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FaZe Jarvis

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Thank you again to Raid: Shadow legends for sponsoring this video!
Be sure to download Raid: Shadow legends p.strms.net/JarvisYT
Eye tracking challenge featuring TikTok girls, Addison Rae, Charli D'Amelio, SommerRay and much more. I've seen PewDiePie and Greekgodx do this challenge and it is hilarious. @FaZe Rain @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Kay risk it all for this one!
🕺 TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@jarvis
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🐦 Twitter: liljarviss
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FaZe Jarvis
FaZe Jarvis Prije 8 mjeseci
Thank you again to Raid: Shadow legends for sponsoring this video! Be sure to download Raid: Shadow legends p.strms.net/JarvisYT
Adar Ahmed
Adar Ahmed Prije 11 dana
Fatmir Juskoski
Fatmir Juskoski Prije 22 dana
Jarvis hi
Rebecca Norman
Rebecca Norman Prije 22 dana
Jar is what is kays name on fortnite
qwerty1234tt2 I'm cool
qwerty1234tt2 I'm cool Prije 27 dana
What happened with sommer did your eye break
Jayden Prije 12 sati
The scream made me laugh so hard😂
Fawad Faisal
Fawad Faisal Prije dan
Nordan's ahhhh🤣🤣🤣
Fawad Faisal
Fawad Faisal Prije dan
Kay naughty boi🤣
HunterGodGamer Prije dan
FBI be like thats ILLEGAL!!
Zack Parker
Zack Parker Prije dan
The editor be like🤤🤤
Tyler Pena
Tyler Pena Prije dan
all these girls get triggered in the comments and then 5 minutes later go on tik tok and throw it back for the whole world to see
Luciano Noka
Luciano Noka Prije dan
Bro that old man was Thor lol 😂
Jana Jovanovic
Jana Jovanovic Prije 2 dana
Wei I Yellow Jogging Tag Charlie da Mail Jo hau hau Hi how Can you jessski is erzählt Ackerbohne ja HRpostr hau hau wurde Jogging Yuja selfmade nobody aus eine Saft schalte Million I hate hate hate alles in Raj Avengers Video I Watch dance Video tschüss von Charlie da Mail Jo an Jo dumm😡🖕🖕🖕
Aiden Simmons
Aiden Simmons Prije 2 dana
Rip Jarvis killed by Alex
Faze Savage Ayala
Faze Savage Ayala Prije 2 dana
Comment if ur a simp for Addison Rae
Pandie_playz 7242
Pandie_playz 7242 Prije 2 dana
They are so nasty when they can look they do and they look at the girls priviate parts and everything like you can look but that is so nasty and if any girl would be watching this you know if they would do this to you look at your whole body it is nasty and uncomfortable
chaz Tranchina
chaz Tranchina Prije 2 dana
Jarvis’s content after the ban is cracked
iDylan Prije 3 dana
Yall should do “what color was the” tik tok trend
GreenVentureFarms Prije 3 dana
This is how many ppl have heard RAID SHADOW LEGENDS 👇
That Asian
That Asian Prije 3 dana
Get off my fyp KID!!
William Richards
William Richards Prije 3 dana
Ellyas Aljarady
Ellyas Aljarady Prije 4 dana
4:04 killed me looollll😂😂😂😂😂
NVG_CLAPS Prije 4 dana
OMG! Lol I love that part
Digitalx Games
Digitalx Games Prije 4 dana
I could be watching a documentary but I chose this instead what has my life become?
Brance’s Baseball
Brance’s Baseball Prije 4 dana
So hard
Caden Quinn
Caden Quinn Prije 4 dana
Adapt with the glasses
Fn Tripper
Fn Tripper Prije 5 dana
My mans choked out Jarvis
Carolina Florenz
Carolina Florenz Prije 5 dana
Jarvis’s content after the ban is cracked
SW1FT I Prije 5 dana
Honestly he a simple at times😂😂😂
SW1FT I Prije 5 dana
Xxtary Prije 7 dana
bro these guys fina catch cafes after this vid
Nieve S
Nieve S Prije 7 dana
5:28 Madi isn’t 18 she is 16😅😂
シSupreme Prije 8 dana
Omg the SIMPS LOL Watching this omg lol
Ahnaf Ahamed
Ahnaf Ahamed Prije 8 dana
Adapt When He see's a 90 year old lady 2:48
Ahnaf Ahamed
Ahnaf Ahamed Prije 8 dana
2:48 This Is Literally The Best Thing I've Seen Today😂😂😂
Declan Monahan
Declan Monahan Prije 10 dana
“So hard”
Brady Driscoll
Brady Driscoll Prije 11 dana
Raid is a good game
Sam Rodriguez
Sam Rodriguez Prije 12 dana
The nerd talk
AryangamerX BS
AryangamerX BS Prije 13 dana
Dom brack should do this 100% fail
Loxial Prije 13 dana
Loxial Prije 13 dana
Pause and go to this time 5:14
Adam Beharry
Adam Beharry Prije 14 dana
3:08 sea lion
Jennifer Portilia
Jennifer Portilia Prije 15 dana
thats mest up
mason Prije 16 dana
no one jarvis:its a couple of cheeks bro
Gene Rinehart
Gene Rinehart Prije 16 dana
CarrotZR Prije 16 dana
I love raid shadow legends i have it downloaded it SO GOODD
the console player
the console player Prije 16 dana
Kay: what is that jarvis Jarvis: it's just a couple of cheeks bro. 😂😂😂😂That had me dying
mobysei Prije 17 dana
10 yr old boys when they see TikTok girls be like 👁👄👁
Lili reinhart brother :D
Lili reinhart brother :D Prije 17 dana
Jarvis getting pissed off at 6:5
Splxssy Prije 17 dana
All I have been playing to pass the time mhm
Gregorio Colchado
Gregorio Colchado Prije 21 dan
The meat 🥩 beat is real
Austin Allen
Austin Allen Prije 21 dan
Jarvis: Easily does it Kay: OH GOD HELP ME JESUS
baybeegirlb_ Prije 22 dana
okay but fr Milan is gorgeous😻😻 her smile is everything✨
Maric Raddi
Maric Raddi Prije 22 dana
benson Prije 22 dana
Ruben Aldaz
Ruben Aldaz Prije 22 dana
Um is anyone else going to talk about how they pranked Adapt and Kay was looking at they 15 year old
eddie enriquez
eddie enriquez Prije 23 dana
Just a couple of cheeks bro
biggamer2964 Prije 24 dana
looks barely ooooooooooohhhhhh
Ben Price
Ben Price Prije 24 dana
Rip jarvis
Nolan Ramsey
Nolan Ramsey Prije 25 dana
not gonna lie james charles had me simpin
WnnaB Noah
WnnaB Noah Prije 26 dana
Ur a savage bruv
Ducky Vlogs
Ducky Vlogs Prije 26 dana
The moaning in the ear I’m dieing
f1shynoob Prije 27 dana
Alter title- Who is the biggest pervert?
Enrique Ramirez
Enrique Ramirez Prije 27 dana
Lil Frisc21
Lil Frisc21 Prije 27 dana
can i be in Faze
On Fire
On Fire Prije 28 dana
How much do you think it cost raid for Jarvis to call it insane 😂
hirokiprogamerrr Oikawa
hirokiprogamerrr Oikawa Prije 29 dana
s-o h-a-r-d
hirokiprogamerrr Oikawa
hirokiprogamerrr Oikawa Prije 29 dana
-b--r--u--v u a-l-l s-i-m-p
Sway_boii on drugs
Sway_boii on drugs Prije 29 dana
In hell excellent but I can’t breathe best singer ever juice
Sway_boii on drugs
Sway_boii on drugs Prije 25 dana
@cZapZ juicewrld150 my TikTok
Sway_boii on drugs
Sway_boii on drugs Prije 25 dana
cZapZ Prije 26 dana
Michelle Nguyen
Michelle Nguyen Prije 29 dana
Theyre ugly
Double MD
Double MD Prije mjesec
Waz good jarvis
Logan Brannen
Logan Brannen Prije mjesec
noone cared abt her vj
squashers j
squashers j Prije mjesec
Go to 0:27 if you want to see the sponsor of this video raid shadow legends. Raid is one of the most best mobile rpg games
MUSIC- `KLBL Prije mjesec
Thanks bro. Just what I came for
Urgoated Clan
Urgoated Clan Prije mjesec
Goku Aariz
Goku Aariz Prije mjesec
The eye tracker do be glitching tho
Goku Aariz
Goku Aariz Prije mjesec
Javien Prije mjesec
Adapt will be a good father👍🏾
Alfie O'Connell
Alfie O'Connell Prije mjesec
Alex looks likes james
Nautilus Gaming
Nautilus Gaming Prije mjesec
It's so hard! Thats what she said
Rug FaZe
Rug FaZe Prije mjesec
what do you 🦷
Ps rangdol
Ps rangdol Prije mjesec
6:16 😂 😂
ツBenji2k- Prije mjesec
Spencer’s Sports
Spencer’s Sports Prije mjesec
3:02 Kay on his phone secretly watching more tic too girls
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez Prije mjesec
It Kay
Archer Croll
Archer Croll Prije mjesec
Oh my god another big creator having a god damn raid shadow legends
Toby Whaley
Toby Whaley Prije mjesec
Yeghishe Nazaryan
Yeghishe Nazaryan Prije mjesec
Its so haaaard
SpxcsFN Prije mjesec
10:00 what is that
Jacob Ramos
Jacob Ramos Prije mjesec
Faze rug did this coppier
cameron baby yoda
cameron baby yoda Prije mjesec
Hi ɵ̷᷄ˬɵ̷᷅
Hi ɵ̷᷄ˬɵ̷᷅ Prije mjesec
Hi ɵ̷᷄ˬɵ̷᷅
Hi ɵ̷᷄ˬɵ̷᷅ Prije mjesec
6:16 LMAO
nbdquickscoper Prije mjesec
James Charles is a boy
Gabriel Gaming
Gabriel Gaming Prije mjesec
Faze Kay is such a pervert
Richard k Little
Richard k Little Prije mjesec
Aye faze kay u nit gonna get a girlll
Lewis Cooke
Lewis Cooke Prije mjesec
Hope Jarvis can play it
SkUU1 Prije mjesec
I’m sick of these stupid 12 year olds commenting about objectifying women. When a older girl looks at a younger guy no one cares smh
Marcos Espinoza.
Marcos Espinoza. Prije mjesec
Adapt was ready to throw some hands
KnightRunner301 Prije mjesec
Me 6 months later realized this is a simp video😂😂😂🤣😂🤯
JJ Clark
JJ Clark Prije mjesec
A meme sponsoring a meme
Renee Cheska Resurreccion
Renee Cheska Resurreccion Prije mjesec
did addison rae watch this
Seth TheSweat
Seth TheSweat Prije mjesec
They got keep there act together but I don’t. Nice
ConfuseFN Prije mjesec
Me trying to watch the vid, The Vid After 2 Sec: yO tHiS vIdEo iS sPoNsOred bY rAiD ShAdOw LeGeNdS
Angel Fajardo Romero
Angel Fajardo Romero Prije mjesec
yo most of them were flattys example charlie
Jack Hufty
Jack Hufty Prije mjesec
Ladies and gentlemen we got em
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