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I have returned home to Toronto after spending much of the last eighteen months in hospitals. I am hoping that my health has improved to the point where I can start producing original content again. Thank you to all who are watching for your support over the course of this trying time. I hope that you all are coping with the COVID crisis successfully.
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Michelle Prije 12 minuta
Our family will certainly keep you and your family in our prayers. God blessing and peace.✝️
Deer Park Farmstead
Deer Park Farmstead Prije sat
The most kind regards to you. You have a sustainable spirit and consciousness.
l3bii Prije sat
Awesome to see you back!
Eryn Kane
Eryn Kane Prije sat
Grace and peace to you and your family, Dear Sir. I pray that you take comfort in knowing that you've inspired so many to make the world around them better. The world is better for you being in it. Rest and be well!
Richard Schneider
Richard Schneider Prije sat
Trust in God, get completely well. You are a voice crying out in the wilderness against ultra Liberalism. I thank you.
Angela D Lawson
Angela D Lawson Prije 2 sati
Zelda Prije 2 sati
So good to see and hear you. I've followed your university courses for years...You are a brave man. Thank God you are still with us. Love and prayers
Jake Kastleman
Jake Kastleman Prije 2 sati
You rock Jordan! We're happy to see you back and behind you all the way! Stay in good health and keep producing. This world needs your contributions my friend.
Ben Feeney
Ben Feeney Prije 3 sati
Wishing the best for you and your recovery!
Sade79 Prije 3 sati
I've struggled with Tramadol so I feel your pain. I can highly recommend Reiki as a treatment for anyone with withdrawal.
Srbodlak Kuzmanovic
Srbodlak Kuzmanovic Prije 4 sati
Man and I thought quitting marijuana was hard... Child's play compared to this...
Ward AlienVideo
Ward AlienVideo Prije 4 sati
Anyways is not a word. The word is anyway. Why was he so nervous he needed to take benzos?
Daily Data
Daily Data Prije 5 sati
I dont take advice from Drug addicts . . . . Nor would I give you money. You are a victim of you your own Profession.
Center City
Center City Prije 6 sati
You’ve got a big call on your life, so I’m especially praying for you. That your mind be sharp and free of anxiety and your body be strong and expel the toxins and take in the nutrients. God’s fullest on you and in you, wear His Spirit like a coat and the attacks will be easy because they deflect off of Him
Ralph Rugan
Ralph Rugan Prije 6 sati
The universe is a fickle beast for all those who challenge it shall be humbled with defeat.
bobbyjoehope Prije 6 sati
Your humility and grace is undoubtedly why you friends and family rally behind you. Welcome back buddy.
Anna Amalia
Anna Amalia Prije 7 sati
Dean Wilsher
Dean Wilsher Prije 7 sati
Welcome back Jordan. You have been sorely missed..
Chrisy Zuccaro
Chrisy Zuccaro Prije 8 sati
Sorry, my friend. All the best to you. I can't get enough of your lectures, so glad you are back.
john smith
john smith Prije 8 sati
Make your bed, brother
Elina Mor
Elina Mor Prije 8 sati
Welcome back, sir! So glad to see and hear you.
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa Prije 8 sati
leslie faarodo
leslie faarodo Prije 9 sati
it has been a journey for you and we look forward to your new book and productions. Also I pray for strength for your immediate family to continue support you and for God's grace upon your life that you will endure what life throws at you..
GrandpaCl Prije 10 sati
You still on an all meat diet to own the libs?? ROFL!!
gavlew32 Prije 11 sati
Ander Ander
Ander Ander Prije 11 sati
Time will heal........exercise, diet, sauna, a little sun.
clive E
clive E Prije 12 sati
Sincere best wishes to you. Please be kind to yourself and take time to heal. U tube isn't going anywhere the world is richer for your presence wether it's public or otherwise.
Monique Lane
Monique Lane Prije 12 sati
You are an incredible human, I hear your pain and the gratitude you have for those that were there for you in your darkest of times. I am currently undergoing a tremendous challenge of being separated by my family due to covid travel restrictions and having experienced a near-death experience with my puppy over a month ago in a near-fatal accident and despite that have found the friends and strangers that came forward into my life to support and be there for me.. WOw just wow, there are people Jordan as you speak about that operate in high competence with great kindness and generosity of time and spirit for those of us suffering. I have been hugely inspired by your youtube channel through this tough time of not being able to walk and waiting for my hip to heal.. I am one that dances, plays drums, runs, walks at tremendous speed, a highly active being.. to be put to a standstill.. it is deeply humbling especially dealing with the pain. I am sending you thanks and kia kaha - strength (maori) on your way to recovery!
William Pommeranz
William Pommeranz Prije 12 sati
Those without vises seldom have many virtues.....something to that effect.....abe lincoln
Michael drums31
Michael drums31 Prije 13 sati
The legend is back!!!, missed you man and God bless you.
Fasting Focused
Fasting Focused Prije 13 sati
As a former benzo sufferer, I have two words of advice. Medicinal cannabis.
Yvonne Williams
Yvonne Williams Prije 13 sati
Welcome back, Mr Peterson. Your health has to come first and I hope and pray that it continues to improve. We've missed you.
gusr6 Prije 13 sati
Love ya JP. Great to hear your voice again.
Duncan Idaho
Duncan Idaho Prije 14 sati
Good luck. that's the thing I've realized early on was the danger of prescription drugs and big pharma. every patient cured is a customer lost and that about sums it up. its perhaps the greatest scam and side effects ensure customers down the road.
centerrightpunk Prije 14 sati
Benzo addiction and withdrawal is hell. I can attest to that personally. It can be so convenient and comforting, but it's not worth the greater costs in your health. Please stay strong and healthy Mr. Peterson. I'm rooting for you.
FINISH2START Prije 14 sati
The 7.2k dislikes are from Bitter humans
Mary Catherine Parker
Mary Catherine Parker Prije 14 sati
Mary Catherine Parker
Mary Catherine Parker Prije 14 sati
Love you. I send my love to your family.
Teresa Stanek
Teresa Stanek Prije 15 sati
Praise God for the return of Jordan Peterson! Jordan, you will be in the thoughts and prayers of so many of us who delight in your perspectives and narratives; I am so happy and excited to be able to hear new content from you! It is beyond refreshing to see someone of such incredible intellectual capacity acknowledge and worship God and give Him the glory instead of wallowing in their own. We Christians hear constantly from the self-appointed "intellectual" camp how weak minded we are to recognize God as our creator, so counting you among God's followers blows them right out of the water! Praying for continued health and well-being for you as you continue to recover; may God richly bless your journey and use it to further your message AND His :)
Jesus IsGod
Jesus IsGod Prije 15 sati
We Love you sir and hope for your complete healing through the power of the Holy Spirit. God Speed to my friend I have never met.
Ronald Hidde
Ronald Hidde Prije 16 sati
Get well Sir! You are an inspiration to many and you are needed!
LM Prije 16 sati
Welcome come back Peterson! Enjoy your family and the grace God gave you. Thank you so much for your work and comforting words!
Brad Moyer
Brad Moyer Prije 16 sati
Jordan, even though we’ve never met, we’ve both visited the same hell on earth. I feel this video is the biggest contribution of a very illustrious career to date. Using your platform simply as a human being who has been deceived by the greatest of deceivers and your struggles coming back, may give someone the incentive to give it one more try. You couldn’t have made the argument that “Thank You” is enough any more eloquently. Thank You 🙏
Pam walker
Pam walker Prije 16 sati
I hope you are feeling better Jordan. We love what you do and more importantly how you help others. Thankyou 🙏🏻
wally Jones
wally Jones Prije 16 sati
I must tell you that what you went through was actually a spiritual journey of understanding suffering. I too made that journey but not from Benzos' . It brings into focus what love means. Really means. Not some jazzed up theory made by the detatched intellectual. Congrats!
Irish Mick
Irish Mick Prije 16 sati
You are a great man who has helped me with my journey. I hold you in high regard and I wish the best for you and all those you love. I look forward to having the opportunity to hear you speak one day. In the meantime, take time to heal, do what you need to do for you, and just know that you have an army of good Souls that are here for you. Take care of my friend
Love, Joy, peace
Love, Joy, peace Prije 17 sati
Praying for complete healing for you . 🙏 God bless you and your precious family. Love from England
Ayoub El alami
Ayoub El alami Prije 17 sati
welcome back sir peterson
CMK Prije 18 sati
Nice to hear you talking about God's grace and mercy. It's True ya know. Our prayers are with you Sir!
Michael LaPorte
Michael LaPorte Prije 18 sati
Let’s get back to work we need you
MTEKID Prije 18 sati
God bless you , your lectures are life changing . I pray for you to keep going and be stronger than ever. you got people you never met around the globe that love you and appreciate your work. And learning from your wisdom .
Ty Mac
Ty Mac Prije 18 sati
Welcome to the world of addiction. Family and friends are crucial, although they can be perceived as not particularly as such at the time. Taking them for granted and being too close we tend to dismiss them. Addiction is an animal of its own, and In my opinion should be realized as such. Problem is, our addictive mentality is so cunning it makes us feel as if all wrongs done are 100% our fault. I disagree as many do, this is a battle for sure, and should be fought with the realization that our thoughts are very much influenced by this demon and it’s chemicals. Remember our person is not completely at fault here. Depression or feeling of dread occurs when you first open your eyes, and an almost tangible essence of helplessness, depression and hopelessness appear daily. It took me a while to change this, and I can now clearly see how my loved ones actually carried me, loved me, and provided that “just enough” support to prevent me from going over the edge. I am not educated academically in particular, but my experiences have taught me more than any school. You are amazing, we love you Jordan, so much, and wish you the best, and are here for you when you need us, just ask. Remember it’s not you that is the negative aspect in your life,’s addiction and it’s tools. Cheers. Tyler PEI Canada.
Aelesia Lux
Aelesia Lux Prije 19 sati
cossythepoacher Prije 19 sati
Great to see your recovered and able JP. Keep well.
Andrew Page
Andrew Page Prije 19 sati
Welcome back, Sir. You have been missed.
7yorker7 Prije 19 sati
Good to have you back ❤️
Valters Eglitis
Valters Eglitis Prije 20 sati
As a clinical psychologist he didnt fully know what benzos are, Im surprised. I was prescribed them as well but barely ever touched them cause that wouldnt solve the issue, instead I watched his videos and tried to distract myself from negative thoughts with some goals and meaning for life. I hope he pulls through this period quick, maybe he should watch his own videos.
Bonnie Burgess
Bonnie Burgess Prije 20 sati
How terrible!! That stuff is bad bad bad.. good luck to you sir :0)
Jon Evans
Jon Evans Prije 20 sati
I cannot impress apon you the efficasy of your measured words , which ease my thoughts about the rampaging chaotic world we seem to be caught up in. I am not college educated. I think perhaps if I was I would be able to understand supposedly well educated people spout such nonsense on the you tube shows you have been interviewed on. I hear your responses and realize perhaps I"m not as stupid as I feel . Your illness is serious but surmountable from what you stated here and I for one am glad of it. Sincerely, Best wishes and Health.
Easy Going
Easy Going Prije 21 sat
Good to see Jordan back and caring for important things in life. Benzos are rough stuff for many. I've had several doctors tell me of its addiction hazards. I am always very careful to not sprinkle too many on my morning oatmeal.
John Bartholomew
John Bartholomew Prije 21 sat
Benzo's --- the idea that a man of Jordan's immense intellect, with his background, and life experience didn't "give taking them a second thought" is a mind blower to me.
John Bartholomew
John Bartholomew Prije 19 sati
@Maurice Kiely Couldn't agree more. It's clear that despite Jordans brilliant work and analysis in terms of the human psyche - when it comes to mood and mind affecting chemicals his experience is obviously surface level only - I all over the world to get treatment to come off and more importantly stay off Benzo's?? Dang; local AA hall probably a wiser choice.
Maurice Kiely
Maurice Kiely Prije 20 sati
Yes indeed. I had the same consideration. And with his education and erudition I'm very surprised he developed an anxiety disorder, especially after many years presumably on the 12 step recovery program. Also, where is the humor and humble self deprecation that comes with recovery? I'm puzzled.
Theodoremodelmaking Prije 21 sat
The Return of the King
Junelle Salmon
Junelle Salmon Prije 22 sati
I have a problem with anxiety and I get so anxious I can’t bring myself to use my prescribed medication. Anyway, much love and I’m finally making my bed!
Junelle Salmon
Junelle Salmon Prije 23 sati
Welcome back! ❤️
Cindy Rowe
Cindy Rowe Prije 23 sati
Bless you Jordan. I've been working on my computer all day when I suddenly thought of you and wondered how you are doing with your health, as if we were old friends. It sure feels that way. I googled to see if there were any updates which brought me here. It's a month later since this video was posted. What a phenomenal response with 97,717 comments to date. You are so adored and so appreciated and your work has brought so much inspiration over the years. May you be showered with an abundance of love and healing during this difficult time xxx
Charlene McNabb
Charlene McNabb Prije dan
I'm so glad to hear you are back in Canada and recovering from your trial! I'm sure God will grant you mercy as you continue to do your good work! Thank you for remaining humble and true to what you stand for under an unbelievable amount of pressure from dissenting views! Continue to get well... and God bless you!
Philosophically Inclined
Philosophically Inclined Prije dan
Hugs to every one of you and yours, Dr. Jordan. We look forward to your future work.
Diana Green
Diana Green Prije dan
We love you Jorden and you are a great humanitarian! God is with you!
Lolla Lula Nur
Lolla Lula Nur Prije dan
Allah/God Almighty bless you Dr. Peterson. I've been praying for you, both for healing and for you to become Muslim. A vast majority of your opinions align exactly with Islam and hearing you speak from a scientific perspective has actually made me appreciate my religion more and increased my faith because I now understand the rational explanations for certain things I just took for granted as a believer. I don't agree with all of your opinions but I do agree with so many, and on so many you have actually shifted and expanded my thinking (and this is a former emotional, easily triggered, man-hating feminist talking). Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all you do to expand dialogue, open hearts and minds, and speak your truth. I have a feeling if you looked more seriously into Islam and read the Qur'an for yourself, you'd find peace with it and cery little disagreement with your philosophy. Peace to you on your journey!
Guilherme Arruda
Guilherme Arruda Prije dan
Welcome back sir!! Bem vindo de volta!!!
raLan Prije dan
We love you, JP. My father passed 11 years ago when I was 22. You’re the closest to a father figure I’ve had in my life since and I’ve never actually seen you in person. Thank you for everything and please be well. Edit: Formatting.
Florksneeks traquige
Florksneeks traquige Prije dan
Is he wearing pants? Anyway this is the best season 2 trailer, Welcome back sir.
Cass Cat
Cass Cat Prije dan
You need to try occupational therapy... can help mend some neurological damage.
Amrit Anand Pathak
Amrit Anand Pathak Prije dan
Lots of love, Sir
patty bennett
patty bennett Prije dan
Welcome back! We've been praying for you.
dark_explorer Prije dan
Welcome home! I am so glad to hear you are doing better. You are a great man. The world still needs you.
Jairo Abdon Vera Pereira
Jairo Abdon Vera Pereira Prije dan
Welcome back Dr. Peterson! I already pre-ordered your new book 🤜🏼🤛🏼
Christy Wright
Christy Wright Prije dan
Thank God you're back!! We have missed you, SO good to see you!! God bless you, Dr. Peterson..
Natanhna Morales
Natanhna Morales Prije dan
Thank you for sharing and being the best you possible
Rumple Stealskilz
Rumple Stealskilz Prije dan
Welcome back, Jordan!
Sümeyye Polat
Sümeyye Polat Prije dan
Sir, I told my mum about you, your ideas and your passion about making people to live better lives. And of course about your health conditions. I have been waiting to hear from you and my mum have been praying for you when i saw that video we watched together with my mum. So she wanted to tell you about a statement from one of the Quran's suras named Rad. In that statement says that "those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah. Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured".
John Quinn
John Quinn Prije dan
So happy to see you’re finally on the other side of this! Stay strong
Dominique du Toit
Dominique du Toit Prije dan
You look better. Antidepressants and anti anxiety are awful things. Dr. Peter Briggin says taking them is like getting a lobotomy.
Lindsley Daibert
Lindsley Daibert Prije dan
All our love to you Mr. Jordan. Welcome to your global home.
asif saeed
asif saeed Prije dan
Great to see you back Sir , Sending love & prayers from Pakistan .
kathryn dula
kathryn dula Prije dan
Dr. glad to see you again!!
Betrogene Seelen
Betrogene Seelen Prije dan
i love when people .. who wanna explain the world to you .. are in fact as fucked as the rest of us! peterson is a fraud! he allways was! but ofcourse i wanna wish him all the best from my heart! but he still is a fraud!
Megan Gaukroger
Megan Gaukroger Prije dan
Welcome back!! So glad to see you're on the road to recovery.
Questlass Prije dan
Fergal Byrne
Fergal Byrne Prije dan
You are a brilliant man Jordan, a great inspiration and a power for good, get well, you have so much more to give.
Evan Clealand
Evan Clealand Prije dan
"Once I realized it was dangerous" - if he was a competent psychologist, he wouldn't have had to become a junkie hypocrite in order to realize this.
Evan Clealand
Evan Clealand Prije dan
@ScandinavianHeretic no forgiveness needed, none of us are perfect. See? JP promotes low esteem to his followers
ScandinavianHeretic Prije dan
We can't all be as perfect as you, please forgive us
Mandy H
Mandy H Prije dan
To you Jordan and to your family I wish you health and community. You have inspired many and I for one am grateful. I have started listening to JBP after just a headline caught my attention and I wanted to hear for myself. The value that I have gotten out of that simple curious search has been tremendous. The lectures are fascinating and really need to be listened to multiple times to take in everything in them. I listen to the HRpost videos in the car, on my headphones at work and the gym, while I'm washing the dishes (like now) The biblical series has helped me understand things about the Bible/God that I didn't get or have wrestled with in the past. Thank you thank you thank you
Dwij Gurram
Dwij Gurram Prije dan
Misery is the perfect fuel for Capitalism
Dragan Petrovic
Dragan Petrovic Prije dan
" The wound is the place where the Light enters you"
Mina Lee
Mina Lee Prije dan
So glad to see you are doing well and look forward to see you great works for better world especially time like this.
Music Studio
Music Studio Prije dan
This man makes me want to push my mind into its proper use. And sometimes I do. Its a wonderful space to be in.
Jim Wade
Jim Wade Prije dan
One of my all time main inspirations. Love you sir and best wishes as the new year unfolds for you and your family.
Andrew Couto
Andrew Couto Prije dan
randomboy1988 Prije dan
Going off benzos is crippling. Be strong sir. The world needs you direly. Be weary of Russian medicine.
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