welcome to hospital
Mike Bone
Mike Bone Prije mjesec
I feel you QuickyBaby about the shadowlands on WOW.
Q N Prije mjesec
Another T8 Soviet premium? Let me guess the tank gimmick is that it's good.
The doctor Jobabyjo
The doctor Jobabyjo Prije mjesec
You like the fascism in your country, dont you?
Matty S
Matty S Prije mjesec
sorry I'm not that good to win this.. but I got a shit light for 7 years
Thomas Prije mjesec
Wow QB ! Amazing video thanks for this
greg angwin
greg angwin Prije mjesec
Another power creep tank. Here is how you do it. Buddy up. That is, 2 or 3 of you work a shift on the same account. This works, but you need to return the favour on the next one. Otherwise, take a sexy photo of your wife/ girlfriend before she walks out the door, entomb yourself in a PC cave, and forget that you had a life.
Mike W
Mike W Prije mjesec
Excellent job on your work and I really enjoy watching your shows that explain so well for me to understand. Thanks!
pelleper Prije mjesec
I really don't get these marathons. If the tank is/going to be available to buy, why do it? Sure, if not paying for anything (and LOVING the game) on wot is a priority and you don't have a job, go ahead. For the rest of us, count on how many minutes or hours you need to work extra in order to pay cash.
VioletStatPedder -
VioletStatPedder - Prije mjesec
They offer extra rewards for playing normally and give a chance to those who don't have money but do have time to get it for free. It's astounding how many people are complaining that this is impossible for someone who has life (aka work). They can just buy the thing if they want to.
Clayton Taylor
Clayton Taylor Prije mjesec
yes sir the grind starts at 1 am ill be up spamming the heat in the st-11
alnar73 Prije mjesec
Not for me ... thanks ... i like the game but i have another things to do... :) no way ....
Mastersanada Prije mjesec
Keep in mind that American high school seniors are doing their college applications during this time. Ain't worth it mates. Don't be playing WoT for hours on end instead of doing your apps.
Mastersanada Prije mjesec
@VioletStatPedder - Always. But you know, not everyone goes by that standard. I can assure you plenty of people all around the world play games play games and then don't do their schoolwork and don't do their college applications till the last day and all that. I mean at some point I've done the same just playing games instead of doing my work for school. Cost me some of my grades but that's just mistakes you learn from.
VioletStatPedder -
VioletStatPedder - Prije mjesec
@Mastersanada Yeah, and it's a good thing QB reminds them of doing the more important stuff. I just don't see how it's relevant what that stuff exactly is. Real life should go before videogames be it family time, work or studying.
Mastersanada Prije mjesec
​@VioletStatPedder - Um... I literally have no idea what you're on about dude. QB stated in his video, and in case you're wondering, he has stated before he thinks most of his viewers are from NA and EU, that especially during these times (thanksgiving time and christmas time) that students are busy with assignments and recommended that they not spend hours of time on the game rather than focusing on their schoolwork. So I made a comment about how what he said is very valid specifically pointing out the fact that seniors in NA, which once again, alot of QB's viewers are from NA, are doing their college applications. Not sure how the EU works but that was that. You're ranting about something completely irrelevant in fact. Nobody asked for NA and RU activity on world of tanks lol...
VioletStatPedder -
VioletStatPedder - Prije mjesec
@Mastersanada _"how they probably have assignments due very soon so grinding a marathon isn't worth it."_ That applies to everything. How many active players are there on NA? Like 100k, whereas in RU there are millions of active players. So some highchool students (who's parents have the responsibility) in NA are totally irrelevant.
Mastersanada Prije mjesec
@VioletStatPedder - Totally irrelevant considering QB brought up the point of students and how they probably have assignments due very soon so grinding a marathon isn't worth it. Totally irrelevant.
Chris Cres
Chris Cres Prije mjesec
Thanks, no thanks^^
Dubra 84
Dubra 84 Prije mjesec
Alexander Schuster
Alexander Schuster Prije mjesec
I want my Waffentrager E-100 BACK!
Alexander Schuster
Alexander Schuster Prije mjesec
Some folks have a life and work, there is no way I'll be doing this or giving them any money I've given them plenty over the past 8 years.
eselseinsohn Prije mjesec
Came here for the Excel sheet, and I wasn't disappointed :-)
Cookie Command Gaming
Cookie Command Gaming Prije mjesec
Where is Kevin Wang?
robert gatehouse
robert gatehouse Prije mjesec
Well..i have a life, sooo thanks Wargaming .
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Prije mjesec
QB Thanks for crunching the numbers again. For myself I learned my lesson after getting to 50 percent on the first marathon for the Pilot. It would have to be some kind of vonder tank for me to work on another marathon.
Fire fighter Detecting
Fire fighter Detecting Prije mjesec
Someone explain pay to play account vs free to play account
VioletStatPedder -
VioletStatPedder - Prije mjesec
Pay to play account = you buy stuff like premium time and premium tanks. Free to play account = you don't spend anything on the account.
Pedropoz Prije mjesec
I'm going to skip this one. This is to much and this tank is soviet tank and I don't have a thing for those ;]
RIdah Raresh
RIdah Raresh Prije mjesec
Not worth it. It's no surprise that this game has less and less players in the queue.
Tactician WOTB
Tactician WOTB Prije mjesec
Me : *look at my wallet My wallet : "stop, i don't have money left, see?" Me: "oh, yeah.... Forget it" My wallet: "finnaly..." Me: "hey isn't that my credit card?" My wallet: " *F U C K!* "
Rick Hope
Rick Hope Prije mjesec
Have wargaming forgotten that a lot of us older players have jobs to go to
Diego Ryczko
Diego Ryczko Prije mjesec
Answer: Yesn't
Cristi Tanase
Cristi Tanase Prije mjesec
Sorry but I already have a job...
attack333 Prije mjesec
Please don't try to grind this f2p. Just no
Original 21
Original 21 Prije mjesec
Trico21 Prije mjesec
I'm gona use this challenge to make me grind, not to get the tank but to just grind and feal good
Mouseend1 1
Mouseend1 1 Prije mjesec
Well tbh its pretty strange that it is 10 stages to get the tank, considering that the tank is a tier 8 tank
Mouseend1 1
Mouseend1 1 Prije mjesec
@VioletStatPedder - True that
VioletStatPedder -
VioletStatPedder - Prije mjesec
@Mouseend1 1 Yeah, but if it was 8 stages for tier 8 would you then think that you get a T4 tank if you complete 4 stages?
Mouseend1 1
Mouseend1 1 Prije mjesec
@VioletStatPedder - Yeah true, but still u get my point :)
VioletStatPedder -
VioletStatPedder - Prije mjesec
That's because 1 stage represents 10% of the price of the tank. It would be pretty strange to get a 12,5% discount for each stage.
Markus Deininger
Markus Deininger Prije mjesec
I'm starting to see, where Worlds big Gouvernements get their Ideas to fuck the Inhabitants. They got premium abonements of WG newsletter! Jokes aside: WG never learns. The Customer is the King. If you fuck with them, sometime it will backfire at you and they move away. Look where Nokia was and where they are now!
VioletStatPedder -
VioletStatPedder - Prije mjesec
@Markus Deininger So care to explain or is it a mystery only the enlightened can understand?
Markus Deininger
Markus Deininger Prije mjesec
@VioletStatPedder - You don't get it. But I can tell that you're not watched the video of QB AND listened clearly. Annd yes, you seem to not know about Nokia enough to get it. Tells me quite the thing about you to get you ranked into the category you seem to be included
VioletStatPedder -
VioletStatPedder - Prije mjesec
@Markus Deininger Or it could be that I don't know the Nokia joke. After all I lived 5km from their headquarters throughout the 90's and 00's. You need to play normally to get extra rewards. The more you play the better rewards you get. Seems pretty good to me. Do you think it would be better to just sell the tank without any missions for discounts and extra rewards? Players are so entitled that they think that they should get a free T8 premium for free because WG puts up a marathon.
Markus Deininger
Markus Deininger Prije mjesec
@VioletStatPedder - You are probhably too young to get the Nokia-Joke. But well.....WG offers free rewards, yes. But for the majority of the players (especially players, that don't play all day, or should we say NORMAL people) it is impossible to get them. It is designed only to fit a small elite players capabilities. The little part-time player is forced to stay out or invest money to even have a very small chance to get his hands on the free target. Even QB says it is the hardest challenge so far. If WG don't start to get some content for the lower players, the game will start to lose players more and more.
VioletStatPedder -
VioletStatPedder - Prije mjesec
How is offering free rewards fucking with customers? And what did nokia do?
J Yu
J Yu Prije mjesec
Well QB, why don’t you model the COVID pandemic instead, as your predictions were much closer to reality :)
Jarno Haneveld
Jarno Haneveld Prije mjesec
I thought u had to have 50k in total. Oof
qaws QAWS
qaws QAWS Prije mjesec
rig that shit baby, rig that shit
hanikrummi hundursvin
hanikrummi hundursvin Prije mjesec
Yes too hard. No it is not possible for humans.
Svartmolly Molly
Svartmolly Molly Prije mjesec
Morning! Nice day for grinding ain't it! Hu Ha!
fghfgh Prije mjesec
I am looking forward to see your Object 274a review on Friday. After that I will see if I am willing to buy the Object 274a when I will be able to receive at least 50% discount. But actually I have enaugh tanks and wg received enaugh money from me, so the Object has to be a very good tank to make me spend more money.
T Prije mjesec
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