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justin bourke
justin bourke Prije mjesec
Babic v Victoria Derbyshire
justin bourke
justin bourke Prije mjesec
Babic v biden
justin bourke
justin bourke Prije mjesec
Alan babic heavyweight champion 2021
craig phillips
craig phillips Prije mjesec
Anyone for chisora v babic?
h. a
h. a Prije mjesec
I like alen beard better
Joseph Hayes
Joseph Hayes Prije mjesec
I’d like to see Babic fight at British Title level equivalent in the UK. It would’ve been good if Prizefighter was still on because I think Babic would’ve done well. Maybe he could do Ultimate Boxxer but he’s already got Matchroom so, I can’t really think of any domestic level opponents for him. Him vs Chisora would be a great fight but he’s way ahead of Babic, Chisora would’ve even fight Joyce.
Skye The Great TV
Skye The Great TV Prije mjesec
C BL Prije mjesec
Career done just like that 😭 😭
Adnan Zolić
Adnan Zolić Prije mjesec
Old school baby, old school. The way he fights, o boy, get it on Savage 💪💪☝️☝️
Andy Gtho
Andy Gtho Prije mjesec
Tom little talks a good game but never delivers . He should go into British politics be well suited in that setting .
Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams Prije mjesec
I know it can't really be true. But what if he can actually keep throwing so many punches round after round after round. That will be fun lol Still needs to have a decent chin test though. But is a good watch. Deffo a fan favourite already.
jai t
jai t Prije mjesec
After this im not watching another ifl or hearn shit show
Rupert Hines
Rupert Hines Prije mjesec
Bet on me 😂 I will pay for all your Christmases 😂
D Barker
D Barker Prije mjesec
Respect to Tom but he never had a war lol
RabidGerry Prije mjesec
Two likeable heavy weights FINALLY! Usyk and this guy! His style, fucking hell was like watching a heavy weight from back in the day, and he also talks very, very well. No fakery, no nonsense, no shite that we have had to put up with in the "big mouth" era of Fury. I hope he get far up the ladder. He will need to pace himself in longer fights but I mean unless he's thick I'm sure he knows that! Think he was just trying to get Little out of there EARLY!
Nikola Kurtovic
Nikola Kurtovic Prije mjesec
Bravo babooo
Mladen Terzic
Mladen Terzic Prije mjesec
Čestitamo šampione. Punopozdrava iz Crne Gore iz Herceg Novog.
Michael Rowley
Michael Rowley Prije mjesec
He puts himself in way of danger for you guys you fucking nob its you're job and you get payed very fucking well it's not for us its for you're own future... by the way you have no boxing skills and theres no chance you going to win the world tittle of the likes of fury or Joshua I doubt it very much you get to top 10 maybe you will or are already but thsts about it in bad lot of heaveyweights you're probably world top 25
Russell Newton
Russell Newton Prije mjesec
Babic is direct and humble, I like him.
Russell Newton
Russell Newton Prije mjesec
You sound like billy joe, you come from the traveling community like billy joe, you come from Hatfield like billy joe but you box nothing like him, retire mate, while you’re young and healthy.
Steve Godfrey Drummer
Steve Godfrey Drummer Prije mjesec
Tom little is crap. End of.
Sam Sparrow
Sam Sparrow Prije mjesec
@Steve Godfrey Drummer yeah but little has had 5 straight defeats nowhere left for him to go now ... better get his more usual mouse brother Stuart in he can put up a better show lol
Steve Godfrey Drummer
Steve Godfrey Drummer Prije mjesec
@Sam Sparrow Haha not likely with Eddie Hearn! Kept putting bloody Dave Allen on for ages!!! Hopefully he won’t do that for this kid lol
Sam Sparrow
Sam Sparrow Prije mjesec
He’s total wank hopefully seen the last of the loser now on matchroom shows
rhianna Blake
rhianna Blake Prije mjesec
Babic vs wardley next
Phillip Scott
Phillip Scott Prije mjesec
Tom little is such a shit house got no arsehole takes a couple shots and absolutely melts
J Duffy
J Duffy Prije mjesec
He took a dive!! And so did Lartey! Absolutely disgraceful
Brad Bullen
Brad Bullen Prije mjesec
Babic is a genuine, nice guy. Respect
R C Prije mjesec
I thought Tom Little was going to pay for my Christmas
zoran pribanic
zoran pribanic Prije mjesec
...Babicu brate jesi mi se raspitao za CNC sljaku preko lol.....svaka cast na pobijedi i drago mi je da te ljud vole...bas mi drago da su te prihvatili...samo deri buraz...
Joshua Isaac
Joshua Isaac Prije mjesec
Bro, give him chisora to see how much of a heavyweight he is, if he comes through, boyyy then I cam actually take him as a serious contender
Paul Smith
Paul Smith Prije mjesec
Maddy De gray birch
Maddy De gray birch Prije mjesec
Savage vs hughie fury next
treyakasprings Prije mjesec
Why the fk does this lemon get exposure on sky TV not to be taking the piss out of the lad he’s got bottle but he’s awful give someone else a chance
Sam Sparrow
Sam Sparrow Prije mjesec
Hopefully seen the last of him now
Brian's Thought
Brian's Thought Prije mjesec
0:59 I have no more stress with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Aftab Akram
Aftab Akram Prije mjesec
Alan the savage babic the fcking cabbage who's absolutely garbage hrgovic will beat him easy the cabbage is just a brawler
Li DL TV Prije mjesec
Don't cry Tom 😢😭😪
Jack Branning
Jack Branning Prije mjesec
Babic fights like Marciano
Dave Mc Donagh
Dave Mc Donagh Prije mjesec
He does "100 rounds per punches" 😂 legend
Rustin Holliday
Rustin Holliday Prije mjesec
Dave Allen to come out of retirement to beat the savage.
Remedy Moody
Remedy Moody Prije mjesec
They look like twin brothers 😂
Jac Namo
Jac Namo Prije mjesec
Hrgovic is not a student of boxing, he only knows Mohammed Ali and Tyson 😂
Cripen Nelson
Cripen Nelson Prije mjesec
I really want Tom little to win. The fight was very entertaining and am really loving the new guy Savage .Thank you guys you really gave us some entertainment, and well-done Sir Eddy Hearn
My head is a Jungle
My head is a Jungle Prije mjesec
Babic vs price next please Eddie
Peter James
Peter James Prije mjesec
I would love to see savage against Andy Ruiz! They would just both bang untill one dropes!! 🥊
Peter James
Peter James Prije mjesec
@Julian Burnhill entertaining for sure 👍
Julian Burnhill
Julian Burnhill Prije mjesec
That would truly be an interesting fight
Sam Sparrow
Sam Sparrow Prije mjesec
Ruiz would destroy him
carlvoxvires Prije mjesec
Savage v Chisora anyone?
Tony Christie
Tony Christie Prije mjesec
What a shit interviewer!!!
Pero Juric
Pero Juric Prije mjesec
OKAY. As a Croat, I think this was sweet. I'm not into boxing at all but they seem like cool guys. Good luck to both of them.
Crim168 Prije mjesec
The screaming Skulls666
The screaming Skulls666 Prije mjesec
This shit will turn people off Boxing Tom little was embarrassing
Sam Sparrow
Sam Sparrow Prije mjesec
Exactly worst I’ve seen stealing a living
CCS Prije mjesec
I know 2 x guys called William Hill ? Whats the Odds on that ? 😄😃
Kinglosecrowns 66
Kinglosecrowns 66 Prije mjesec
I think Tom little was badly fatigued from his robe he wore to the ring. Either that or babic gloves were tampered with.
Liam McCourt
Liam McCourt Prije mjesec
This guy is hilarious (not Kugan) new fan here
liam oxley
liam oxley Prije mjesec
babic vs takam Jan 30th
jay zee
jay zee Prije mjesec
Artem Lobov grew a beard
FAJ Aquatics
FAJ Aquatics Prije mjesec
Little about to cry, fucking hell 😂
Gunner Bearige
Gunner Bearige Prije mjesec
Tom little is a btec dave allen
Sam Sparrow
Sam Sparrow Prije mjesec
It’s saying something , when he makes Dave Allen look good
Marine World
Marine World Prije mjesec
We need a boxing royal rumble with fury, Gorman, babic, little and get browne to grow a beard and we are away.
Graham Hammond
Graham Hammond Prije mjesec
Easy money 💰
Adam Whittingham
Adam Whittingham Prije mjesec
Tom little give it loads all week got destroyed.
Sam Humphreys
Sam Humphreys Prije mjesec
Tom I think debt ko are looking for people to answer the phones if you're interested
ollieflp Prije mjesec
Tom Little is like the white rhino not interested in being great makes boxing look fixed because it’s just for the money let be honest
Paul Blackman
Paul Blackman Prije mjesec
Tom little was prepared to take punches for a few quid. at 6-1 he didn't have a hope in hell?
Jesse Wright
Jesse Wright Prije mjesec
Really dislike the advert at the intro.
Lo 10
Lo 10 Prije mjesec
Little should not have been allowed back in there after round 2...it was a massacre, I love boxing but fighters' health comes first.
Mo Ali
Mo Ali Prije mjesec
Tom little vs David price. Looser to retire.
Mo Ali
Mo Ali Prije mjesec
@Sam Sparrow you know you’re right but I don’t think price would want Babis. Too big of a risk. No real reward
Sam Sparrow
Sam Sparrow Prije mjesec
@Mo Ali why’s price going to want to fight a little again he’s battered him once .. I disagree a think price is a far sterner test for babic
Mo Ali
Mo Ali Prije mjesec
@Sam Sparrow let’s go again. Both have got no where to go
Sam Sparrow
Sam Sparrow Prije mjesec
Price has already destroyed little ... get with it
KAMRAN ABID Prije mjesec
Little and Babic are like the before and afters in that debt advert.
Pulvi 84
Pulvi 84 Prije mjesec
Babic is exciting to watch....definitely...but will a top 10 opponent counter his come forward style and beat him...well yeah most definitely.
Jay MMA Prije mjesec
Jay Gogetta
Jay Gogetta Prije mjesec
Tom looked like he wanted to cry.
Jason Brown
Jason Brown Prije mjesec
Everyone knocks people like Tom,Dave Allen and British level fighters you step between the ropes and give it a go.Boxing is a lonely sport as Teddy says the chamber of truth.
ashliski Prije mjesec
Babic v Wilder: Babic wins imo
Wild Roses For The Exit
Wild Roses For The Exit Prije mjesec
Babic vs Bakole!
Time Well Spent
Time Well Spent Prije mjesec
Savage Army take over 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Lance O'Doherty
Lance O'Doherty Prije mjesec
Rookie_DIY Prije mjesec
Tom needs to go back and train with Don Charles.
Tom Unkown
Tom Unkown Prije mjesec
I bloody love this guy, count me in the in savage army haha. Not good to see Tom Little like that, seems like a geat guy I hope he considers retirement soon. Dunno how far Babic can go really but I'll be watching all his fights!
Kent Brockman
Kent Brockman Prije mjesec
Whens babic gonna fight someone that actually knows how to move, let's see him with wardly
nicholas john
nicholas john Prije mjesec
Wardly and babic are both managed by dillian whyte if I'm not wrong, and they are both novices in terms of fights they have had,I doubt they will fight each other at this stage, dont make sense
Jigsey's Workshop
Jigsey's Workshop Prije mjesec
Eddie needs to do a headline show little v Allen.. Ppv bums do the sums
William Bailie
William Bailie Prije mjesec
I’ll be watching every time the savage fights ! 🙌🏻 Pure entertainment . 🇭🇷🇬🇧 SAVAGE ARMY !
truthteller Prije mjesec
tom needs to go and live on an island on his own after that performance ,he made the savage look like cassias clay ..ffs .how the fuck do you even get on a show when your really that shit at fighting .
Manny Ribera
Manny Ribera Prije mjesec
Babic vs chisora
adam johnston
adam johnston Prije mjesec
quite liking this guy seems a bit of a character.
steve cullen
steve cullen Prije mjesec
Little Vs Niall Kennedy would be good
David Chamberlain
David Chamberlain Prije mjesec
It wasn't the best use of tactics by Little was it? I thought with the weight loss he would box and move. I know hes the gypopotomus and all that but why try and out brawl a brawler? Tom is a great character which is just what boxing needs right now but he needs to use his boxing skills and actually use his new found fitness to his advantage. Fair play to the savage though, hes a proper handful. He would get convincingly beat by the likes of Price or Wardley though and either of those would be a great step up fight for him. Its a shame Dave Allen retired as that would have been a good fight to.
Boxing 1987
Boxing 1987 Prije mjesec
J Wilding
J Wilding Prije mjesec
Seen Babics last 2 fights a like his styles and he seems sound. I hope he keeps it up.
JP Nottingham
JP Nottingham Prije mjesec
I can deal with Tom saying he’s going to win, but don’t tell people to bet on you and turn in that performance. Lost respect for him and it looks like he quit, which you wouldn’t expect. Johnny Nelson summed it up. Time to walk away!
Daz Pez
Daz Pez Prije mjesec
Oliver Dorsett
Oliver Dorsett Prije mjesec
Oohhh fuck me i was right.tom fucking give it up mate your all talk and dont perform on the day.proper let down.but i knew it all talk no action 3rd round and its over give babic a proper fight ffs
Wise1 Prije mjesec
I meet Tom little and he convinced me to do my driveway, and I live in a flat
jason stevens
jason stevens Prije mjesec
The savage is a big puncher but little wanted out and waited for some punches to come in and went down, waste of talent as he could of caused him problems and possibly won the fight
Callum Cross
Callum Cross Prije mjesec
Get savage to fight Laurence Okolie, Laurence is bigger and a cruiserweight and Babic is smaller and a heavyweight? Haha
yepyep yepyep
yepyep yepyep Prije mjesec
Proper sportsmen hugging after the fight, not like some other divas who throw a tantrum
PBazBarrett Prije mjesec
Now thats how you take a defeat Wilder, Tom did well, but as he said wrong tactics, showed some nice moves TBH. Needs to get his head down, keep training as he was in good shape and aim for that British title.. Impressed with his hand speed.. Babic is a beast.. Props to both fighters though, respect..
L'z187 Prije mjesec
Im not rating babic yet how can i its just little he's fought its nothing serious plus he was gaping wide open defensively if he fights any serious fighter hes mince meat cant give him a rating just for chatting and KOing little im sorry
Tim Comley
Tim Comley Prije mjesec
We could have had a betting fiddle here as they both look the same, switch the shorts with name on it and hey presto 8-1 winner.
I.C.U Prije mjesec
Whats going on with tom littles trex arms he wouldnt do fk all with them sticks
Lee Gudgin
Lee Gudgin Prije mjesec
I really like this Babich proppa worrior on a mission to prove everyone wrong very dangorouse fighter I think
Lee Gudgin
Lee Gudgin Prije mjesec
I just d9nt want Tom to get seriously hurt he's a cracking bloke proppa geeza and he's brave and is a tryer so hat's off to him
michael m
michael m Prije mjesec
Wouldn't want to meet this Dude in a Dark Alley.
David Thomson
David Thomson Prije mjesec
A student of boxing 🤣😂you get a F for fail
Rory O'callaghan
Rory O'callaghan Prije mjesec
Savage is an inspiration. Can he box? No.does he care? No.people like him go far in life. Ive definitely become a fan
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