Here's Why the Porsche Carrera GT Is My Favorite Car Ever Made

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Doug DeMuro

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The Porsche Carrera GT is my all-time favorite car. Today I'm reviewing the Carrera GT to show you around the greatest supercar of all time, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the Porsche Carrera GT. I'm also driving the Carrera GT to tell you what it's like behind the wheel of such a special car.
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Andersion545 Jaksion587
Andersion545 Jaksion587 Prije 2 sati
The literate beaver commonly play because lamp amazingly crawl toward a woebegone need. nappy, attractive badger
amit nagpal
amit nagpal Prije 18 sati
Someone gift Doug this car.
Aston Lee
Aston Lee Prije dan
Sounds like an LFA to me
Starlight Wolves
Starlight Wolves Prije dan
I didn’t know Porsche made a pickup truck.
Tea Baggins
Tea Baggins Prije 2 dana
Only car that sounds better is the LFA
Tea Baggins
Tea Baggins Prije 2 dana
Great car but still McLaren F1 is the best.
Battle galaxy Pro
Battle galaxy Pro Prije 2 dana
porsche carrera GT The WORST CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT KILLED PAUL WALKER the car killed him because it went to 100mhl by its own
beautiful guy
beautiful guy Prije 2 dana
He is talking so much he is spitting on key to show how much he hates the car. 4:09
dylan thomas
dylan thomas Prije 2 dana
Doug, I am so surprised that I have never seen your videos before. You are good because you go into all the finer details. You also mention all the negatives if there are any. I am so astounded that owners of these fine cars allow you to go through everything inside and outside the cars, even allowing you to drive them. You must be spending lots of time preparing the material before presenting all the details. Thank you and keep it up.
Venoy Morgan
Venoy Morgan Prije 2 dana
I’ve never seen him smile this much lol
Whoknows 29
Whoknows 29 Prije 3 dana
This car is cursed since Paul died
Mandeep Gill
Mandeep Gill Prije 4 dana
08:31 you can out your weed in there
D-Rock Seibel
D-Rock Seibel Prije 4 dana
Marek Varcholak
Marek Varcholak Prije 4 dana
Porsha :)
vulcan2000pilot Prije 5 dana
I like how Doug doesn't do haircuts or iorns his shirts. Just brass tax reviews..
largol33t1 Prije 5 dana
My god, only 7 minutes and HRpost interrupted the video TWICE with stupid ads. My theory is they're so controlling that they don't want people with video capture software to record their favorite videos before the uploaders gets banned.
Dagoberto Valdivieso Bolaños
Dagoberto Valdivieso Bolaños Prije 5 dana
Absolutely!!! the best car ever made
Eric Hart
Eric Hart Prije 5 dana
I swear you started hyperventilating just prior to getting into the car, or so it sounded in your voice. Cant blame you. Lucky man!
Mi Di
Mi Di Prije 6 dana
Hey guys did you notice Doug‘s bed head?
God Prije 6 dana
Crazy thing is that my friends birthday is July 15
T Kelvin
T Kelvin Prije 7 dana
The only exhaust note that is comparable with lexua lfa
Jyotirmoy Roy
Jyotirmoy Roy Prije 7 dana
I got goosebumps listening to that exhaust notes Love it!!!
J P Prije 7 dana
doug, how many times did you have to wipe down the car?
NorthernZeus Prije 7 dana
I respect a Porsche like I respect David Attenborough. I have passion for a Ferrari like I have passion for a beautiful woman,. I want to shake the Porsche’s hand. I want to make love to a Ferrari. - J. Clarkson German soulless engineering... Sorry Doug.
Nick Maurer
Nick Maurer Prije 7 dana
Doug: claims Carrera GT has the coolest looking exhausts Pagani: con permesso, signore
Boss Boss
Boss Boss Prije 7 dana
am I the only one that find the Carrera Gt really ugly?
Alexander Unknown
Alexander Unknown Prije 8 dana
this is my favourite Porsche ever. and seems like, forever. no sexier design of Porsche exists for me.
Alloys Mugoh
Alloys Mugoh Prije 9 dana
Dodge 1977
Cars Interest
Cars Interest Prije 9 dana
Not any more.. now it's your Audi RS2
slice of toast
slice of toast Prije 9 dana
this is the best drug dealer car
slice of toast
slice of toast Prije 9 dana
R.I.P. Paul Walker
Mega Jaxx
Mega Jaxx Prije 9 dana
Porsche, doug... not Porscha
Scott Will
Scott Will Prije 9 dana
That’s not a car, that’s a woman
Amin Kassas
Amin Kassas Prije 10 dana
Nice Videos but too long
AlwaysWorking2008 Prije 10 dana
Wow, up to this point I thought of myself as a big Porsche fan. Apparently I must not be. Because I find it to be one of the most hideous cars ever put on the road. And there's no way it's worth that price. Close to $900k??? Come on, that's just ridiculous. Sounds like crap, too. Like a tuned Toyota Corolla with a cheap aftermarket exhaust. And $30k to have to do engine-out work on it every decade??? WTF?!? Sorry, Porsche, you dropped the ball on this one.
Renato Mazzella
Renato Mazzella Prije 11 dana
Awesome car but Over priced
Helicopter Doggo
Helicopter Doggo Prije 11 dana
Helicopter Doggo
Helicopter Doggo Prije 11 dana
This is meant for a businessman!!
Maram Kia
Maram Kia Prije 11 dana
So the best car for you is the one who Paul walker dead in and then Porsche just canceled its production to stay away of problems
capax Dei Studios
capax Dei Studios Prije 11 dana
European cars are simply the best.
Christopher King
Christopher King Prije 11 dana
Sounds more amazing with str8 pipes,
Sunonda Lyons
Sunonda Lyons Prije 12 dana
Always remember Paul Walker's friend was supposed to be an expert at driving this car.
Eli Schwartz
Eli Schwartz Prije 12 dana
doug demuro waits until it rains to film his videos
Damon McDowell
Damon McDowell Prije 14 dana
The wheel bolts are cross threaded Doug they are reverse thread.
Vicky Høghøj
Vicky Høghøj Prije 15 dana
Its also my favourite car!
planeshift Prije 15 dana
is he nuts?
Russell Parman
Russell Parman Prije 15 dana
Why don’t you buy one of these?
Dan Stewart
Dan Stewart Prije 16 dana
Every driver get into the GT committed to being careful. But the drivability and engine sound memorizes the driver, enticing him to take it up to the next level. Before he knows it he's in over his head.
Luni the space dragon
Luni the space dragon Prije 16 dana
Is 1 of the most unsafe supercar you can drive it will Catch on fire
DaBossMan 666
DaBossMan 666 Prije 16 dana
36:38 doug are u good bro
Marc Allué Gisbert
Marc Allué Gisbert Prije 17 dana
Carrera gt and lexus lfa have the best sound ever
Woke AF
Woke AF Prije 17 dana
34:53 It does sound a lot like the Lexus LFA, which has a 4.8L V10
Christopher Maloney
Christopher Maloney Prije 17 dana
Carrera gt is a 918 super car..
Christopher Maloney
Christopher Maloney Prije 17 dana
The 918 is the fastest porsche ever..
Anon Non
Anon Non Prije 18 dana
Could this guy or his reviews be more boring?
Stephen Fasciani
Stephen Fasciani Prije 19 dana
hey look it's paul walker's coffin.
C0ACHMAYNE Prije 19 dana
what color is this?
Jonathon Yuma
Jonathon Yuma Prije 19 dana
4:15 "oopen top"
Dmitriy Chaikovskiy
Dmitriy Chaikovskiy Prije 19 dana
My wife sound better than that NOT !!!
Dmitriy Chaikovskiy
Dmitriy Chaikovskiy Prije 19 dana
That screw driver probably cost more that my house
OIR Prije 20 dana
Can we trade Paul walker for Doug demero
Anthony Hardy
Anthony Hardy Prije 20 dana
I love the sound of the Carrera GT but the Lexus LFA I think is the best sounding super car to this day
Anthony Hardy
Anthony Hardy Prije 20 dana
Didn’t even notice he said anything about that until now lmao just got to that part of the video 😂
William Liu
William Liu Prije 20 dana
Doug please buy it you can afford it
Adams Brew
Adams Brew Prije 20 dana
I would suspect that an extremely small percentage of supercar owners ever smoke in their million dollar cars. Would be interesting to see actual statistics on that. I won’t allow anyone to smoke in my 18k dollar car, as it’s impossible to get the smell or smoke stains out. Why would anyone ruin such a work of art by smoking in a top tier car?
Seymoure Lykeley
Seymoure Lykeley Prije 20 dana
as for looks DB9 is much better looking
timoonn Prije 20 dana
sound is awful, tbh
Jens Peter Simonsen
Jens Peter Simonsen Prije 20 dana
V10 ... hands down the ideal engine type, pairing the best of two worlds: mighty sound and sporty responsiveness :-)
Alejandro Rodriguez
Alejandro Rodriguez Prije 20 dana
Legends will never say that this is the car that murdered Roger Rodas & Paul Walker
spidergt80 Prije 21 dan
no offense, but THIS is a very ugly car
spidergt80 Prije 19 dana
@Elod Gubcsi Chevy SSR if the father of this "PORSCHA"
Elod Gubcsi
Elod Gubcsi Prije 19 dana
And THAT'S where you're wrong
Puggy420 Prije 21 dan
7:55 Everyone knows the 2014 Prius did that, right? When the Carrera GT does it, it’s a big deal, but when the Prius does it, no one cares?
cpt ghost
cpt ghost Prije 22 dana
19:50 Dont ask
agnel viju
agnel viju Prije 22 dana
I don't like the car because why The car killed Paul Walker
You should name your dog doug, just like Jeff Dunham! It’s Italian!😂😉
ManOfProgress Prije 22 dana
36:47 "It just feels so tight"
Julz Flex
Julz Flex Prije 22 dana
I wish they would do a remake of this car. Definitely Keep it's original design, but modernize it, and LOAD it with tech. Imagine that!?
Robert Slate
Robert Slate Prije 23 dana
Old Rich Dude "OH it's 1.5 million dollar car" if you so bud!
Maaz Khan
Maaz Khan Prije 23 dana
It killed Paul Walker so I don’t like it
EN - 04CS 837188 Sir Isaac Brock PS
EN - 04CS 837188 Sir Isaac Brock PS Prije 23 dana
R.I.P Paul walker
Spinister Prije 24 dana
My favorite car is the mclaren f1 and I love the carrera gt.
wololo10 Prije 24 dana
How is it 9 styling and the F1 is 8????
ZxRipped Prije 25 dana
yo can i borrow the torx head
Joe Nichols
Joe Nichols Prije 25 dana
it even sounds like and F1 or LMP car
shark g
shark g Prije 26 dana
He literally can’t stop moving his hands
Muhammad Safwan Rahman
Muhammad Safwan Rahman Prije 26 dana
34:50 saw that way after years!
coreone 369
coreone 369 Prije 27 dana
Is the dog name DOuG
JDSK14 Prije 27 dana
Last saw a black Carrera GT in August 2010 in Vancouver. What a car and certainly one of the best days of my life!!
Meltman1000 Prije 27 dana
I didn't know this was a new video, every time I saw it or was recommended to me I thought it was the original carrera gt video
Slt Chevy
Slt Chevy Prije 27 dana
Only the Center locks on the Passenger side are reverse threads !! Not all of them
Jonathan Kovacs
Jonathan Kovacs Prije 28 dana
With all of the luggage placement in this car one of the designers is likely to be a Hungarian :-)
Scram Jam
Scram Jam Prije 28 dana
2005 was a good year. The Carerra GT and the Ford GT40. Yum yum.
Matthias Tammekivi
Matthias Tammekivi Prije 6 dana
GT40 was in the 60's though
spacex Tesla Roadster gaming
spacex Tesla Roadster gaming Prije 28 dana
Porsche Carrera GT
Lion King
Lion King Prije 29 dana
yo bro when u test drive the car please make sure u have another camera facing toward the road, we wanna see how fast u drive when u accelerate
Rozi Khan
Rozi Khan Prije 29 dana
Rip Paul Walker
Lorenzo Pretto
Lorenzo Pretto Prije 29 dana
29:00 Doug spit will be forever sealed in this Carrera engine bay
Deominus Prije mjesec
Soooooo..... It's a Lotus?
John Buchanan
John Buchanan Prije mjesec
I wish my wife would look at me the way Doug looks at 34:40!
Three Five
Three Five Prije mjesec
*reverse threaded ... but why? i assume they are only reverse threaded on one side of the car, so that they loosen in the same direction w/r/t the rotation of the wheels. is this so they don't get too tight when driving, or so that they don't loosen up when driving? same concept as bike pedals ... bike pedals are designed not to get over-tightened.
Sean M
Sean M Prije mjesec
36:36 he’s about to bust
Hong Wei Chian
Hong Wei Chian Prije mjesec
Okey we get it, you wish your wife is a Porsche Carrera GT
Mayank gupta
Mayank gupta Prije mjesec
Thanks for putting this video on the date of my birthday!!
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