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Please Gamble responsibly, my channel is here for the sole purpose of uploading my gambling experiences and entertaining you guys. I suggest not gambling at all as it is a very good way of losing money. Please stay safe during these troubling times.

Xposed Prije 22 dana
Catch me Live on Twitch at 9pm EST everyday but Saturdays! Check out my other content Twitch: www.twitch.tv/xposed TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@xposedtwitch​ Twitter: twitter.com/Xposed​ Instagram: instagram.com/XposedTwitch
JASON BERG Prije 20 dana
who is Howie??
Reece Page
Reece Page Prije 21 dan
Haha watch money that isn’t mine 😂😂😂
Gina Raquel
Gina Raquel Prije 22 dana
Gina Raquel
Gina Raquel Prije 22 dana
I always watch your videos to get betting techniques... For when I have extra money I will bet... I hope I win like you... I am from here in the Philippines
Giveaway to you refferal id arr198 👍
Firas Hamdy
Firas Hamdy Prije dan
U buy for 0,01 dolar hahahha
Rahman Randi
Rahman Randi Prije dan
Giddy Grane
Giddy Grane Prije 6 dana
Felt bad for Xposed fr at first, but then it f'n paid 😂😂😂
Phyx Prije 10 dana
how did he go from a $0 balance with a $600 win to $3100 balance? im actually confused 1:36
Ty Robbie
Ty Robbie Prije 10 dana
He gets free money from roobet
Hjalte Rasmus Møller-Madsen
Hjalte Rasmus Møller-Madsen Prije 11 dana
I wonder if you ever had a noise complaint
James Kirkland
James Kirkland Prije 13 dana
Pull on 16 vs a 10 man 🥴
Nitulescu Bogdan
Nitulescu Bogdan Prije 15 dana
So you do have someone on the inside...
ferdiansyah Prije 15 dana
Bang gw main slot pake kode admin menang 90jt. Kodenya udah gw share di youtube bng
Timur Akindji
Timur Akindji Prije 15 dana
I love how he gets upset over loosing sponsored money.
TheGuyATX Prije 16 dana
When are you going to replace your green screen you absolute psycho?
Amatör Sesler 06
Amatör Sesler 06 Prije 16 dana
Papara : 1365067775
Derron morrison
Derron morrison Prije 18 dana
Am here
HH Hh Prije 19 dana
Buy Doge Coin crypto through voyager or kraken or uphold platforms. And buy XRP on uphold. Both going to the moon!!!
Brendan Husk
Brendan Husk Prije 19 dana
Anyone else rewatch at 2:20?? He did a dice roll just a normal 50/50 double up and he went from $2,500 to $7,500 (not $5,000) and then hit double that $7,500 for $15k! Wow
s len
s len Prije 20 dana
who is also waiting for the new vid
Might Machines
Might Machines Prije 20 dana
bro, stop sweet bonus buy, game is trash
Berat Isasir Garanti Metal doo
Berat Isasir Garanti Metal doo Prije 20 dana
Sanal tuzak magdurlari yazip bi bakin insanlar ne halde inanmayin bu tur seylere arkadaslar
JASON BERG Prije 20 dana
if this is his own money, he lost approximately 68,480 in this session. The video fades out from olympus to BJ and the balance changes from 42K to 18K so i dont know if he lost that balance or cashed out some in between. If he did play the balance down from the olympus game to BJ and the dice game, he lost about 68,480. XPOSED love to see u win and hope you do next time
Shawn Sheehan
Shawn Sheehan Prije 18 dana
@DREAMOFTHISCLIP none of it is his money. He gets to keep 25% of what he wins at the end of the night plus 5% given to chat. When he drops to zero they refill him.
He’s Sponsored by them don’t think all of it is his money.
TrevJumbo Prije 21 dan
Code man where’s the new vid
Ander GgAllstar
Ander GgAllstar Prije 21 dan
I don't understand how the game works explain to me ? :C
RJ Ortiz
RJ Ortiz Prije 21 dan
seeking for a little help but remove my comment instead 💔
Reece Page
Reece Page Prije 21 dan
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 JOKES getting so hype over fuck all look at your stake and the return ffs
Reece Page
Reece Page Prije 21 dan
Getting hype over $50,000 on a $9,000 bet that’s pathetic the X amount is ridiculous in your shitty country in the uk had £1,900 of a 40 p bet for 4,750x multiple times, RIPPED OFF but hey ho it’s not your money anyway as they give you it all for free so why would you even get so hype😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂
Ruskey Prije 21 dan
TalkRealDirty Prije 21 dan
I would kill for a Shaniah clips compilation of him screaming for Shaniah! Like if you agree
Hha Jvmvk
Hha Jvmvk Prije 21 dan
so you spent 50k and won back 50k.........PROFIT!
jody courtney
jody courtney Prije 21 dan
You must own the casino
Shubham Singh
Shubham Singh Prije 21 dan
Exposed brother you make video on crush plain
Jimmy Tilden
Jimmy Tilden Prije 21 dan
Sweet bonanza was paying yesterday no cap
Rumah Kucing
Rumah Kucing Prije 21 dan
Epic comeback👍👍👍
Furki Aki
Furki Aki Prije 20 dana
Colin Baker
Colin Baker Prije 21 dan
I love ur brothers so much codeman
Big win slot
Big win slot Prije 21 dan
Joop Baars
Joop Baars Prije 21 dan
wow, 50.000 usd in minutes, no words, how worthless must your life be if you do not even blink your eyes?
Sean Palmer
Sean Palmer Prije 21 dan
Those guys are awkward
Riptide Dre
Riptide Dre Prije 21 dan
Why play that piece of shit slot scam? Lul
VaNiSh x LeGiT
VaNiSh x LeGiT Prije 21 dan
Didn’t even make your money back from a 50k win lol
Prediksi 7 Pasaran
Prediksi 7 Pasaran Prije 21 dan
I am from Indonesia bro. I love your expression every games.. Very nice to watch 👍🏼
Kym Penetito
Kym Penetito Prije 21 dan
Hey Bro I love your sessions.Sending you and your beautiful family love from down under New Zealand mate.Take care an stay safe 😘🌹✌🏽
Milli Marko
Milli Marko Prije 21 dan
When u gonna help me am following all ur videos my UPI I'd -Millitechik@paytm still waiting for ur
Blake Keller
Blake Keller Prije 21 dan
Your vids have been apart of my nightly ritual since covid started. Makes me so happy to see how much you’ve grown and how much of a community you’ve made this. Thank you Mr. HOF
Kwazy Prije 21 dan
What are the messages on the top right of your screen about bonus?
Reece Page
Reece Page Prije 21 dan
Probably telling him it’s there money and not his as he’s a affiliate scumbag
EddieThe5thBeatle Prije 21 dan
So...you do bleed...
deuce Prije 22 dana
How fun is it gambling without the chance of losing money
Chad Cook
Chad Cook Prije 19 dana
You also probably think tiktok makes people millions of dollars.
The Daily Builder
The Daily Builder Prije 22 dana
EXPERT utilization of the due strat young man, this is what we like to see!
Royal Zay
Royal Zay Prije 22 dana
Lol I lost over 500k with roobet. Glad to see someone winning 🤣
Royal Zay
Royal Zay Prije 21 dan
@Reece Page exactly my point you Muppet. Most people aren't "sponsored" but like I said I'm glad to see someone winning because I sure am not . And I bet just as much lol. That's all I am saying 😁
Reece Page
Reece Page Prije 21 dan
It ain’t his money you muppet he’s sponsored by them
Christopher Allcock
Christopher Allcock Prije 22 dana
Code man always brings it. A+ material every single video. There's no one on HRpost I look forward to putting out content more than this guy.
rudyanto apen
rudyanto apen Prije 22 dana
Crooked casino
Captain Spaulding
Captain Spaulding Prije 22 dana
Die 3 von der Tankstelle
Parker Guess
Parker Guess Prije 22 dana
I’ve never seen a slot so dead in my life, but those dice were hitting different that night
Dominique Clayton
Dominique Clayton Prije 22 dana
I enjoyed this video...I love the videos with your brothers
Michael Corleone
Michael Corleone Prije 22 dana
Seems like all gambling channels lost today maybe all the sites were off
Sunil padiyar Mandi bhav
Sunil padiyar Mandi bhav Prije 22 dana
Please help me bro
Dice Ace
Dice Ace Prije 22 dana
how does he deposit his bitcoin instantly when i do it in coinbase i gotta wait a couple days all the time
Jeremythevirus Huang
Jeremythevirus Huang Prije 22 dana
Looks like you lost 35k tonight
Chris poole
Chris poole Prije 22 dana
This is me when the internet poker gods hit the doom button lol, taking hot L’s.
Tuấn Phạm
Tuấn Phạm Prije 22 dana
What Việt Nam ? I don't understand. Can you retry write at here?
Nate Garland
Nate Garland Prije 22 dana
Who's Howie?
Matthew Sortland
Matthew Sortland Prije 22 dana
I was literally so excited for you to post that blackjack session. You gotta post the whole thing man
Aron Deresse
Aron Deresse Prije 22 dana
You have to turn off robbery mode. Easy!
Reece Page
Reece Page Prije 21 dan
Not his money anyway gets it sponsored from the casino to play with and keep a stupid little amount so let it rob the muppet
TwinsOfQuietus Prije 22 dana
Codeman: Give me the trophies Brother's: That's a chalice. Codeman: What the fuck, I thought that was a trophy this entire time.
S C Prije 22 dana
"How do you not FIST that shit....." that's what she said 😂
Gerasimos Georgiadis
Gerasimos Georgiadis Prije 22 dana
I love you Cody greets from Greece, it was just a day that smelt like dog water, better luck next timee
HuzzaR GB
HuzzaR GB Prije 22 dana
How annoying are these shouting? I hate Americans...
Eddie S
Eddie S Prije 22 dana
Am i crazy or at 2:10 dice payed more by accident?
Paulo Isidro
Paulo Isidro Prije 22 dana
Thats pretty good
BG Nebula
BG Nebula Prije 22 dana
Untill 4:50 that's my luck everytime I play
BG Nebula
BG Nebula Prije 22 dana
I'm goanna like and sub cause you've littearly got my luck 90% of the vid
KS-02 Prije 22 dana
Another $50K down in the drain yuuuuuuup.
Quinton Tee
Quinton Tee Prije 22 dana
Darth Al
Darth Al Prije 22 dana
well u got to lose sometimes
Yusuf Toruç
Yusuf Toruç Prije 22 dana
Pragmatic is Scam
Bayraktar Emanet
Bayraktar Emanet Prije 22 dana
Misidentified Lastzaros
Misidentified Lastzaros Prije 22 dana
menegatoss1 if you want tip me a small amount
Night flight xxx Mac1
Night flight xxx Mac1 Prije 22 dana
Was that 50 k up the shitter
IamSplitz Prije 22 dana
Spent 50k got 51k let’s go
Jackson Moore
Jackson Moore Prije 22 dana
Everyone stay away from sweet sweet until they fix the RTP, Roobet lowered it a couple weeks ago and it is straight collecting
Reece Page
Reece Page Prije 21 dan
Anything roobet is for pure mugs, try a uk casino better regulations and rtp than this wank
Esch Prije 22 dana
So now this looks a little more like how when I gamble 😂 feels great right?
Reece Page
Reece Page Prije 21 dan
No because not his own damn money
Gonçalo Nunes
Gonçalo Nunes Prije 22 dana
I have never seen that many death spins in a video
AmoOne Prije 22 dana
i pulled out my calculator. he just lost 56.800 dollar on sweet bonanza, then the big one rolled in with 51.000 and they going crazy? okay, you do you :D
Reece Page
Reece Page Prije 21 dan
@Xposed a tiny little bit for stupid amount which casino gave you anyway to not keep, deluded muppet
AmoOne Prije 22 dana
@Xposed and i'm entertained while you get rich, win win
Xposed Prije 22 dana
Thats prafit according to my calculations bud
Peytdog Prije 22 dana
Why was his balance going up more than the ammount he won
Noah Z
Noah Z Prije 22 dana
Love the brother videos
Michelle Flinter
Michelle Flinter Prije 22 dana
anyone wondering what howie looks like
Allister Graham
Allister Graham Prije 22 dana
12:20 blink182? 😀👍
Oliver Barnes
Oliver Barnes Prije 22 dana
Who is it he rings 😂
Siam- Nam
Siam- Nam Prije 22 dana
Lol 😂 so sad to see you lossseee so much money .... but who cares
Tony Macaroni
Tony Macaroni Prije 22 dana
I love watching Codeman, hes super entertaining but can anyone explain what the score is with the deposits? They even said in this video "look, he's topping it up already"... No hate whatsoever just curious 👍
Badass S
Badass S Prije 22 dana
Best guys on HRpost so farrr , missed u guys together again since Vietnam
ToTheMoon Prije 22 dana
Did he have a % he can cashout
Reece corbin
Reece corbin Prije 22 dana
I feel like it would be hilarious for Cody to just freak out like he got a massive win with them, and see if they are even following what’s going on on the screen 😂 they get all excited and start jumping up n down n shit just because he’s doing it 😂😭
sn1p3r847 Prije 22 dana
whats with the interlacing
Chris P
Chris P Prije 22 dana
Lol back to even after 50k hit
Jody Vanhaesebroeck
Jody Vanhaesebroeck Prije 22 dana
There are other high rollers with very bad bonusbuys...
sahand vakilzadeh
sahand vakilzadeh Prije 22 dana
you need to keep track of your win loss ratio so people dont get the wrong idea and think they can gamble there life away. this is for fun I get it but you should keep track of your win loss ratio and show it to be responsible
Mescudi Prije 22 dana
Safe to say sweet bonanza is dead
Theonewhoknocks Prije 22 dana
ANOTHER FUCKIN BANGER FROM the CODEMAN himself again just like everyday when i get home from work. time for a banger THATS PRETTY GOOD!
Stef Van Laere
Stef Van Laere Prije 22 dana
Wow, the dead spins is so painful to watch 🥶
simsalabimm100 Prije 22 dana
wow what a streak
No pain No gain
No pain No gain Prije 22 dana
I never gamble again i lost in the last 10 day every day my money 0 free spins And all blackjack tables dealer haves 21 or hit to 21 and i become from 10 rounds 7 times 15 or 16 Im the most unfortunate guy on this Planet
Brett Zimmer
Brett Zimmer Prije 22 dana
Hate it so much when they lose
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