Roger Federer - Top 10 Angry Reactions

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Raz Ols

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Just Call Me D
Just Call Me D Prije dan
I love Roger and I like when they get angry it shows passion for the sport 🎾🥇🏆
shikhar sagar
shikhar sagar Prije dan
Roger Great player but one rhink to learn from novak,He respect his opponents and his family too.
sangita shrestha
sangita shrestha Prije 4 dana
Federer turned to Novak's father and said Be quiet. Novak's father said "who are you?" Federer replied, "i am your father." Then there was a moment of silence as both parties understood and the rumbling was over.
Kosta Bozic
Kosta Bozic Prije 4 dana
I'm not a Federer fan but I feel bad for these calls made against him would piss me off too.
aca pavlovic
aca pavlovic Prije 4 dana
And you say that whole world love him?
RSánchez Arquitectos
RSánchez Arquitectos Prije 4 dana
THE BEST EVER "We need a clown for this circus!!" 😂
Moritz Müller
Moritz Müller Prije 5 dana
No other player on the tour has as evil a look as he does - what's the insight of that?
SmugWisconsin4 Prije 6 dana
7:40 Bad Federer
SmugWisconsin4 Prije 6 dana
6:29 Nadal's shot on line still Federer angry 😡,poor respecting ethics by Federer which shows he is worse than Djokovic
SmugWisconsin4 Prije 6 dana
5:22 Federer is worst evil on court
SmugWisconsin4 Prije 6 dana
4:54 arrogant and rude Federer
SmugWisconsin4 Prije 6 dana
2:00 Federer hates Nadal 0:10 Federer hates Djokovic Stupid Federer is way more arrogant than Djokovic and completely opposite of Nadal
frZ Prije 7 dana
"He needs you out there" 😂😂😂😂😂
frZ Prije 7 dana
But but only novak breaks his racquet 🤡🤡🤡🤣
Carlos M
Carlos M Prije 10 dana
and they say Nole is the only angry guy, all those people need to know that showing your emotions after all, make this players more humans
NN osoba
NN osoba Prije 10 dana
Never once I heard Novak or Rafa saying "shit", the "F" word or underestimating the tournament by calling it a circus. And saying "he doesn't know what he's doing" about the line umpire is disrespectful! Those people are internationally certified and well trained. We all make mistakes, but the Hawk Eye confirmed the out call.
Iruku Sekhar
Iruku Sekhar Prije 11 dana
He came out to win from 2 sets down against Nadal from the last part of the video at Hamburg finals..
Martim Torre
Martim Torre Prije 11 dana
Funny how you make a compilation of angry moments and end up showing a moment of huge sportsmanship by Federer
Justice Gusting
Justice Gusting Prije 11 dana
So I see we’re in the midst of a public campaign to discredit RF in the face of Djokovic’s impending eclipse of the GS record. Very bolshevik thing to do.
Μυλωνόγιαννης Λι
Μυλωνόγιαννης Λι Prije 12 dana
ZZZ WOLF Prije 12 dana
And people say he's classy... 😂
Concerto M
Concerto M Prije 13 dana
Pete Sampras never got angry and smashed racket.
samiya suzey
samiya suzey Prije 15 dana
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CAPAJ SERBIA Prije 16 dana
timotije odadzic
timotije odadzic Prije 19 dana
7:40 ❤️💙🤍
timotije odadzic
timotije odadzic Prije 19 dana
Poor little man. He can't stand that somebody is better than him. 🤬
Jack Li
Jack Li Prije 19 dana
7:43 awesome sportsmanship
jeffry husman
jeffry husman Prije 20 dana
So, only Nadal who never smash the racquets ? No?
TennisLove Prije 20 dana
Yes, only him
French Keyz
French Keyz Prije 21 dan
Tsitsipas proving once again he's by far the best player on the tour. Nothing can STOP him. What a year by the young GREEK
just dev
just dev Prije 22 dana
So much for classy. Never could stand his cockiness. Glad The Djoker showed him who's boss!
D O N Prije 24 dana
Eloy G
Eloy G Prije 24 dana
I loved this video lol. He was young yet :D
Alex B.
Alex B. Prije 29 dana
Your intro is awesome!
ErikCB912 Prije mjesec
Federer and Lahyani don’t seem to get along too well when they’re in Madrid lol
Brandon Prije mjesec
8:00 he is just not a boo-able guy. This entire video begs to differ. Surprising he was never hit with a warning throughout the years
Randolph Pinkle
Randolph Pinkle Prije mjesec
How petty the crowds are.
Aryan Rao
Aryan Rao Prije mjesec
Hats off to you for collecting all these moments and compiling it into a video.
Rishi Chopra
Rishi Chopra Prije mjesec
He seems to be at his angriest when he plays del potro lol
Meny Jackets
Meny Jackets Prije mjesec
"All I have are negative thoughts"... "hey umpire: knock knock?"
쪼쟁이 Prije mjesec
Your records are the best but this is why you can't be better than Pete Sampras.
Anthony Meoli
Anthony Meoli Prije mjesec
At least he does not throw his racket 14 rows into the crowd at the Olympics. JOKER dishonored his country and himself in that game. He did not deserve a tin foil medal.
Anthony Meoli
Anthony Meoli Prije mjesec
@Reza Arman You probably need to find a hobby. I don't really care about tennis in the first place. As far as Joker, he is known for bad sportsmanship IN THE OLYMPICS. I am sure he will regret that for the rest of his life. He also becomes the CHOKER at the Olympics as well, so his 20 championships or whatever he has - largely forgotten when you see this crap. Throwing a racket into the crowd during the Olympics? Really? Wow. Honestly, it was the single worst sportsmanship I have seen at the Olympics and he should have been disqualified on the spot.
Reza Arman
Reza Arman Prije mjesec
@Anthony Meoli Ah, really? Then why did you compare this to another player instead of talked only about this video? Don't fake it. Don't be shy. Roger is a great player, tho... 😄😄 I really don't understand why Roger fans are so denial about his weaknesses and other players' greatnesses esp. Djokovic...
Anthony Meoli
Anthony Meoli Prije mjesec
@Reza Arman Not following - I am not a Federer fan. I am a sports fan who does not appreciate crybabies who make millions of dollars doing what others WISH they could do and it is a meaningless game, a past time, not even important in reality....yet their spoiled lives don't get that now. They are immune to reality.
Reza Arman
Reza Arman Prije mjesec
I know it hurts so bad when u know ur idol is not that good as u always think in taking control his temper and his mentality on the court. Now go cry your "saint roger" out... 😂😂😂
Giannis Tilias
Giannis Tilias Prije mjesec
Whenever there is a huge mistake about the in out discussion the same referee is present... Also why there is not a "VAR" type thing in tennis always telling the outcome of a shot?
Sambasivan Subramanian
Sambasivan Subramanian Prije mjesec
Did I see Del Potro cheating at 3:42 seems like he's asking someone in the audience (notice the racquet movement), then again via head gestures asks opinion at 3:44 and then reviews at 3:50 finally...
Yannick Paravidino
Yannick Paravidino Prije mjesec
4:25 whats the name of the song?
Temisan Popo
Temisan Popo Prije mjesec
love it
David Hughes
David Hughes Prije mjesec
Roger Federer - Top 10 Angry Reactions 0:17 BE QUIET OK?
Adesh Singh
Adesh Singh Prije mjesec
We need a clown for this circus was the best one.
・た Prije mjesec
AMG DIAMONDZ Prije mjesec
Wow, the video is a top 10 of 10 mins and 10s
postar #
postar # Prije mjesec
Federer je veliki supak,samo se pred novinarima pravi,a crkava sto au nadal i djokovix bolji od njega
Muhammad Yasir Amin
Muhammad Yasir Amin Prije mjesec
DJokovic Racket smashing/ Breaking seems for youtube only (artificial reaction) !!!
Muhammad Yasir Amin
Muhammad Yasir Amin Prije mjesec
Federer racket smashing is also genuine like his game ❤
GenZcurmudgeon Prije mjesec
I played my whole childhood and at one camp they actually played us footage of young roger constantly losing his temper. He eventually got his temper under control, for the most part ;)
Australia Rules
Australia Rules Prije mjesec
I never saw Nadal Smashing a Racket.
Caden Block
Caden Block Prije mjesec
He never smashed a racket
Caden Block
Caden Block Prije mjesec
@Dekadenz coming from a Djokovic fan it's true
Australia Rules
Australia Rules Prije mjesec
@Dekadenz Not a Joke. Nadal NEVER Smashed a Racket unlike Djokovic and Federer.
Dekadenz Prije mjesec
good joke
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman Prije mjesec
Me when federer retires: 2:16
Thamil Anban
Thamil Anban Prije mjesec
Johnny Parrales
Johnny Parrales Prije 2 mjeseci
2382 Djokovic fans like this
Dorito_FN Prije 2 mjeseci
or the only angry reactions
법 그 아름다움에 대하여
법 그 아름다움에 대하여 Prije 2 mjeseci
This is why you cannot beat up Pete Sampras, Federer.
Guerrini1975 Prije 2 mjeseci
What a overrated arrogant western yelling pus.y..... Since the Djoker came in 2011 ( a serious opponent) he lost everything....Fuij
M R Prije 2 mjeseci
When the nice fella act falls apart!!
Danilo Desnica
Danilo Desnica Prije 2 mjeseci
Cool video. Shows up the hypocrisy rather well.
floatingpants Prije mjesec
A man isnt allowed lose his temper everynow and again
jay-g gouws
jay-g gouws Prije 2 mjeseci
I think he is the kind of guy that hits his wife when no one is there. Did you see him completely lose himself in some of his outbursts. Scare
jay-g gouws
jay-g gouws Prije 2 mjeseci
@Juan Serrano because she is scared of him. She will get a beating.
Juan Serrano
Juan Serrano Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah, then why his wife has been with him after 12 years?
Peters Jean Paul
Peters Jean Paul Prije 2 mjeseci
No one can argue with Mohamed Lahyani he’s always right
Peters Jean Paul
Peters Jean Paul Prije 2 mjeseci
No one can argue with Mohamed Lahyani he’s always right
Ishan Nair
Ishan Nair Prije 2 mjeseci
Bro seeing him get angry scares the living shit out of me
Petar Uzelac
Petar Uzelac Prije 23 dana
Why would that scare you haahhaahhahaha
circulati Prije 2 mjeseci
“How in the world was that ball in??” Topspin, baby 🤷🏻‍♀️😬
jdfagen Prije 2 mjeseci
I never saw Roger ever throw his racket before. I'm also surprised that the crowds boo'd him for it.
Carel Ngounoue
Carel Ngounoue Prije 25 dana
This was when Federer was much younger, and still learning to control his anger. But as of now, he's definitely one of the most calm players I've ever seen.
golden butterfly
golden butterfly Prije 2 mjeseci
so sexy .
151bar151 Prije 2 mjeseci
Roger Angerer
fad Aaab
fad Aaab Prije 2 mjeseci
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Mr. Majestic
Mr. Majestic Prije 2 mjeseci
When your opponent paints the lines all match You are going to complain no matter who you are.
Wild East
Wild East Prije 2 mjeseci
Lier lier
Tshav Feng Vang
Tshav Feng Vang Prije 2 mjeseci
*hit. Oops I just used a four letter word lol
Reaction Go!
Reaction Go! Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh wow what a cry baby
Rubino Jovanovic
Rubino Jovanovic Prije 2 mjeseci
Brate brate Mili
Brate brate Mili Prije 2 mjeseci
Why Roger hate Novak
Bruno Auger
Bruno Auger Prije 2 mjeseci
So when Nole gets mad people say he is rude and when Federer grunts he is professional :))
ميكال باسل
ميكال باسل Prije 5 dana
Nole is in the different level he is the No.1 on the world , don.
Costa Exintaris
Costa Exintaris Prije 6 dana
He has smashed 5 racquets in his career. Nole smashes 5 racquets per tournament and gives anywhere between 20 and 50 dirty looks/comments per match from QF onwards. Different class of self control altogether, completely incomparable in this category.
Play Better
Play Better Prije 12 dana
I think it’s because of how different they’ve been over the years. Seeing Djokovic get angry and smash his rackets isn’t an uncommon scene, but when Federer does it it’s a rare sight. And for grunts idk it’s prolly personal preference.
CheeseMcCheese Prije 14 dana
Djokovic has gotten angrier way more than Federer.
Sehaj Mahajan
Sehaj Mahajan Prije mjesec
Federer Racquet smashes - 1 Djokovic - 526
Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros
Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros Prije 2 mjeseci
2:15 And they hate on Novak for his temper lol
Toni Georg
Toni Georg Prije 2 mjeseci
Actually some of these are embarrassing for Roger
hemanth kumarvm
hemanth kumarvm Prije 2 mjeseci
Please he is legend of composer and sportsmanship. Some Roger hater must have made this video...
Zach D
Zach D Prije 2 mjeseci
I love his personality when he's angry! LOLOL "Naw naw naw it's too late..STOP!" I love him sm hahaha
tony roll
tony roll Prije 2 mjeseci
I love when he loses and walks off the court pouting! 🤣🤣🤣
R F Prije 2 mjeseci
CR GIGANTI Prije 2 mjeseci
Btw Djokovic is arrogant because he is roaring 🤡
Krivi toranj u Pizi
Krivi toranj u Pizi Prije 2 mjeseci
Sartaz Aziz
Sartaz Aziz Prije 2 mjeseci
Fed not only shut Djoker's parents but also immediately threw dirt with shoes to erase the proof!
ViniXO Prije 2 mjeseci
"Once is enough okay" This is my chair empire. 😆
Aleksa Jakovljevic
Aleksa Jakovljevic Prije 2 mjeseci
KRL Nole Djo
KRL Nole Djo Prije 2 mjeseci
He’s just being passionate
apollos78tube Prije 2 mjeseci
Wow Roger's gone into Silence of the Lambs mode! 😨 Hannibal Fedtor. They should wheel him onto the court strapped to a dolly. This is one scary dude!!! 😖🏸 😨
David C
David C Prije 2 mjeseci
Forgot I had the speed at 1.25 from a previous slow video. I thought wow they are really killing these shots.
Vince Macalos
Vince Macalos Prije 22 dana
R0USS3 Prije 2 mjeseci
These are probably the only sources people have on Federer getting angry lol, he's such a chill player
Μυλωνόγιαννης Λι
Μυλωνόγιαννης Λι Prije 12 dana
how is he as a human being?
kalmazx pugh
kalmazx pugh Prije 2 mjeseci
If tennis was played with hand , would they break hand as well just like tennis racket.#poorracket🎾
bibka pellegrini
bibka pellegrini Prije 2 mjeseci
Federer angry? REALLY? ,who would be say that that was ironic guys
Nate Jewels
Nate Jewels Prije 2 mjeseci
I lost it when he was like "how in the world was the ball in...i mean..shit! 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂🤧
purple9rain Prije 2 mjeseci
Is the Nadal federer wimbledon @ 2 minutes, from 2008 final?
WASSAM HASHMI Prije 8 dana
2007 it was
PossesedCake Prije 2 mjeseci
No the 2008 final nadal was up 2 sets to 0 while here fed was up 2 sets to 1
No sé qué poner aquí.
No sé qué poner aquí. Prije 2 mjeseci
This is the real Federer.
Subhojit Pradhan
Subhojit Pradhan Prije mjesec
@Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros the big difference is You have 10 of these moments while djokovic has 100s of these. I mean every month we will see tantrum from him. I mean Nick is the poor guy who always gets bashed...Djoker is right up there with him after his olympic tantrums
Sunflower Gal
Sunflower Gal Prije 2 mjeseci
@Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros True. 👍
Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros
Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros Prije 2 mjeseci
Exactly, unfiltered Roger is almost the same as Nole. All that "classy" b.s. that ESPN and Rolex are selling is just PR on a gigantic scale, and sheeps buy it.
Gilad Pachter
Gilad Pachter Prije 2 mjeseci
Simply adorable 👄🤣
Oussama Hannache
Oussama Hannache Prije 2 mjeseci
the commentator laddy said that federer is not "booable" ok. how about being mad against Del potro?
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