Dapper Dan Gets the COVID-19 Vaccine | Good Morning Vogue

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Fashion designer and Harlem icon Dapper Dan gets vaccinated to help fight against COVID-19. He also speaks with Mary T. Bassett, Director of the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, about what the COVID-19 vaccine is and the perception of mass vaccinations amongst the Black community.

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Dapper Dan Gets the COVID-19 Vaccine | Good Morning Vogue

cream fornow
cream fornow Prije 12 sati
Now he can lose the stupid hat what mental ward do they get these idiots
Donald Cassity
Donald Cassity Prije 17 sati
Jerry Buckets
Jerry Buckets Prije 18 sati
Faucci lied and people died. If you still believe this is a “pandemic” you haven’t been paying attention.
Matt Martinez
Matt Martinez Prije 20 sati
Hahahha the amount of dislikes makes me happy
Complete_ly_me Prije 22 sati
Common sense goes out the window on a regular basis. I am not surprised. Ignorance is not always bliss. Ignorance can get you killed. Smfh
reaper man
reaper man Prije dan
Bullet might be better
Shawn Jackson
Shawn Jackson Prije dan
And this is supposed to make me want the vaccine??? Lol ok
lajarre alston
lajarre alston Prije dan
B &
Al Green
Al Green Prije 2 dana
Don't need no stinking vaccine
Campfire Dwire
Campfire Dwire Prije 2 dana
Ratio noted.
True Light
True Light Prije 2 dana
And you really believe this is a video to win black people over. I think the government is just asking us please first before they pull out the big guns and try to force us to take the vaccine, it's only a matter of time before the government shows its true colors.
Astrah Cat
Astrah Cat Prije 2 dana
Yo maaann, conformity is cooool dooog 😎
Samuel Nuzbrokh
Samuel Nuzbrokh Prije 2 dana
Samuel Nuzbrokh
Samuel Nuzbrokh Prije 2 dana
lol what about sickle cell
David Rye
David Rye Prije 3 dana
Racist fear mongering rubbish !
Richie R.
Richie R. Prije 3 dana
Who gives a s#!$ about this fools getting a fake shot, by hiring these clowns they think that all will get the kill shot. It's the plandemic, not a pandemic. Shut your mouth!
White Mail Privilege
White Mail Privilege Prije 3 dana
Tonya Sager
Tonya Sager Prije 4 dana
Who cares
Joshua Merwine
Joshua Merwine Prije 4 dana
Always looked up to dapper.. I’m not a person of color but right now I’m suspect of you dap.. 😞 how much they pay you for this propaganda? You really got the shot?? Good luck staying alive more than 2 or 3 more years.
Robert Bishop
Robert Bishop Prije 5 dana
7tardis7 Prije 5 dana
Because the vaccine isn't fda approved they can't put ads on TV but they can put influencers! Shill time!
Build The Wall With Liberals
Build The Wall With Liberals Prije 5 dana
This is what pandering looks like.
K C Prije 5 dana
This reminds me of how cigarette companies advertised to young people. Remember when the liberals fought against that? Where'd they go?
Ruth Keeme
Ruth Keeme Prije 6 dana
Sick of these stupid COVID 19 vaccine videos that are featured to get people to take the jab. They bring in HRpost “doctors “, “celebrities”, and “cool” people to convince that they know everything and if you don’t take it, you aren’t doing your part. Lol How about you stick that jab where the sun don’t shine Dr. Fauci! 🍑 💉 👨‍⚕️
Dimitri Grover
Dimitri Grover Prije 6 dana
Jesus Christ this dislike to like ratio is absolutely brutal
Rocky Barnes
Rocky Barnes Prije 6 dana
Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
Mantis Toboggan, M.D. Prije 6 dana
They're pushing this vaccine so hard. Any famous clown will do to convince the masses to follow suit. I guess the American public is so stupid that they follow someone's lead because they're rich/famous?
Zown 9511
Zown 9511 Prije 7 dana
Listening to this is like hiring a plumber to fix your computer
ABigDumbWeinerhead Prije 7 dana
I had no clue who this was till I looked him up lol
XixiRadicA TrutH
XixiRadicA TrutH Prije 7 dana
Majority still ain't down.
Terry Ferguson
Terry Ferguson Prije 7 dana
Just remember he dont want fop
tcntx Prije 7 dana
dipar dan more like it
It's Okay To Be Clown Pilled
It's Okay To Be Clown Pilled Prije 7 dana
All the creatures who thought they were false idols are finding out they are just a bunch of losers.
Jeffrey Shumate
Jeffrey Shumate Prije 7 dana
So what, what makes him so special is he a mutant?
Walter Chernicki
Walter Chernicki Prije 7 dana
Hispanic workers do heavy lifting
Michael Jay
Michael Jay Prije 9 dana
Thank you youtube for making this a playlist so I can efficiently scroll through them all and dislike them faster
התורה עם אסף העברי
התורה עם אסף העברי Prije 16 sati
they don't show you the real ratio
Zealeo Music
Zealeo Music Prije 9 dana
Swear if I see more propaganda trying to convince me/others getting implanted...I mean injected with the vaccine is good.. THEY keep making Playlists and recommending them. Who said I said had questions?!!? 😂😂
Robot Account
Robot Account Prije 9 dana
Safe and effective..they all keep saying it..its their script..just like the "new normal"..or "now more than ever or "in this together".they were saying that before....just like they all call it a jab now..these are key words..
LISA CPA Prije 9 dana
do i smell a psychological operation....
Tommy -
Tommy - Prije 10 dana
Tommy -
Tommy - Prije 10 dana
This is honestly funny to me😂😂😂😂
Reach1 Teach1
Reach1 Teach1 Prije 10 dana
Who gives a flying FU#k!!!
SOLID SNAKE Prije 10 dana
Chris Martinez
Chris Martinez Prije 10 dana
Alberto Montegue
Alberto Montegue Prije 10 dana
ricky dicky
ricky dicky Prije 10 dana
Why do you all keep putting this small woman dressed like a man? Who would care if it took the experimental, still in clinical trials, never been used on humans in history jab? Desperate and pathetic!
J B Prije 11 dana
And will be pushing up daisies by July.
Mr. Trou de cul PHD
Mr. Trou de cul PHD Prije 11 dana
Got to love that propaganda
Wolf Among sheep
Wolf Among sheep Prije 11 dana
Don’t you think it’s so weird how everyone is pushing a decision that is up to you and your Dr? Because of that alone I will not be getting it nor my family, seems real suspect to me
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson Prije 12 dana
Take a vaccine for a virus that these doctors supposedly didn't even know existed a year ago. How stupid do they think we are?
mak ely
mak ely Prije 12 dana
Jonah Pennington
Jonah Pennington Prije 12 dana
Ok literally in every single video that has allowed like/dislike ratio to be shown, the ratio is EXACTLY 50/50. A little suspicious, don't you think???
K A Prije 12 dana
Am I supposed to care that this guy got a vaccine?
Johnny Screwya
Johnny Screwya Prije 12 dana
This dude so gotdayum old his name should be "Diaper Dan".
bossmane shit
bossmane shit Prije 12 dana
1:00 the most dumbest saying I've ever heard 🥴
Vinnie Casqer
Vinnie Casqer Prije 13 dana
On Paradigm (societal model) Shifting Operations At the core of a PSO is a major crisis which is presented to the public as arising in a spontaneous and unforeseen manner but in truth is contrived and engineered. This crisis is used as the pretext for radical sociopolitical changes which would have been considered unacceptable by the general public in the absence of an emergency situation....
Vinnie Casqer
Vinnie Casqer Prije 13 dana
What people do for money What people do for money
Alem Ejigu Kassa
Alem Ejigu Kassa Prije 13 dana
Jesus loves you ❤ 💖 💕 💗 💓
BIFF OLDMAN Prije 13 dana
If you trust the admitted propagandists in the media, the convicted criminal pharma companies, and the obviously corrupt government then you are dangerously naive.
Danial Hillmann
Danial Hillmann Prije 13 dana
I got the shot, but I'll still wear the mask oh man if you can't see the irony in that statement I can't help you.
Danial Hillmann
Danial Hillmann Prije 13 dana
Did he get the water vaccination?, got to push it on black people too not saying they have not been used for testing in the past.
Zuk Markerberg
Zuk Markerberg Prije 13 dana
leatherface1022 Prije 13 dana
Keep that vaccine garbage
Frankie Manenetti
Frankie Manenetti Prije 13 dana
So people who follow youtube guidelines are now being used to push the mark of the beast? I would be more impressed if you somehow got Alex Jones to promote the "experts" of "science"
Samuel Nelson
Samuel Nelson Prije 13 dana
Stop falling for liberal globalist bull crap
Sydney Charlton
Sydney Charlton Prije 13 dana
I guarantee you these mofos did not get that vaccine sorry let me rephrase myself that poison shot
Winston Smith
Winston Smith Prije 13 dana
Maybe you should tell the people what John Hopkins University's motto is Google it
Thierry Star
Thierry Star Prije 14 dana
If you want the real truth about the vaccine watch this video: hrpost.info/history/qrl3pKnQpM6Mq4I/video
Bearded Cow
Bearded Cow Prije 14 dana
They want yall to get this vaccine so bad
Alabama Coastie
Alabama Coastie Prije 14 dana
Sweet government propaganda!
Harry Lippidardo
Harry Lippidardo Prije 14 dana
What a joke
Albert Orozco
Albert Orozco Prije 15 dana
😂😂😂 who dis fool ? An. Covid vaccine..
David Harlow
David Harlow Prije 15 dana
Was this guy paid? Obviously he was. And he has more trust in a mask than the shot. After the shot, he says hes not giving up the mask. Unparalleled brain dead logic
SRT- Mustang Killer
SRT- Mustang Killer Prije 15 dana
Don’t do it! Read the book of Revelation, the rider on the white horse, who’s name was death!
Wuhan Virus
Wuhan Virus Prije 15 dana
So now the blacks trust the Government.........weird
Calystus Prije 15 dana
I am transvaxxual. I identify as being vaccinated. I love how new age science works 😁
Cassius Animus
Cassius Animus Prije 15 dana
Also dapper dan has the iq of a cow so not surprising he thinks vaccinations are good.
EL GOAT Prije 16 dana
Aryan Accelerationism
Aryan Accelerationism Prije 21 dan
Do yourself a favor and research Aajonus Vonderplanitz if you want the truth regarding these matters.
M Politely
M Politely Prije 22 dana
"I got this protection now, man..." This video is so stupid! The chance of getting sick/dying with this vaccine is so much higher than without...How about promoting a healthy lifestyle...?
8 Terminator8
8 Terminator8 Prije 25 dana
Who . .
8 Terminator8
8 Terminator8 Prije 25 dana
How did I evn get here , honestly ? How did ths end up in my Favorites playlist . . *scratching head*
Jenny Villarreal
Jenny Villarreal Prije 25 dana
Edwin Ragland
Edwin Ragland Prije 28 dana
Who are these weirdos thats telling the black community to kill themselves with vaccines ?
Trendy Now
Trendy Now Prije mjesec
Patrick Conover
Patrick Conover Prije mjesec
Passi Flower 🌺
Passi Flower 🌺 Prije mjesec
I had COVID so I’m not taking the vaccine 💉 but if I didn’t already have Covid-19 I’d get the vaccine 💉 fast 💨 Pfizer or Moderna not the AstraZeneca or Johnson and Johnson take vitamin D3 people
Comfortably Numb
Comfortably Numb Prije mjesec
I care why?
Vincent Mangano
Vincent Mangano Prije mjesec
Wildman Prije mjesec
Don't vaccinate no way they made an appropriate vaccine within a year.its a trial and error vaccine.thats why it's messing a lot if people up.were just the lab rats to them.ther tryin to weak in us and kill us so they can push ther NWO agenda so we won't be able to fight back when it's time.
RUBEN RAMIREZ Prije mjesec
You guys don’t really believe that all these celebrities are getting vaccinated right 😂😂
Adolpho De La Cerda
Adolpho De La Cerda Prije mjesec
Jaqen H'ghar
Jaqen H'ghar Prije mjesec
I'm here for the free doughnuts and big macs. And a million dollars. Here is my body as payment.🤡🐑🐑🐑
Daniel Klurfeld
Daniel Klurfeld Prije mjesec
He didn't take the shot. The syringe was empty. Dapper Dan is just another puppet on strings. Worshiping celebrities is so stupid. They only care about themselves. Lying to people isn't a big deal to celebrities. I love the comments. Lots of smart people people in the comments. I'm grateful that there are still sane people around.
Francis Reichert
Francis Reichert Prije mjesec
He's like 200 years old who cares what he does
joseph mclennan
joseph mclennan Prije mjesec
Don't get the vacine , not necessary, and will blip you up. If you are black , buy D3 Zinc ,powdered Virtamin C , take daily . Do your research and don't listen to the propaganda and God .The darker your skin more D3 you need.
Ryan Jay
Ryan Jay Prije mjesec
HRpost is manipulating the like/dislike ratios people! Make these losers pay by using other platforms. There are several that are growing rapidly and they don’t force propaganda down your throat like HRpost does. Bitchute and Rumble are two that are getting better everyday. If you want the real truth without the platform trying to lie to you, we need to ditch HRpost. They are too big for their britches
You love Youtube too??
You love Youtube too?? Prije mjesec
13k 👍13k 👎
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