James Ward-Prowse vs Matt Le Tissier | Free-Kick Masterclass Challenge!

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Prije godine

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Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier meets Saints free-kick specialist James Ward-Prowse to discuss kick techniques, and to go head to head in a free-kick challenge!
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tony freedom
tony freedom Prije dan
Le tisser was the english eric cantona
Mc Freestyle
Mc Freestyle Prije 8 dana
I'd have him in the man City team very underrated one of the best midfield player in the prem
Kawsar Huzaifa
Kawsar Huzaifa Prije 11 dana
bruh this camera work is terrible
Charlie Kerr
Charlie Kerr Prije 11 dana
I thought sky sports were family friendly
Bobs your uncle Fanny’s your aunt
Bobs your uncle Fanny’s your aunt Prije 13 dana
Le tissier still has the same physique as when he was playing
Kevin Fletcher
Kevin Fletcher Prije 13 dana
Great lad !! Both of em !! LUFC fan
Simon Wang
Simon Wang Prije 13 dana
The squalid nurse infrequently welcome because flute rationally copy next a resolute anatomy. well-off, deadpan division
Thomas Shi
Thomas Shi Prije 14 dana
Matt Le Tissier probably is the only Southampton player I remember. He was such a fantastic/underrated genius.
Kool Dawg Multimedia
Kool Dawg Multimedia Prije 15 dana
Im here after watching Premier League Club Legend: Matt Le Tissier
Mr Boss
Mr Boss Prije 19 dana
1:07 is where he swears😂😂
Abuzafor Sulaiman
Abuzafor Sulaiman Prije 28 dana
REG PLASMA Prije 29 dana
Matt needs a sports bra.
anthony duvall
anthony duvall Prije mjesec
matt is ace
soccerdios Prije mjesec
Most nervous footballer of all time
Luke Kuen
Luke Kuen Prije mjesec
Bro, Jesus loves you
Kevin Grist
Kevin Grist Prije mjesec
Matt didn't win as he had already exhausted himself on the golf course...
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn Prije mjesec
Haha what a nice guy le tessier is
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn Prije mjesec
Le Tessier Was way too good for Southampton though
mintEASTWOOD79 Xbox
mintEASTWOOD79 Xbox Prije mjesec
Good to see LeTissier still in the same shape he used to play in! Imagine how good he would’ve been with the benefit of the conditioning and dieting coaches available today! Awesome player
Mo Syed
Mo Syed Prije mjesec
1:07 am i deaf or... Sky????
Azhan Azhan
Azhan Azhan Prije mjesec
MLT was wanted by every big club. His loyalty kept him at Southampton. Who knows how many honours he would've won if he joined a Man Utd or Arsenal
FEROX VENOM Prije mjesec
Never a penalty in a million years fuckinhell 🤣
Stevie P
Stevie P Prije mjesec
The lowly grease behaviourally sparkle because iron apparently tap like a odd gray. breezy, super bread
blue 492
blue 492 Prije mjesec
Imagine arguing with Ward-Prowse to take the freekick LOL
Kool Dawg Multimedia
Kool Dawg Multimedia Prije 15 dana
John Johnston
John Johnston Prije mjesec
Le Tissier was that shape when he played
Horse Outside
Horse Outside Prije mjesec
Le Tittier.
yo mo
yo mo Prije mjesec
Beckham would have scored at least 3
Ong Bonga
Ong Bonga Prije mjesec
Not a Southampton fan. Le Tissier is my favourite player of all time.
Edward Tsang
Edward Tsang Prije mjesec
Matt is a legend! James is on the right path! Thanks for entertaining!
phil yaeger
phil yaeger Prije mjesec
Matt could probably still take better free kicks than rashford😭
RichardRichard Snotface
RichardRichard Snotface Prije mjesec
Best penalty taker I've ever seen and yes I count RL in that list.
Will Parry
Will Parry Prije mjesec
10% success rate between them. Not earth shattering, is it!
Comedy Guy
Comedy Guy Prije mjesec
Anyone here after Southampton 2-3 Man Utd? (Cavani Double)
Samuel Waters
Samuel Waters Prije mjesec
Watching this after he bagged 3 in two games
Drippy spaff
Drippy spaff Prije mjesec
Ha he just scored against man u from a free kick 😂
Nishil Bright
Nishil Bright Prije mjesec
@Ste Thompson that's not the point. He scored
Ste Thompson
Ste Thompson Prije mjesec
but then what happend🖕🖕🖕
Tone's tones
Tone's tones Prije mjesec
What a useless load of camera work and editing. Too much changing from close up to sudden views further back to see the shot. Terrible! Gizza job.
Sam Goode
Sam Goode Prije mjesec
No one going to talk about the sports hall there in?
xxxqAiSaRxxx Prije mjesec
1:08 I thought your vids were family friendly
PandaGamer398 Prije mjesec
@xxxqAiSaRxxx Yep
xxxqAiSaRxxx Prije mjesec
@PandaGamer398 are u a Watford fan
PandaGamer398 Prije mjesec
hehe thought that too but he's actually saying "if I can put it where I want to"
franco Cosentino
franco Cosentino Prije mjesec
Master class 1 out of 10...... wish I was THAT good........
Tony Gunk
Tony Gunk Prije mjesec
Matt Le Tissier the human highlight reel
zippy doodah
zippy doodah Prije mjesec
Nice jugs matt
Hasade O
Hasade O Prije mjesec
I always thought Tiss should have gone overseas. He was just amazing he didn't have speed but in his mind he was 2 steps ahead.
Jacobson Robertson
Jacobson Robertson Prije mjesec
Le Tissier was/is the most underrated English player of all time. QUALITY player. Shame he played at the same time as Gazza really.
Big Dogo
Big Dogo Prije mjesec
Well done, he is 13 years old 😂
Aser Méndez
Aser Méndez Prije mjesec
Le Tissier = Great Goals ever!!!!
DEE DUBZ Prije mjesec
Ward Prowse one of the world's bets Free Kick takers
Jake Humphries
Jake Humphries Prije mjesec
Ward prowse is Le tissier rebirth
Joshua Cheruvathur
Joshua Cheruvathur Prije mjesec
Who is here after his two bangers against villa
Andre Gulick
Andre Gulick Prije mjesec
those two free kicks in the same game against Villa 🔥absolute brilliance
FEVEN 7 Prije 2 mjeseci
he need to go for big club , not just in uk just go ovee europe
FreeOnGoal Prije 2 mjeseci
Matt le Brexitier
ManGoLongp1ay Prije 2 mjeseci
Up late watching anything football related on HRpost... Again. Thank F**k for football. I ain’t half appreciated it a whole lot more during this awful year and it’s bloody lockdowns. Who agrees???
Katelyn Lee
Katelyn Lee Prije 2 mjeseci
where is this
LX Prije 2 mjeseci
Riss getting let go from socsac is a crime
Joannebradford1 Prije 2 mjeseci
James Ward prowse cursed
Nelson Demba
Nelson Demba Prije 2 mjeseci
Matt would've been called up for England nowadays. Sad he didn't as much back then
Arch Dee Burney Channel
Arch Dee Burney Channel Prije 2 mjeseci
There is a reason why Xavi make him as a grown up idol
Tiernan lyness
Tiernan lyness Prije 2 mjeseci
only 13 months actually tiss👍👍🐐
good life
good life Prije 2 mjeseci
I think he broke his record now
Hussein EL-DIRANI Prije 2 mjeseci
Who’s here after Aston Villa 3 - 4 Southampton ?
Banana Squash_13
Banana Squash_13 Prije mjesec
@Hakeem Salau no I’m just answering an answer🙄 are you a comedian?
Hakeem Salau
Hakeem Salau Prije mjesec
@Banana Squash_13 no, im just answering a question🙄 are you a comedian?
Banana Squash_13
Banana Squash_13 Prije mjesec
@Hakeem Salau comedian?
Hakeem Salau
Hakeem Salau Prije 2 mjeseci
Chris A.
Chris A. Prije 2 mjeseci
No hate to messi but I think James is on the same level as Messi when it comes to freekicks.
Chelsea Chow
Chelsea Chow Prije 2 mjeseci
Who came after Prowse score 2 freekick vs Aston Villa
zu1875lu Prije 4 mjeseci
Le tiss in in his prime would have 5 in not a problem
Michael Adeyemi
Michael Adeyemi Prije 4 mjeseci
3:34 Le Tissier: of course i know him he's me
Greylin91 Prije 4 mjeseci
To have a legend like Le Tiss at our club is such an honour.
halima rehman
halima rehman Prije 6 mjeseci
he looks like t-bag
Elijah Khaira
Elijah Khaira Prije 7 mjeseci
Sheesh that amount of manikin abuse in this is horrifying! 🤣
Constantine Joseph
Constantine Joseph Prije 8 mjeseci
Matt is a legend. He had magnificent control of the ball
I love Saints
I love Saints Prije 9 mjeseci
JWP my fav player my dream is 2 play with and I could just make it in time
Mark Jenko
Mark Jenko Prije 9 mjeseci
This lad has no idea the greatness he’s talking too
Antony Evans
Antony Evans Prije 5 mjeseci
he's been at saints from the age of 8, I'm sure he's well aware of LeGod
Jean Ditou
Jean Ditou Prije 9 mjeseci
Letissier 7 >Cantona Letissier a des origines francaises grand joueur fidele a Souhampton exceptionnel de fidelite depuis Stanley Mathews avec Blackpool
DT’s Snap back
DT’s Snap back Prije 11 mjeseci
Le Tissier is the most talented player I’ve ever watched
Hula Hula
Hula Hula Prije 2 mjeseci
He was so good, shame it never really happened for England
nc Prije godine
8 caps..8
Col Amar
Col Amar Prije godine
Now Ward-Prowse scored 5 direct free kicks, 2 behind Le Tissier's record of 7
Style PlayzYT
Style PlayzYT Prije godine
since when did Vesterguard start knuckleballing
simonisable Prije godine
Le Tittier nowadays.
David Pollock
David Pollock Prije godine
Le Tiss is shite
Karl Bridge
Karl Bridge Prije godine
Still rather have matty in the team.
gabj en
gabj en Prije godine
They let that last goal in
Rob RDR Prije godine
I like Ward-Prowse but he should be asking Le Tiss about how to take free kicks.
MemoryLaneCinema Prije godine
Le God!
joejitsu034 Prije godine
Le Tissier was a footballing GENIUS. If he was Italian/Spanish they’d have given him 100’s of international caps. Watch his highlight reel 😮
Jamagic Prije godine
Role model gerrard, beckham .. lingard? Rashford? Lol nvr
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije godine
what a FK
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije godine
Murad Khan
Murad Khan Prije godine
Would love to have a kick about there
Paul Okogbenin
Paul Okogbenin Prije godine
@ MarcusRashford
B Hew
B Hew Prije godine
1 of 10s not great lads
Daniel Tinnion
Daniel Tinnion Prije godine
Matt Le Titsier 👀
James Burke
James Burke Prije godine
This still doesn't alter my offer of WP and me doing battle to demonstrate my superior skill. Him and me, captains, selecting alternately from 20 players to join our sides, then me clearly beating yet another average CM through control of midfield (the most important position in football, as demonstrated by Spain 2008 - 2012, where they just fielded quality midfielders alongside either 1 decent forward or none at all.)
Charliematt5 Prije godine
I referee in this dome haha
Shredder Prije godine
o J.J.
o J.J. Prije godine
matt le tissier.... the only english player ive ever seen that could truly put it where he aimed it with either foot...
BlueMonk25 Prije godine
I remember the first time I saw Matt Le Tissier play (on TV of course)...it just didn’t make sense, how a such a big man would just glide past opponents, leave the for dead and hit shots that leave goalkeepers motionless...it was a amazing. As a bigger kid, I was always asked to play in defence....Le God gave me the confidence to improve my ball control skills and play further forward, he basically showed that you didn’t need pace to play !
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor Prije godine
Hairy bum competition in the showers next
W Prije godine
Steve T
Steve T Prije godine
Ward Prowse is lucky Le Tiss is many years retired. In his prime, he would win that challenge all day long.
Steve Armitage
Steve Armitage Prije 4 dana
I dunno. Le Tissier was a much better player, who played a lot higher up the pitch and scored a lot more goals, but I never particularly saw him as a free kick specialist as such in the way that JwP is. I remember him more for spectacular open play goals and assists.
Bradley Taylor
Bradley Taylor Prije 12 dana
Le tiss... Prime... No
Ben Carron
Ben Carron Prije 23 dana
@Ethan Newcombe Im going to have to agree with you there, but as far as free kicks go, we'll never see better than ward prowse
Ethan Newcombe
Ethan Newcombe Prije 23 dana
@Ben Carron le tissier scored more wonder goals then prowse ever will in his whole career 🤦 different class of player
liamdor Prije 29 dana
Not sure
Written Mirror
Written Mirror Prije godine
Matt used to belt a ball I tell ya! JWP is deadly accurate though
Richard Mullins
Richard Mullins Prije godine
Remember seeing matt and his mrs with kids in pram downtown Southampton
Richard Mullins
Richard Mullins Prije godine
Matt Le Tittier
Dick Pound
Dick Pound Prije godine
Matt Le Tissier, criminally under rated, and perplexes me how he was never properly used for England.
Kwame A.N
Kwame A.N Prije 16 dana
He was the same profile as Paul Gascoigne and Gascoigne was a bit overall better than him
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn Prije mjesec
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Prije mjesec
@Ong Bonga striker?
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Prije mjesec
@Clive Adlam what ??????
Gregg Schofield
Gregg Schofield Prije mjesec
He was quality but he couldn't run.
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