Drake - What's Next

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Director: Theo Skudra
Executive Producer/Producer: Christian Tyler
Associate Producer: Alex Dall'Orso
Production Manager: Jackie De Niverville
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Director of Photography: Kristofer Bonnell
1st Assistant Camera: Alex Dametto
1st Assistant Camera: Richard Gonzales
2nd Assistant Camera: Dorian Findlay
DIT: Johan Arthurs
VTR: Dalmane Bridge
Filmotechnic - Precision Driver: Mark Cabiddu
Filmotechnic - Flight Head Tech: Oleksiy Zolotarov
Filmotechnic - Russian Arm Op: Nikita Zolotarov
Stills: Norman Wong
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3rd Electric: Davin Veerasamy
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Grip: Maksym Medvediev
DroneBoy Pilot: Tom Comet
Drone Camera Op: Matt Joniec
Drone Safety: Eric Bell
SPFX Supervisor: Hudson Kenny
SPFX Supervisor: JR Kenny
Art Director: David Dennis
Eco Trailer: Pat Mernagh
Eco Trailer: Ed Mernagh
Whites - Package Truck: Spencer Trupp
Whites - Package Truck: Brad Hisson
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Locations Manager: Jonathan Kok
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Editor: Noah Kendal
Post Executive Producer: Sara Windrim
Post Producer: Mel Stojanovski
Colourist: Ana Escorse
Colourist Assistant : Thomas Eberschveiler
Titles: Dilan Manahan
VFX Studio: Studio Feather
VFX Artist: Julian van Mil
VFX Artist: Luke Bellissimo
VFX Artist: Matthew Dochstader
VFX Assistant: Sonia Ruffolo
Post Sounds: SIM International
Sound Designer: Paul Germann
Re-recording Mixer: Graham Rogers
Assistant Re-recording Mixer: Will Stephens

Maliyah - Gabriel is my big brother
Maliyah - Gabriel is my big brother Prije 4 sati
Rachelle Hoofe
Rachelle Hoofe Prije 4 sati
Good no love song
Deep Kumar
Deep Kumar Prije 4 sati
Drake is immortal
Omar Baylis
Omar Baylis Prije 4 sati
Simon Ykot
Simon Ykot Prije 4 sati
5.6k tyler fans punching the roof right now lol
BIG T Prije 4 sati
Drake underrated
neesh Prije 4 sati
Daniel Quibol
Daniel Quibol Prije 4 sati
himoon nasad ning tiktok
Donté Qu.
Donté Qu. Prije 4 sati
MBJ got the aquarium featured lmao
DoritoAteTheFrito *
DoritoAteTheFrito * Prije 4 sati
Drake the type of guy to shoot a phone and call it a screenshot
Akshay Prije 4 sati
Absolute Superstar Rapper .
Buddha's Lounge
Buddha's Lounge Prije 4 sati
Absolutely beautiful 🤩 You’re a legend 🎧
ShaQuitta McGhee
ShaQuitta McGhee Prije 4 sati
Drake never misses a beat. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.
TheRealJovan 9lyfe
TheRealJovan 9lyfe Prije 4 sati
That song straight slaps
Milos ZeC
Milos ZeC Prije 4 sati
He could’ve just film it inside his mansion and it I’ll be fresh , but the next one really should be in Atlantis.
Doyle’s Digs Metal Detecting BC
Doyle’s Digs Metal Detecting BC Prije 4 sati
Already stoked to come back to this song in 20 years
Muhammet Arda Yıldız
Muhammet Arda Yıldız Prije 4 sati
Drake - "Well, summer, all I did was rest, okay?" Behzat Komiser - "Okey amına koyayım Okey"
Haneef Hasan
Haneef Hasan Prije 4 sati
Is he referencing to sauce walkas "OK" track ? "I heard u was giving your chains away" ????????
Carl the carrot
Carl the carrot Prije 4 sati
Not as good as Bruno Mars leave the door open
Postmaster Only
Postmaster Only Prije 4 sati
First time seeing Black women in AFROS in one of his videos Hmmmm
Adab Punjabi
Adab Punjabi Prije 4 sati
John Cosgrove
John Cosgrove Prije 4 sati
This music video better then some shows.
Ian Supnet
Ian Supnet Prije 4 sati
I recently listened to all of drakes previous albums. I'm not sure how anyone can dislike his music.
Gracie Wilson
Gracie Wilson Prije 4 sati
0:30 wasn’t Bryce hall giving his chain away?
Alejandro Benavides Carranza 6to B
Alejandro Benavides Carranza 6to B Prije 4 sati
Enmanuel mvp
Enmanuel mvp Prije 4 sati
Yessir número 1 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Brezly Prije 4 sati
Anybody else getting playboi carti vibez
Dee vonn
Dee vonn Prije 4 sati
Beyoncé on remix 🤔🔥🔥🔥🔥🔌🤑
Adaeze Ahanotu
Adaeze Ahanotu Prije 4 sati
Never makes a bad song :))
tesina21 Prije 4 sati
Taha Gücün
Taha Gücün Prije 4 sati
Melissa Marie
Melissa Marie Prije 4 sati
Drakes always gonna be relevant I swear... and I’m not complaining lol
Melissa Marie
Melissa Marie Prije 4 sati
Okay? Okay okay..
kendall awai
kendall awai Prije 4 sati
Drizzy with tha formula okayyy👌🏾
Rayz Prije 4 sati
Drake don't miss
GHQ連合国軍最高司令官総司令部 Prije 4 sati
A L M A D I N A M I T A Prije 4 sati
Adam D
Adam D Prije 4 sati
Fred VanVleet don’t miss
Keanu Estrada
Keanu Estrada Prije 4 sati
Two indicators to buy stocks: bottom of Bollinger band, oversold
Jaygaming 713
Jaygaming 713 Prije 4 sati
After corona volcano probably what’s next lol
Gq sauce
Gq sauce Prije 4 sati
Messiah Juni
Messiah Juni Prije 4 sati
Drake can’t lose. Hes FOREVER winning. He got the best luck. No one can touch him. EVERY track is hits.
Emmanuel Ola
Emmanuel Ola Prije 4 sati
Better click the button before he gets a billion view
double O
double O Prije 4 sati
No bars Im not hating.
Emmanuel Ola
Emmanuel Ola Prije 4 sati
When I see someone that I like Me: Hey
Bxrry Prije 4 sati
when will he miss
Big Mac-11
Big Mac-11 Prije 4 sati
He just did what are you talking about?
Kawehi Mahuiki
Kawehi Mahuiki Prije 4 sati
Tommy Ferreira
Tommy Ferreira Prije 4 sati
Jayden Mutume
Jayden Mutume Prije 4 sati
2 of Drake’s songs from Scary Hours are on the top 3 trending list. Drake: What’s next?
Fukk FreeWrld
Fukk FreeWrld Prije 4 sati
He Lame Asf Big Bro‼️💯
A Person
A Person Prije 4 sati
If Drake was a marvel character, who would he be?
godofthe90s media
godofthe90s media Prije 4 sati
He really had sex on valentines day...trust me that wasn’t just bars!
j s
j s Prije 4 sati
hana warrior
hana warrior Prije 4 sati
i really thought pierre hopped on this beat lol
Serina Prije 4 sati
I like that heart on his head 😍
THEMaNIsWOrTHit Prije 4 sati
YOUNG U MUSIC Prije 4 sati
Reporting live from lynwood CA letsgetit salute
Zain AH
Zain AH Prije 4 sati
Isadora lopes
Isadora lopes Prije 4 sati
pilar Peñafiel
pilar Peñafiel Prije 4 sati
The straight snowstorm exceptionally drag because french multivariately dress around a protective care. omniscient, stimulating jam
Matt Ramos
Matt Ramos Prije 4 sati
✋🏾☝🏾 god
Erasmo Cruz
Erasmo Cruz Prije 4 sati
Man fuck u, you’re too good. not even fair...
carlos2739 Prije 4 sati
jesus christ stop being in my trending page lmao
sahil jammu
sahil jammu Prije 4 sati
Who wants his song with sidhu moosewala?
kid em
kid em Prije 4 sati
the beat is so bad, there is not even a kick in it, and the loop is just not drake level, what is going on in this world...
Enormous Quiet
Enormous Quiet Prije 4 sati
He starting to look just like Toronto... like he dont look like United States of America. It's kind of Beautiful he himself.
Matt Ramos
Matt Ramos Prije 4 sati
Finally drake 2021
viizii Prije 4 sati
N O Prije 4 sati
Heard that ttc bell and died😭🇨🇦
Lori Moon
Lori Moon Prije 4 sati
Ten Deep
Ten Deep Prije 4 sati
Heart part 🤦‍♂️
Gonzalo Bernal
Gonzalo Bernal Prije 4 sati
Arent you that guy I saw in AF? 2014? LOL
ITIGO Prije 4 sati
As soon as you blow up they say you selling your soul💪🏾💯
Zone gameing
Zone gameing Prije 4 sati
am i the only one who thinks that car that he had was that hot wheels that one kid had
Adam Harb
Adam Harb Prije 4 sati
Alexis Lopez
Alexis Lopez Prije 4 sati
That hook is stupid clean 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Zavier Willis
Zavier Willis Prije 4 sati
I didn't even search for this I went to trending cause I just knew itd be 1st or close to it
Donmoonu9000 Prije 4 sati
A year ago we got the videos for when to say when/chicago I noticed that while in my room and I had the thought of how much life has changed and stayed the same after all this time lol
Sxd Prije 4 sati
Here before drake dies He never dies At this point idk what I'm saying
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams Prije 4 sati
Ayush Garg
Ayush Garg Prije 4 sati
One thing I like in drake videos that he’s representing Toronto and Canada but sheeesh the weather there looks cold asf.
BBScores Prije 4 sati
Rip Drake
christian ramos
christian ramos Prije 4 sati
Drake only misses when it comes to designing his sneakers
AXCIS Hyper Prije 4 sati
so yall know whats bout to happen next?..
Daniel Shifron
Daniel Shifron Prije 4 sati
This shit is way better than his stupid tootsie slide song which I don’t even consider a song.
Daniel Shifron
Daniel Shifron Prije 4 sati
@Marsia Rochelin It was a basic trap beat with simple lyrics. They have beats like this at the club all the time. It was only big because it was a Drake song. And the song was so painfully average that it got boring after listening twice. This song at least has wordplay and a sick beat.
Marsia Rochelin
Marsia Rochelin Prije 4 sati
Nah that shot smooth I fronted on it because of tik tok then I listened to what he was saying and was amazed lol sound like a nice dance record but he was talking greezy
e_millimill Prije 4 sati
#1 on trending..
Insan3TV Prije 4 sati
Not gonna lie, I don't like this song just cause I expect better wordplay and bars from Drizzy, but other 2 tracks are fire...
Gagan Bal
Gagan Bal Prije 4 sati
makumbi k2
makumbi k2 Prije 4 sati
Drake will forever be relevant till infinity
Marcus Burton
Marcus Burton Prije 4 sati
Different Breed
GRIZZLY BEATZ Prije 4 sati
bro ngl i thnk he likes playboi carti a little bit
Maryvale Made
Maryvale Made Prije 4 sati
Wants to sniff his belly button...
MnS Vlogs
MnS Vlogs Prije 4 sati
This song with coming 2 America, the weekend is lit🥰
Shams Omair
Shams Omair Prije 4 sati
bruh this song is honestly really shit
Dylan Hugelen
Dylan Hugelen Prije 4 sati
What drugs are you on
adisa 27
adisa 27 Prije 4 sati
Drake giving yall what u wanted from carti 😂
21 Problems
21 Problems Prije 4 sati
So this is why Yorkdale south bound was delayed by 30min
Rahulll Prije 4 sati
Yo Brickz
Yo Brickz Prije 4 sati
Paul Tase
Paul Tase Prije 4 sati
Ouuuuuu shitttt❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ok????
muqri mohd farid
muqri mohd farid Prije 4 sati
Same beat 🤔
Tyler Sneed
Tyler Sneed Prije 4 sati
Please tell me a song drake missed on😭 ion think he can miss even if he tried
Maryvale Made
Maryvale Made Prije 4 sati
This air ball right here... Every stupid song he ever tried to make a dance to....
Blake Coston
Blake Coston Prije 4 sati
has an rapper ever been on an winning streak this long. I remember ice cube said eventually it would end. that true but drake is proving it can last over an decade.
GOAT It Is What It Is
GOAT It Is What It Is Prije 5 sati
Who was the 👻✏
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