Markiplier | 3 Peens in a Pod (EP 71)(19 Jan 2021)(The Forest)

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Alice White
Alice White Prije 7 sati
Bob and Wade are national treasures and I love them for having such candid conversations like this. It takes a lot to be this honest and they're just genuinely good people. It's so important to have people in positions of influence that are this transparent with their audiences.
berriixoxo Prije 18 sati
thank you guys for the first couple minutes, really. you don’t see people with fan bases show insecurities often so seeing this makes me SO happy i’ve been apart of your community for years. somehow this made me feel less alone about how i feel. wade explained the mindset i have, and bob explained the mindset i SHOULD have. i started tearing up, i plan on trying to see myself like how bob said. thank you
Marcus Au Weng Yew
Marcus Au Weng Yew Prije 3 dana
I feel normal now guys. Thank you 😇
Emma Nelson
Emma Nelson Prije 5 dana
i feel like i just went to therapy
That crazy person who enjoys scary things
That crazy person who enjoys scary things Prije 8 dana
I’m bawling now rewatching this again after both stepping on a scale for the first time in a year and loosing hair to the point of having a panic attack and shaving my head. Having grown up with long unprocessed hair till middle school when I started dying it to further myself from a mentally and emotionally manipulative, and super strict rough father but I can genuinely say that after everything that’s gone down in the last month and a half I feel so much better. All this to say if you’re going through anything please don’t hesitate to reach out to someone even me I really don’t mind. Sending love and positivity to everyone ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
CandyCoated Thorns
CandyCoated Thorns Prije 11 dana
I don’t think I’ll ever lose the line “your body is a story of your life” cause my body hasn’t been kind to me at all since I was born but thinking about all the scars and issues and things after bob said that was like “whoa, this story is so loud and interesting” and actually got me to think of my body in a more positive light 🥺🥺
The YouTube Idiot
The YouTube Idiot Prije 14 dana
I’ve recently come to terms with most of my appearance. I still deal with some issues like gender dysphoria and my stretch marks, but I’ve finally reached a point in my life where other peoples words don’t bother me. I’m happy with myself, and that’s what matters
The YouTube Idiot
The YouTube Idiot Prije 14 dana
And in the words of Robin Williams “it’s better to be alone, than to be with people that make you feel alone”. And those are words that I will live by for the rest of my days.
Jenn Smith
Jenn Smith Prije 15 dana
damn bob life lessons...thank you, as a fat woman i completely agree and ive shaved my head for charity and cancer it was a trip both times
Daimon Garcia
Daimon Garcia Prije 18 dana
Listening to them talk like this lifted alot of burden from my shoulders for some reason
Hannah banz
Hannah banz Prije 19 dana
Watching Mork and friends play games has been helping me through a really hard time.. its been getting better and im sososooo grateful for them being themselves and doing what they do. Watching their videos weirdly helps a lot when I have really bad depressive episodes?? Idk I hope they know that they're loved and appreciated❤
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott Prije 22 dana
Jumpering succotash sounds a Legit phrase 🤔 1:30:23
Austin Schultheiss
Austin Schultheiss Prije 23 dana
I relate alot to Bob and Wade it hit hard they are so awesome. Wish I had some friends like them.
John Lockheart
John Lockheart Prije 24 dana
I love how Mark is basically recreating Damien with his extreme deforestation.
Riley Palermo
Riley Palermo Prije 24 dana
1:11:00 man mark I don’t know I’m pretty sure that 95% of humanity are assholes
Cell VA
Cell VA Prije 27 dana
1:07:45 Bob's fucking bleeps are what make this part so damn funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Prije 29 dana
When I was in highschool. I used to be physically abused by my "friends" but it was the only people i had and i was in even more of a dark place, so i'd rather go through physical pain then be alone :/
Clara Noble
Clara Noble Prije mjesec
Omg the hair talk! 😂
Clara Noble
Clara Noble Prije mjesec
I mean the mark hair talk
Sammi Jonjevic
Sammi Jonjevic Prije mjesec
I just love Bob and wade
Liz Prije mjesec
(Around an hour in where Wade talks about people with bully mentalities put themselves in positions of power over people.) Unfortunately, that is why a lot of those type of people become parents. They can have seemingly unlimited control over this small human. My dad is now ASPD diagnosed, but if asked about the horrible things he has said and done to me, he legitimate has convinced himself he was a great dad. I am extremely grateful for the importance of addressing mental health now. It helps prevent situations like mine from happening as often.
Loki Prije mjesec
Been waiting to see if he'd discover the dock and it was priceless xD
Joseph Bridger
Joseph Bridger Prije mjesec
17:00 just for later
OuijaWolf Prije mjesec
I literally hate my hair I wear it all to one side w a side part and it’s just hella frizzy on the side where it’s all smoothed down and I’ve legit been contemplating shaving it there bc I hate the fly aways and yea this definitely made me be like ya know what fk it ima do it and now I have an appointment to do that so yay and with what Bob was saying about weight as someone who’s had to deal with that forever bc I’m a bigger female who was off bullied for it constantly and actually over quarantine I gained a lot of weight but I’ve gotten skinnier so basically in my mind now it’s just screw the numbers they don’t matter as long as I’m not effected medically yk
Jordan Ly Fae
Jordan Ly Fae Prije mjesec
I love you Bob. I really needed to hear that.
Michael perkins
Michael perkins Prije mjesec
I like to think that hurt people hurt people and most times they don’t realize they are hurting people or have just been hurt so bad that they can’t tell that they are hurting people or don’t want to realize they are.
London M
London M Prije mjesec
I came for The Forest content and was not expecting free therapy
April Erickson
April Erickson Prije mjesec
Anyone else looking at that open door waiting for the monsters to come through?
Emma Hyde
Emma Hyde Prije mjesec
ok, I love that mark sits like an actual child!
Chris Burns
Chris Burns Prije mjesec
Carrie S.
Carrie S. Prije mjesec
I love that you address this topic. Unfortunately, most people may never get over insecurities and we all have to go through it because it is part of growing up. The best advice I can give is remember that your happiness is in your own hands. You do not have to be responsible for someone else's happiness. Thanks guy!
Jennifer Farr
Jennifer Farr Prije mjesec
Can I just say that Bob and Wade are to the most beautiful people in the world inside and out because they just they’re so positive and they give so much. Oh yeah, and Mark’s there too.
Nar520 Prije mjesec
We have to get Mark on with Dr. K
Sandra Ray
Sandra Ray Prije mjesec
1:31:55 wade's laugh tho
MishaFace Prije mjesec
A gazebo on a boat. A gazeboat if you will
MishaFace Prije mjesec
I'm 6"3, I weigh over 400lb, I am a woman with a shaved head, I am an ethnic minority in my work and home environment. I *feel* these men on a visceral level.
MishaFace Prije mjesec
Also, Bob does the same thing I do, deflecting things with humor when everything gets emotionally heavy. Being emotional open is scary and hard
Mkaela Lafond
Mkaela Lafond Prije mjesec
Wade's point of view was hilarious, he was trying so hard to hold it in and then Bob says "You okay man?" and Wade just loses it.
Appleblossom Prije mjesec
Bob: "I didnt realise how fucked up that it was until I was an adult" Me, who is 15: *Realising I've been through that situation many times in many situations for a total of 10 years of my life* Also me: Well shiet
Lindsey Ann Campbell
Lindsey Ann Campbell Prije mjesec
Not just your body, but your choices and how you sound. Humans are just dicks. Why are you single? Why do guys not like you? People are just judgmental assholes. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! THANK YOU BOB AND WADE!
Lindsey Ann Campbell
Lindsey Ann Campbell Prije mjesec
Thank you guys for being so real! Although I get caught in Mark's charisma, but I look to watch you three together. You compliment each other so well. Thank you so very much, just being human. I pray for you all, wether you agree with that or not, I see you as worth it.
Anna Alcantara
Anna Alcantara Prije mjesec
this is the best definition of body positivity i know. thank u for making me tear up bob
Indigo Silhouette
Indigo Silhouette Prije mjesec
Is bob a sociopath
Cake Mike
Cake Mike Prije mjesec
Thank you.
YellowEllo Prije mjesec
I.. have not... laughed like this... in a good while 😂😂
Deviljinyes1212 Kamehameha
Deviljinyes1212 Kamehameha Prije mjesec
bruh i swear bobs laughing is so hillarious and contagious
Casey Donahue
Casey Donahue Prije mjesec
I really struggle with my weight and have spent my whole life beating myself up and destroying my self confidence for it, but last year I hit some kind of point where I didn't care what other people thought about me and I smiled at myself in the mirror for the first time in actual years. But I had been in such a dark place for so long, that I took this as "Oh, my depression has reached a new level! level up! I have somehow lost all connections to my heart and just turned everything off." But hearing Bob talk about how he just suddenly stopped caring and grew self confidence from that all of a sudden, I realized that it was actually me getting better. And my depression just didn't let me realize it. It feels great to hear it and know that the only thing that changed in me was that I accepted who I am.
Alice Tate
Alice Tate Prije mjesec
i think for the bridge mark should have made a regular bridge but add doors on each end. on the end with the monsters youd put a ,,happy birthday". it would be less wood, and time. just a thought
Lu P
Lu P Prije mjesec
I relate to the thing about a bullying friend group, didn't even realize until i got different friends who treated me less like shit.
D'laynee staples
D'laynee staples Prije mjesec
I’ve never been so upset watching someone build a bridge..... there was such an easy way to do this and he made it complicated!!!! Ahhhhhh
Kmp Prije mjesec
God I love listening to them talking about shit in background while I play games.
Kelly Hyson
Kelly Hyson Prije mjesec
Man, that opening conversation was so healthy, and helpful in many ways. Lots of wisdom there!
Max Prime
Max Prime Prije mjesec
Bob, YOU are beautiful to me.
wozing Prije mjesec
I was just trying to pod and game. I didn't expect to be staring at the vod crying!
Crotchwhistle Purple
Crotchwhistle Purple Prije mjesec
As a middle aged, overweight, single mother, Bob's declaration of body positivity and beauty acceptance made me bawl like a baby. Also, Mark, for what it's worth, I typically find Asians more attractive than most other people. Lol. Although, I am pansexual and not racist at all. I love anyone who doesnt hurt me personally. But, there's something about the eyes and the dark hair.
Shauny Jimenez
Shauny Jimenez Prije mjesec
Wtf is that intro(i mean mark staring at the camera)
Todd Morra
Todd Morra Prije mjesec
Stolen content is stolen views and stolen views is stolen income. Take the videos down.
Ryoga Tee
Ryoga Tee Prije mjesec
This was important.
Awesomness _24
Awesomness _24 Prije mjesec
1:10:27 He actually stares into your souls just to let you know
Aviner Bo
Aviner Bo Prije mjesec
Jordan Peterson has entered the chat
Wan Does Doodles
Wan Does Doodles Prije mjesec
Beanie-Queenie Prije mjesec
Why does mark look like a recovered Sméagol??
Yasu Prije mjesec
I loved the hour podcast before the gameplay, like I genuinely Loved that
Panda MainiaK
Panda MainiaK Prije mjesec
I can empathize with wade on his hair, I've been with my husband for 15 years. We basically grew up together from 8th grade and over the years we have noticed his hair line receding. From that moment my husband hated it and it bothered him so much. So I offer to help shave his entire head. I do this every week including his face, because I enjoy doing this for him tbh. It makes me feel good to make him feel good about himself just by simply shaving and cleaning him up. Thank goodness he can still grow his goatee though lol he loves that thing so much. 😊 Hes my sweet bald sasquatch I love him so much.
Hoopthorn Seaweed
Hoopthorn Seaweed Prije mjesec
I came here out of never seeing any of these besides the one after this. The talks were therapeutic to hear. The real ones can talk about insecurities and make others feel like they can be comfortable being themselves
George Miller
George Miller Prije mjesec
Gg is good game
Heather Smith
Heather Smith Prije mjesec
God that hit so close to home it's not even funny... I'm as of late pursuing my interest in this guy I know, who is not only younger than me, but what I would consider is out of my league and a really nice guy and constantly questioning how he has any interest in me and feared for him to see my body and change his mind or is just being nice.
Daniel McDonald
Daniel McDonald Prije mjesec
I wonder if they watch anime. That is literally all I can think about. I am dumb.
Josh Prije mjesec
These three should start a podcast.
TheFireLizard Prije mjesec
Yeah ive gotten into the same kind of thing on youtube comments. Where you make some normal addition to the recourse. But some grammar nazi wants to make a titanic deal out of a mispelled word or incorrect punctuation. Its like wow out of all the stupid shit i said you are more concerned about the fact that i forgot an apostrophe? But at the same time i noticed when someone tries to start a flame war like that. Just as soon as you agree with anything they say or start to joke and be nice. They instantly ghost the thread and stop replying. I'm not sure if they feel like they won at that point. Or if its because they want the argument and realize you aren't going there. So they move on to troll someone else. But its a real thing. If you want to stop an arguement kill it with kindness. Find one point where you agree and focus on that and refuse to argue. Then they wont have any more fuel for the fire and they go away. But that is why my comments almost always say edited. I reread them and always find something i forgot to type or some grammar thing i want to correct. Just to ward off all the trolls who want to nitpick your comment because its not as perfect as a college thesis.
somnomania Prije mjesec
these boys are all so smart and so good to each other and so funny, and then sometimes they're also huge dumbasses, and i love all of them
Natasha Gehrke
Natasha Gehrke Prije mjesec
When you guys talked about self confidence I was crying. The whole conversation hit home in another way. I felt Wade's story about losing his hair in my soul. Mine started at 13. The three of you reminded me why it's so important to just be as you are. Thank you for so much 💜
Kristian Sandsmark
Kristian Sandsmark Prije 2 mjeseci
I love these guys
Connor Blasey
Connor Blasey Prije 2 mjeseci
Bob is a saint in the beginning, and its amazing
Favi Cakes
Favi Cakes Prije 2 mjeseci
They should have made a log zip line instead of making a bridge that way no intruder can cross to their side and they can still get logs onto their side
Big Fish
Big Fish Prije 2 mjeseci
I relate to all of them especially bob with his childhood “friends”
Big Fish
Big Fish Prije 2 mjeseci
People sux
Big Fish
Big Fish Prije 2 mjeseci
Humans suc
BlackDawnYaoiLover Prije 2 mjeseci
So why did the cabin break when Mark was able to damage the separate wall?
Cass Cass
Cass Cass Prije 2 mjeseci
I love this! We all have these feelings. Having friends who listen, support, and redirect that self doubt is amazing! People shine so bright in their element, you would never expect the feelings just underneath. I appreciate this, I know the feeling in variation. We all face problems, we are all beautiful, we are all unique. Okay enough crying as I type.
Love Life
Love Life Prije 2 mjeseci
Mark described being gaslite very graciously in regards to this person.
Daniella Salas
Daniella Salas Prije 2 mjeseci
Listen to 2:43:48
Grizz Aint Playin That Game
Grizz Aint Playin That Game Prije 2 mjeseci
Hears Bob complain about 7MBDown 2MBUp.....looks at my wifi. 1MBDown and 400KB Up constant..... Nice. Glad we pay around $100 a month for this
Grizz Aint Playin That Game
Grizz Aint Playin That Game Prije 2 mjeseci
Gotta Love Windstream
Thalyphee Scales
Thalyphee Scales Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh my don't know how much this means. Guys, I have always struggled with my confidence because of looks (female with masculine body frame I was always told). Hearing this helps so much and idk it just helps amd gives me hope. I love you guys! You're videos have helped me get through some dark times in my life. Keep up the awesomeness!
Stanley Todd
Stanley Todd Prije 2 mjeseci
plz do a corn row video that would be kinda cool to see
Never Too Old Gaming
Never Too Old Gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
To Bob: Thanks man. Lots of people need to hear that. Love you
Neel The Human
Neel The Human Prije 2 mjeseci
The whole balding thing almost made me cry
Furrilicious101 Prije 2 mjeseci
I like that the advice Bob gave about acceptance but then he goes off to completely counter his own point with reducing human instinct to find the healthiest and most genetically fit mate using biological markers aka "beauty standers" to "people are just assholes". its really infuriating and dangerous. Thoughts like that just breed resentful people. Also, advocating for "convincing yourself there's nothing wrong with you" is, in effect, lying to yourself. These are extremely pathological behaviors. If you're fat, lose the weight. Quit making excuses. Change your diet and exercise. If your ugly. focus on what you can bring to others in the form of works, or work with what you got. Trust me, I'm no looker. I don't sit around telling myself I'm just a handsome as Brad Pit. I don't call people who don't want to date me or whatever "assholes". They have every right to have there standers. I look at myself and ask what CAN I change and what CANT I change and I do it. Sure its hard and it take work but your better for it in the end and you may find that you're more then what you ever thought you could be. I'm going to the gym 6 times a week (job permitting) I've started changing my diet (I used to pretty much starve myself) Ive made an effort to stop blaming other people for my faults and hardships and started taking my future into my own hands. Im working on developing my skill set to get a better job or start my own venture. Ive stopped living in a fantasy world i want to live in or i think should be, and started living in the world that is. Ive accepted there is suffering in the world and tragedy. There is good (true, beautiful good) and Evil (true, terrifying evil). I don't let people manipulate me anymore. I stand up for what i believe in (or i try anyway). I speak my mind (for what its worth) I accept when i'm wrong (mostly) and i call people out on there BS (when i know there BSing). I try not to lie (very different from always telling the truth). I'm not rich, I'm not powerful. Ive got a few talents I've neglected. I live in a dumpy apartment in a crappy city working a crap job right now. These are things I CAN change! and you can too. I wont let nay sayers stop me. I wont let myself stop me. Move forward. look back but never go backwards. Overcome every obstacle you put in your way. never let anyone else's malevolence stop you. listen to the cautionary words of elder but never let it deter you and don't be afraid to take a new path. Persistance is the key to success. Wisdom is the key to keeping it.
Nick L
Nick L Prije 2 mjeseci
And that’s why I have no interest in Twitter
TheVerucAssault Prije 2 mjeseci
14:00 Bob wow, thank you. Beautiful sentiments and words.
jaxxisawsum Prije 2 mjeseci
51:34 I felt a strong connection to that. I used to have a horrible track record of destroying my friendships and I hurt a lot of people without meaning it or realizing it in the moment. It took me several years to work on myself and apologize to the people I hurt
Eston Livingston
Eston Livingston Prije 2 mjeseci
Hessed3712 Prije 2 mjeseci
Can as a species just stop treating each other like crap? We all have our strengths, we all have our weaknesses, we all have basic needs. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.
Alisha Moser
Alisha Moser Prije 2 mjeseci
You all are so amazing! Bob, Mark, and Wade, you guys are by far my favorite trio to watch. Thank you so much for the fun and engaging videos :)
The Celestial Pulse
The Celestial Pulse Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how in the beginning you can see Marks wheels turning while these deep concepts are being talked about. Stellar fella for real.
sam Daniels
sam Daniels Prije 2 mjeseci
To quote Dr. Phil, "would you rather be happy or would you rather be wright?"
TheVerucAssault Prije 2 mjeseci
More Forest please. You guys need to go spelunking.
Maddy M
Maddy M Prije 2 mjeseci
I came here for funnies and that opening was heart warming. I've been going natural with my hair after decades of not even knowing what it looked like thanks to the stigma of "pelo malo". I still have someone who makes those painful remarks, but I'm learning to love myself. My hair is me and the women before me had my hair too. Natural, straight, curly, short, long, whatever body type you are, you're beautiful. You're *you* and no one can take that away from you.
Brook Ricketts
Brook Ricketts Prije 2 mjeseci
I woke up when Bob was talking your self worth and confidence and I honestly think that beautiful🥺 I love Bob
Taro_RPG Prije 2 mjeseci
"it's not quite perfect, I've gotta do it again" *Proceeds to not give a single shit about food, water, or energy*
Zim Invader
Zim Invader Prije 2 mjeseci
This hit hard I wish I have the confidence to love my own body. Been bullied my whole life by family and school about my weight it hurts but he's right loving yourself is a powerful thing. I just wish I had the courage to do so.
Helen Macklin
Helen Macklin Prije 2 mjeseci
Aw boys, your beginning talk nearly brought me to tears. You're all awesome top blokes within your own rights, much love to all of you.
Roxxi Anne
Roxxi Anne Prije 2 mjeseci
This is such a great talk. I feel terrible for Bob...I also went through that, even in my 20s. He's not alone.
macie perez
macie perez Prije 2 mjeseci
I grew up with the same issues as Mark with being a mixed race person and having only your sibling to compare yourself to/relate with because you literally don’t look like anyone else but them. I’m white and Mexican and have several ‘Mexican’ features but I’m still white passing because I have lighter skin and don’t have brown eyes. But growing up I didn’t fit in with either the white kids or Mexican kids because with the Mexican kids I “wasn’t Mexican enough” to be called Mexican all because I couldn’t speak a lick of Spanish, and with the white kids they didn’t grow up eating my family’s kind of food or with our customs or anything so they pretty much outcasted me. The only person I could ever really relate to or do things with was my brother like Mark, and I think people who aren’t mixed race don’t realize how difficult it can be growing up with like self esteem, constantly comparing yourself or nitpicking things about your looks or your different behaviors, and just all around not feeling like you belong anywhere because with one ethnicity they don’t want you hanging around them because you’re only part of what they are instead of whole, and with the other all they see is that part of what they’re not so they instantly think “you’re not like me, I shouldn’t be around you”
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