BTS - I'll Be Missing You (Puff Daddy, Faith Evans and Sting Cover) in the Live Lounge

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BBC Radio 1

BTS perform an incredible cover of the Puff Daddy, Faith Evans and Sting track "I'll Be Missing You" in the Radio 1 Live Lounge.

nicka canlas
nicka canlas Prije 39 minuta
Playing this for nth time now.
Renthlei Sangtei
Renthlei Sangtei Prije 2 sati
We love Bangtan... BTS 💜💜💜 from Mizoram 💜💜
pss Prije 2 sati
BTS Live 1
pss Prije 2 sati
Csar Martnz ZmBo
Csar Martnz ZmBo Prije 3 sati
A la mi3rda tilin
minmin Prije 3 sati
Please put this cover on spotify already TT
PRIYA SINGH Prije 3 sati
taehyung voice is so soulful really angelic voice he deserves to be no. 1 💜💜💜💜love u taehyung
KINGNATION Prije 5 sati
Nation 🥇🎖
S R Prije 6 sati
This is excellent. Amazing co-ordination!
Niki Ajeng
Niki Ajeng Prije 6 sati
Ga pernah bosen nonton ini.. nyampe banget ke hati gw rasa kangennya..nyesek banget pas part jimin "somebody tell me why ???" , selalu berhasil bikin gw berderai air mata...💜
sy cho
sy cho Prije 7 sati
다 잘하지만..특히 정국이 너무 잘하네💜
Oppo Laos
Oppo Laos Prije 7 sati
triniah vera
triniah vera Prije 8 sati
when you listen to it without the can just say that there is a lady in the song....omo....just 7 kings...I love it
Yabu Amen
Yabu Amen Prije 15 sati
lia Prije 15 sati
I love you this song so much
lia Prije 15 sati
I love you so much bts
Gaua Ahai
Gaua Ahai Prije 15 sati
They want to be Mexican so bad
Titly Rahman
Titly Rahman Prije 15 sati
It's so good
clau ot7
clau ot7 Prije 16 sati
Os amo
Jennifer Villanueva Martínez
Jennifer Villanueva Martínez Prije 17 sati
Guadalupe Tlachino
Guadalupe Tlachino Prije 18 sati
Está quiero que sea la entrada de la canción , cuando me case no se por que me gusta tanto esta canción así que no dijo más y BTS van a ser mi ❤️💘💘💘💘
Carmini Galvaan
Carmini Galvaan Prije 19 sati
Hermosa canción
Hilga Clararissa
Hilga Clararissa Prije 20 sati
I visit here regularly.. Love this so much!
joanne layton-morris
joanne layton-morris Prije 21 sat
i been a fan of bts for 2 months now they help me alot with my anxiety and depression 💜
Loren Balaoro
Loren Balaoro Prije 21 sat
Denis Kang
Denis Kang Prije 22 sati
athena ysabell
athena ysabell Prije dan
Shanzé Prije dan
v_tatamic Prije dan
V's voices n vocals : chef's kiss
v_tatamic Prije dan
Kim taehyung the most versatile artist ever.
Maham elahi
Maham elahi Prije dan
Kim taehyung's voice gives me goosebumps.
SexyPornStar Prije dan
Surely the older members suggested this song for the cover?? Edit: I am not going to comment on the boys' verses etc. But I'd really like to know who decided on the arrangement? I really dislike it.
4 eve
4 eve Prije dan
Love bts💗💗💗
Jannat Rayhan Aksa
Jannat Rayhan Aksa Prije dan
I will be missing boys
Dali Gomelauri
Dali Gomelauri Prije dan
JIMIN super as always, beautiful as always, sexy as always ❤️💚💙❤️
Chu-tima Peace
Chu-tima Peace Prije dan
Suga,i love your look,so cool.
Kathleen Abroguiña
Kathleen Abroguiña Prije dan
Forever Army here from Philippines...
에코생활가전 Prije dan
I'm happy to have you. I can laugh because you're here. I feel peace because of you guys. You guys are truly lucky for us. Please be the light to us!!
Becky Monte
Becky Monte Prije dan
Dude wearing shorts and boots?! Iconic!
Becky Monte
Becky Monte Prije dan
Proof that they can sit and just sing, and still be entertaining.
Mariah M
Mariah M Prije dan
Emocionante 💜
D13J Prije dan
2:19 JIMIN’s vocals is insanely incredible, so breathtaking . He always adds that special and unique flavor to their performances. I’m always so impressed.
It's insfire not inspire
It's insfire not inspire Prije dan
They did a very good job.
JC Nickel
JC Nickel Prije dan
jimin and jin killed this
hanni uwu
hanni uwu Prije dan
Pasen a escuchar My universe UwU
angela anhpv
angela anhpv Prije dan
No day passes without me listening to this cover & crying...
TAEKOOK Prije dan
I like it
Kerly G
Kerly G Prije dan
Es este el cielo?
Seok najwa
Seok najwa Prije dan
حنان ار يو هير
lissy g
lissy g Prije dan
Margaret Arlert
Margaret Arlert Prije dan
amo este cover💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Kenah Lille
Kenah Lille Prije dan
This is soo heart warming. Lovely 😊😊 Suga's oppa rap is perfect to say the least, he is very calm and compose yet very intense. He isn't my bias (Jimin) but i am amazed by how special and different he is from other members 👏👏
권세욱 Prije dan
방탄 여러분 정말 멋지게 아일 비 미싱 유를 부르는군요. 최고입니다. 세계최고의 스타 방탄소년단.
Vanesa Tejada k
Vanesa Tejada k Prije dan
Que hermoso
Syeda Buraira
Syeda Buraira Prije dan
Breathtaking performance.
Djamila Bell
Djamila Bell Prije dan
보고싶다 방탄소년단
Vaishali Ghare
Vaishali Ghare Prije dan
Lovely lyrics
Farah El
Farah El Prije dan
I can’t get over this💜
Alison Cruz Perez
Alison Cruz Perez Prije dan
Son tan hermosos, por dios!! Siempre cantan los temas más hermosos y conmovedores!!
Ram shaki Ahirwar
Ram shaki Ahirwar Prije dan
I missing yoy
Jhay Cee
Jhay Cee Prije dan
I want to hear them sing live without microphone and accompaniment and/or effects for me to be able to guage how good their singing voice is...
John Carlo Rodriguez
John Carlo Rodriguez Prije dan
kit Prije dan
coming back here after the loss of my grandma :( the song hits so much more now
Qurratu Ain
Qurratu Ain Prije dan
Stay strong dear 💜
Eizabeth Gayoso Calvo
Eizabeth Gayoso Calvo Prije dan
No me canso de escuchar este cover y la voz de Jimin, me deja sin palabras. Amo!
Isabel Fernanda
Isabel Fernanda Prije dan
This is so emotional...yes I'm crying TTTTTT
Sithmi Yasodara
Sithmi Yasodara Prije dan
I get a lot of energy out of this Army 😭😭😭🥺💜️💜️💜️💜️
Sandrino Prije dan
Bibi Torres
Bibi Torres Prije dan
Esta canción era hermosa ahora es aún más hermosa 🤩
Tae's babybear poo
Tae's babybear poo Prije dan
Just came here again after releasing My Universe 💜
Mufeeda mufi
Mufeeda mufi Prije dan
I'll be missing you
나정 Prije 2 dana
청바지 입는게 젤이쁘다 미소년들같애
Frenzie Galagar
Frenzie Galagar Prije 2 dana
so inlove
Yo Mooh
Yo Mooh Prije 2 dana
is this a man or woman ?
Bruno bengoa
Bruno bengoa Prije 11 sati
are u robot?
Zoo Woo
Zoo Woo Prije 2 dana
너는 사람입니까…?
Rizele tan
Rizele tan Prije 2 dana
Do you have eyes?
Alea 15
Alea 15 Prije 2 dana
I'm back here again...coz why not
eRMz Kim
eRMz Kim Prije 2 dana
can't help coming back here.
Trisha Mae Cabanero
Trisha Mae Cabanero Prije 2 dana
Lifeincali K
Lifeincali K Prije 2 dana
Taehyung's voice so comfort me, though all are beautiful.
อุโอเทรุ ซุยซัน
อุโอเทรุ ซุยซัน Prije 2 dana
Maria Elena Casas
Maria Elena Casas Prije 2 dana
macrotela Prije 2 dana
omg this is pretty
Issa Mariel
Issa Mariel Prije 2 dana
I'm back again
Kusumitha Pujala7
Kusumitha Pujala7 Prije 2 dana
Today my grandma died and now I connected to this song😢
Ailen Llames
Ailen Llames Prije 2 dana
taehyung's soulful voice 💜 my heart, they all sang it so wonderful.
Joyce Ann
Joyce Ann Prije 2 dana
Sugaaaaaaa 💜💜💜💜
A I Prije 2 dana
Absolutely amazing , Bravo , BTS ❤❤❤(*´³`*) ㄘゅ💕
Anel Stephanie LLANO CONDORI
Anel Stephanie LLANO CONDORI Prije 2 dana
Ser OT7 es fantástico ya que admiras el talento de todos sin desmeritar el trabajo que hace cada uno
Anel Stephanie LLANO CONDORI
Anel Stephanie LLANO CONDORI Prije 2 dana
Amé el rap de Nam, se siente tan tranquilo al momento de escucharlo
Mariluz Mo. Go.
Mariluz Mo. Go. Prije 2 dana
Baby Mochi
Baby Mochi Prije 2 dana
PARK JIMIN!!!!!! angel voice!!
O V Prije 2 dana
Jin looks so gorgeous... I mean every pose and every moment.... !!!!
Hannia Flores
Hannia Flores Prije 2 dana
Hobi's part left me speechless and the whole song.
You like this chain? It's 3 Dollars
You like this chain? It's 3 Dollars Prije 2 dana
Randomly coming back here because, why not?
Valentine all year
Valentine all year Prije 2 dana
They just get better and better 💜💜
Maria Irizarry
Maria Irizarry Prije 2 dana
I like this song
Yradnegel Girl
Yradnegel Girl Prije 2 dana
I am here to enjoy jin's angelic voice
Yradnegel Girl
Yradnegel Girl Prije 2 dana
Jin's vocal 💜
Winter Prije 2 dana
I was just giggling at ed’s whales in the dales video and now i’m sad
morgane rktsh
morgane rktsh Prije 2 dana
Stuck here
Winter Prije 2 dana
Goddd this is so beautiful and heart wrenching, i feel like crying but it didn’t come out, my chest feels weird :/
F Bae
F Bae Prije 2 dana
can’t get over this
candice candyyy
candice candyyy Prije 2 dana
I hope jk has a solo moment of this song because that song is perfect for him
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