Toni Kukoc's Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Speech

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Prije 11 dana

Toni Kukoc delivers his speech upon being enshrined to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2021.

Roi Polinar
Roi Polinar Prije 16 sati
Michael Jordan's bullying paid off.
Manuel Lemos
Manuel Lemos Prije dan
El mejor europeo d la Historia Tony Kukoc
Michael Salazar
Michael Salazar Prije 2 dana
l did not know he got into the NBA hall of fame he deserves it toni koch
José C Ortiz
José C Ortiz Prije 2 dana
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José C Ortiz
José C Ortiz Prije 2 dana
So wathsh out manuel again you got war with us santa war no mention my famyily again no speak ingles oit tu sombra kbrn
José C Ortiz
José C Ortiz Prije 2 dana
Thats right salute to manolo hes broter
Country Pimp
Country Pimp Prije 2 dana
I always liked his demeanor on and off the court, unlike most of our American " heroes"...
arinsa Prije 2 dana
how many late people he mentioned here? life is short :(
Karsten Reed
Karsten Reed Prije 3 dana
Everyone loved Toni! Shout out to Kresmir Cosic!
Sandi Eržen
Sandi Eržen Prije 3 dana
Cool TK7 - Chicago Bulls & Jugoplastika Split ! Bravo Hajduče moj konačno kuča slave. Th-1950 Torcida Kranj HŽV
srećko raonić
srećko raonić Prije 3 dana
Veliki igrač. Uljepšao si nam košarku, konobaru:)
Mate Petrovic
Mate Petrovic Prije 3 dana
Bravo Toni
Djenan Saric
Djenan Saric Prije 4 dana
It’s a shame that Toni just got into Hall of Fame, after so many players went before him who didn’t even deserve it! Congratulations Toni! Well earned! True character, personality, talent, and well respected person all over the world, especially in former ex-Yugoslavian countries! Cestitke legendo !!!
Atrain973 main4life386
Atrain973 main4life386 Prije 4 dana
Tony deserves to be in the Hall of Fame he is one of the best six men of all time next to Ginobili and Jamal Crawford and Robert Horry. In my opinion.
Fun with the Coopers
Fun with the Coopers Prije 4 dana
This guy played thru adversities the era didn't believe in euro players can play in the nba and the era that wasn't made for euro players if he plays in today's era imo he will be an All-star easily
Keep Tahoe Blue
Keep Tahoe Blue Prije 4 dana
How is Kukoc in the hall of fame but not Robert Horry?! The hall of fame has become a joke now they even have Tracy Mcgrady and Ralph Sampson in it
Roy Daniel
Roy Daniel Prije 4 dana
Every kid in the world should be inspired. If you can be a mediocre player, average 11 points a game for your career, and consistently shoot worse in the playoffs (aka choking), but make ONE game winner that doesn’t even result in a title, you can be in the Hall of Fame…
Mel D
Mel D Prije 4 dana
Tmac got it b4 this Guy smh
M A K O Prije 4 dana
Jordan with his gloves 🧤 hands . Biggest hands but smallest feet - quick - such a. Freak combo th at made him the greatest
M A K O Prije 4 dana
Happy for toni to get this- he deserved it. He was overshadowed at the bulls but he was the greatest European player into Europe and refined the point forward. He d have flourished in today’s game . The bulls don’t threepear without a hall of fame off the bench .
1Blkkato Prije 4 dana
this bum gets in but not gus williams, purvis short, water davis, bill laimbeer, sugar ray richardson!!!!!
Treadstone Borne
Treadstone Borne Prije 4 dana
Greatness revolves around greatness…
Stephen Gomes
Stephen Gomes Prije 4 dana
NBA Hall OF fame is water down, Come on Now Toni Kukoc in the Hall? I'm sorry he was a good player coming off the bench. I just don't understand it. Hall Of Fame in The NBA does not match up to MLB and NFL Hall of Fame.
JeepGrand19 Prije 5 dana
Good man rt there.
Alfredo Oliva
Alfredo Oliva Prije 5 dana
Toni Kukoc, Hall of Fame really? Will Perdue is next i suppose...
Tony Frias
Tony Frias Prije 5 dana
Luc longley tony kukoc Steve Kerr 🏀🏀🏀 true underrated súper stars🏀🏀🏀
Tony Frias
Tony Frias Prije 5 dana
Tony kukoc is a clay Thompson 💯💯💯
Tony Frias
Tony Frias Prije 5 dana
Kukoc true champ 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Dejan Triv
Dejan Triv Prije 5 dana
You finally did it, Tony “Pink Panther” - Thank you !
Dale Harapat
Dale Harapat Prije 5 dana
If a below average punk like this can get into the HOF anyone can. I therefore nominate Jeff Hornacek, Greg Ostertag and Mark Eaton....Teams that had the championship stolen from them by corrupt officials and the fake NBA. Bulls were awarded two championships from the Jazz that they did not deserve, but were delivered by David Stern and the NBA. Kukoc is a reminder of how much the NBA is like the World Wrestling Federation...
Donald Stubbs
Donald Stubbs Prije 5 dana
Congrats to Toni kukoc
Bruno Vucko
Bruno Vucko Prije 5 dana
Croatia, second after USA with most HOF all time with 4 milion People ✌️
TheLastWalenta Prije 5 dana
It is absolutely not a statement that Toni Kukoc was not a good player to say that Toni Kukoc in the HOF shows that they need to do a better job of keeping players out of the Hall, rather than putting them in the Hall. No way Kukoc was a generational player. Good player - good enough that I would want him on my team in most cases. But not generational, and in no point in his career was he one of the best 5 players at his own position or the best player on a decent team. Not HOF, sorry.
Tee Rexx
Tee Rexx Prije 5 dana
I don’t see Scottie
Ohh! You touch my Tralalà! Mhh! My Ding Ding Dong
Ohh! You touch my Tralalà! Mhh! My Ding Ding Dong Prije 5 dana
Benetton Treviso ♥️
VIDEOLOGY Prije 5 dana
He failed to mention probably the most important club of his career (that is not Chicago Bulls) - Jugoplastika (split, pop84) - why?
Jonas Ferguson
Jonas Ferguson Prije 5 dana
Rip ivkovic
Giovanni Loresto
Giovanni Loresto Prije 5 dana
Congrats..nice to see MJ again, with Kukoc
Lucy Plays
Lucy Plays Prije 5 dana
Nije mu bilo lako prvih godina u bullsima, brijem da su urlali na njega Phil,Michael,Scottie.Bogami si konobaru zasluzio uci u najvecu kosarkasku elitu.Lipi pozdrav iz nasega Splita.
Christian Soldier
Christian Soldier Prije 5 dana
what a weak class I guess thats why webber was finally inducted
Daidoji Uji
Daidoji Uji Prije 5 dana
Just pure class.
zyl zyl
zyl zyl Prije 6 dana
who can ask for more ?!, Toni married his HS sweet hart, has a solid family foundation, i mean , not even MJ with all his money can say im still married to my first and only wife .... just beautiful , the difference of cultures cant be more apparent ..
Fadda Lp
Fadda Lp Prije 6 dana
His career stats not hall of fame worthy , he better kiss Jordan's feet
You Tuber
You Tuber Prije 6 dana
i got nothing at all against kukoc but he shouldn't be in the hall of fame
BLKTRD08 Prije 6 dana
for me his biggest accomplishment is having his wife along his side since high school. That stuff right there is hard to find and maintain.
J Taylor
J Taylor Prije 6 dana
Hall of fame getting watered down this guy could not guard a fly
JB Jopa
JB Jopa Prije 6 dana
Toni je živa legenda, toliko mi je drago vidjeti ga konačno u Basketball Hall of Fame nije nitko više zaslužio nego on. Slušam ga i oči su mi pune suza... Hvala Toni za sve ❤️🏀🇭🇷
blyeone Prije 6 dana
Does everyone make the basketball HOF
Michelangelo's Pizzeria
Michelangelo's Pizzeria Prije 6 dana
This guy despite all the struggles in his home country managed to be always at the right spot at the right time! Everything he touched went gold! Everywhere he played, he won! He was always on the right team at the right time! I really appreciate that he mentioned also Yugoslavia, Svetislav Pešić and Vlade Divac! He didn't forget where he came from. Bravo Toni Kukoč! Congratulations from Greece!
Ilija Mrkonjic
Ilija Mrkonjic Prije 6 dana
Svaka cast Toni , pravi Covik pravi Dalmatinac,S ponosom mom Sinu pokazivam kako covijek moze puno uspjet s puno postenog rada !! Na ponos nase Domovine Dalmacije i naseg Splita!!
Vinayak Pande
Vinayak Pande Prije 6 dana
Incredibly well spoken individual.
dennis carreno
dennis carreno Prije 6 dana
It’s about time! Congratulations Toni!!!
E Jeter
E Jeter Prije 7 dana
Congrats to Toni I met him the Event he is a true class act, one first internationally players that had that true versatile game.
dcomputers Prije 7 dana
Long wait
Allan Torres
Allan Torres Prije 7 dana
Kudos Toni! You have played well with those teams, especially the Chicago Bulls. Wish you the best.
Angel Alaniz
Angel Alaniz Prije 7 dana
Hvala puno Toni well deserved 👏 And thank you for so many great plays with the bulls
VLVentureWorx 1
VLVentureWorx 1 Prije 7 dana
Have the bulls not been corporately dissolved Tony Kukoc could have lead and had Jordan play limited minutes for the next 5 years to championships
VLVentureWorx 1
VLVentureWorx 1 Prije 7 dana
This Man was " Ice Watet!"
Alexandros Simitzis
Alexandros Simitzis Prije 7 dana
Congratulations Toni! You earned this! You were one of my favorite players when I was growing up! God bless you and your beautiful family dear Toni! Thank you for giving me beautiful memories from my childhood and teenage years! Thank you competing against my country Greece, and against the most popular Greek basketball team back in the day Aris Salonica! Your battles against Galis, Yannakis, were awesome! And then watching you play for the Bulls was awesome! Thank you for the memories! You made me feel nostalgic of my childhood and teenage years! God bless you and your all of loved ones!
Joe Sanchez
Joe Sanchez Prije 7 dana
I don't even recognize him fuck he got old real quick
Posey James
Posey James Prije 7 dana
HOF? 11.6 career ppg? Naaahhh.
krlm2280 Prije 7 dana
A great hooper one of the few euro to nba og's congrats
Think Civil
Think Civil Prije 7 dana
Toni was a skinny kid when MJ and Pippin literally shut him down at the 92 Olympics and it pushed him to put on the added muscle and weight he would need to survive in the NBA. He was a pure outside shooter who was very athletic for being so tall and he accepted his lesser role on one of the most talent stacked teams in basketball history.
Piotr Stachowiak
Piotr Stachowiak Prije 7 dana
My favorite player from Bulls. In todays NBA he will be The biggest star. Incredible shooter and his assist were insane. Love for Toni from Poland.
Jason Williams
Jason Williams Prije 7 dana
It was nice to see MJ up there supporting Tony
Uncle Mac76
Uncle Mac76 Prije 7 dana
They put him in the hall of fame???
Nikola Ljumovic
Nikola Ljumovic Prije 7 dana
Anton Beric
Anton Beric Prije 7 dana
He deserves all. My favorite Player!
Bartosz Grzegorzyca
Bartosz Grzegorzyca Prije 7 dana
On many occassions Toni carried the whole Bulls team with 25-30 points when MJ or Pip had a bad day. He singlehandedly made a Bulls comeback in game 4 against Utah Jazz in 1997. On several occasions he hit the game winners. As a white man from Europe, he earned nothing but respect from MJ himself. This induction was well overdue.
Jason Heilman - Musical Remedies
Jason Heilman - Musical Remedies Prije 7 dana
Much Deserved. He was major in leading the way for euro players in the NBA
Joyce F
Joyce F Prije 7 dana
Such a class act. Congrats Toni!
Tank Davis
Tank Davis Prije 7 dana
NBA Hall of fame is a joke, how the hell tony get in. Really
Marcus Prije 7 dana
Let's be honest now. The HOF awards is now just a way to reminisce about good players from the past. At this point, let's just add the rosters of the 90s teams. The new HOF inductees haven't lead teams to championships or have lead them to the playoffs. And if they didn't they were just talented cogs of the team but played no major part. If they were taken off the team the team would still manage if they got replaced. Toni and webber aren't elite and can't lead a team.
Александр Шкурин
Александр Шкурин Prije 7 dana
Спасибо за баскетбольное чудо из Хорватии.
Injustice Anywhere Threatens Justice Everywhere
Injustice Anywhere Threatens Justice Everywhere Prije 7 dana
Finally! Sheesh
Paweł Gr
Paweł Gr Prije 7 dana
Great speech, great player! Respect from Poland.
infoguy1978 Prije 7 dana
Toni wasnt a hall of famer
Greg Greg
Greg Greg Prije 7 dana
love and congratulations from germany. one of my favorite players in the 90s. i will never sell my kukoc jersey.
Ivana Lesic
Ivana Lesic Prije 7 dana
Croatia❤🇭🇷The most international basketballs players in hall of fame are from Croatia!
Fabio Nave
Fabio Nave Prije 7 dana
as a Benetton Treviso fan I followed the "Spider from Split" throughout his whole career: an incredible game changer, in my view second only to Dražen Petrović and a little step ahead of Krešimir Ćosić and that genius of Mirza Delibašić in representing the exceptional hotbed of talent that was the Yugoslavian basketball world! Funnily enough, Toni never showed his full potential in Treviso, where he's not remembered as the best player to ever wear that green and white jersey.
Demetrius Johnson
Demetrius Johnson Prije 7 dana
Really what was he ever ranked #1 in ? Only had 3,000 pts 1,000 asst third option on the bulls gtfoh hall of fame lmao
Hristijan Kirovski
Hristijan Kirovski Prije 7 dana
Ziva Legenda!!! Svaka ti Cast!!!!
vava nz2020
vava nz2020 Prije 7 dana
❤🙏❤🙏❤ genious and humble. Dearest basketball magic Pink Panther💗💗💗🏀🍾🏆🥇🥂⭐🏀🍾🏆⭐🥂🥇7777777
Inoke Rogoyawa
Inoke Rogoyawa Prije 7 dana
He was a bucket!! Congrats !! Long overdue!!
Bosnian 23
Bosnian 23 Prije 7 dana
Bravo Toni
chris villahermosa
chris villahermosa Prije 7 dana
pink phanter lol JK, congrats TONI KOKUC
Diabolik Cyclope
Diabolik Cyclope Prije 7 dana
Heureux pour toi Tony tu le mérite vraiment
Stevce Lukov
Stevce Lukov Prije 7 dana
Тони , мојот единствен идол! Легенда, играчиште, човек пред све! Капа доле, сосема заслужено. Поздрав од Скопје!
WHOEVERKNEW ! Prije 8 dana
If he made it, than I don't know why Mark Aguirre hadn't made it or Bill Laimbeer Cuz their career's was better
Jason Chow Vancouver Real Estate
Jason Chow Vancouver Real Estate Prije 8 dana
NBA HOF easier to enter than Canadian Universities
Polaar Name
Polaar Name Prije 8 dana
This man got beaten up by the 2 best players in the game in their prime , and he still came to ball. Tough.
Jim Καφες
Jim Καφες Prije 8 dana
The BEST European player EVER. A Greek fan
Paul Cusentino
Paul Cusentino Prije 8 dana
Congrats to Toni. He was a lot of fun to watch. Go, Bulls!
Liavin 25
Liavin 25 Prije 8 dana
in the LAST DANCE they forget to mention how Toni Kukoc Save Bulls in GAME 7 vs Indiana 1998
Liavin 25
Liavin 25 Prije 8 dana
come on!!! Toni Kukoc bigger >>>>>> than Paul Pierce & Chris Boss also he dunked from free throw line he should be a Class of HoF 2021 also no one say nothing how Kukoc Save Bulls in GAME 7 vs Indiana 1998
danny selak
danny selak Prije 8 dana
Class act 🙌 Bravo majstore!!
Aguilera atl
Aguilera atl Prije 8 dana
God say let me made the perfect 🏀 Player fisical,mentally.. MICHAEL JORDAN
technomusicchannel1 Prije 8 dana
Imagine if someone said Jordan in 92' olympics thats he is gonna be on Toni's HoF speach...
P venegas
P venegas Prije 8 dana
MartinezFAM Hawaii
MartinezFAM Hawaii Prije 8 dana
Very Deserving #7 Kukoc!!
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